Goblin in Review: The Kisses

As specially requested by @mynameishassie​ Here’s a review/reaction of all the kisses between Shin and Eun-Tak in Goblin. Just to play around cause I have nothing better to do.

Gif Credit | Rating: Innocence = 10/10, Dirty = 0/10, Satisfaction = 4/10

Ahh… good ol’ memories. The very first kiss between Shin and Eun-Tak in episode 6… a kiss so pure, innocent, and naive that all the snowflakes started floating upwards. What is gravity? Apparently it doesn’t work in the presence of these two sweethearts. So what makes this kiss important being their first kiss? Well this kiss set the stage for Shin to start thinking about life instead of dying. This kiss was initiated by Eun-Tak not because she necessarily loved him at the time, but because she didn’t know the consequences of Shin’s sword and what love really encompasses. This kiss compared to their last kiss is totally different in terms of romance and their mutual feelings. Shin was still only learning what it meant to be in love and Eun-Tak was still only desiring love. This is seen in their body language as Eun-Tak was struggling to stay on her tiptoes to hesitantly peck him and Shin’s shoulders were completely slumped forwards in utter dumbstruck. A perfect way to get our silly couple rolling. Despite this kiss being not hot and sexy, I appreciate this kiss as I love Shin’s reaction to Eun-Tak kissing him… to think this supposedly “weak” and “defenseless” girl can easily make this 939 yo Goblin confused and break down his defenses. But I desperately needed more than this kiss.

Gif Credit | Rating: Sweetness = 10/10, Hotness = 2/10, Satisfaction = 7/10

Now this was a proper “first kiss” of them being an official couple; what better way than for Shin to redeem himself by initiating the kiss while Eun-Tak asked for it in episode 10. The setting was perfect for our silly couple: fun date in a tent while drinking soju, a kick-ass entertaining performance, and a sweet and happy kiss shared between the two. This kiss was literally the definition of happiness as their kiss even has it’s own Sun shining a random light of unknown origin. It was quite hot of Shin to grab her face so gently as he kissed her and then Eun-Tak stole another kiss right afterwards. This made me love Eun-Tak more as she’s not afraid to ask for kisses… I understand why, lol. Just look at who her boyfriend is. I do like this kiss a lot, as said by Eun-Tak herself, “It’s perfect.” It was the perfect kiss to show how they mutually love each other after coming to an agreement that they will both fight to be together as compared to episode 4′s kiss. I wasn’t expecting anything hotter or sexier since our couple finally got together after jumping the hurdle of Eun-Tak finding out the truth behind Shin’s sword. But still, I needed more! lmao

Gif Credit | Rating: Cuteness = 10/10, Crime = 0/10, Satisfaction = 6/10

The cute photo booth kiss. That’s all that really needs to be said about this kiss, lol. It was a cute and off-guard peck that Eun-Tak gave to Shin which left him flustered and giggling like a little girl. >.< The funny thing is that Eun-Tak had pure intentions while it left Shin thinking about (most likely) not so pure thoughts … this girl can literally kill Shin on the spot whether she removes his sword or not, lmao. I just can’t get over how Shin caught himself using “tiny” and “small” in the same sentence! And then he proceeded to say he wants to come here every day, lmfao. This entire scene in episode 12 is adorable and especially how pure Eun-Tak’s intentions were to 1) get a picture with him and 2) give him an excuse to see his sister. Of course, it wasn’t enough to satisfy my fangirl desires and I was desperately hoping… praying… for a kiss that would exceed my expectations.

