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RIVAL!! [ANBU-era fancomic]

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hi !! 💞💞
i was supposed to do this about 6 months ago when i hit 1k but i never got around to it (hmm why’s that huh kay) so ! i’m doing it now~ (also i hit 1.5k a while ago so. there’s that. ahhH) – thank you so so so much !! i know 1k probably isn’t that big of a milestone for a lot of you haha but ,, i still can’t believe there’s so many of you and honestly i never thought i’d ever hit 1k, actually what what what 💗💗💗
anyway; again: thank you so much for putting up with me and my unorganized posts and my endless rambling in the tags and thank you for creating such a wonderful space here on tumblr and asdjkssdhj just. thank you ,, 💓💓💓❕❕ 
ily y’all sm ,, 💕& i hope you have lovely lovely day !!
(i really hope this doesn’t mess with anyone’s notifications! if it does, i’m so sorry!!)

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Here’s an attempt to demonstrate how i color skin.  it’s quite basic, but hopefully it will help anon, and anyone else who’s curious!  for anyone who doesn’t know i use manga studio ex 5.  please click on each image for the caption!

some basic tips:

1. don’t shade with grey or black.  it looks awful.  i go for purple/blue-ish hues for shadows.

2, vary your hues.  if you stay in the same part of the color wheel things look very flat and lifeless.  there are a million tutorials out there for this that show/explain it better than i ever could.  i don’t have any examples to link but they’re easy to find.

that’s sort of it, i hope this was helpful.  i’m crap at explaining things.  a new computer is on my list of things to get when i move, so hopefully i’ll be able to record speed paints and stream - seeing things live is better imo.


havenfall is for lovers: choose your fighter

deaf!steve modern au
  • steve’s not the best at lip reading as a kid, so bucky forces his parents to find someone who can teach the both of them ASL so bucky can communicate with steve when he doesn’t have his aids in
  • whenever steve stays the night, bucky makes sure he has a case on his bedside especially for steve’s hearing aids
  • he also makes sure he always falls asleep facing steve, so that when they wake up they can communicate immediately
  • when someone at school starts picking on steve for needing his aids, instead of helping him find more inconspicuous ones (’you shouldn’t be ashamed of ‘em, stevie’), he starts turning up with huge ear muffs on so people stop snickering at steve
  • fireworks sometimes hurt for steve to listen to, so every fourth of july he takes the hearing aids out and rests his head on bucky’s shoulder and watches all the colours explode; and bucky falls in love with him a little more each year
  • in high school, steve gets so tired of listening to tony ramble on about science or being his usual flamboyant self that he sometimes just slips his hearing aids out and literally tunes out - bucky thinks it’s the funniest thing on earth, but it takes tony years to figure it out
  • steve and clint like to fuck with their friends by pretending that they can’t hear what someone’s saying when they totally can
  • bucky insists that every single one of their friends learns at least some simple ASL not just for steve, but for clint too
  • to nobody’s surprise, natasha’s been learning since she was a kid
  • when bucky starts to play piano fluently, steve likes to place his hands on the side of it and feel the vibrations with his eyes closed instead of listening; bucky watches him the entire time with a smile on his face
  • after bucky kisses steve for the first time, he takes a step back and points to himself, crosses his forearms over the other and lets one of them drop, then points to steve with his palm up - signing ‘i love you’ with a timid smile on his face
  • (steve’s too overwhelmed to respond as such, and with tears in his eyes he just brings bucky in for another kiss)
  • at their wedding, they both recite their vows at the same time they sign them
  • and if they make up their own translation of ‘til the end of the line,’ that’s their business

Remind me again when your faves got an entire themed press day on Valentine’s Day dedicated to their fictional same sex soap wedding filled with tacky but incredible heart decorations, food, cake, cocktails named after them and their life, and a game of Mr and Mr????

