lmao the glasses are killing me

Boyfriend Moonbin

  • Oh god here we go
  • He mentioned before that if he liked a girl he’d tease her so get ready for that 
  • You totally stole his freaking heart but he likes it and he’d probably go crazy if he doesn’t have you
  • You know how competitive this boy can get 
  • Like he’d try to get close to you then starts joking around and making fun of you
  • Not in the bad way tho 
  • Occasionally flirts when he’s at it
  • He finally asks you out somehow
  • Maybe by text or idk bc he gets awkward with this kinda things 
  • And then you start discovering the boyfriend side of him 
  • Brace yourself
  • He’s so affectionate you can’t even imagine 
  • Café dates 
  • him giving you back hugs that feel more like he’s head locking you 
  • But it just feels awesome bc you feel smol and short in his arms since he’s technically a giant kitten
  • Best friend kinda couple
  • Like you’re all chill with each other and play around a lot
  • But you can get romantic too 
  • His hand is on your shoulder like 24/7 
  • And again it just makes you feel smol how awesome is that 
  • Stolen cute pecks 
  • And he’d be embarrassed for the next ten minutes bc of it 
  • He’s so competitive AND jealous he’s ready to kick some ass whenever someone even only glances at you 
  • Like you know how built up he is omg call the ambulance
  • He looooves wearing tank tops when the weather is nice
  • And you just die bc damn son that biceps 
  • And those veins 
  • Loves wearing snuggly sweaters when its cold 
  • And you think he couldnt look cuter
  • But then he places on his glasses and you’re like ok nvm 
  • You wish he wears glasses everyday yes you do as much as i do 
  • But sometimes he wears something all classic and shit and you’re shook af 
  • Bc he looks hella hot in button ups and such since they bring out his slender figure 
  • Kill me pls
  • He sings to you the whole freaking time and you wonder what you did in your past life to deserve this
  • Like his voice is angelic 
  • Cute cat like smiles
  • and he always wins bc that kid has eleven tummies lmao 
  • You just enjoy eating tgt 
  • Bc he makes you happy and food makes you happy so 
  • Days where you just laze around in your sweats and just eat and watch anime 
  • Eunwoo sometimes brings some good new animes bc otaku much and you all watch tgt
  • Days when it feels nice and you walk around the whole day and do fun things
  • You watching him practice dancing and just admiring how good he gets every time 
  • Him trying to teach you some moves bc you begged him to
  • And you end up making cute covers tgt 
  • Sometimes watching him work out ahem 
  • And him encouraging himself by pecking your lips whenever he sits up during sit ups as you hold his knees 
  • And he ends up doing push ups with you on his back bc you made a bet and if he does ten you’d treat him ice cream for a week
  • And he wins lol 
  • Lots of piggy back rides on his back yay 
  • He makes sure you always feel pretty bc thats what he sees you as, however you look 
  • Like even when you’re in your pjs with bed hair and half closed eyes 
  • Just lots of affection and fun and most importantly food
  • <p> <b>Chaol:</b> I didn't understand why people care so much for their dumb friends until I got a dumb friend myself.<p/><b>Chaol:</b> *picks Dorian up*<p/><b>Chaol:</b> I've only befriended Dorian for a day and a half.<p/><b>Chaol:</b> But if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and myself.<p/></p>

“Just big enough to fit four regular-size people and one Gideon-size people.”

“Gideon does the Gideon thing where he stays focused on the task at hand. I do the Chandra thing where I am mostly listening but also mostly looking outside the nearest window. Which in this case is the entire dome we’re in. Because glass.”

lmao chandra is killing me

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Levihan AU headcanon pls???

Sleeping Au~ Lmao. You guys shouldn’t ask me for things like this. I still don’t know how AU works here on Tumblr. Forgive me if I answered your ‘ask’ wrong.

Hanji was sleeping on her bed and Levi thought she called him. “Oi, shitty-glasses. You called me—” he stop his tracks and saw a beautiful Hanji Zoe sleeping on her brown simple bed. Her hair is blown everywhere and her glasses is still on her face, crooked. Levi was enamored. It was such a view. He slowly closed the door behind him, rather slamming it like he used to. But now, he thought it wasn’t a perfect time to wake up Shitty Glasses. He sighed. He walked to where Hanji’s bed is and took a blanket. He decided to cover it on her shivering body. It really was cold tonight.

Tch. Sleeping in a cold night without any covers on? You gonna get yourself sick, you dumbass.