Gif Credit | Rating: Hotness = 10/10, Passion = 10/10, Satisfaction = 100/10 

Now we’re talking… this kiss swept me off my feet when Shin turned back to give her such a desperate, passionate, and engraving kiss before his imminent death. THIS WAS THE KISS WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR 13 EPISODES LATER!!! Just look at this beauty! Till this day… I love this kiss so damn much, it’s the kiss of the century. Just look at how Shin cupped her face as he kissed her with such a passion knowing that he might disappear forever. Look at Eun-Tak unable to say or do anything as she just closed her eyes in compliance… worried why he would suddenly kiss her like that. It was the perfect hot and passionate kiss to show how our couple loves each other and wants to be together. THEIR CHEMISTRY WAS OFF THE CHARTS! OMO! The only that that disappointed me about this kiss was how they DIDN’T FULLY CLOSE-UP FILM IT! Like why you gonna film a friggin hot kiss but not show us the whole thing close up??? Ugh… That was the good stuff there. >.> Despite my love for this kiss, I was praying that an even better kiss would happen once she was 29 yo. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Feels = 10/10, Longing = 10/10, Satisfaction = 10/10

This kiss was sooo good… a slightly melancholic kiss that was filled with feels as Shin immediately embraced a frantic Eun-Tak into a kiss as she finally remembered him. All I can say is that this kiss was so good from the angle it was filmed, from how it focused on Shin’s hand tightening on her, and to how both Eun-Tak and Shin’s eyes were filled with so much pain, sadness, and longing for each other. I started ballin like a baby cause they needed to be in each other’s arms and I was so happy when she finally remembered him! Ugh… To think this all happened in episode 15… T.T But this wasn’t the kiss I was waiting for… there was something else I needed to see from the episode 14 preview. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Lovey Dovey = 10/10, Rainbows & Unicorns = 10/10, Satisfaction = 8/10

Just another really lovey dovey peck between the two… oh wait… two pecks cause Shin wanted another one, lmao. I just love their height difference… *incoherent giggling* BUT I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE BEST KISS DAMNIT! DON’T FAIL ME GONG YOO!!! 


Gifs Credit | Rating : Sexiness = _(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_, Dirty thoughts = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ), Satisfaction = ∞ w/ too much salt

What more can I say about how much I am absolutely obsessed with this long over-due sexy make out between these two? Just look at how Shin launched at her… but at the same time Shin is such a gentleman as he stopped to make sure she was okay with it.. OF COURSE she would reply back enthusiastically! BUT I DIED WHEN SHE JUMPED AND WRAPPED HER LEGS AROUND HIM! OMG! AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL MAKE OUTS, when Shin started planting kisses on her face and she was smiling from enjoying his touch… that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!!! BUT DAMNIT! WHO THE FUCK CUTS IN THE MIDDLE OF GONG YOO AND KIM GO EUN’S KISSES??? WHY WOULD YOU DEPRIVE US OF THESE TWO WONDERFULLY AMAZING KISSERS??? WHY COULDN’T YOU SHOW US THE WHOLE DAMN THING??? (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻

Seriously, the only issue I have with this kiss is that they abruptly cut the kiss at the GOOD part. They could have gradually transitioned out of the scene instead of just cutting in the middle of the kiss; they had plenty of time to add 30 more seconds – oh for goodness sakes, I would’ve been glad to see another hour. PLUS, WHY WOULD YOU NOT SHOW SOMETHING YOU TEASED US IN THE FUCKIN PREVIEW??? Two lovers who defied time, God, death, and were finally together would NOT just simply call it a night after sharing a passionate kiss on the couch AFTER staying together overnight in fuckin luxurious hotel (with probably a huge ass bed)… just saying. ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

And that’s all folks… I can’t really say that I’m completely satisfied since I love Shintak so much… It makes me sad that Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun will probably never costar together again since it’s rare for people to costar together a second time. WHAT A SHAME! YOU HAVE TWO AMAZING KISSERS COSTAR TOGETHER AND THAT’S IT? Like I would have been okay if they didn’t show any skin… just some more steamy moments between the two because their love is so fuckin tragic that they deserve some more lovey dovey couple scenes. Ugh… just because I’m a salty grandma, friggin 15 age rating ruined it! At least the kisses got better and better and we got a few Gong Yoo certified kisses in Goblin. T.T 

“The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, century to century, from age to age. Men and women garner these kisses, offer them to others and then die in turn.” ~ Guy de Maupassant, The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant, Part One

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❝ I broke my wings pt.1 ❞

Plot: When you finally find a different side of your boss and you start asking yourself who’s really that person. 

