lmao what is this cover art


Whenever my Demon Boy gets a new pet, he tells them they have to sleep with him so that they could be covered in his scent to ward off other demons who might hunt them if he’s not around.

  • Burnout: that one song everybody likes because of the drum solo
  • Having A Blast: amazing bridge, and also suicide bombing yay
  • Chump: jealousy for the win, and half of the song is instrumental
  • Welcome To Paradise: now entering oakland, california. spooky sounds from kerplunk not included.
  • Pulling Teeth: domestic abuse by women against men PSA
  • Basket Case: everybody has the time to listen to him whine
  • She: this was a response to a feminist poem...?
  • Sassafras Roots: wasting precious time
  • When I Come Around: the solo cover art has a pumpkin man on it
  • Coming Clean: bisexual in 1994
  • Emenius Sleepus: what the fuck, my old friend turned into a jackass
  • In The End: dumb parents
  • F.O.D.: fuck off and die, that one person we all hate
  • All By Myself: ayy lmao tré is messing around, creating a "mess" if you know what I mean

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how do you feel about drawing guzma from pokemon sun/moon? = v =

Hm? Well I’ve never played Sun/Moon, so I’m not sure what his personality is like, but I do like how he looks lmao– I dunno. I tried ahaha.

I realized that his sunglasses wasn’t actually covered by his hair, but the shape is actually not… symmetrical lmaooo

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What if Magnus and Jace an Simon never told anyone about their bro nights and they kept it a secret but one day Alec just happened to come over to Magnus' place and saw Simon drawing a dick on Jace's face and Magnus probably in a blanket hut while watching the spice girls

tfw u wanna surprise your boyfriend for a romantic night in and u find your brother unconscious getting a penis drawn on his face by a vampire while your boyfriend is on the floor covered in a blanket like if u agree lmao 😂 😂 😂

Soulmates AU; Taehyung

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Summary; Whatever your s/o writes on their skin, will end up on yours and visa versa.

i wanna scream hes so cute

told ya it was gonna be messy 


-when you were 4 you were given you first painting set

-along with a whittley read-along friend

-after for months of having that toy you decided that whittley was creeping you the hell out

-you also thought it was haunted

-but the painting set started something off that would stay with you for a long time

-you had a love for painting

-there was something you could do forever

-you accidentally got paint on your arm

-and halfway across the world in south  korea

-a small Kin Taehyung was eating cereal

-when a small red blob turned up on his arm out of nowhere

-he s C R E A M

-he cry

-his parents didn’t know what it was until it disappeared after you finished painting and were putting your pots and paints away and you washed your arm 

-he discovered the knack of having a soulmate at the age of 4

-what a kid

-but you didn’t know until you got into primary school

-where you were writing in class

-just minding your own business

-and guess who else is in class?

-Kim taehyung

-he was just so bored….

-……………..that he doodled on your arm one day with a little hello on the side 

-he remembered the times that red blue and yellow paint would just turn up out of nowhere

-and maybe it was the same person so he tried to contact you

-the doodle……. 

-and it turned up on your arm

-you screamed in class

-you scared

-you didn’t cry 

-you came home and found out you couldn’t wipe that shit off

-it was ballpoint pen too!!!!!!!!!!!!

-it wasn’t sHA R P IE  MUM      LIS T E      N

-she then realised what has happened 

-she told you it’s your soulmate trying to talk to you 

-you’re like wait hHATW WHAT 

-she just sat there and laughed at you because you didn’t know what the fuck was going on but ok you went with it

-so on your left arm you wrote the word hello

-you waited a while to hear a response

-MEANWHILE in south k

-he looked down to see his arm had a little message

-”oh…they responded?? i’ll write back”

-and boom

-”they’re not going to oH MY GODH THEY REPLIED WHAT

-”hiiiii i’m taehyung! what’s your name?”

-you blinked

-this kid must be younger than you with a writing style like that

-you replied with your name and he asked how old you were

-you responded with your name and you were like oh my god this is an actualy person wh  AT TT TT TT  TTT

-it turned out that you two started to talk a little more 

-that little more turned into a lot more

-that lot more turned into a wHOLE LOT MORE


-you were actually into being his friend

-even though you found out he lived in sk


-your parents decided to move back just after you finished high school

-yeah cool going mum and dad

-and they asked you to join a college there

-so you did

-you enrolled on the god damn fucking plane what the fuck

-and they accepted you because you had pretty good grades and your art was good!

-y/n the art student

-an amazing title!!

-so you touch down in sk and head for your old apartment that you sister was living in

-it had like 3 bedrooms so it was chill

-she was just holding the keys for your fam 

-you couldn’t remember your old baby room

-but it looked nice now

-ok thats cool

-so after a while you got a message from taehyung

-the first one in like a month

-it turned up on your thigh and you smiled as he wrote it with a couple delays

-”anyone still here??”

-”yes im v jetlagged though”

-”wait where are you??”





-you were just about to reply when your mum called you out of your room 

-and you kind of forgot about the message 


-he…..then felt sad ; ^ ;

-cause he wants to hear from you and especially if you’re in seoul then he wants to meet you and just find you and hug you and maybe kiss you if you let him because he cares about you and loves you dearly wAAAAAAAAA

-you kind of feel bad about not replying too and it was a little too ate because he washed it off


-so on the first day of college 

-you stroll into your new art class and just sits down at the back with a nice desk and chair 

-and this dude comes in behind you

-he’s got this wide ass smile on 

-like hes so happy atm 

-he decides to sit down next to you because you look sweet and stuff

-“hi i’m taehyung what’s your name?”