Emmerdale making Danny and Ryan sit with the media surrounded by the cringiest yet cutest and most bizarre celebrations; having to look at their own faces and watch themselves get married… I just can’t believe this was actually a thing lmao. This team are my absolute heroes. They’ve never been so extra but to have this much fuss and to create such big hype for something that was once shamed upon is amazing. HOW ICONIC, HOW SURREAL, I’M WEIRDLY SUPER PROUD.

hi friends!! so a few months ago i started printing out my headers because i really like how it makes my notes look uniformed and i love how it saves so much time compared to when i hand-letter my notes (i take rly long when i letter because im a perfectionist lmao). lately a lot have been asking me about how i print my headers so here’s a step by step tutorial!!(side note: this is only how i do it though, so however you guys do it will vary on how exactly how you want your headers to look like, the size of your paper, etc!! i use muji b5 paper) **i’m really not that good at givin instructions btw so if u have any more questions just hit me up fam. this is my first tutorial/tips post pls forgive me if im kinda confusin lolz

this is a tutorial using google docs!! i don’t really use word but im sure there’s a setting similar like this for microsoft?? not sure tho ok

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sketchywhz101  asked:

Hey roshheruu when blending what are some tips I can give me

sup, ya i can try, its going under a read more tho!

1. don’t over use the water colour tool / blur tool to blend things or try and not use it, at all? try and find other brushes, usually with low opacity and high blending and textures that you can use to blend your colours. I use my acrylic brush for this, as seen and better explained here. It gives the image texture.

You see here when I drew satya: 

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hot dresses AU/spyAU inspired by that incredi-drawing by gabzy + Neji is too floored by how killer Tenten looks to properly touch her (for a while, anyways). based off of convo with gabzilla-z & matchaball and

this AU is gonna be the death of me my god 

anonymous asked:

I love your header image (the movie group picture) so much! The subtle sheith in it is killing me, what with Shiro being in Keith's space. If Keith didn't bend his left knee up like that his leg would be right on top of Shiro's. It's just so oddly intimate

i love it too!! we don’t get a whole lot of official art, but I really like this one a lot :,D lmao I love when shiro and keith can just sit anywhere but they’re still squished together

they’re pretty much sitting the same way in that one comic. Shiro why do you keep practically sitting on top of him lmao?? when it comes to each other neither of them have any concept of personal space


Keith and Shiro both being really comfortable in each other’s space–especially given how careful about boundaries Keith is–is just so adorable. But ya, the movie one is definitely one of my favorites!! And I mean, if you look at everyone else–they all seem to be really getting into it, but like, they’re definitely louder and more expressive about it? You can see Keith’s nice and cozy and Shiro looks really happy but it’s definitely more subtle? Which does make it feel more intimate in comparison.

I also like how it’s framed. The pictures looks like you could just split it up into separate sections based on how it’s arranged. The garrison trio are all together but Keith is at Shiro’s side instead, because the dynamic Keith has with Shiro is just very different than his relationship with the others, so you visually see that distance. Shiro is also leaning into Keith’s space, and away from Allura. Again, it makes Keith and Shiro kind of look apart from everyone else. 

They also kind of have similar body language (if you look at how relaxed they are and the tilt of their shoulders) as opposed to Allura and Pidge, who are both sitting upright and really paying attention to the movie and have body language that kind of mirrors each other. Same with how Lance and Hunk are both really overreacting (though to different extremes) and you see them both with these very expressive faces and over the top poses, which makes them feel like they’re also in their own scene. So yeah, I like how you can see there are clear divisions in this poster even though they’re all together–and Shiro was meant to be with Keith. (Coran is off relaxing on his own though lmao)

