lmaoo the best part


aka the best snacks for your sign ! requested by a beautiful anon :33

Aries: popcorn, Skittles, Pop Tarts, Kinder bueno

Taurus: cheese, vegetables, ramen

Gemini: nachos, Kit Kat, lllipops

Cancer: cookie, ice cream, tea

Leo: fruit, chocolate, twix, Kinder suprise

Virgo: Kinder Joy, sandwich, cereal, coffee

Libra: peanut butter, donuts, marzipan

Scorpio: m&m’s, waffles, french fries, almonds

Sagittarius: chewing gum, Lion, Kinder Maxi King, Lays

Capricorn: chips, pudding, snack cake, dried fruit

Aquarius: yoghurt, milkshake, ice pop

Pisces: oreo, pancakes, marshmallow