-a smile soon emerges on your face because it may be a coincidence that he has the same name as your s/o wow

-”when did you start art anyways?”

-”a couple years ago…i’m not good at drawing faces…i’m more a natural artist…like trees and skylines and stuff”

-you nod but notice that his smile faded into a small glum

-and you ask him what’s wrong

-”my friend…who also has the same name as you….coincidentally…she hasn’t spoke to me in over 2 months….”

-”oh….well maybe there’s a reason for your friend not being able to reply….maybe they ran out of service?”

-”it’s a little bit….more complicated than that….”


-you two still talked but you were a little quiet

-you dropped your rubber and your pen tip accidentally ran over your ankle

-and guess what

-the same mark turned up on his leg

-oh my god

-oh my god

-miss y/n? miss y/n? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead


-he still looked a little down

-so what your clever ass did 

-was that you saw he had his left hand in a fist while his right hand was open

-so you started to doodle in your left hand 

-little hearts with the word ILY in big letters

-you became anxious soon because what if that mark on his leg was merely coincidental 

-and it wasn’t actually him

-you sighed and waited for it to be break time so people could leave the class while you two waited behind for more work

-on the first day too wow you eager beavers

-you then tapped on his shoulder

-”ah taehyung? i think there’s something in your hand….”

-he looked to you and sighed

-and when he opened his left hand

-he got so excited!!!! 

-his brain;



-you hid your left hand under the table and you acted like it was a new thing

-”whoa..did you do that?”

-”no…this is what i mean by me and my friend talking in our special way”

-”that’s really cute…..because me and my friend do that too.”

-you brought your hand up and showed it to him


-the exact same shaped hearts

-the exact letter shape and detail 

-even the small sparkles were the same

-his face

-he went from 



-( ✧Д✧) OMG!!

-he was so hAPPY 

-you could’ve sworn that he had tears in his eyes

-”i’m sorry for not replying back to you…..”

-”i-i don’t care about that…i’m just so happy that i met you finally!”

-”same here taehyung.”

-oh y’all wanted a twist huh?

-so as well as jumping up and down he also picked you up and held you tightly in his arms

-but before the session was back on he turned to you and 

-”can i do something quickly??”

-”oh sure what is–”

-just before you could finish your sentence he quickly jumped up and kiss you on the forehead

-and you just stood there

-your brain;









-you hid your face into your jumper because you knew that your soulmate was so cute and nice and you loved him a lot wow im soft byeeeeeeee

“hey what did michelangelo say to the ceiling?”

“what did he say?”

“i gotchu covered”

“that was good….but what is red and smells like blue paint?”


“your nose”





So I had a thought about Lotor’s boring face and how it’d be cool if he did have literally any kind of markings. In this case I went with Altean inspiration but he’s covering them because clearly members of the Galra Empire aren’t fond of what he and his generals are.

He is confident in who he is but it’s an attempt to look more Galra.


i was SO proud of this art when it turned out well, i still am. this was my journal last semester by the way. our professor gave us freedom to put whatever we want to put on the cover so look what my extra ass did with it! lmao TAYLOR SWIFT’S IMPACT

SHINee: seeing their s/o's back covered in tattoos

Onew:  just when he thought he’s figured you out completely, you shocked him again. He can’t believe how stunning the artwork looks on your skin, and often flinches when tracing his index finger over the designs bc he thought it probably really hurt.

Jonghyun:  is hella impressed yet hella jealous. You know how much he adores tattoos and their meaning, and now that he’s sporting some of his own, he could literally sit and talk with you all day about what each one means to him and vice versa.

Key:  *is speechless* bc he never knew how badass you actually were, going and having your whole back tatted. While he knew it must’ve hurt, he’d question you about each design and smile whenever you go on and on about what they meant to you.

Minho:  “whoaaaa, are these real? Y/n, how come you’ve never shown me-?” Spends hella time just tracing his whole hand over your skin, in awe of the ink covering your delicate skin. One of his favorite pass times is probably gonna be touching and kissing your back a lot lmao.

Taemin:  he’d like to know exactly why chose any piece of design or art, and he’s amazed that you’re this committed bc he knows it’s going to be on your body forever. He’d take lots of pictures of the cool designs, and visibly melts whenever you’re wearing something revealing to show them off.

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Inktober #2!!

Some Koroks bc I just reached The Lost Woods in BoTW today and they’re my favorite!! 

I’m trying to use up alot of the paper I have lying around my house this month, so I drew this on design vellum, which looks ALOT different than bristol which is what I’m used to. The cover of the book says the paper takes ink and marker though, I may try a few more things just for the sake of it lol 

I’ll still take requests during Inktober! pm me for details!! 

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Your art is a bunch of dumb fucking shit. Every single drawing you make looks like and ugly, anemic, hobbit that got ran over and then tried to put his face back together. The people who like your work are a bunch of stupid bitches who work at McDonalds cleaning the toilets LMAO

rude messages on anon mean absolutely nothing. you’re hiding yourself because deep down you know it’s wrong and you’re ashamed of what you’re saying. hostile words mean nothing when you cover yourself. they carry no weight.