  • listen it takes a lot for daniel to dislike somebody
  • so how’d you do it??? the answer is simple: you told the entire class that you thought dogs were better than cats
  • everyone in the class who knew daniel: oh sHIT
  • it wasn’t that you didn’t like cats it was more of you just liked dogs more and it came out wrong
  • and instantly the cat enthusiast stood up and was like…can u pls not say that
  • and that just flipped that lil competition switch in your brain and you proceeded to tell him how dogs were more loyal and active
  • daniel: gives you facts and statistics on how cute cats are and the percentage of ppl who prefer cats
  • and that was the day that you and kang daniel became enemies
  • which was a shock to like the entire school bc someone actually pissed off kANG DAN I EL???????
  • whenever u see him the hallways u make this face and just go DOGS and daniel would make the same face and go CATS
  • you know how in a lot of dramas/anime bullies destroy a person’s locker by spilling milk or whatever all over it??
  • well in y'all case u bully him by taping like 90 dog pictures everywhere inside his locker and writing with a sharpie WOOF WOOF BITCH
  • and daniel does the same w you lmao can you imagine this boy arriving to school early to tape a billion cat pictures in your locker and writing MEOW MEOW MOTHERFRICKER
  • seongwoo literally never thought there would be a day when daniel got pettier than him
  • the pettiness continues until one day you two accidentally meet each other outside of school
  • at a pet shop!!
  • when you two made eye contact it was a major FREEZE for a split second and instantly turned away thinking one word: shit
  • y'all tried so hard not to bump into the other but ofc that doesn’t happen :^) bc u two were actually headed for the same area
  • you two happen to end up……in the cat food section………
  • he saw you and without thinking he just went “why are you over here??”
  • you got a lil defensive and said “I didn’t say that I HATED cats I just…like dogs a lil more”
  • he’s still confused and asked why you were buying cat food and you explained to him that you were gonna feed the stray cats in your neighborhood and he’s like…oh…….
  • you tell him that you can’t have pets but you love animals so like…you can only play around with the strays man and he’s like well…..in that case I recommend this brand 
  • you laugh and ur like after all that bullying you’re still being nice wtf man lol and he scratches his head and just says well I mean the dog pictures are pre cute tbh and it’s kinda funny hehe
  • and he shoots you that cute ass bunny smile with the lil laugh and everything and your heart does like sixteen flips and ur like oh no
  • and after that day y'all lose that bitterness and distaste towards each other and all that pettiness becomes a lot more friendly based
  • whenever you two see each in the hallways now daniel mouths “cats” and giggles and you go “dogs” back at him and wink and it just becomes this little inside joke
  • it’s actually so cute and all your friends are like omfg u two need to date pls
In bed with... Hansol


Welcome to my new series! It’s the “In bed with…” series! Basically just a bulleted scenario of what the member would be like in bed. Hopefully you’ll like this series and will give it a lot of support! I’ve also done some other series so please go check them out!🙃💓💓



In bed with… series:

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Please do not forget that Akaashi Keiji:

-is vice captain of his team despite being a second year, and is the only known character to be so

-is pretty much Bokuto’s baby sitter

-probably likes to eat a lot

-eats two onigiri at the same time

-changes clothes very quickly

-talks with his mouth full

-tried to hit Lev in the leg with a ball when he wasn’t looking and was shocked at his own pettiness

-can translate Bokuto’s ideas when everyone else is confused

-can be manipulated and doesn’t like being a loser

-refuses to give Bokuto massages lmao

-can put his pride aside if it means not losing

-konks out on the floor after an intense game of cards

-is very beautiful:

-smirks when he gets the upper hand:

-makes these faces: (shoutout to @akashispants for the pic)

Please do not forget that Akaashi is very cute and must be protected at all costs. This has been a PSA. Feel free to add on if you have anything else and this post will be updated if/when we learn something new about the owl prince. 

witch-boy-666  asked:

Obviously you can feel free to completely ignore this, but another thing that might help with same face syndrome is really exaggerating facial features when you draw. It's a lot of fun, and your style is more cartoonish (which I wish I could pull off that well). I think it would look good! You could try, like, exaggerating how pointy Lance is or something. Or you could even just make up characters! Or draw more fat kittens lmao I would love that. (Not sarcasm, by the way.)