Pairing: JinkixReader 

Words count: 3,2k+

Genre: RealLife!Au / not fluff but maybe in the second part lmao

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

P.S. I want to dedicate this scenario to a particular person. It’s the first person I met on Tumblr after a time of absence and was the first outside of my family to believe in my abilities as a writer. Her opinion has always been incredibly important for me and this is a little gift I wanted to make her, although as “thank you” seems really “dingy”. It’s not just because she believed in me, but also because she always proved to be (still today) a person to rely on, a person with whom it’s always pleasant to spend time talking about cutthroat (don’t worry, I’m talking about Jinki and Jaebum with their angry expressions) and everything else. Thanks to Lee Jinki we met but fortunately it was just the beginning. I never told you, but I love ya. 

- M. 

For the umpteenth time, your boss had forced you to stay till late. You couldn’t understand whether it was hatred towards you or simply sadism towards his employees.  

Your eyes ached for the effort to stay repeatedly in front of the computer screen, but you were aware that not ending the practices that you had entrusted was even worse than losing some degree to the sight.  

The sound of something resting on the table will momentarily distract you from the myriad of black words on white you had in front, words you didn’t even remember at that time.  

“Drink, it will help you.” Minho’s soft and kind voice gave you a moment of peace, while sitting by your side and observing the intricate pattern of notes scattered around the desk. “That man never ceases to surprise me. He can get to kill because of tiredness even the most tireless of his lawyers. ”  

“Thanks for the coffee.. I’m fine, really. ”  

“It’s three o'clock in the morning and you’re here from a whole day, Y/N.”  

A sigh escaped from your lips while you sealed them against the cardboard of the glass, savoring the slightly bitter taste of your coffee. Minho knew your tastes and fortunately, he never was wrong to get you what you loved most.  

“Why don’t you confront him? It almost seems like you hate ”  

“First, he founded this company at the age of 23. He’s our boss and one of the most influential men in all South Korea. I don’t need to be fired, I need work. ”  

Your answer will silence momentarily and in the moment that, with the corner of your eye, you would realize that it was on the verge of answering again so you rested a finger on his mouth, silencing him.  

“No, you’re forbidden to talk Choi Minho. Then you are here too, why?? ”  

“Because despite being my boss, Jinki is also my friend and I care for him.”  

“Then go to him instead of wasting time to me!” You mumbled almost taking the chair from under his butt, immediately returning to your notes.  

Being part of the lawyers’ team of a large multinational with a turnover of more than 80 billion won a year wasn’t easy, but still assured you to work and have a roof over your head. That was your only concern at the end of the day.  

When you finally were alone your attention focused on a legal quibble that a company, on the verge of going bankrupt and being acquired by yours, was trying to take advantage of them.  

They wouldn’t have won, not until you’d had a life.  

~ ~

“Have you found a way to strengthen your strategy?”  

“Yes, sir.”  

“I don’t want to lose this cause, I don’t pay you salaries at six zeros to lose.”  

His tone never changed. Always placid, cold and aloof. As if even his own work bore him.  

But if any person had watched Lee Jinki into his eyes he would have seen pure determination. He wasn’t a person who loved to get trampled and his employees had understood it well.  



“I hope you solved that problem that I entrusted to you yesterday.” He said without looking into your eyes, as he used to do.  

You watched him and even if you earned enough you knew that the blue night suit he wore at that time could cost more than your salary for a month.  

You shook your head to drive away that useless thought, resting in front of him a file with all information useful for the acquisition. Even though you were a lawyer, you were so accustomed to carrying out other tasks that his requests no longer surprised you.  

He browsed the file quickly, almost annoyed, and nodded just returning to the documents he had before.  