Then he thought it wasn’t a right time to talk about experiments. He slowly took her glasses off and put it on a nearby bed side table. He tuck in some loose hair on her ears and he turned his back away.

Then he suddenly felt someone pull his hands.

It was Hanji and she was fully awake and squinting her eyes. She may not see well.

“W-who are you? Levi? Is that you?” She asked, as she tried to find her glasses. Levi then pushed her to bed. She made a cute ‘oof’ as she landed softly on the covers. “L-Levi? Is that really you?” Levi just hummed.

“Just sleep shitty glasses. No experiments shitty-talk today.”

Then they slept there, the whole night.

Aahhaah! Hi~ I think this is not a headcanon. Forgive me if I was wrong. Please just kill me.

A Pleasant Surprise

Rise sends pictures of Naoto to Kanji, especially that time when she drag her to that one photoshoot. He’s very happy about it, another addition to his ’Wall of Naoto’. 


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wow you had to include alec to this headcanon didn't you? and kill me in the process wow

well imagine that.

a peaceful night, the light hanging low in the loft bathing magnus in amber hues. Whiskey glass in his hand, the taste strong on his lips. Eyes closed, he’s swaying to the music, hips moving moving and moving, a slow crescendo. the world stops turning for a moment, it’s just the music and him. Magic is running free, enveloping his body in purple. His hand leisurely follows the books on the shelf, and he’s just about to pick one when he hears the door open.

alec is just about to take his jacket off when he sees magnus, watching him intently, smirk on his lips. he takes a slow sip of his drink, eyes never leaving his man. alec’s eyes dip as he watches him walk towards him. magnus moves one hand under the leather jacket, sliding it off alec’s shoulders, then grips his waist. alec’s hands slowly slide up magnus’ chest, to his hand, to the drink, he takes the glass, drinks, and puts it on the table in the entrance hall. bodies pulled together, their mouths hover over one another, not quite touching yet. the intensity is palpable, it lies thick and heavy in the air. alec’s breaths come harder, like he’s breathing in magnus’ very essence.

magnus’ open mouth drags along his cheek, goatee pleasantly catching on his skin, and the tension leaves alec’s body. he sacks into magnus’ chest, lips press to his neck, mouthing at the skin. he feels hands in his hair and his head is being pulled back, heat crawls into his veins, his mind hazy when their mouths finally meet. Lips drag, teeth catch on skin, soft gasps, and heads tilt. their hips sway to the music playing softly in the background. everything is heady, intoxicating, as they move back to the living room. Kisses turn deeper, desire more potent, the feelings between them sink into their bones, into their lungs, even lower than that as alec sinks to his knees.

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Glasses anon here. I keep following you because I thought it was weird a 'Democrats' blog keeps reblogging/posting ffxv related and so obsessed with Noctis' dick?? I feel so embarrassed now that I can see your actual name. I'm so sorry but I'm still following you since your blog is amazing.

Anon omg please, you are killing me lmao I know the feeling tho, so don’t worry about it. I’m just wondering how long you had to struggle with your broken glasses. It’s too cute and tragic, I love it LOL!


I was down on my luck
At the end of my rope
About to give up
But my friend said nope

YOOOOOOOOO the season finale of Buddy System was so amazing!! I’m so glad to be able to join the ride through the entire season, I wish there’ll be another season? Hmm? How about that? Thank you so much, Rhett and Link, for the enjoyable ride! :D:D The new rap part of BFF caught me off guard btw lmao- also no I definitely did not reuse an old set uh day/song 8 of Buddy System!! <3

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tagged by @avilotte i know we dont talk but TYSM IT MEANS A LOT!!!💞💞
ABC’s of me:

A - age: younger than 16

B - biggest fear: im afraid or everything rip

C - current time: 7:55 PM!

D - drink you last had: a nice glass of good ol water

E - every day starts with: stupid ass alarm w a rlly annoying ring i hate.

F - favourite song: there is no such thing as a fav song to me. but currently im lov jammin to frank ocean’s solo? its an all time fav.

G - ghosts, are they real?: ye lmao

H - home town: nycccccccc !!! born in the bronxxxxxxxx

I - in love with: cute ggggirl .

J - jealous of: talented people :’)

K - killed someone: uuuuhhh im sure id get in trouble for that no

L - last time you cried: idk i forgot but it was recently @ night idkk

M - middle name: dacanay ,

N - number of siblings: 2!!! middle child rip

O - one wish: happiness !

