lmao you dork


нιвarι ĸyoya ✧ lιттle anιмalѕ

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french is the language of love so i’ve learned how to call you a nerd in french parce que je t’aime, ringard

So look at this.

Myungsoo casually waving at the camera so that the filter would notice him and appear on his face. While Sungyeol is just laughing at Hoya because he is without filter.

Hoya changes his angle. Maybe he’d find one where the camera would recognise his face.

While Myungsoo succeeded by just waving, Hoya tries to get close to the camera in hopes that the filter would appear now.

Tries making weird faces….

And VIOLA!!!

This is terrible but *throws hands up* I TRIED!!

Astral = Sun + Neptune
Kuihua = Sun + Sage
Sogeum = Sun + Neptune + Sage


no I hate u go away..jk jk

this is gonna be long and sobby brace yourself lmao

one of the most kindest, funniest, sweetest, sassiest, most sarcastic, and most loyal people I have ever met. Your blog is pure perfection. Memes? got em..passion? got it..excellent game analysis? yep got that too..My favorite Mesut and arsenal fan. We might not have many teams in common but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with you blog instantly. I love our convos so freaking much..even when they keep us awake till 4 in the morning lmao..My best friend on here..my partner crime..the mesut to my cris..mats’ twin

I love how you always manage to get on cules’ nerves sjfsgfjsh..but no really you always to try to be impartial and just and take into account all sides of the story before making up your mind..I have a hard time trusting people with my deepest darkest secrets, but I trust you with my life..I love coming to you for advice cause you always listen and I thank you for that..the range of topics that we cover in our ridiculously detailed convos is one of my favorite things about our friendship..and I also love how we’re always trying to steal each other’s players lol..idk how you still put up with me after all this time..I never get tired of teasing you (did I already say that idk lmao)..I love you so much bb :’)