lmao this site is just the worst

I just saw the literal worst text post on this hell site lmao. It was about how high schools teachers lie about how college will be like (which I AGREE they do) but this post was like:
“Most professors will accept late work!! Most won’t even care if you attend so long as you take the final! AP classes are HARDER than college classes!”
I guess I need to email my previous professors about the grade points they docked for absences and the late assignments they refused to take from me! And I’ve had college classes that gave me panic attacks from the level of difficulty lol. That’s the worst advice I’ve ever seen! If you get professors that lax and chill, you are lucky and it’s nice and I’ve had a few couple like that but please don’t let tumblr convince you that college is a breeze. You will work for that degree.

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I think it's very frightening to talk to someone anonymously when they have a large following. I find that often people on this site will pretty much take things in bad faith or answer complex questions with "google it/i've said this before/read a book!" which is not the worst and just mildly upseting. But then some of their ruder followers will be all up in your inbox suicide baiting. (This happened to me when I was 14).

this is such a fucking frustrating message to try to figure out how to respond to bc it already casts me in the role of villain before I even answer it. “I find that often people on this site will pretty much take things in bad faith” lmao so if I like actually take issue with any of this, whatever it is, that you’re putting on me, then that prëemptive criticism is very easy to apply to me…………………… how slick

anyways I’m not sure why you sent this to me or what it’s relevant to at all? but perhaps reflect on how it would feel to have a large following & get bullshit constantly from all sides and really ask yourself if you wouldn’t take things ~in bad faith~ from someone who chose to approach you behind some dorky sunglasses. next

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tumblr is drowning in tony hate with the audio commentary thing and i'm just so tired ? I don't know if we all watched the same movie but Tony wasn't the only character trying to kill bucky because he held him responsible of his loved-ones death ? And i just ... can maybe people chill a little ? They're treating tony like he's the devil and everybody who likes him like they are the worst kind of people on this hell site. I'm just so tired.



b/ucky had the bad luck of standing next to tony at that exact moment lmao i can definitely think of one (1) character who would have tried to “murder b/ucky with his own hands” if b/ucky were standing right next to him when his father died like it is absolutely amazing how hard the “tony is Satan” fandom logic relies on erasing t/challa and t/chaka’s entire existence UNTIL THE POINT where t/challa decides to help their favs. amazing

I just read a post which said ‘if zayn was more social aware, we wouldn’t had thought the worst of him’ LMAO one more reason why tumblr social justice side is a big joke. Stop acting like you all are the shit and were born social aware of everything, it’s honestly tiring seeing people on this site acting like dragging famous people is what makes them social activists. I’m a woman of 22 years old who goes to Uni and I haven’t learned everything about racism yet you all expect famous people who are living a life 1000000x times different from us to be 100% social aware of everything ? What a joke anyway I hope instead of writing 27272 posts about famous people fucking it up, you all go outside of this site to actually do something productive