lmao what is this cover art

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how do you feel about drawing guzma from pokemon sun/moon? = v =

Hm? Well I’ve never played Sun/Moon, so I’m not sure what his personality is like, but I do like how he looks lmao– I dunno. I tried ahaha.

I realized that his sunglasses wasn’t actually covered by his hair, but the shape is actually not… symmetrical lmaooo

  • Burnout: that one song everybody likes because of the drum solo
  • Having A Blast: amazing bridge, and also suicide bombing yay
  • Chump: jealousy for the win, and half of the song is instrumental
  • Welcome To Paradise: now entering oakland, california. spooky sounds from kerplunk not included.
  • Pulling Teeth: domestic abuse by women against men PSA
  • Basket Case: everybody has the time to listen to him whine
  • She: this was a response to a feminist poem...?
  • Sassafras Roots: wasting precious time
  • When I Come Around: the solo cover art has a pumpkin man on it
  • Coming Clean: bisexual in 1994
  • Emenius Sleepus: what the fuck, my old friend turned into a jackass
  • In The End: dumb parents
  • F.O.D.: fuck off and die, that one person we all hate
  • All By Myself: ayy lmao tré is messing around, creating a "mess" if you know what I mean

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What if Magnus and Jace an Simon never told anyone about their bro nights and they kept it a secret but one day Alec just happened to come over to Magnus' place and saw Simon drawing a dick on Jace's face and Magnus probably in a blanket hut while watching the spice girls

tfw u wanna surprise your boyfriend for a romantic night in and u find your brother unconscious getting a penis drawn on his face by a vampire while your boyfriend is on the floor covered in a blanket like if u agree lmao 😂 😂 😂


ya boy is back now oficially offering The Commissions to satisfy ur need for crappy art!!!!!! dont wait any longer COME AND GET IT 🔥🔥🔥

the pricing (USD) goes by items:
- $7 bust / $11 full body (+ $6 per extra character)
- $13 for background (if it’s just solid it’s free!)
- add $5 to the total if it’s in color! because bw is simpler lmao
if ur picture differs from the items described (if it’s an album cover, a poster or anything like that) come talk to me and we’ll sort out the price!
also feel free to always leave a tip lmao

also please boost this post to help ur boy out!!!! thank u!!


Hello everyone, I’m opening commissions again! I have a lot to take care of
and am in need of funding. (T-T

I’ll put the details in a readmore so there’s not a huge post on your dash.

If you would be so kind, and like to support me, please share this post! It does wonders for increasing my chance of finding work!! I would appreciate it so much, thank you!!! (T-T

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• the room jungkook wakes up in kinda looks like the room hoseok was in in his short film

• seokjin is staring at the art painting like in bst korean version

• the drink is in both mv’s and now both namjoon and jungkook have been drinking it

• jimin with the apples and the shirt from his short film

• hoseok and the pills (ever since inu)

• yoongi and jungkook’s relationship (fighting?)

• taehyung stabbing seokjin like he stabbed that man in inu

• yoongi covering jimin’s eyes again



Ah yes
My Marshmallows

From left to right-
Kana, main colors are purple and pink, very fickle and it’s very difficult to tell what she’s thinking. She has her eyes perpetually covered by her hair [unless angered] leaving people to wonder why she does this. Though a better question to ask is how can she see with her eyes covered like that.

Zacky, main color is red, is deceptively kind. Using a kind smile to cover up their actual, cruel-hearted nature; something they are frighteningly good at hiding. They are nothing more than a two-faced demon, stay away from them.

Votrix, main color is blue, is a mew-made robot programmed with a soul and to have a personality. The personality he developed wound up being impetuous and overly confident. Despite the massive ego, Votrix is no good in battle and will flee at the first sign of danger.

Zepher, main colors are desaturated teal, olive green, and ice blue; is very quiet, but also very social. Unlike normal Marshadow, Zepher enjoys being around populated areas and interacting with the residence. However, they are incredibly good sneaking around without being noticed, so good in fact that Zepher has a lot of trouble getting anyone to notice him. So they wear a cat bell to alert people of his presence. 

ok but

  • there’s something in the woods and no one know what it is
  • delphine is apparently cosima’s friend.. her Gal Pal..
  • the neos got siobhan kira felix art and alison and i hate donnie
  • sarah covered in blood met cosima and told her rachel’s trying to kill her
  • and cosima STILL let rachel inject her uterus
  • gentle rachel is creepy but you can tell even she hates lmao
  • “it’s a new day, sarah”
  • also, in the next episode trailer helena said “my babies are special like kira they want their biologies” does that mean helena and rachel finally meeting?

I’m rather drab.

What I’m Working On

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i was tagged by @eveninglottie, thank u hon <3 i’m putting everything under a read more bc lots of wips!! and rambling!!! Also I tag @oiyama @an-amethyst-moon @gildedguilt @pataflan @wonderlandcrows and @captainsaku

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