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i've been wondering a lot about hoseok and his dance background lately. do you know when he started dancing, what style he started with and which style of dance he has most experience with? also what dance style would you classify boy meets evil as? (sidenote: dance style of lie?) i'm bombarding you bc i know you have some experience in dancing haha sorry 1/ ~F

Also, I often see people saying that hoseok’s only good at street dance/popping and isn’t a versatile dancer (often when they compare him to jimin) but im just???? Yeah it’s true that hoseok hasn’t shown as wide a range of styles as jimin has but that doesn’t mean he’s not a versatile dancer??? 2/ ~F

Sometimes (esp during group dances), he doesn’t show his full potential; however, you can’t say that it’s his limit because he’s not /trying/ to outshine the others. Similar to that, if he isn’t showing you the whole range of dances he can perform, how can you say he’s bad? (I feel like this analogy is confusing. Feel free to ignore rip) Also, were these people sleeping during the spring day choreo or… ???? 3/ ~F

ANON you will not believe the noise i just made when i saw these messages in my inbox !!!!! i’d love to answer your questions fpasdlgh. just a heads up that this is gonna be long; i’m sorry, i talk a lot and don’t know when to shut up & also like listening to my own (metaphorical) voice too much sometimes

1. hoseok’s been dancing since freshman (?) year of high school and started out with street (x) while this is a considered a short time for professional dancers, i’m only exposed to classical art forms, so i’m unsure how that factors into this style (´~`ヾ) and yes, that means this is the base of his technique !

2. i would classify BME as 100% hip hop/street. although they can be seen as widely different genres, it’s a popular style that’s taken off these past few years in the dance community. it’s got street elements in it, but it’s more controlled, more polished. (also: yeah idk what “lie” is………..urban lyrical pseudo contemporary with modern influences?????????? lmao at this point hip hop has grown so much i’d just call it that)

3. fam i’m in the same boat as you! hoseok is a very versatile dancer :o he can adapt to many different styles, given that they’re not asking him to start doing fouettes or something.

  • his main style
  • a subgenre of street called “bounce” although they are both “street”, each subgenre is really different from each other & it’s not easy to pick one up. here, you can see the difference between hoseok and jimin during practice. hoseok goes deeper, lower, lighter, smoother, etc. his arms come up to near his chin when he lunges to the front & there’s no part of the combo where he’s simply arrived @ a position and then stays there; he’s always moving, always milking every step, always engaged 
  • butterfly here, his musically is really strong bc he utilizes every part of his body in order to fill up the counts. you can really see the movement going thru every single muscle: the way his chest caves in, the shoulders, the hands, his head, the fluidity of his arms. as a dancer, you want every single action to be deliberate. you need control of even your fingers in order to constantly extend energy outwards, and hoseok takes that into account
  • arirang medley
  • perfect man (aka my life) is killer bc of the required speed/stamina; there is no break in this piece. if you get off you can’t get back in lmao and you can clearly see some members struggling with to stay on time with the footwork
  • am i wrong
  • spring day i 100% agree with what you’re saying about this piece !!!! there is so much going on here, and after watching all the individual fancams i wanna say that both he and jimin are the ones who shine the most consistently thru the entire dance.

    the slide to the ground? hoseok jumps the highest, gets the most airtime. the roll up from the floor? he really pushes himself and utilizes his back flexibility & holds his core in order to make sure that his head is the last thing that comes up. i was pleasantly surprised to see him tackle this choreography, esp the move i just mentioned, just to see how he’d do. he really pushed himself with this piece, and i’m glad he got the chance to grow as a dancer; probably with help from jimin, as this is more his department.

    the only qualm i have with him is during the wedge part where their left legs are going in & out, he needs to start pulling his left side over more …… he’s no longer square by like? the second step out n his ribs are reallllly swinging open fpfahdgt it’s kinda bothering me lol CLOSE UR RIBCAGE HOSEOK !!!!! i know u can do it

despite all of these pieces being different styles, you can tell that hoseok constantly strives to take the extra step above & beyond. he’s always looking for places where he can add Something More to the piece, even when it’s not given explicitly in the choreography. he gives it his All in hype dances, and that’s what made him stand out to me from the rest.

4. yes yes yes yes yes,,,, thank you for pointing that out! some people shit on hoseok’s dance king title because he doesn’t seem to stick out during groupwork and i’m here to tell you that 1) that’s utter bullshit lmao go ahead and watch all the solo fancams i assure you that he is Up There (debatable for certain dances, but he holds top 1 for fire & bst, no question) and 2) he might not go full out bc he’s dancing in a group.

what some fans forget is that he is part of a group, and the whole point when you’re part of a group is that you “take one for the team” and don’t treat it like a solo; you’re not supposed to stick out. even dance line 2.0 (namjin) don’t draw negative attention bc they bust their asses in order to keep up with the rest of the group !!!!!! BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO STICK OUT !!!!!