P - person you last called/texted: my friend who is a shortie called me

Q - question you’re always asked: how tall r u?

R - reason to smile: bts is out there, makin music and blessin the world

S - song last sang: in my feelings by kehlani!

T - time you woke up: 5:20AM 

U - underwear colour: uh srry

V - vacation destination: uuuuhhh the philippines?

W - worst habit: i kinda ruin my skin. a lot

X - x rays you’ve had: idk if these r even xrays but one for my brain and one for my teeth !

Y - your favourite foods: sushi!!! steak!!!! lumpia!!!! adobo!!!!!! smarties!!!!

Z - zodiac sign: virgo moon + virgo sun ??

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Fire Emblem Fates ‘Get to Know Me’ Meme

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Copy, pick one of the two options by bolding them, and tag a few friends at the end! You can only pick one!

Hoshido or Nohr (I’ve played both but I’m a slut for hoshido hahah)

Saizo or Kaze (Salad ninja is my bff and also my husbands bff tbfh he’s friends with the entire family ahahah)

Raijinto or Fujin Yumi (fujin yumi is prettier so yeah)

Classic or Casual (i like having fun)

Great Knight or Paladin (I really like the word “paladin” its really elegant sounding lmao )


Magic or Strength (stab stab kill :) )


Marrying for stats or for support conversations (if u marry for stats only we cannot be firiends lol sorry by e)

Niles or Rhajat (Rhajat is precious af)

Glass cannon or Iron Defense (STAB STAB RUN)

Sakura or Elise (DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE BUT..Sakura…)

Pavise or Aegis

Dark Mage or Diviner (A+++ design tbh aLSO their attack animations are really cool hehe)

First Gen Characters or Second Gen Characters (guilt free marraige hell yeah)

Brynhildr or Siegfried (you’re basically asking me to chose between a book and a cool emo sword)


Speed Run or Support Grind (STAB STAB MARRY)

Kana or Morgan (dont u dare make me choose omfg)

Sol or Luna (mostly cuz i dont think i have sol on any one of my units? lmao)

Defense or Resistance  

My first husband was/will be: on birthright its Silas, Hinata and Takumi !!! while on my conquest’s only file lmao its Keaton!!! my sole reason to get that route fuck i hate conquest omfg and if i ever manage to get my hands on an e card anytime soon to get revelations Silas will be my hubby again i love me cinnamon knight

My first wife was/will be: planning to marry Azura  that woman needs happiness asap and also Mozu she’s so cute bhjbjhb

My favorite child character is:ALLL the kids i gave birth to it was hard work goddamit

My current mu’s hair color is: DEFAULT haha i really love default corrin, she’s perfection////

ok now a question i made hehe

Birthright soundtrack or conquest sound track: (Dusk falls and No justice is perfection)

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abc game¿

@raise-our-glasses-to-freedom tagged me in this so its like,,,, WOOO idk what the fuck to do lmao leTS JUST GO FOR IT

AGE: … im fourteen (hush yall)



DRINK HAD LAST: iced capp

EASIEST TO TALK TO: aH- @sknipe0402 @raise-our-glasses-to-freedom @songbirdq @tordthecommunistred @iamindeedapotato

FAVOURITE SONG: ,,,,,, good question

GROSSEST MEMORY: ,,,,, this one time i found a maggot or a worm on my thumb after i ate a raspberry


IN LOVE: y es

JEALOUS: of everyones beauty lmao

KILLED SOMEONE: i should hope not

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT/SHOULD I WALK BY AGAIN: ,,,, love at first sight lmao



ONE (1) WISH: … idk



REASONS TO SMILE: the little things in life

SONG LAST SUNG: ,,,,,, right hand man


VACATION: idk, europe probably



tagging: @songbirdq @tordthecommunistred @iamindeedapotato you guys are awesome

happy 520 day!

Naturally, as the universe would have it, Edward Elric grows up to be the most baffling, contradictory, stunning creature Roy Mustang has ever seen. He squints at him over his fourth beer and thinks, When did this happen?, because it feels like the last time he looked, Edward was a slightly dorky-looking twelve year-old and not this - this

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  • me: a person who has read over 1,000 time travel au fics, voldemort's daughter dating harry aus, seen almost every trope and lived through 2007 - aka the year of self inserts time travelling back to stop voldemort killing harry and destroying the world
  • me, glass of wine in one hand and a cursed child in the other: lmao wtf i don't give a fuck this is great update soon