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Alright this whole thing is gonna be a little story that branches off for maybe 2 or 3 more posts. I’ll link em once I actually make them lol

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Run To You // Sam Wilson x Reader P4

Pairing: Sam Wilson x POC Reader, Bucky Barnes x POC Reader
Word Count: 2.6k+
Warning: fluff, language, angst, FEELINGS 

Summary: Time Skip: A year and a half! Moving in with the Avengers was the best decision you’d ever made. Things between you and Sam are absolutely wonky. Thor doesn’t approve of anything less than complete honesty. It looks like there’s someone else who might want a chance to earn your heart.

A/N: I have no self-control. None. Not even a little bit. If no one stops me I might end up writing 200k words and 20 chapters lmao. This whole thing is already 10k+ in my docs There’s definitely going to be more parts to this.

Inspiration: “Over You” ~ Daughtry

“I’m slowly getting closure,
I guess it’s really over,
I’m finally getting better
Now I’m picking up these pieces,
From spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together,
‘Cause the day I thought I’d never get through,
I got over you…”

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Do you have any hc's about the buzzfeed gang in high school? (Love your ig edits btw!)

ahh thank you! yeah lots actually lmao, i got a whole doc imma just copy and paste

the try guys

  • zach is on three academic teams/clubs (debate team, book club, and mathletes); he’s also top 5% of the class
  • eugene is head of the school newspaper (for which he writes a lifestyle column), on the school’s dance team, and is the president of the gsa
  • ned is captain of the soccer team and in science club bc… he loves science. everyone thinks he’s a little out of place there but he just LOVES science so it’s chill.
  • keith isn’t in any club but he goes to all of his friends’ events  (soccer games, debate tournaments, writing award ceremonies etc.) and has his own band. the other guys urge him to join the drama club but he hasn’t yet


  • ariel is the school treasurer on student counsel and is ned’s girlfriend who he talks about all the time
  • becky is keith’s neighbor who often talks them out of stupid shit; she doesn’t go to the same high school but she hangs out with the guys enough to know the people there
  • shane and ryan run the paranormal activity club aka pac and eugene stops in on club meetings from time to time (meetings usually consist of ryan, shane, and steven)
  • shane is also on the debate team with zach, actually he’s the captain
  • steven and andrew run a cooking club which keith frequents bc they’re always cooking all kinds of food and he likes to eat. they let him taste test of course. adam tastes too but is really weirdly quiet. keith is a little freaked out by him but andrew and steven act as if it’s totally normal so whatever he goes with it
  • the ladylike gang are the school cheerleaders but not in an unattainable way more in like a sweethearts way. they’re always cheering for the soccer team and doing dumb shit together and posting about said dumb shit on snapchat and instagram. devin is the captain, freddie is second in command, and everyone else is just on the cheer squad
  • chantel and ashley are the school’s It Couple, they warm everyone’s hearts and are basically already prom queens (even though prom is like forever away)
  • curly and jazzmyn are co vps of the gsa and neither have time for any of eugene’s shit
  • chris and brittany are high school dropouts who still hang out with the guys (especially keith and zach) and smoke weed
  • kelsey is zach’s best friend outside the guys and is basically the wine mom of their group although she does drink and drink heavily whenever they’re out
  • quinta is eugene’s best friend outside the group and she’s sassy and sarcastic and her answer to everything is “dump them”
  • ashley, quinta, ella, and sarah are all from widely different groups but still all hang out a lot like the guys so their groups vibe a lot
  • kelsey and ned are constantly bickering over being single vs dating in high school
  • all the people who have quit (& made why i left buzzfeed videos) have either transferred or dropped out