lmao two dorks

'cause we could be immortals, immortals
just not for long, for long.
barisi aesthetic~~~

barba wearing an oversized sweater while sonny makes breakfast. he’s curled up by a window with a mug of coffee.

the sleeves of his sweater are way too long.

sonny brings him a plate and they sit on the floor by the window, eating. they aren’t talking, just enjoying each other’s company.

it’s quiet except for the clink of silverware and the soft patter of raindrops hitting the window.

neither of them mind.


Cecil and Carlos bout to sharpen their fluency in Night Vale’s established language by havin the dance off of the century on Cecil’s copy of Just Dance….

Based off of this post I made a while back. ;u; Also, Carlos’ croptop.


man can you believe oswald proposed to edward on live television

me: “I’m having intense feelings for this ship I haven’t had before”

me @ @sinner-sebby: “Save me before I get in too deep”

but what ultimately ends up happening with both of us:

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