lmao the show ended with her leaving him

i’m still thinking about lesbian jane austen… i’ve always loved the way she portrays women and marriage in her works and until now i’ve mostly looked at it from a feminist viewpoint, and though i’ve had my “austen wasn’t straight” theory for a while this is the first time it was actually validated

and uh. it literally makes so much sense. elizabeth and emma especially represent compulsory heterosexuality to me and austen’s thoughts could so easily be the thoughts of a closeted lesbian… emma, who loves playing matchmaker for everyone else but doesn’t really show interest in men herself, marries her considerably older childhood friend and they end up living at her father’s house so she doesn’t have to leave him. lmao. also, austen’s generally low opinion of men and her refusal to give them any scenes of their own (there’s a woman in every single one of her scenes) is hilarious and definitely a wlw experience

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If Keith's mom shows up and has no reason as to why she abandoned him, I will fuckin fight her

Plot twist, we’re not gonna get that scene. It’ll just be her being there for the entirety of whatever major villain they’re fighting this go round and in the end we’ll probably get a piss poor scene of her leaving and Keith asking why and some bullshit about how “She needs to” or some other bullshit.

Because you know the writers and wanting to show “emotionally heavy scenes” don’t go together too well lmao

Neverland Renaissance 2.0 Prompts

General prompts : 

  • life on the Jolly Roger : diners, cleaning
  • life on the camp : searching for food, Hook shows Emma how it’s done, sleeping arrangement :)) 
  • taking showers in the Neverland lake 
  • getting dressed / getting nakey 
  • “um it’s totally your time to watch the camp”
  • “David, Emma and Hook are gone together again.”
  • Pan loves tricks. He messes around with Killian’s mind and he makes him fall into an unconscious state, making him live his worst fears. Emma uses magic to get inside of his head where she face both Killian and his fears and she realizes she’s the only one who can help him through it.
  • Emma eats a poisonous fruit by accident and Killian is the only one who knows how to take care of her
  • Mermaid’s are common in Neverland: the same kind of mermaid who tried to deceive  Charming in 1x13 is now taking Emma’s / Hook’s form to deceive Killian / Emma
  • Pan and Hook moments 
  • Digging into Hook’s past on the island 
  • taking an aspect of the Peter Pan’s book and putting in our Neverland

Sentences :

  • “I would never hut you intentionaly”
  • “I beg you pardon but why the fuck are you laying on top of me ?”
  • “It’s a tale of two lost boys who only had each other to get through the day, a quite depressing one really Swan.”
  • “I never meant to fall for you.”
  • “I would do it all over again.”
  • “Sorry Swan, but you were bloody jealous of me and Tink.”
  • “I don’t want you to go back to being just a story again. ”
  • “You’re the first person who seems to care about me for who i am and i’m not sure i can handle it.”
  • “If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t leave you on top of that beanstalk.”
  • “Why ?” “For you.”
  • “Your eyes are the most soothing ones I have ever met.”
  • “I’m not in love with him.”
  • “The fact is, I could totally fall for you and it’s freaking me out.”
  • “You smell good though.”
  • “How are you not hot in this thing ?” (“I’m always hot.”)
  • “You just had to ask : I would have followed you anywhere.”
  • “See, this is exactly why I shut up about Hook’s appearance.”
  • “There’s no choice to make.”
  • “It’s you.”
  • “You are not alone.”
  • “Sometimes the night gets a little bit too dark for me, that’s when I like to search for your eyes. They always calm me.”
  • “Do you ever get used to it ? To their cries ?” “You get used to everything.”
  • “Now sleep.”
  • “I’m keeping you safe.” “I don’t need you to.” “I know, but it’s quite appreciable, sometimes, to have a shoulder to lean on.”
  • “This place can be our little heaven.”

Under the cut prompts by episode (from 3x01 to 3x11)

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@ilovefusion replied to your post “LMAO @ Svetlana hitting on Advay!  PS: Are we supposed to read…”

What is going on in this show?

@kashmakash replied to your post “LMAO @ Svetlana hitting on Advay!  PS: Are we supposed to read…”

Wtf is even happening in this show?

At this point, who even knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My initial thought was that they’re trying to leave things open ended with Advay since the show’s ending? Connect him to characters on other shows (Shivaay, Anika, Svetlana) so 4Lions can keep him alive in the IPK3-IB-DBO universe? Because otherwise, Svetlana’s presence doesn’t make any sense. Jimmy or Sasha could’ve fulfilled Svetlana’s narrative purpose in today’s episode. Why bring her in, waste reel on her entry and get her intro to Advay on canon? 

That or IPK3′s run out of ideas and needed something interesting to fill air-time. Frankly, this seems more plausible.