the whole point is that ur a cohesive unit doing one thing !!!!!!!!!!! you’re supposed to look the same !!!!!!! like…………if you’re really on balance during a performance, you’re not going to do six pirouettes. you finish the double like the rest of the corps, and you book it to your next step. groups thrive in unity, and if you can’t even give that up in order to get your limelight, then i’m sorry: you don’t deserve a solo.

this is why professionals always start out in the corps to prove that they can work well with others, handle the roles given to them, dance as a collective, and then use their work ethic/diligence to stand out during classes & rehearsals to show the artistic director that they’re ready to be promoted to a higher ranking. you demonstrate that you can handle a group environment before anything else 

hoseok doesn’t outshine the others because that’s not his job, and that is not what he is there to do. he is purposefully coexisting with the group in order to make the dance look & feel cleaner

5. kinda going off the fourth point: i agree, once again. he still showcases that he’s pushing himself, but not to the point where he purposely outshines the others. the discipline that comes with purposeful restraint is often overlooked, and i would never slander a dancer for doing so. if i know how far someone’s able to go, i can also appreciate how far they reign themselves in.

ofc, there’s the rare moment when hoseok Really lets loose like the iconic extended choreo for fire during MAMA 16 and you can see how much farther/harder/faster/stronger/full out he’s going compared to the rest of the group. there was a comment that remarked how he made the rest of bts look like his backup dancers, and i can’t agree more. lol i ain’t even biased, just watch from 4:43 onward.

when he jumps, he jumps higher than the others. when he turns his knees in, his feet are spread farther apart than the rest of the members, even though the choreo is fast and the wider your stance is, the slower you’re able to move. he makes every step clear. it’s precise, it’s sharp. his arms move quick, but they hit every position. there is no perceived rush that comes with not knowing what’s coming next or being late

the usage of his head, the ability to go move so fast but still remain fluid (rolling through his chest, loose shoulders, placed arms), jumping farther, traveling more, generally taking up more space than the others w his limbs, making things look incredibly energetic, are all key factors that put him up on another level. yes, someone can move their head, but hoseok moves it further, yes, someone can kick their leg out, but hoseok kicks his further (even so that it’s no longer within his center of balance, and i genuinely fear for him)

not to mention!!! 9 minutes into killer choreography and he is still slaying the facials. his charisma is off the charts, and it’s clear that he’s having so much fun???? he engages the audience with his expressions & isn’t afraid to use it to work the crowd, which is something i’m missing from others bc (as with all dancers) they sometimes get caught up too much with technique instead of performance. also his stage-to-audience connection is Insane. it’s so hard to do it right w/o looking like you’re staring someone down or alienating them, so basically

the ability to keep up/go beyond with fast choreo while also making it engaging thru stage presence is incredibly difficult and is another factor that puts hoseok above the rest of bts in dance

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I loved your post about antishipping being the cool new trend for young/college age teens! Pretty much nailed my own opinion of it (and then I blew through your whole blog in like two hours lol I love how you discuss things! You're always so calm and polite which is something I appreciate a lot!). I'd value your input on how we might be able to put a stop to a lot of anti behavior if you have any c:

I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed my blog!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop anti behavior. The joke is: we’re allowed to ship and they’re allowed to hate ships; we’re allowed to write dark fanfiction and they’re allowed to loathe it. Until somebody is doing something illegal we can’t actually stop them.

However, we can limit anti influence on fandom spaces. And I don’t think it’s easy, or I wouldn’t have a blog like this.

The primary public goal of anti-shippers and anti-darkfic communities are to obliterate ‘bad’ ships and dark content in fandom spaces.  All public action taken with the intent of having their views communicated to shippers/creators of dark content are aimed to either drive them out of fandom or make them see the light of their evil ways. Their social power mainly comes from generating negative emotions in fandom, and I think there are 3 primary forces:

  • Fear: anti-shippers have proven that they are willing to go to great lengths to force fandom members to bend to their standards, including tag invasion, public shaming, dogpiling, callouts (true or false or a combination thereof), misgendering/erasing orientations, general and targeted online harassment including suicide baiting and wishing for physical harm, verbal harassment, verbal intimidation, reporting falsified TOS violations, and in extreme cases doxxing, false reports to authorities, destruction of property, threats of violence, and actual assault. Understandably this makes potential targets want to avoid notice so that they’re not ‘next’, reducing creative output.
  • Anger: nothing gets people talking about you like anger. People like to complain, and that spreads reports of anti-shipping attacks further (which spreads fear). Shippers increasingly dwell on their anger and frustration over antishippers, taking focus away from creating fanworks.
  • Exhaustion: being afraid and angry all the time will take a lot out of a person.  Self-doubt makes it even worse. Antis keep the pressure on with a constant stream of negativity and double down by questioning the motives, moral integrity, and social awareness of bad shippers and dark content creators.  Exhaustion cuts creative output just as effectively, if not more so, than fear and anger. People will create out of spite with the first two emotions, but exhaustion makes people want to leave and find something less tiring to enjoy.

