lmaooo xd

 A Symmetra ran out and saved me from a pair of Reapers tailing my ass the other day, so I spent the rest of the match boosting her in particular, and our Blue Murder Beam Duo™ basically ended up carrying the rest of the squad (…since we were the only ones still within spitting distance of the objective :| ).

They’re now my new fave despair drinking buddy brotp. (◡‿◡✿)

  • brendon urie: allow me to exaggerate a memory or two, where summers lasted longer than, longer than we do
  • brendon urie: break involuntary ties, a secret so the spies could never find us out
  • brendon urie: fate will play us out with a song of pure romance
  • brendon urie: i'm not complaining that it's raining, i'm just saying that i like it a lot, more than you'd think if the sun would come out and sing with me
  • brendon urie: there's never air to breathe, there's never in-betweens, these nightmares always hang on past the dreams
  • brendon urie: there's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for
  • brendon urie: in love i've always been a mercenary but i never leave my post when the cash runs out. i want to make you quiver, make your backbone shiver
  • brendon urie: i'll take my chances with the devil tonight but i'm running out of time, if this is wrong i don't want to be right, let the fantasy die
  • brendon urie: you remind me of a few of my famous friends, well that all depends on what you qualify as friends
  • brendon urie: there's no residue of a torturer inside of your eyes
  • y'all: omg brendon is suuuuuuch a bad lyricist "im not as think as you drunk i am" lmaooo he SUX!!!!xD xD

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The jealous hc got me lime " lmaooo " XD How about team prime's hc about that one human teen that friends with everyone, even cons and mech. They even created a gossip group with KO and Starscream and steve and Shockwave ! Lololol

Aw, yes!  Humans befriending the cons is my jam!!!  XD

Optimus Prime:  He’s concerned for your safety above all else.  However, this strange camaraderie you’ve managed to form with the Decepticons could prove very beneficial to both sides.  Perhaps there is a chance of settling things peacefully after all. He’d never try to use you or force you to act as a diplomat, but he might drop your name in occasionally while talking to Megatron, trying to form some sort of common ground with the warmongering tyrant who seems to have uncharacteristically taken a shine to you.

Ratchet:  He splutters and chastises you quite a bit when he finds out, not because he’s angry but because he’s worried about you.  You’ve been hanging around Decepticons?!  Have you lost your mind?!  Do you have any idea of how dangerous that is?!?!?  It takes him a long time to get used to the idea, but it’s not as if he could stop you even if he wanted to.  The worst part of it is when you bring Knock Out over to chat. He keeps throwing self-satisfied smirks over his shoulder at Ratchet when you aren’t looking as if to say “Looks as though y/n knows who the better doctor is.”

Bumblebee:  Your safety is his top priority.  He doesn’t understand how or why you’ve managed to befriend the enemy team, but it’s his job to protect you, so he’s going to make sure that none of those fraggers tries anything.  Secretly, he’s a bit impressed that you can win over the Decepticons so easily.  He’s worried for you at first, thinking that this might all be some sort of trick to capture you, but he begins to relax, if only somewhat, when he sees how the vehicons fawn over you.  It’s a bit surprising, but then again, Been knows what a kind and endearing person you are - if anyone could melt a con’s spark, it’d be you.  Plus, it seems that you’re in good servos with them, as anyone who tries to hurt you around your new fan club immediately gets a chest full of laser bolts.  

Arcee:  She’s… not pleased.  When she finds out that you’ve managed to befriend not only Starscream, but also Airachnid?? she totally storms off and gives you the cold shoulder.  To her, it seems like a betrayal on your end to befriend the people that murdered both of her former partners.  It takes her a while to come around, but she does eventually realize that you’re just a kind and loving person by nature and she shouldn’t punish you for that.  She becomes even more protective of you (if that’s even possible), insisting on accompanying you every time you go to meet one of your new “friends”.  The fire in her optics makes it very clear to anyone that she will gladly tear out their spark if they even think about hurting her innocent little human friend.  

Bulkhead:  He’s very bitter and more than a bit jealous at first, especially if you’ve taken a particular liking to Breakdown.  He tends to be a bit short with you in the beginning, due to his wounded pride, and constantly bugs Ratchet about how his little buddy would rather hang around a lousy Decepticon than with him.  You have to remind him that he’s still your number one guy, but Breakdown actually has a lot of the same good qualities if he’d give him the chance. The two of them act like a bitter, divorced couple whenever one of them drops you off at the opposing base. Breakdown’s even thinking about asking Knock Out if it would be okay for you to stay over on weekends.

Wheeljack:  He’s torn between being worried for you, being suspicious of the ‘cons’ intentions, an finding the whole thing funny as hell!  “Oh man!  You got Soundwave to play jenga with you? That’s fragging hilarious!  Please tell me you got a video!”  He trusts your judgment and doesn’t try to stop you from hanging out, but he does give you some self defense tips and a couple of human sized weapons to hide on your person at all times – just in case.

Smokescreen:  He’s worried.  No, he’s angry.  No!  He’s jealous.  Wait!  No, not jealous!  He’d never be jealous of a fragging ‘con!  No way no how!  His little buddy would never pick some Decepticreep over him…  Right?  You try your best to explain to him that your friendship with the other team in no way diminishes your friendship with him, but he still pouts about it like a wounded sparkling.  You notice he starts offering to hang out with you one-on-one way more often, taking you out for drive way out in the country where no one else can interfere. Part of it is jealousy, but the other part is that he’s terrified of having you hanging around those bloodthirsty killing machines.

Ultra Magnus:  He tried to keep you under house arrest before Optimus told him that was pretty much called kidnapping and ergo, highly illegal.  He’s worried at first that you’ve been selling secrets to the enemy, but he pretty quickly realizes that that’s not the case.  (Don’t be too upset with him.  He’s just trying to do his job.  He wants to make sure everyone under his care is safe.)  Once he realizes that your relationship to Shockwave, as well as the rest of the Decepticons, is purely harmless, he settles down – but only slightly.  He makes it very clear that he will demolish the first ‘con that steps out of line around you.


You were covered by three blockers, each around 190cm tall! Not to mention that terrible toss! Well done, I’m moved! The valiant little warrior who fights in the face of a two meter wall! I shall give you a new special attack!