lmao this doesn't even make any sense


ok so i had an idea this morning; because i am getting a tiny bit annoyed with how this website is about 99.9% centered around america and american politics and everything American™ (which of course is important, don’t get me wrong) i was thinking that maybe some people felt the same way and it’d be a good idea to create a blog based on european politics etc.

since there are a lot of countries in europe with a lot of different languages/politics/cultures/etc., i think it would be extremely interesting and informing and so on, but it would be required to have several people being interested in joining that blog, to properly inform on what is going on in your country (it can go from memes to politics, basically everything)

the blog would grant people from different countries an insight on other country’s cultures, politics, histories, music, languages, etc. and ideally broaden people’s understanding of the world.

would you be interested in following such a blog or even join in? if so, please comment, contact me, like or reblog so i can see if it makes sense to launch this project and maybe spread the word. if enough people would be interested in joining i would create a survey for you to sign up.

thank you very much for your cooperation!! :)

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So I found this prompt "Why do you feel the need to do increasingly dangerous things to get my attention?" I dont remember where I got it from but if you could write a scenario with Bakugou & fem s/o with it then I would totally love you even more for it? Lmao is this even an ask?? Idek you can ignore me if this doesn't make any sense hahaha

Gah! I loved this prompt! I hope I wrote it okay! Thanks for such a fun scenario to write! :D Enjoy~


Bakugou Katsuki:

The sounds of something being dragged through the hallways alerted the girl’s side of the dorm that something was happening. Being curious as to what the sound was, along with who was making it, the small group of girls from class 1-A made their way to the second floor.

They soon found the source of the noise coming from none other then (Name) herself, who appeared to be duct taping pillows along her body, groaning as yet another one fell off her form and onto the ground.

“Ummm (Name)-chan?” Uraraka piped up, causing the (hair color) girl to turn and look at her friend. “What exactly are you doing?”

Said girl smirked and moved aside, pointing to the stairwell down to the common area. The girls approached cautiously and looked down at the stairs, and blanked at what was seen.

Near the bottom of the stairs were Kirishima & Kaminari positioning a mattress (most likely what was being dragged) and scattering it with more pillows. By your feet was a tray most likely stolen from the cafeteria, and thus, it did not take long for them to put two and two together.

“You’re going to get hurt.” Jirou bluntly said and you brushed her concern away with a laugh.

“Nonsense! I have pillows on every major part of my body!”

“I don’t think pillows will protect you from crashing into the front door…” Momo tried to warn you and hopefully convince you otherwise.

“Kaminari-kun & Kirishima-kun are laying down pillows, so I’m sure nothing bad will happen! Anyway, you guys should head downstairs! I gotta warn up for my big entrance!”

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hi, ive seen you say before that even transgender people can be transphobic? How does that work? i'm not saying that you're wrong, It just doesn't make sense to me, can you explain it to me or give any examples of how trans people can still be transphobic because I don't know if that's possible

caitlyn jenner

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man. it feels like they just skipped an episode. or a lot. how did we get here? this doesn't make any sense at all??? I am so annoyed right now; I don't even feel like reblogging anything. and that has definitely never happened before. lmao.

lmao samee i just. like im glad theyre okay but …im so confused and mad

  • Rantarou: Why did the chicken cross the road?
  • Saihara: Why would there be a chicken on the road?
  • Rantarou: OMG it's a joke, have you never heard of it?
  • Maki: To get away from people like you, probably.
  • Kaito: Nah, prolly to run from a meteor :P
  • Maki: Okay, so it wants to get away from people like you too.
  • Angie: LMAO Maki if you roast these guys any harder the chicken's gonna become KFC xD
  • Maki: KFC is fried chicken, it isn't even roasted -_-
  • Keebo: ...to get to the other side???
  • Kokichi: Holy shit you actually said something normal for once :O
  • Rantarou: Okay so the right answer was because it's finally his year :D
  • Kaede: ...what?
  • Maki: It's actually the year of the rooster. But that doesn't matter because your joke doesn't make sense anyways.
  • Rantarou: Nope, it doesn't matter 'cause it's still a chicken.
  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: okay but chidori and tenga have the most amount of chemistry out of all the kiznaivers and yet they didn't get paired up together like did anyone even see nico and tenga getting paired up together ?? because i didn't ?? i couldn't even tell that nico liked him to begin with so that was stupid and like why would they even bother pairing up chidori and katsuhira if they were just going to have sonozaki go in anyway because now chidori is alone like who are they going to have come to her ?? hisomu ?? because that doesn't make any sense either ?? are they doing this on purpose ?? is this just for tension purposes ?? because i rly don't want to wait another week to find out and just have it be bullshit again like what are they even doing anymore i honestly don't know anyway i'm rly pissed off i hate this show

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Can you please explain me the part "there’s boxes I didn't know existed which she ticks" because when I translate to spanish its really weird

It means she’s even more than what he could have ever imagined.

You know how people have a list (a mental list most of the times) of what their perfect partner would be? Not only of physical things (tall or short, dark hair or blonde hair…) but also of character traits (funny, serious, self-deprecating, family person, independent…) and even skills (can cook, can dance…).

Taylor not only checks everything on Calvin’s list of what he would want in a woman (“It’s not even a case of ticking all the boxes”) but she has qualities he didn’t even know he wanted, needed, was looking for or even existed until he found her (“there’s boxes I didn’t know existed which she ticks”).

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That new blind doesn't make any sense lmao. Why would m!m be laughing about one of their clients being portrayed like a villain. Bling gossip been reaching.

Welp, here’s the BI you were expecting, Honey. Modest is so transparent. And vicious. And out of their league. Even I can see their fingerprints all over this. 

Nonnie, they want you to think it’s just as absurd to blame Princess Perrie as it is to blame management. Because golly gosh, why’s everybody picking on them? Zayn’s a hopeless druggie! Just one of the most high functioning druggies you’ve ever seen. But not quite high functioning enough to continue performing his job. But wait, he was performing his job just fine. Ummmm…we’re laughing. Haha. Perrie is Yoko! Perrie has a new song about to drop! Perrie! This is so Modest. It makes no sense, is kinda desperate and is really nasty.

I look forward to seeing what the incoming team will do with this. It’s clearly a shot fired because I seriously doubt the new team is on board with any drug narrative. It won’t go unnoticed. 

wait lmao what is this about the dalish banishing extra mages from their clans

number one in da:o weren’t they like scrounging to find mages to be keepers

number two like even if there suddenly was a random increase of mages, the dalish don’t have any of the stigmas against magic. if there was already a keeper, the other mages would probs just take on some other role in society i don’t get this ???