lmao the exclamation points

So in overwatch, their April fools joke is that if you play Reinhardt and talk in the general chat, it adds on a Reinhardt quote in capitals and exclamation points to the end of it lmao

So imagine my surprise when I said ’ I got u bb’ to someone I saved from road hogs hook by charging him and it came out like ‘I got u bb. I AM THE ULTIMATE CRUSHING MACHINE!!!!


(( I love my 23 followers so much and I get super excited when you guys interact with my muse or say things about me, the mun, in general!!!!!! You guys are all so so sweet an I love you!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone had a good day today!!!!!! Sending those positive vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!! ))


camp awasapoa

now open for summer sign-ups! accepting boys and girls ages 7 through 12 for 15 - 20 (sim) days full of sunshine and fun! 

↠ schedule includes nature trail walks, swimming (lessons also available), biking, arts and crafts, fishing and much more!

↠ limited number of bunks available so sign-up before they run out! (sign up by sending me a ask or im)

↠ upon being accepted your child will receive a camp awasapoa t-shirt and other fun gifts only available to our campers!

deadline for sign-ups is monday june 13th, don’t miss out!


Hey, taylorswift!! My best friend choiroffrenchhorns and I can’t wait to see you in Montreal on Tuesday!!! We will be in level “blanc”, section 319, row DD, seats 5 and 6!!! I’ve been a huge fan since I first heard Teardrops on My Guitar way back in 2007. It’s always been my dream to attend one of your concerts, but that has never been feasible for me–until now!! Keep an eye out for us–we will be the ones going crazy during New Romantics ;) I love you more than words could ever say, Taylor. Thank you for your music, and for being the wonderful, inspirational woman that you are. You inspire me to be the best version of myself every day. See you soon!!!

[trans] notes jungkook wrote at butterfly dream exhibit from last night’s v app

“Let’s share memories together with Jeonggguk-ie - ♥

-This is the real Jeongguk” -

“↳no I don’t wanna" 

"↳don’t wanna”  


hey so !!! im really close to 1k and im super excited !!! so i wanna do a promo for all of you guys !!!



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This ends when i reach 1k so yeah that’s it 

(i apologize for all the exclamation points lmao)