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oc // relationships

Scarlet and Jackson

Scarlet and Jackson are siblings! They’re closer than most.
While Scarlet is distant around a lot of people, Jackson is someone she can be open with. They often joke around with each other and get into playful arguments.
Jackson is worried about Scarlet’s lack of friends though and does want her to find more. It’s always been hard for him to see as to why she’s so distant around others. He’s tried introducing some of his own friends before, but it usually ends up being rather awkward. 
Jackson does get extremely excited when he sees that he sees Scarlet meets someone new.

Jackson and Rey

Jackson and Rey have been friends since middle school. However, while they were friends in middle school, they got into a huge fight. They ended up avoiding each other for a whole year. Eventually though, they began speaking once more. They both find out that both parties have changed and matured, and end up becoming friends once again. They were only casual friends before, but now they’re closer than ever.
Rey usually has a hard time making close friends, so Jackson is one of the few he considers to be close to him. They’re best friends!

However, while Rey and Jackson may be close, it won’t excuse Rey’s crush on Scarlet. Jackson will occasionally give Rey a judgmental look whenever Rey’s being, “thirsty.” lol

Summer and Scarlet

Scarlet and Summer became friends in high school.
They became acquainted over a group project! The two ended up doing most of the work, and eventually, they became friends. The two grew closed due to multiple shared classes. Eventually, they became really close.  Scarlet’s friend group originally consisted of her, Summer, and Amaryllis!
Scarlet and Summer often encourage each other to the best of their ability. A lot of their conversations consist of, “No, you’re better!!”

Amaryllis and Scarlet

Scarlet and Amaryllis became friends in high school! Amaryllis approached Scarlet first, with the intentions of becoming friends. She noticed that Scarlet was searching up a movie series she liked and they began talking over the shared interest.
While Amaryllis normally tries to hide what a sadist she is, it accidentally slipped out in front of Scarlet. Scarlet was surprised, but she accepted it none the less. She actually finds it quite endearing.
Amaryllis is super affectionate with Scarlet! She constantly compliments her and hugs her. 

Amaryllis and Summer

Summer, Amaryllis, and Scarlet formed a friend group based on mutual friendships. Scarlet happened to be talking to Summer and Amaryllis hugged her from behind, not noticing she was talking to Summer. When she does realize that she was talking to someone, Amaryllis immediately recognizes the face. Coincidentally, Scarlet’s two friends happened to be close their selves! Summer and Amaryllis are childhood friends! They’ve known each other since they were in elementary school.
Amaryllis and Summer are already on really good terms, so finding out they were mutual friends with Scarlet developed a friend group to form.


Before Rey started dating Scarlet, Amaryllis and Summer were only acquainted with Rey.
They only knew each other from a few shared classes.
Summer and Amaryllis are a bit overprotective of Scarlet, so they began teasing Rey mercilessly when they found out about his crush. They didn’t exactly trust him at first, but began to do so seeing how much he liked her.
He eventually joined in with the friend group, once he began dating Scarlet!
Amaryllis and Summer love prying into their relationship. Summer loves hearing about romance and Amaryllis just enjoys teasing Rey.


Amaryllis and Summer first met Jackson when they came over to Scarlet’s house the first time. Jackson, excited at the fact that his sister has made friends, excitedly welcomes them.
Amaryllis and Summer can’t help but blush at the cute boy. Who knew their friend had such a cute sibling?
The two grow rather fond of him, but Jackson enters the friend group once Rey does. They only knew that he often hanged around Rey and that he had the sweetest smile. The two originally only learned information about what Scarlet said about him.
Once Jackson enters the friend group, the three end up becoming particularly close.