His slight nod was his leave, so after slightly bowed head in a salute, you turned to start walking towards the door.  


To the sound of your name, you blocked immediately, staying next to the door but face towards him. Never give him his back, the first rule you had learned after being hired.  

“Tonight there’s an important dinner, for charity and for finding investors. You and Minho should be there, I want to have legal support in case I need it. ”  

“Sure sir.” You said quietly, despite mentally you was cursing him; “Fancy dress?”  

“Of course, you can avoid those floral dresses, okay?”  

You wouldn’t answer that, you just bowed your head and left his office. For the umpteenth time, and you didn’t know how he’d hurt you with a simple phrase.  

First, he ruined the plans of your evening, in other words celebrate your birthday, and then he also hurt your pride. Lee Jinki would have, sooner or later, found death by your hand.  

~ ~

“Yah, why do you let him treat you like that?!?!?!”.  

The umpteenth scream of your best friend made you raise your eyes to heaven, while in front of the mirror you tried some clothes that he kindly brought you. They were not of your taste, but for that kind of evening they were perfect and you knew that her sister wouldn’t say anything.  

“Y/n answer me or I burn that Gucci you have in your hands and it would be your best choice!”  

“Kibum you never burn a Gucci, rather you would jump from the top floor of a sixty storey building.”  

“True, but these are details. It’s your birthday today, your parents came here especially for you! Also Jonghyun and Taemin, why?!?! ”  

“It’s my job..” It was your only answer, while you were wearing that black Gucci that oddly you didn’t completely disgust. It had a slit on its left leg, a huge v-neck on its back so much to discover completely your back and seemed to be made for your body.  

“He has a team of lawyers. Why you?? ”  

“And Minho.”  

“But who cares about that big baby with his smile from the cover; ” brushed off the matter by throwing yourself on your bed, giving you the black underwear you had resting on the blankets.  

“At least I have you explaining how to dress me, otherwise I would have worn one of my beloved clothes with flowers”  

“Rather than Gucci, I burn those. You have a bad fashion sense, Y/n. ”  

Your middle finger got up and he accepted it whit a huge fake smile while you took everything you needed to run into the bathroom to start getting ready.  

If your boss had asked for elegance, you would have given elegance to him.

~ ~

One thing in favor of Jinki you had to say. His limo was pure perfection.  

You and Minho were seated on the rear seats, a glass of fine champagne in your hand, while with a boyish look you enjoying the inside of the limo. You were alone, aware that your boss was already at dinner, too busy looking for new investors for the cause.  

“Do you know he has invested in a new project?”  

“Which project?? How to make more money in less time and not to let your lawyers sleep? ”  

“No, It’s a project for the protection of orphaned children and exploited as child labor.”  

Minho’s answer didn’t do what you’d expect and a sudden knot at your throat made you almost choked with the icy liquid. You would never have said that the cold and detached Lee Jinki had a very delicate subject at heart. A delicate subject for you too.  


“You’re one of his best lawyers and don’t control his financial shifts?”  

“For those, he has another team of experts..” You murmured without adding anything else, emptying the glass; “Then it’s a good thing if he cares about those problems, he can with all the money he has.”  

The limo stopped right at that time and he, of course as a gentleman he was, descended first, holding the door open specially for you.  

The delicate fabric of the dress tickles your skin while you left the flap of it after getting off of the car, while your gaze heaved and lay on a man on the stairs.  

You would have recognized his profile anywhere and in a white dress he could even stand out more than ever in the darkness of the night.  

He was looking at you two or better, for a moment you had the feeling that he was just looking at you.  

But then he turned, giving his back and entering the building without even coming to greet you. You were used to that, you were used to being completely invisible to him. Not that you would be sorry, but if he were slightly more cordial to you than you would have rejoiced more at work.  

Minho, next to you, offered you his arm and at a slow pace, you two started to walk toward the entrance.  

The air was cold that evening, despite it being an evening of late May, and the desire of your warm blankets made you regret that you have decided not to wear any kind of clothes beyond the black dress.  

