Let Me Be Your Guide // Eleanor & Cooper

Cooper shrugged his leather jacket around his shoulders before grabbing his helmet for his bike off of the table and making his way down to the parking lot to his bike. Slipping on his helmet, he checked his phone once more for Eleanor’s address, shoving his phone in his pocket and swinging his leg over the bike, he put the keys in the ignition and was on his way. Cooper hadn’t had his bike for long but he found it a lot more efficient than any other mode of transport he’s ever had. In no time, he found himself pulling up outside Eleanor’s house. 

Not wanting to appear rude, Cooper parked his bike on the sidewalk and put down the kickstand. Making his way up to her door, he knocked three times in succession and then stood back pulling his helmet off his head for a moment. “El, it’s your tour guide,” he called through the door as he waited for her answer.