So I think the best way to cut the power and influence that antis have is by shutting them and their rhetoric out of fandom spaces.  this looks like:

Block antis. Block all antis. block virulent negativity. Block even antis that hate the same ships you hate. Keep yourself away from the nastiness and also protect yourself from their notice (if you block them they can’t see or reblog your posts as easily).

Avoid black and white ‘discourse’. Don’t dwell on social debates about purity and the moral implications of your ships or fictional content. Be selective about the meta you indulge. Remember that nuance exists. Don’t publicly argue with people who refuse to see nuance, spreading their nonsense further.

Don’t fight fire with fire. Don’t borrow anti arguments to prove what hypocrites they are or use anti logic to explain why ships are bad (e.g. ‘antis say that x/y is bad b/c x is older than y and they call that pedophilia.  but antis ship y/z, even though they fight all the time; that’s abuse!’)

Ignore hate messages. If people send you hate for your ships or creations, ignore and delete them. it makes you a boring target if you don’t react and cuts the hate significantly. (This won’t work unless the main goal is getting a rise out of you. In the case of a targeted hate campaign, the goal is usually pleasing the instigator of the hate campaign, and reacting or not reacting won’t make a difference. :( )

Surround yourself with creative content and positivity. Curate your dash and social media circles to be mostly, if not entirely, fandom positivity focused and about creating new content instead of complaining about bad content or bad fandom behavior.

Spread positivity. If you have the energy, try to share the things that make you happy. Recommend fanfics, comment on fanart, talk about your favorite headcanons.

If you’re like me and you can’t entirely ignore shitty things that happen in fandom, create a separate space away from your main fandom space to indulge your salt. that way you can walk away and take breaks. (I tend to find salt begets more salt.)

last thing may not work for everyone: be kind and/or civil when interacting with antis. There’s of course no obligation to be nice to people who antagonize you, but I find that in general being kind in response to people being jerks gives them room to relax, stop being defensive, and talk openly. Most individual antis aren’t that different from shippers; they just have different ideas of what a safe, comfortable fandom space looks like. (And if they refuse to stop being a jerk, ignore/block them.)

that’s my two cents, which, as usual, looks more like 2 dollars. I hope it’s helpful.

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Is there anything you can tell me about Mando colour symbolism that isn't already on that "armour colour" post? I'm planning out a Sabine POV story where it would be relevant.

Well, yes and no. I went over the “facts” of colors and mandalorian color theory. What I can do now is kind of dig deeper into the actual mando’a words for colors, and maybe extrapolate more on the etymology of each word as they’re relevant to colors. If anything, it’ll give you an idea of how to break down the colors and maybe play with the meanings, or even the construction of the words themselves. Hopefully that helps?

I got a little carried away (again?) so I apologize for the length and time it took to put this together … and also you can take everything I say with a grain of salt as I’m trying to make sense of the etymology of these words. I’m also skipping orange as there’s no word for in the dictionary as of yet, and including violet since it is.

So, let’s go in the order that I went in the original post. Forewarning that black is going to be the longest section as I’ve thought about it maybe way too much.

  • ne’tra — black 

Ne’ is traditionally one of the negative prefixes of mando’a. It’s meant to indicate the opposite of what it’s attached to, or the not-thing. Tra means space, void … but it also translates to starfield, or field of stars. 

So. Black. Justice. Not the void of space, or, alternatively, Without stars, a starless night. 

However way you want to interpret that is up to you, but to me? From what I understand of mandalorian history? They were once a truly nomadic people, who voyaged across the stars. They were, arguably, wayfinders. More than just warriors, or conquerors, or however most would like to put it.

I originally wasn’t going to do this, but because you mentioned (elsewhere) that you’re focusing on dusk, I want to take a moment to extrapolate on this thought. The reason I say this is because of how they view stars. 

Mandalorians are generally not considered to be religious. But the language they speak is still very deeply steeped in poetic concepts — grasping at the enormous and unthinkable with words as clever and broad as a people can attempt to embody them. Stars is my personal favorite.

Ka’ra — stars, ruling council of fallen leaders. Mandalorians still speak of those who pass as not being dead, but marching far far away. The origin of the word stars is the belief that the Mand’alore ascend to the stars, to watch over the people and to guide them.

The word for breath is kar’am. Hyperdrive is karbakar (star to star). Kar’ta is heart. Kar’taylir is awareness, knowledge, lit. to hold in the heart. Karyai is the main communal living room of a communal home, where a family convenes to spend time together — and often the last bastion against an invasion.

Jate’kara, luck, destiny, literally good stars, a course to steer by. 

All of these words stem from stars.

Black, the color, is literally a starless night. But, while the impulse is to go for something negative, I would actually pull away from that. Mandalorians, in general, also view adversity (something difficult, something terrible, something terrifying) as something to challenge and overcome as a way of life. A starless night is not to be feared but to be met

A starless night may also be indicative, poetically, of a place or a people or an event without justice. And that void, that emptiness, that lack? Must be filled. Whomsoever wears black has taken it upon themselves to fill a void and reinstate justice in whatever manner that may mean.