“Ready for vultures? They’ll try to pin every won from your wallet” He chuckled into your ear, continuing to guide you without any problems.  

“They’ll find little in my wallet, a fifty-won banknote and candies’ litters.”  

 ~ ~

You were on your third glass of champagne, excluding the one drunk in the limo, but fortunately, you were holding the alcohol perfectly and you were still perfectly lucid.  

The voices came almost muffled to your ears, you had completely strayed with the mind just noticed what kind of people occupied the large tables specially embellished for the evening.  

Boring, it was the word that drew nearer to describe that heap of people all the same to your eyes.  

You touched Minho’s shoulders, engaged in a conversation on with someone you didn’t know, walking away and finding shelter outside.  

The balcony was long and wide as much as your home, but it didn’t surprise you much. That building had been built to convey greatness and was quite well able to its task.  

“Are you bored?”  

Even without looking at him, his voice was unmistakable, so you continued to observe the view in front of you in absolute silence.  

“Keep it.” He handed you a glass of champagne, which you accepted with a little smile, while he was resting with both elbows on the balcony balustrade; “Nice view, eh?”  


“Something wrong, y/n?”  

“Nothing, sir.” You lied, starting to sip with little sips the champagne.  

“I don’t understand how you can be one of the best lawyers in Seoul when you can’t lie.”  

“He’ll discover that I lie more than he believes.”  

You were perfectly able to feel his gaze on you and in a daring impulse you turned your face towards him, letting your eyes meet.  

He had removed the tie and had unbuttoned the first button of the shirt, making that the first time you didn’t see him fully composed and dressed to perfection.  

“Do you think I don’t know when you lie?” He asked you, a little smile widened on his plump lips and even that was a first time for you, that in three years you had never seen him smile; “Your voice trembles, a small wrinkle will form between your eyebrows and your gaze continually moves.”  

“He’s a careful observer.”  

“Only if it’s worth it.”  

“Oh God, this looks so much like a romantic movie scene. Please don’t tell me that now he shall declare his eternal love and that his being an asshole with me was only a tactic to win over me. ”  

The words came out of your mouth just before you could put a brake, leaving you completely astonished before him.  

You just called your boss an asshole, and if that will be the cause of your layoff, you’d hate yourself until your least breath.  

“My behavior as an asshole, as you called it, is due to the fact that I prefer to keep hanging the people who I think are talented.” He answered quietly, lifting an eyebrow with a frown amused.  

He looked like another person that night, he was even able to smile or use sarcasm. Did he was the same person at work that all of you always called “The Monster under the bed”?  

“And still Y/N, she’s certainly not an easy type.”  

“Excuse me?!?!”  

“Happy Birthday, Y/N.” He whispered without answering your question, resting a small package on the balustrade and moving away, returning to the heavy atmosphere of the dinner.  

“How the hell did he know..”  

With your slightly trembling hand, you would take the package, undecided if you open it and give it a peek, or return to him immediately.  

You didn’t want any kind of gift, especially not from your boss that that night seemed to be switched with a sort of good twin.  

“Gifts are made to be open, Y/n”.  

His voice caught you by surprise, so much so that jolted and the glass in your hands fell disastrously to the ground.  

Crystal from who knows how many hundreds of won completely destroyed in a thousand pieces at your feet.  

“What do you want from me tonight, sir? I don’t understand! He even made me break a glass that maybe costs more than my dress! ”  

“I wanted to make sure you opened the gift. And don’t overreact, nothing costs more than your dress.. At least not the glass and silverware. I guess it’s Kibum’s choice or am I wrong? ”  

In hearing the name of your best friend getting out of his lips you blocked yourself completely, watching him seriously for the first time during the evening.  

“How do you know Kibum?”  

“Same schools.”  

