lmao what is this cover art

  • Burnout: that one song everybody likes because of the drum solo
  • Having A Blast: amazing bridge, and also suicide bombing yay
  • Chump: jealousy for the win, and half of the song is instrumental
  • Welcome To Paradise: now entering oakland, california. spooky sounds from kerplunk not included.
  • Pulling Teeth: domestic abuse by women against men PSA
  • Basket Case: everybody has the time to listen to him whine
  • She: this was a response to a feminist poem...?
  • Sassafras Roots: wasting precious time
  • When I Come Around: the solo cover art has a pumpkin man on it
  • Coming Clean: bisexual in 1994
  • Emenius Sleepus: what the fuck, my old friend turned into a jackass
  • In The End: dumb parents
  • F.O.D.: fuck off and die, that one person we all hate
  • All By Myself: ayy lmao tré is messing around, creating a "mess" if you know what I mean

happy birthday, oikawa tooru ❤ ❤ ❤ 👽

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I think after dai bioware needs to cater to the straight males lmao why can't we just see one cutscene for sara and her romance options ;;; looking for dat jaal and vetra scene come ON BIOWARE

Agreed, but I personally blame EA’s marketing. They can play a huge role in who and what is shown in trailers, what they’re allowed to say about the game, as well as who gets front and center in the cover art. EA’s games are centered around sports and battlefield so of course their marketing would go that route. 

I know they probably say shit like, “No one wants to see someone banging an alien in a trailer unless she’s blue.” Cause marketing knows best. smh.

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1-30 odd music asks. <3


1. what album do you feel best describes your mood? Idk i think the self titled album from 5sos and Up All Night by 1d loool

2. if your name had to be a song title which song would it be? Olivia by 1D because that song is a fucking bop

3. what is your go to sad song when you need to cry? Supermarket Flowers

4. what band would you want as the rest of your superhero team? i dont actually know

5. if you had to live in the world of an album which one would it be and why? i dont knooow

6. what song best describes the person you think your soulmate would be? How would i know how my soulmate is going to  be 

7. create a poem out of song titles:

Hey There Delilah - Plain White T’s

Please Take Me Home - blink 182    lmao

8. which album art would you get tattooed? I think the album cover of the Wild EP by Troye Sivan is really pretty so yea i guess that one

9. is there a song that you feel could have been written about you?

Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds

Girl Almighty - One Direction

10. if you could only speak in the song lyrics of one artist who would it be? this is so hard i cant chose one, i dont know lol

11. if you could have your favorite artist sing one of their songs to you which song would it be? Home - 1D

12. describe where you want to be in ten years with a song title? Taken by One Direction lmaooo

13. which song would be the national anthem of your country if you ruled one? The first song i thought of was Same Love by Macklemore

14. what is your go to happy song when you need to feel better? Flash Mich - Mark Forster

15. is there an album that feels like a friend to you? Four - 1D

16. what is the album that you always blast too loud? I only listen to music loud lmao

17. which album do you always listen to with headphones? I only listen to music with headphones so lol

18. what song are you unable to resist dancing to? Dancing is too much movement for me

19. what song do you always have to sing along to? Literally every song l

20. what song do feel would be a beautiful painting? Sleepover - Hayley Kiyoko

21. what album do you wish you could unhear and discover again? I dont actually know

22. which album do you want to be the soundtrack to your life? Made in the AM by 1D bc its my favorite album ever

23. which band would you want to be your family? tbh 1D

24. what song do you think of in association with beauty? Sleepover by hayley kiyoko idk why

25. what song do you think of in association with pain? Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

26. what lyrics do you feel were written especially for you? Home - 1D

27. what lyrics do you want to doodle on every piece of paper? The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home - Declan McKenna 

28. what music do you listen to at 3 am? loud music

29. pick three albums to take with you into the afterlife?

Made in the AM - 1D

Livesos - 5sos

30. what is music to you in one word? comfort

fall down, find god - a non-romance mix for dorian, about tevinter and loneliness and an eventual sense of belonging

everybody’s watching me (uh oh) the neighbourhood // squealing pigs admiral fallow // the loneliness and the scream frightened rabbit // poisoning the well matthew perryman jones // go places the new pornographers // my mirror speaks death cab for cutie // happy marina & the diamonds // the truth is a cave the oh hello’s

everyone in the shadowhunters fandom worrying about alec’s eyes and I’m just over here like, what about his sleeves? alec lightwood has been denied sleeves for so long. the movie and the new cover art took away his sleeves. will they finally give this poor boy back his sleeves? will alec finally be safe and happy again? it looks like yes so far but only time will tell for sure

Cover art by @nyoomingtoons ( @pandapandosa

Essentially It’d just be a kinda talk show with any willing toonblr where you introduce who you are, what your url is, and just tell us all about yourself. (okay so its a fun and easy way to meet new toonblrs) and maybe at the end we take what we’ve learned and see if there are any kinks or smth to shame? I’m still tossing around Ideas but if you wanna be on the show sometime shoot me an ask and We can discuss the times and date any other necessary details :)