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Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!

Happy birthday to my twin on the other side of the world! I love you and I hope you have the best day ever, kinda like when Afan hit floor hahah. We’ve been friends for, what, four years now? (God, can you believe that, we have our own quad lmao). I’m so happy we got into the gymternet around the same time, and started talking, because having you as a friend made my tumblr experience 1000x better. We have to start working on that plan to meet up as soon as possible!

I love you, babe! Have fun today! @sparklesandchalk

Valentine’s Pity Rose [fic]

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful day, and I hope this fic makes it a little better!

This was written for @percyyoulittleshit  who gave me the prompt:  “So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Party?” I hope it lives up to your standards, Mari! 


“So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Day party?”

Annabeth sighed. Honestly, it sounded terrible when you said it that way. Well, she guessed that it would probably sound horrible any way you said it.

“Yes,” she snapped, tapping her foot against the sidewalk. “You just have to come to the party with me. We only have to stay for a few hours.”

Percy was silent as he considered. He was loading his band equipment into the back of his Jeep. Annabeth had seen him outside when she got home from track practice, which is when she decided to cross the street to his house and solicit his help.

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anonymous asked:

ok so how about kageyama and reader are really bad at pretending and literally everyone knows they're hooking up but they all pretend they don't because kageyama would probably blow a fuse and die of embarrassment lmaoooo

someone save this child from himself i s2g

also, just because i mention it here through the perspective of a character, i promise you are not lame if you’re not getting it or do not want to get it at any point in life. there’s no rush to do these kinds of things, if you even want to do them at all

also i’m sorry i went MIA for a little bit. march has been truly testing my stamina on every level

  • It’s not really obvious in the very beginning until Kageyama not-so-discreetly tries to hide a poorly placed hickey while changing in the club room. 
    • No one knows exactly who gives them to him at first, so they’re certainly curious. Hinata has to bite his own fist in order prevent himself from saying something about it.
    • He tries to hide them whenever you’ve left a few on him—he really does—but suffice to say that they’re still noticeable. He’s scolded you a few times about that, but most of the time he’s a little…distracted for obvious reasons, and remembers when it’s already too late.
  • Yachi is actually the first one to realize that you and Kageyama are kind of an item. You agreed to help her help Hinata and Kageyama study during lunch a few times a week and on some weekends. 
    • Those weekend sessions eventually transition to casual get-togethers, where it’s a little more obvious that there’s some tension between the two of you that isn’t characteristic of usual burgeoning friendships.
      • She picks up on the fact that you give verbal cues (Kageyama taking a note from Suga. Who else?) when you want some alone time with him. Either one of you will make an excuse to head out or leave to room and the other one follows after minutes later. 
        • The cues always involve food or mentions of being “really hungry”. it has to be this exact phrase, but as far as the food items go,  because Kags… is always thinking about food. You know it’s dumb, but it’s just easier for you to get your message across to him in a way he understands.
  • But Yachi is a good bean and would never gossip about those things, especially because it’s clear you’re trying to keep it a secret, however poorly you’re doing it. 
    • But man, does she ever get so red and flustered every time you give a cue, especially during school. Also, where would you even go on school grounds to do this?
  • Tanaka, on the other hand, is not quite the same type of good bean (but still a good bean for other reasons). He catches the two of you in the act from a distance. Behind all the club rooms isn’t a very good spot to make-out with someone if you’re trying not to get caught.
    • He’s pretty much ready to embarrass Kageyama somehow out of jealousy, but he can’t bring himself to. At least not after the two of you are about to part, and he sees that childlike, excited expression on his kouhai’s face while you fix his hair for him and give him another peck on the lips before he has to get ready for practice. It’s one of the few times Tanaka’s seen Kageyama sort of smile without it being kind of creepy.
      • Tanaka still is jealous, but also oddly enough, proud of him. Hence him accidentally boasting to the rest of the team about it. And cue the, “Now that you mention it, I did notice…” and then all the variations depending on who’s speaking.
  • Everyone starts to look for more hints to verify this. From picking up on the fact that the two of you spend more time during breaks together, to your sudden knowledge of and interest in professional volleyball, to realizing that there are times where Kageyama has a faint scent on him that’s not unlike the hand cream you use throughout the day. 
    • Noya and Hinata are the least obvious about their snooping.
  • The team (Hinata, Noya, and Tanaka mostly, but Suga also has moments) has a lot of trouble not making comments about it, but the lingering fear of a scolding from Daichi keeps them in check. That and Kageyama has been really on top of his game lately, and no one wants to be the one to possibly screw that up.
    • But Tsukishima has absolutely almost made a snide remark about it when bickering with the setter, but cuts himself off mid-sentence. It’s battle he’s not going to win because Kageyama’s getting it and he isn’t, and in his fifteen/sixteen-year-old mind, that makes him kind of lame by comparison.