But also consider: a night without stars evokes a specific sort of image and feeling … which may also be completely different depending on the person in question. Someone who lives in a bright city and experiences light pollution would be used to a night without stars, versus someone living out in the wild (like Krownest) or who is dependent on the stars to travel, would be used to a night full of stars and may find it distressing or strange.

  • ve’vut — gold

This one is a little less straightforward. Vut, or vutyc, indicates special. Unique, precious. Ve’ (pronounced vay or veh) is unclear as to what it’s meant to indicate, but often when we see ve’ as a prefix, it’s usually from ven (future tense), but in this case it may be from vheh, earth, soil, dirt. 

Gold. Vengeance. A precious future, or, precious metal.

Maybe evocative of the sun rising after a long and difficult night. The gold of the sun rising is a promise of a future — or at the very least, the feeling of surviving to tomorrow. This might be too poetic though lmao, and tbh … I really like the simplicity and the directness of precious metal (lit. special dirt, lmao).

The funny thing here is that though I have gold and yellow listed together for meaning (as they are, generally, considered under the same banner of Vengeance), the word for yellow is different.

  • shi'yayc — yellow

So. I’m not really a fan of this word, to be perfectly honest with you. I’m of the opinion this is less an actual color and more an adjective meant to describe something else. But regardless, here it is.

From shi, just/only, and yayc, which may be from oyayc, meaning alive (or oya! which carries many meanings and generally overwhelmingly positive). Generally though, with the yc added to the end, it’s less a noun and more an adjective, so it might actually be meant to be a descriptor (ie. yellowing of skin or eyes etc)

Yellow. Vengeance. Only just alive, or barely dead.

Maybe comparison to, say, a recently deceased person — but that only really works if one assumed that all dead persons are pale and turn yellow when they die, and that’s a weird assumption to make in the context of mandalorians.

Also consider: yellow is dull compared to the shine of a metallic gold. Less intense in that way. My question is what becomes of a person after they’ve enacted vengeance? What becomes of a life devoid of a perpetual motivating force like that? What happens when gold loses its sheen and fades, dulls? 

Am I just taking this too far, to the next level it doesn’t need to go? maybe

EDIT:: w/ points from anon through a later ask, I’d like to also add what they said: 

you pondered about the connotations of yellow regarding ‘just/barely alive’ and its comparison to gold. I thought maybe it’s about flames/light - like a bright vivid flame is a bright gold, while the flame, when it’s only small and ->barely alive<- has more of a dull and yellowish shine. 

I hadn’t even consider that it might have been referencing intensity of light/fire? But the way you put it, that may actually make more sense than the direction I was going in. I was definitely perplexed somewhat, like I was missing something. This sounds like what I was missing.

That could also apply for the heat of a flame, too. Like, referring to the intensity of the light, or the intensity of the heat, or both, depending entirely on context, and related to the below.

  • Lust for life

So, there’s no word for orange in mando’a at this time.

Consider: Yellow is sometimes indicated to also mean lust for life, depending on who you ask and what source material you’re comparing it to.

It’s entirely possible that mandalorians don’t have a way to differentiate between yellow and orange. Some cultures do display a limitation in language, seeing what we would consider a range (yellow to orange) as all one spectrum under the same banner.

So while Yellow may mean barely alive/barely dead, yellow may also mean nothing but life.

Something to think about.

  • genet — gray

Gray/Silver. Mourning lost love.

Ge’ for almost, by proximity (literally or metaphorically). Net, we can assume, comes from the word for black, ne’tra. So, in this case, gray is literally almost black, but not quite. Reaching towards it, maybe, but not quite there.

I’ve used overcast before to describe gray, or the feeling of a loss, of grief, and it still applies here. Almost, not quite, as a starless night sky. Duller, paler, than a starfield. That kind of thing—perpetually in comparison to black.

Also consider that it may infer obscuring the target, instead of almost reaching black, it may act like a filter, a translucent overlay to take away or obscure intensity of (in this case from black, or night sky). Mandalorians, who are (or once was) so used to navigating by/the stars, suddenly having to deal with their guidance obscured? There’s loss, there, too.

  • kebiin — blue

This one’s a little … less straightforward. Ke’ is used as an imperative prefix, usually to indicate that this word/sentence is a command, but keb may also come from kebbur, meaning to try or make an attempt. Biin, or bii, may come from abiik, air (interestingly, kebii’tra indicates sky, so it’s literally blue starfield, blue space).

What is reliable? What is faithful? Following through, or making the attempt again and again—someone consistent, trustworthy. To stretch the meaning, as trustworthy as the air. 

Blue. Reliability. Faithful. As consistent, or trustworthy, as the air.

I wonder if that was ever a phrase in use. “As trustworthy as the air” might ring true on a planet where they can breathe without their helmets … but what if they so happen to land on a planet that they cannot?

In hindsight, that sounds like a very mando joke to make. B’)

“Who ever is reliable all the time?” Both a joke and a very serious question.