“How small the world is. Anyway; ” You started, taking the package and stepping over the crystals on the floor,“ keep your gift as well. You’re my boss; nothing more than this. ” Gently You took his hand and rested the package on it, feeling the softness of his skin under the touch of your fingers. He had strangely small and chubby hands that for a moment completely stole your concentration.  

The umpteenth bow of the head and with slow steps you headed to the windows doors, rethinking only at that time to that only question that he had not answered.  

“What did you mean?”  

“When?” He asked you curiously, taking a couple of steps towards you.  

“When you said I’m not an easy type.”   The annoyance was blatant in your tone and he seemed to notice. Jinki was always aware of every little thing and after years still didn’t understand how he could do it.  

“What I said. First, you had this aspect that keeps everyone away. ”  

“Speaks the least approachable person in the world.” You puffed, crossing your arms over your chest.  

“Second, your intelligence scares everyone. You’re acute, refined and lethal when your begin to speak and everyone have fear when you’re near. ”  

“Huh, thank you.”  

“Third, you’ve a bad taste in dressing.”  

“Personal opinion, cannot be considered a test in favor of the thesis that I’m not an easy type.”  

“Fourth, you’re extraordinarily beautiful.”  

The only thing you didn’t expect him to say struck you in full, making you for a second stagger on the heels that Kibum had forced you to wear.  

His eyes were bent down and welcomed, indeed completed, the smile that he was addressing you at that time.  

The second smile in three years, it looked almost like a record.  

“I’m an asshole with you, more than with others because you are the same as me Y/N and it scares me. I’m not used to having someone matching up to me or reminding me that I can be weak too. I built that company out of nowhere, giving up everything. Family; friends, love. It was my choice and I didn’t regret it. But when I look at you, even if we have only four years of difference, I see me of many years ago. And I wonder how it would have been if I had made different choices. I’m so asshole with you because I hope one day you fire and you’re looking for something better, something that doesn’t break your wings in the way I’ve broken mine. ”  

His words were a blow to your heart more than his compliment, while your heart lost some beating and a strange warmth emerged on your cheeks.  

You were blushing but you didn’t understand the reason, while in spite of the desire to answer him you were completely unable to utter a word.  

“Y/N-ssi, you could do it all. Don’t make any trouble, don’t give up on everything, ” He added again to speak to you in a formal way, approaching you and with a quick gesture he took off the jacket of his suit.  

He gave it to you and slightly groggy you would accept it silently; gently laying it on your shoulders.  

You were a few inches away, thanks to the heels you were practically at his height, and at that moment you could see a totally different man in front of you. 


“I like to work for you sir, though sometimes your behaviors hurt me. I love the fact that you undertake so much for the rights of those who cannot defend themselves. Despite the bad times, the waivers, the tiredness.. Working for you is something that makes me happy. ”  

“Now you’ll declare your love, Y/N-ssi?”  

“We’re not in a movie for teenagers, sir. I’m sorry to disappoint your dreams. ” Smiling you turned and it was your time to leave him, who remained to stare with an amused smile even though just hinted.  

You had just returned to the salon when someone joined you, letting something slip into the jacket pocket you wore.  

Your boss outdo you, turning just with his head just to watch you. He pointed his finger at the jacket pocket, making you a little nod and disappearing almost immediately in the crowd.  

No, at that time you preferred Lee Jinki’s asshole version. Sighing you reached the mysterious object, what else was your birthday present.  

A little smile drew onto your lips, but you decide that it was not the right place to open it.  

Especially not under his gaze because you knew, actually you were totally sure, that in some way he was always ready to grasp even the smallest details around him.

“Y’know, I feel like the only reason why you tag along with us is cos you get free food.” Harry snorted, watching as you piled your plate high with fruits and pastries. 

“Well, why wouldn’t I take advantage of the food? I usually go for takeout whenever you go off on tour.” You grinned, popping a berry in your mouth as Harry smiled, shaking his head as he scooped some oatmeal for himself. 

“My girlfriend the hoarder, everybody.” Harry teased, stealing a croissant off your plate before walking back to your guys’ table. 


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