Hello everyone!! I’ve gotten several asks about what uniforms in Japan really look like so I’m gonna make this post really quick! This was my summer uniform for my school. I’d say a good 60% of the schools in the surrounding area had this more “modern” uniform style. Our school didn’t tuck their shirts in, but I saw several other girls in similar uniforms who did. In the winter, my school would wear the blazer style (in black) that you see in a bunch of anime. “Do sailor uniforms really exist, Allison???” Yes!!! Definitely! I saw some high school students wearing them, but, in my town at least, they seemed to be mainly worn by middle school students! I believe the popular uniform default changes depending on the prefecture you’re in. Boys typically wear a white dress shirt with dark colored pants, regardless of what the girl’s uniform may be.

There are schools that don’t have uniforms though! Boys would usually wear sweats or something because of their sports clubs, I guess. But girls voluntarily wear uniforms! Why? Because they think they’re cute! There’s a sort of “uniform culture” in Japan, which I’ll talk about some other time, which prompts girls to wear the cutest uniform they can find. But one thing that’s hard to battle against in schools is the required skirt length! You probably can’t tell by my picture, but I wore my skirt right at the knee every day. The official dress code was slightly below the knee, actually, but this is the lowest I could get away with. I actually got scolded by a teacher once for having it half and inch above my knee! Most girls wore theirs about an inch above the knee, but I think I, uhm, stood out more. Note that this skirt length only applies to the country and small cities, from what I can tell, because the second I hit up Fukuoka I saw some really short uniform skirts. Like, really short. Uniforms are crazy.