  • ge’tal — red

Ge shows up again. Almost. Tal, blood. Almost blood, or nearly / like blood. 

From what I understand, the Taung did bleed red, and since they were the original mandalorians, it makes sense for them to make the simplest association for the color.

Red. Honoring a parent. 

This is kind of a call back, imo, to the saying “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” as chosen family ties are stronger than that of biological ones, and consider that mandalorians are expected to shed blood for their chosen family if it ever came to it.

But also consider pointing at a rose and, quite literally, calling it like blood

  • vorpan — green

Vor, figuratively, is to thank. Literally, it’s to accept. Pan… is a little difficult to discover what it might indicate, or where it may come from, but from the two other words it’s a part of (epan, for guts, entrails, and sapan for electromagnet) we can kind of infer that it’s meant to indicate core, or insides, the interior of a thing.

Metaphorically, vorpan can be understood to be accepting a task to fulfill with one’s whole being.  For context, vorpan’oy is the word for vegetation, as in bringing life to green.

Green. Duty. To embody one’s accepted task

Not really sure why, but let’s go with that.

  • saviin — violet

This word is actually very close to Sabine’s name — they’re pronounced the same, just with a v instead of b. In some dialects or accent, one might say they are the same. I would argue they are.

So. VioletSaviin. Sa’ most likely comes from sarad, meaning flower, bloom. Viin is from viinir, for run. 

Running flower. Wild violets are considered weeds in some places, and so instead of run as in flee, run may lean more towards running wild, an overgrowth — or a plant that can live, even thrive, anywhere, in spite of adversity and outside forces attempting to eradicate them. 

Survival in adversity.

And, maybe unintentionally maybe not, given the above I would argue it’s a perfect name for Sabine under the circumstances. 

EDIT:: referring again to points brought up by anon in a later ask:

saviin sounds a lot like Sabine, which seems very very likely to me, considering the long i (or rather e - from an anglophone perspective) and that [v] and [b] are very similar sounds, so maybe Sabine is like a basic transcription or a dialect form of Saviin. Regarding the meaning of the colour/name

My etymology for it would be the following: “viin”/“bine” being a degenerated/shortened form (or even the root?) of kebiin - blue connected with “sa” - as, like, it gives “sa viin” - “like blue”, what is kind of a good description for purple/violet, implying the standard shade in mandalorian perception would be a darker bluish purple ALSO implying that the concept of purple cam up comparably late in the language, similar of the color orange getting it’s name rather late in germanic languages 

I was going color by color so I missed the connection in the effort to complete the post, which was an oversight by me sadly. 

It might also then directly connect the connotations of blue (reliability) with purple (adaptability, survival in adversity). They who are reliable can be depended on to adapt and survive adversity, or so on, kind of like orange (lust for life) from yellow, as thought about from above (the intensity of the flame).

Definitely some interesting things to think about.

Weird headcanon time: Roadhog occasionally takes pictures of Junkrat when he’s sleeping, but mostly just sits and watches. 

Okay, time to explain. After they get out of Australia and start racking up that good cash, start getting closer and eventually falling in love, Junkrat would hit the hay for the night and just…… sleep. Like, just rest. Away from bounty hunters, hellish wastelands, wailing police sirens. He can actually sleep in peace. He’s not waking up at 30min intervals anymore, not sleeping in uncomfy positions so he can get up as quick as lightning in case of an attack. Because with Roadhog by his side and out of the outback, he feels a lot safer. 

Junkrat looks… particularly peaceful when he sleeps. Yeah, I’m p sure he drools a bit too, but hiding out and staying away from people trying to kill him probably trained him to be a quiet, and still sleeper. So he lays back in the pillow and illuminated by moonlight, he looks like a peaceful, sleeping angel. Like a damn renaissance painting.

Roadhog loves it not just because he can finally get some damn peace and quiet, but because this is when Jamie is at his most beautiful (aside from when he’s on a kill streak lmao) And roadie wants to cherish moments like these so he gets a digital camera and just… takes pics. Of course, after a few times, he’d feel guilty about it because he knows it’s kinda creepy, so out of the blue he just asks Junkrat if he’d mind pics of him taken while he was unconscious. 

 "Well… whaddya takin’ em for?“ 

”… Just to look at them.“ 

"Oh, really? Heheheheh ;) Geez Roadie, could just wake me up if ya feel that way, mate!" 

 "No. You don’t understand.”

“What? So then… what, ya just like lookin’ at me while I sleep? Eeehhh…" 

"You’re…. pretty that way. Never mind. I’ll just delete them.”

“Pretty? Oh… uh…" 


 And then they’re just kinda like awkwardly skirting around the subject for the next few minutes because neither of them know what to say, but also because Roadhog thinks he fucked up. He’s sure that Jamie is mad at him for crossing lines, and even goes so far as to just destroy the camera under his heel. 

Jamie feels… touched, but doesn’t know how to express it. Nobody has ever called him "pretty” before! He doesn’t know how to feel, but nothing negative comes to mind when he thinks about it. They don’t talk about it anymore. 