aa thank u!! here i made u some chubby kittens <3

avocados-of-law  asked:

Could we have some some Nya and Kai sibling headcannons??

enjoy <3

  • They always make fun of Kai for being a rubbish leader
    • Nya: “Who let Kai be in charge of breathing”
      Kai: “What are you talking about I am an excellent br-” *chokes*
  • Nya totally gets in the way of him flirting
    • Kai in the store: nya look at these sick cactus socks!!!
      *someone cute walks by*
      Kai: I mean,,, my shoulders are SUPER SORE from all the PUSH UPS I was doing this morning. I went easy on myself and only did 7000 just as a WARM UP. I didn’t even-
      Nya: Kai what are you talking about. You got up at 1pm, and yesterday you asked me to open a jar of salsa for you.
      Kai, sweating: hAHA NO NYA, I WAS DOING P USH UP S,, REMEMBER
  • “I’d sell you to Satan for a single corn chip”
    “Excuse me?! I’m worth at least 3 decent sized ones!!”
  • Nya: Kai have you seen my new eyeliner?
    Kai, walking out with flawless eye wings: no. I haven’t seen it at all. didn’t even know you had any.
  • Nya has to run around after Kai putting out all the things he set on fire
  • They duel all the time to see which of their elemental power is better
  • The ultimate dream team when they have gaming competitions, they’ll team up and murder everyone like they are so good
    • But when they’re against each other you’ve literally got to stop them from getting in a sibling fist fight ok
  • They get into wrestling matches more often than you’d think
    • “The only rule is no mercy”
    • They often have to be broken up because they’ve gotten in a fight over some stupid thing
    • Cole: *walks into a room at 6am with his coffee to see nya and Kai fighting each other over the last bowl of the good cereal*
      Also cole: *immediately walks back out the room*
    • When Ray and Maya show up again they’re like “what did we give birth to"
  • When Nya finds out about Kai’s water phobia she’s like lmao I knew you were always scared of me
  • “Here nya catch" *throws one of those giant yoga balls right at her face*
  • Kai uses all of her nice smelling shower gels and she is so mad because they were not cheap and Kai used up like half a bottle in one wash
  • They are also the masters of sneaking out and getting snacks without anyone knowing so they don’t have to share
    • Kai: great what are YOU doing here
      Nya: the same thing as you you idiot I’m going to cook a pizza
      Kai: half it with me and I’ll use my powers to cook it so no one will wake up to the sound of the oven being turned on
      Nya: … fine
  • Kai used to get super mad when Nya would try to get involved in battles because
    • one, can he not just have one thing where his cursed sister isn’t trying to one up him all the time
    • and two, he can’t afford to be watching her all the time she could get hurt and it would be all his fault and he can’t live with that guilt just go back inside
  • He gets a little grumpy sometimes because he’s supposed to be the example for her but he feels he’s awful and she’s actually better at it than him.
    • She’s level headed and a fast learner and sits him down long enough to think a plan and the repercussions through before he goes off and does it
    • Little does he know Nya is thinking the same, she wishes she were as brave and fearless as him, and that she were more careful to see when someone was taking a lend of her, like Kai sees, rather than just blindly accepting everyone she meets as family because she keeps getting hurt for it
  • When Nya first becomes a ninja and is really struggling, Kai was actually able to really give her some support.
    • He felt totally useless when he started out, he made some bad decisions, and he constantly feels like he’s behind the others.
    • When Nya says he gave her some really good advice he almost cried he was so happy it was the best day of his life
  • Instead of having 1 older brother nya now has 4 and one baby bro
  • This video - nya is the one that walks into the lamp and everyone else is the rest of the team
  • Also this video - Kai is RDJ Nya is Chris and Lloyd is Elizabeth
  • Kai: *sees any brother and sister duo on TV* Nya look it’s our fursonas
    Nya: can you not be a furry for just one minute of your life
    • Zuko and Azula are their fave duo because Kai gets his honour and Nya gets to be the kick ass older sister who’s better than her brother (she brushes over the whole evil part)
  • They always had to share a room when they were kids and they always argued, but when they lost their parents and moved into separate rooms they realised how much they hated being alone so they squished back into one room
  • When they do get their parents back, Kai takes a step back so Nya can get to know them more.
    • Kai remembers them but Nya has hardly any memory of them at all, and he wants to give her the opportunity to be with them alone so she can feel more included when they all do family stuff
  • “I don’t know but it’s probably Kai’s fault"
  • Will sing high school musical until the day they die and then will request it to be played at their funerals
    • ‘I don’t dance’ is an obvious classic
    • also ‘bet on it’
  • Ok so when me and my brother were little and we argued, my mum would make us give each other a sincere hug and say “I love you"
    • if we didn’t do that, we had to hug each other for 30 seconds
    • if we didn’t do that we had to give each other a kiss on the cheek and we were like pls no I do NOT want to
    • so yeah that’s totally what their parents made them do as kids and still make them do now
  • “Oh, you have a lame sword? Well we have a double edged blade that we can use to make a two headed fusion dragon so suck on that”
  • don’t tell anyone but Kai is so good at sewing ok he will make Nya clothes all the time and she will make him cool weapons that he doesn’t know how to use
  • Kai is like “check out these guns” and flexes and Nya is like “lmao same” and she has better biceps than Kai get wrekt boy
  • nya has definitely shaved kai’s head before and he has definitely drawn on her face while she sleeps
  • “kai WHY are you wearing my heels” “balance practice. also they make my legs look killer”
  • she looks after him really, teaches him how to swim so he doesn’t have to be as scared of water
    • he’s like “thanks you shouldn’t have to do that for me :(” and she’s like are you kidding?? because kai stepped up to be her dad and taught her stuff like how to ride a bike and how to drive a car and took her to all the information evenings at school and literally raised her by himself
    • he actually dropped out of school to be her full time carer and get a job and tutor her, and she never appreciated it as much as she should have so she’s doing what she can to make up for it now

