lmao the rock's face in this is a

the signs as things my dad has said (part 4)
  • aries: *reads my sister's math homework as "four boobs" instead of "four boards" on purpose, laughs for ten minutes*
  • taurus: *whenever mildly inconvenienced* you know what? fuck it. that's what i always say
  • gemini: [every time bb8 came on screen during The Force Awakens] i love that little snowman guy
  • cancer: *calls his friends his "friendsies"*
  • leo: [whenever our dogs misbehave] *monotonously* stop it please....
  • virgo: [constantly, sometimes for no reason] okay so what's happening right now
  • libra: *calls our dogs his "big good friends"*
  • scorpio: [looking up from his phone 2 minutes after i sneezed] uh...bless you
  • sagittarius: [immediately after i woke up at 6am] wow u look awful...you're like the face of tiredness
  • capricorn: [every time he hangs up after calling a store to ask for their hours] ok bye i'll see u later!!!
  • aquarius: [after i said a rock on star trek looked like a dick] what the fuck would you know
  • pisces: [on the phone with his work friend in the bathroom] me? i'm just peeing
BTS: Jimin being shy and innocent but also a little needy in ~that way~

Requested by @big-love-for-bts ^^ I’m sorry if this is super awkward omg *hides face* I hope you like it anyway :’) I kept it pretty straightforward lol XD This is also written more like a reaction than an actual scenario, which will be more like how most of my scenarios will be. I just feel like it is more natural or something, idk. 

This is my first attempt at anything with even the slightest amount of smut in it so…I’m sorry lol XD I’ve read it but I’ve never written it. Going to keep all the smutty stuff down past the ‘keep reading’, as well as out of the titles, just for future reference. (Even if it’s super hard XD Ba-dum-tss. Lol wow. XD) Just in case there are younger people following me. (Not that that will stop them but you know what I mean XD)

Warning: some smut. Mostly just fluff. 

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Take it. Reallllll it in.. 😶 What in the hell?? I can’t even function properly right now–I’m SHOOK–but.. when Youngjae announced this to be the game they were gonna play next, Bambam looked a bit off put by the idea, making a rather displeased face. But not Yugyeom LMAO! He’s rocking side to side like a damn child on Christmas morning!! 😂Then jumping up to get things started cuz, he’s more then ready!! And Bambam just looks so soft and cute and precious! 😚😚❤ Ughhh, I think I’m dying of too much yugbam in my system. Imma overdose real soon 😭😭🤧

desperation || theo raeken

description: in which you have a fiercely overwhelming need that only your alpha can fulfill

requested by: anonymous

warnings: smut, roughness, dom!theo, overstimulation, begging, swearing

It had been so long. Much too long. An eternity, it seemed.

Your body was pressed to the mattress, knees pulled up to your chest as you tried to suppress the burning need that was ravaging your entire being. Your skin was hot, breathing rushed, and heart rate quickened. 

You were yearning for only one person, being, creature, Alpha. He was the only one that could quell the overwhelming desire that was searing through your veins. The only one that could offer you any relief.

But he wasn’t there. 

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anonymous asked:

favourite dennis look?

unsurprisingly i have several! in no particular order:

1. when he’s standing in front of a mirror shirtless and rocking red lipstick, telling himself “make it work, dennis”
2. that purply-red face he got because he couldn’t wait to call himself a bastard man
3. any time his mascara runs from crying
4. his “bad dad” shirtless duster look from his stripper act
5. his electric dream machine look, complete with stars painted on his face and deep pink lipstick
6. that blazer/turtleneck combo from “mac is a serial killer”
7. his twink black tank top look from the pilot episode
8. his mustard yellow hugh honey suit
9. when he had a sweater tied around his neck in the boat episode

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Sasha , did you notice how el*anor changed her hair back to simple brown? she was coloring them into some blonde (I scrolled thru her insta) and was kinda wearing designer stuff. And now look at her back to no personality brunette from 2012 in ridiculous "kids clothes" lmao

When an actress reprises a role for a sequel, it’s not unusual for her to recreate the look she rocked in the original. Actually it’s expected.

Instagram thirster:

Girlfriend who is a girl:

I didn’t crop her face in the first pic. That’s how she posted it. All the better to showcase the titties in VS lingerie. I see what you did there. And that transformation really just helps drive home the point that Eleanor, girlfriend of Louis, is a role she’s playing. I think it’s safe to say she’d rather be perceived as more sexy and adult…

…as opposed to wearing matchy matchy outfits with Louis (another pic she posted like this, btw).

I mean, God bless it all, they look like cult members. LOL So yeah, she’s dyed the hair, covered the tits and shut up. That’s the Eleanor we remember.


had another derma episode !! either last night or the night b4 (what’s new!) and i’m just living in the now, rocking my acne scars out on the town :-)

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Apparently most of the reviews for the new ME:A are actually pretty good!

They’ve all been good except for literally the Rock Paper Shotgun one lmao. And I’ve seen countless people who also played the game early respond to that article with total confusion because they disagree on almost every level. Like the game has the usual BioWare rickedinss but overall the consensus seems to be that the aspects we all love BioWare games for (story, romances, compelling characters) are all top notch. People complaining about rough animations are making me laugh because this is literally BioWare’s first time having a game with characters that emote. Like literally. Even the faces in Inquisition were emotionally blank outside of the more intense or emotional moments. Shepards face changes maybe ten times over the OT ahaha. This time around they did their best to hand key accurate facial expressions for every conversation. Does it sometimes feel off? Yep. Absolutely. But does it mean this game is bad? Nah haha. Reviewers have praised the game for the reasons we all love Mass Effect. If they want to complain about something in the game, let it be the facial animations. I’d rather have a beautiful game with a good story and great characters over an empty game with perfect animations. Everyone who is worried should relax. This game is going to be awesome.


Mom: I’m not busty enough for this dress I bought, you have it
Me: +。:.゚THANKヽ(*´∀)ノ゚YOU.:。+゚

I finally managed to get some photos of this new dress of mine… I love it so much sob….. I still can’t rock a petticoat too well though, but all in due time. At least the dress fits!