lmao this scene i cannot


Favorite Hannibal Scenes
S02E06: Futamono

“The moment I convinced the Chief of Staff to put you in a cell next to me, you were stamped with an expiration date.”

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okay w/o time stamp its right after Alec's hand pushes Magnus' shirt up. And then the shot angle changes to Alec's hand between their chests and Magnus grabs Alec's face seconds before Magnus pulls away and I swear to god hip thrust subtle but there is a hip thrust

magnus & alec were on a mad one, matt & harry were on a mad one I JUST TRULY CANNOT BELIEVE THIS SCENE LMAO


i like the way you handled yourself in this negotiation. stick around.


I’m having this dreams where I have to literally scream myself awake. And sometimes I’m not even sure if I’m ever actually waking up.


In light of that display of grace, I’ll forgive you this time. However, there will be no second time. When I tell you to leave, leave.