family bbq’s at the mill is literally everything robert wanted and he just had to see it happen with a different man

in the shop with liv he literally ran away. robert sugden fucking RAN AWAY cos he was so hurt thinking about aaron dingle with another man

and aaron is SO NOT INTERESTED??? he’s forcing himself to move on and trying to make himself like alex because he’s in love with robert

lmao you think when ed helms signed on for captain underpants he made them send like concept designs for the principal first to to make sure he was ugly and not fuckable at all. i feel like being the once-ler would fundamentally change my understanding of how life works


some Night Time in Amestris stuff because i am ridiculously excited for the live action fma movie and i had to get it out

edit 8/15/2017: it’s a bit late lmao but i fixed eds coat and head

i love when some abled people act like a disabled person’s neccessities are privileges, or think that a disabled person getting what they need is special treatment.

yes, we have parking spaces, rest rooms, and elevators made for us, and we have accomoddations at work and school, we have a different way of getting around made for us. but the only way someone could see that as special treatment is if they never bothered to ask why we have them.

Because this world was made for abled people, not us, so we need to find a different way of living.

for every 50 abled parking spaces, theres one disabled parking space

for every ten abled bathrooms, theres one disabled bathroom

for every four staircases, theres one disability elevator.

we use them because we HAVE to, because this world was made for abled people, for you, and we dont fit so we get different treatment.

not better treatment, not special treatment, different treatment. it isnt a privilege to be so erased that out of 50 parking spaces, you can only use one that is actually helpful to you.

but my personal fav with a lot of abled people is that they have the world made for them, they have 50 parking spaces to choose from, And they still choose to take the disabled one

they have four staircases made for them, but choose to take the disabled elevator,

they have so many bathrooms.to choose from.and they STILL choose to use the disability bathroom.

Abled people have everything made for them, yet some still choose to take what little disabled people have away, because they see our neccessities as a privilege

the life of an abled person is so easy in this aspect that theyll use a disabled parking space, disabled elevator, disabled bathroom because they dont even have to think about the horrible concequences it causes, because their actions wont affect them, but the disabled person who will need that parking, that elevator, that bathroom and not have it,

y'all wanna talk about privilege? about special treatment? well, THAT, my guy, is privilege


So I was on twitter, scrolling through the #鉤貫レム Tag and came across these inner CD covers for the Ever Sweet series and boy are they the most hilarious things I’ve seen X’D

Here’s a rough translation to what each cover says (too bad I couldn’t find Roen and Mage’s, I would’ve liked to read theirs too :“) )

Rem’s cover

Question (left) : If Rem looks at you with an expression like this as he requests for a hug , what will you do?

Choices (right):
Your answer is?
1) Reject him completely
2) Ignore him and leave right away
3) Just hug him right then and there!✔️

Rem’s answer : Y-You were given such choices yet you still chose to hug me……? You’re… Really kind….


Lindo’s cover

Question (left) : Lindo is waiting for you with Open arms. What will you do?

Choices (right):
Your answer is?
1) Run into his arms
2) Embrace him gently
3) RUN ✔️

Lindo’s answer: What is even wrong with these choices that they’re giving you?! Hold on! Why aren’t you listening to me like how you used to?!

(Not gonna lie, I was ROFL when I read this X’‘DD There there Lindo)

Urie’s cover

Question (left) : Urie managed to kiss you. What will you do?

Choices (right):
Your answer is?
1) Kiss him back
2) Get all flustered and refrain from the kiss
3) Tackle him with force ✔

Urie’s answer: Oof ! For you to use such force that it could be felt in the pit of my stomach, it must be an act of your passionate love for me , my beloved butterfly…

(Honestly, LMAO, Urie got KO-ed lol)

Shiki’s cover

Question (left) : Shiki’s face is blushing red, it looks like he’s anticipating for something. What will you do?

Choices (right):
Your answer is?
1) Slap him
2) Kabe-don him
3) Sprinkle holy water all over him ✔️

Shiki’s answer: Fufu, as expected of you, you do know me well. I would’ve gladly welcomed whichever choice you made though. Especially the ones that involves me being hurt by you ……ufufufu.

(*Sprinkles holy water on him non-stop* Y'ALL NEED JESUS)

We honestly need more of these www