Ask me ninjago headcanons

richiethottozier  asked:

please write me some soft streddie (stan/richie/eddie) content i am thirsty for it

here ya go sam!

- richie is the tallest so he always stands in the middle of them and wraps his arms around their shoulders and stan thinks it’s so lame but eddie loves it and eddie has to stand on his toes to kiss both his boyfriends and they tease him about it CONSTANTLY

- movie nights in stan’s living room when his parents are out and they all curl up on the couch (richie in the middle as always) and watch shitty comedies that only richie actually finds funny but they laugh along with him because of how cute his snorts are and sometimes stan and eddie agree on a romantic comedy and richie groans like he’ll hate it but eddie and stan cry during the movie and richie tries his best to cheer them up and he’s freaking out

- stan always holds their hands in public, not because he’s trying to be cute and pda but bc he’s afraid one or both of them will wander off bc they both get distracted easily ALSO richie and eddie always make him pick a side when they’re in a middle of an argument (he normally sides with eddie just to see the look on richie’s face)

- eddie and stan like to borrow e/o’s sweaters because they’re close to the same size and richie wants them to borrow his jackets and he’s literally like “haha are you guys cold.. you could use my jackets i’ll run in and grab some!” and they’re like “oh no it’s okay i borrowed one from eddie/stan earlier” lmao

- richie and eddie always come up with great date ideas and to get stan out of the house or do something other than bird watching and they both paint their faces with the school’s colors when they watch stan at his baseball games and stan’s letterman is a little snug on richie but he wears it always but it’s oversize on eddie and both of the boys think it’s so cute

thanks to @lesbianbevmarsh for helping me!