But roadie still keeps an eye on his sleeping angel.

take my mind and take my pain

(also known as the gamora angst idk who wanted besides myself lmao. anyway, read on ffn, ao3, or under the cut!)

Gamora stomps away without sparing him a glance.

Peter’s left watching after her with wide, worried eyes. As she disappears toward their shared personal quarters, he sighs, looking back to the rest of the team, whose pissed off expressions have quickly faded.

“Well.” Rocket blinks, his voice softening just enough to convey his own concern. “That’s a first.”

“I am Groot,” Groot says, making a move to follow Gamora, but Rocket shakes his head, pulling him back.

“Not right now, Groot. Best to let her calm down first.” Rocket looks up at Peter. “Gamora never loses her cool like that, ‘least not that I’ve ever seen. I’m sure Quill’s pissed her off like that before, though.”

Normally, Peter would respond to Rocket’s jab with just as much sarcasm and attitude, but everything is weird and Gamora really doesn’t ever blow up like that and Peter’s sure he’s about to shit his pants. “I actually haven’t.”

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Diff Anon, I was wondering about what are off limits in other Cultures for white writers? How would I find that information?

Hey! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get to this question! I haven’t had the time to sit and form a proper response. I figured this was going to get long, and it did, because I have a lot to say on the topic! I hope it’s not overkill, lol.

This is something I commonly hear from other white writers. What’s off-limits? What am I not allowed to write about? The existence of this question says a lot about our privilege. Because we live in a world where whiteness is prized and the system benefits us in innumerable, often invisible ways, we’re not used to being told no. We’re not always intentionally malicious about it, but the question, “Well, what can I write about?” can often come across the way an entitled toddler asks, “Well, why can’t I have my Halloween candy for breakfast? It’s not fair!” 

Being responsible writers as white people (and beyond that, being responsible with our whiteness), means shifting our paradigm. Not everything is for us. Not everything is about us. It sounds to me like you’re trying to make that shift, which is a good step. In this case, going with my analogy, the Halloween candy isn’t even yours, it’s your sister’s, and it’s just a bad idea to eat it for breakfast anyway (I’m still working on my first cup of coffee this morning, so if that makes no sense, I’m sorry)! 

Contrary to what our ancestors and/or the history of our civilization says, other cultures don’t exist for us to dig what’s interesting out of them and leave the rest behind. As people outside those cultures, there are things that we’ll never truly be able to grasp or understand. Things that are sacred, symbolic, etc. There are even microaggressions that we’re simply unable to see because we’ve never lived in the shoes of a person from that other culture. Plucking interesting or aesthetic things from other cultures is generally a bad way to go, because culture doesn’t work like that–it’s an interlocking system of symbols and meanings which, when removed from their context, become crude imitations. 

There’s no one answer to What’s off-limits? because it honestly depends on what culture you’d like to work with, why you’re choosing it, and how you’re using it. To find out what’s all right and what isn’t, you should read blogs by people of those cultures and see what they feel comfortable seeing written by other people (and read a variety–you can’t just go to one blog and call it done for the day, because one person doesn’t speak for their whole community). 

Also keep in mind that your position as a white writer gives you an invisible advantage over writers of color, even if those writers are working from their own experiences. A great example of this, I think, is Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton, which attempts to blend the 19th-century American West with a Middle Eastern/West Asian culture and mythology. On the surface, it’s a super intriguing idea, but because she was a white woman, she inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) perpetuated negative stereotypes or misinformation about Middle Eastern/West Asian societies and their mythology, like the jinn. I honestly think the result of such an experiment would have been extremely different if someone of Middle Eastern/West Asian descent had written it. And, if I’m being honest, it probably would have been better. 

I’ll even speak from my own recent experience. I’m working on drafting the fourth book of the Iridia series, and I have a character who is currently South Asian coded. She’s one of my favorite characters: powerful, intelligent, witty, pansexual, and flirty. She ends up in a wlw relationship with one of my other characters. I was describing her to my friend @mahnoorjahan because Mahnoor is South Asian, and she expressed sincere skepticism of me, a white woman, writing a South Asian woman as aggressively flirty, because it plays into the stereotype of “sexually available, promiscuous brown woman.” Because I am white, writing such a character falls dangerously close to fetishization–regardless of my intention or execution. It would be different if I was South Asian and writing such a character, because in that case it would be a woman of that ethnicity writing her own liberation and empowerment. But it’s not for me to write that. Despite the efforts I’ve put in to learn and educate myself, I was still woefully dense in wrapping my head around this (bless you for your patience, Mahnoor). Mahnoor gave me alternatives that I’ll definitely be using when I work on the second draft of the book (I need to get the damn thing finished first lmao). 

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for an easy answer or solution to this, you’re not going to find one. You have to approach every new project, every new inspiration, with the same care and consideration. You can’t tell yourself (as I almost did), “I’ve already done the work with a, b, and c, so I don’t need to worry about doing it with d.”  It’s a part of learning the craft–and it’s not just white writers that have to do it! Whenever a writer is dealing with a culture that’s not their own, they have to examine their own internal biases and motivations and accept that there are some things that are simply not theirs to write. 

I hope you found some of this helpful and not too discouraging! I won’t lie and say it’s an easy process, but I can promise that it’s absolutely worth it! 

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so, this is something a lot of people don't bring up-2012. i personally love looking at the contrast from then to now and how much more comfortable and inviting they are with each other and us, as an audience, you can tell they trust us a lot more. but what do you think happened/changed in that year? do you think they argued, fell out often etc and opinion on dans extreme weight loss in the year. sorry, it's something i think about a lot <3 i love ur opinions and analysis btw!!

hi, and thanks so much for the question—apologies it’s taken me a bit to get to it but i’ve inevitably had to dedicate more of my time to responding to asks about gamingmas content in the last few weeks. this is a great question though, and i wanted to spend some time thinking about it! the first thing i’ll say: i understand why referring to this whole era as “2012” is easier as far as referencing goes, but i think the time period people mean when they discuss this is a bit broader: more like late 2011 to nearly mid-2013. that being said, my main comment about this whole era is that people often wildly exaggerate when they discuss it. from current posts/analyses/fanfic referencing back to that period, anyone would think that dnp were in an all-out war: hardly ever talking, always crying; everything was dead, plants were wilting, the very air was frozen. what few conversations were had only resulted in screaming, physical fights, slamming doors, or, like, hate sex. lmao, safe to say i think all of it’s super extreme. it’s like a microcosm of the main pitfall of fandom around real people which is that, inevitably, the immense complexity and nuance of real life is flattened and reduced to the easy narrative arc of fiction. when we retroactively analyze things (keeping in mind the amount of info we receive is already heavily edited and limited), we tend to pick out the moments and interactions that are most emotionally weighty (whether positive or negative) and treat that as the whole. it’s easier to focus on the negativity and assume that it characterized the whole year (or two years) but that’s not how real, human relationships tend to play out.

the truth is, there’s hardly any evidence that 2011-2013 were characterized by lots of conflict and fighting between dnp. and while they were certainly more distant on camera with each other during that time than they have been in the past two years, there are really only a handful of examples (for me) in which they really seem cold or hostile with each other. careful and reserved, for sure. anything further? purely speculative, to me. they were collaborating weekly for the super amazing project, and a lot of the episodes are still really funny and cute, imo. they would feature in each other’s live shows regularly as well. they uploaded more side channel videos w cameos from each other. they started the radio show at the end of 2012. if anything (the past month of gaming collabs discounted), they produced more joint content in that time than they have done this year or last. instead, i think that the trope of angry/horrible 2012 is rooted in the fact that this period was characterized by regular and sometimes heated denials of phan/any sort of relationship between dan and phil, a handful of comments discouraging people from assuming the two of them were each other’s only friends, many comments discouraging their audience from viewing them as a double act, and, of course, regular denials of being gay from dan. dan would also accept absurd questions on vyou like “would you rather marry phil or fall into a volcano” and make the entire audience feel stupid and shitty on behalf of these handful of people who were intentionally  bombarding dnp with invasive and idiotic questions about their relationship. furthermore, dan would literally, unironically say “no homo” if he ever dared to comment on a man’s attractiveness, he came up with the poetic and now infamous “fyi i like vagina” tweet, he asserted that the idea of ever dating phil is disgusting, he’d frequently make comments that were borderline homophobic (e.g. being uncomfortable about being forced to sift through so many photos and pieces of fan art for gay couples when making his video about shipping). 

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New Years Drabble #1 // Hanbin

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I wish you all a happy new year 2017! may y’all stay happy and healthy ♥ for this year, the only resolution i have is to update more and i will try my best to do that. 

honestly, 2016 has been one of the toughest years i’ve been through but i’ve grown and learned a lot and i hope if you feel the same way that you can turn it into something positive instead! to start with the new year, me and kaz will try to write a drabble for each member with the new years theme yay! 1st is hanbin and i’m already working on bobby right now! i hope you like it! <3

- your dearest moyo who will try to keep her new years resolution lmao 

It was almost 10 when you left the house with a ruby colored dress, a pair of black high heels (that really hurt by the way, who even invented them) and a little bit of make up to not look like a potato at the party you were about to attend. Well, they’d be all drunk at some point anyway but it was a little too late to think about that now. The moment you had entered the door, you already regretted coming there. It would have been much better without all the noise and the mass of drunk people replaced by your loved ones. However you family lived far away and the only friend you had was throwing this big ass party.

You sighed before you fought yourself through the crowd to get a cup of coke. You didn’t really feel like drinking alcohol, in fact you never did. What was so good about it anyway? Even though it was so tempting to escape the reality you were in right now.

Not even 30 minutes later you found a way upstairs to the roof and you inhaled softly, smiling to yourself. This felt much better.

“Please let 2017 be better. Please, please, please.” You whispered into the night, somehow hoping that it would reach the stars and universe when you looked up and met the beauty which extended itself in front of you.

“Alright.” It suddenly whispered back and your eyes widened, believing for a second that they were really talking to you.

However a pretty laugh resounded beside you and you whipped your head to the side, meeting a beautiful pair of eyes. If he wasn’t so handsome, you would have probably punched his face.

“Thanks, if you can really make my 2017 better, I’d be more than thankful to you.”

He chuckled, “I’ll call Santa and ask him if he can bring some belated presents. I have this kind of connection with his elves, you know. But don’t tell anyone.” Handsome winked at you and just then you noticed that he was even more beautiful when he smiled like that. It automatically made you smile too. (Even if he was lame af)

“So what do you want?”

Your smile vanished slowly when you remembered all the tragic things that had happened this year. It wasn’t like you were negative about a lot of things but 2016 had been really a tough year.

“Nothing really. I’m happy right now.” You lied but you didn’t really feel like telling this stranger all about it. It was easier to lie, he didn’t care anyway.

“You know, you look very beautiful,” he paused and you suppressed a blush, letting your face sink into your scarf. Usually you would have rolled your eyes at guys who said that, however he sounded so genuine and pure. “But there’s some kind of sadness in your eyes. Maybe I’m wrong but it makes me wanna make it go away.”

You were taken aback by his words. It hurt how much he knew just by looking at you and that he was so freaking right about it. But at the same time you were touched in way that he noticed and cared.

“It’s a shame pretty eyes like yours have so much sadness in them.” The boy sighed deeply, pulling at each string of your heart. Maybe he was just good at luring girls to like him yet you couldn’t help but do exactly that.

“2016 has been the worst year I’ve been through,” You suddenly blurted out in a faint voice, “the only thing I want is a moment of calmness. A moment where I don’t have to think about all the shit. Just a second…where I can be happy.” Tears gathered in the corner of your eyes and you felt so unbelievably stupid for crying.

There was a moment of silence before he spoke again.

“I’m sure my elves can do that much for you.” He said and you laughed a little.

“I appreciate that but Christmas is already over. I don’t think they would do that just because a whiny little girl from the other side of the world is having a hard time.”

“Oh they would. If I tell them they’re a friend of Hanbin then they will.”

“Who’s Hanbin?”

“I’m Hanbin.” Hanbin finally told you, your heart melting at the sound of his name. It was just as charming as him. “What about you, pretty girl?”

“You’re really bad at flirting,” You rolled your eyes at him, actually blushing and reacting exactly opposite to what you were saying, “I’m Y/N.”

“I never called a girl pretty. It’s a first for me and I never believed I had the guts to say it to a girl I liked.”

“Of course, that’s what they all say.” Your heart was racing so much, resounding in your ears, afraid he could hear it as well. He just said he liked you and yeah, even if it was weird and you’ve known each other for less than 2 hours, you kind of felt the same way.

“Y/N, you don’t have to believe me just yet but would you allow me to try granting your wish?” Hanbin’s gaze was so intense that it felt like the whole universe stopped for a millisecond.

“10…9…8…” The people cheered the countdown, making you realize that it was almost midnight.

“Are you really sure you can do that?”




“Then do it.”


The moment the clock stroke 12, everything went blank. Hanbin’s lips had just met yours, his fingers resting in the nape of your neck to pull you closer. It felt sweet, soft…gentle. In the distance, you heard the fireworks but what you could hear the clearest, was the sound of your heartbeat.

You felt…happiness. Even if it lasted for a few seconds only.

“I will try to make your 2017 better, Y/N.” Hanbin whispered against your lips after you parted.

You sighed in response.

“You already did.”

but do you know what i really wanna see in miraculous ladybug is marinette (or even adrien) being teased or picked apart for something to the point where they’re about to snap. like just imagine chloe teasing marinette and one day going way too far, to the extent that even sabrina won’t join her in laughing at marinette. and the whole class is stunned into silence, waiting for marinette to snap like eveyone’s done so far. to run away and then reappear, akumatized, like most of them have done. but marinette closes her eyes, taken a deep breath. and when she opens her eyes again they’re steely af but oh, so clear. and she takes a step toward chloe and lifts her hand. chloe flinches like she’s expecting marinette to hit her, but marinette just places her hand on chloe’s shoulder and looks her straight in the eye and tells her to calm. the. fuck. down.

and then she just walks off and when she’s alone tikki asks her why she didn’t fight back, and marinette says that, as ladybug, she can’t afford to get akumatized, because that’s basically kind of giving away her secret identity to hawkmoth. but most of all, she says, she can’t get akumatized because she can’t leave chat to fight for himself alone. and maybe adrien can hear the whole thing lmao

no but i want the show to show us how hard this girl has to try to stay positive, to prevent herself from being taken over by feelings of anger or despair. because it must be so hard!!! negative emotions are so easy to give into and that’s what hawkmoth thrives on, just those momentary feelings of rage or sadness or jealousy or shame. and marinette has to just fight to stay sunny, because she’s ladybug, and she can’t let hawkmoth win, because she made a promise.