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advantage | [ calum hood smut ]

word count: 2.6k

notes: soCcEr caLuM!!!!! (i know this was a blurb request but i started writing and it turned into a oneshot)

this is also for olivia plaidhemmos who asked for something like this and aclassicfridge in response to her soccer calum blurbs, plus lowkey love to calpawz who also asked abt some calum smut

With school about to be officially over, the campus of your high school was practically devoid of students (who were taking advantage of the bright sunny day to relax in the park or get a smoothie). You, however, took the opportunity to snag a gently-used soccer ball out of the bin from your gym’s equipment closet and head down to the empty soccer field.

Or so you assumed it would be.

You watched disappointedly as Calum Hood’s form ran the length of the field, keeping track of a soccer ball identical to the one in your hands between his feet.

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Someone made a more accurate version of that Peridot size comparison and the actual difference isn't nearly that pronounced.

Well not in general but the fluctuation of her proportions has become a little awkward and noticeable… 

Like during Catch and Release (I think) where Peridot first starts running around without her enhancers… shes pretty proportional throughout even in far shots shes got a longer torso and arms and such her hair/head aint so big(in relation to her body).

Too Far also is a good comparison.

Where in Room for Ruby it gets kinda awkward and very unlike how she used to be…

Sometimes shes mostly proportional through the episode but is still clearly smaller than she should be.

Its a thing for Steven as well.

I mean Im not so much a nit picker when it comes to off model or styles but even for me its kinda weird in the newer episodes. Or maybe its just these last few episodes werent as interesting so people got nothing better to do than to nit pick IDK. LMAO.

so i did a thing, and it’s pretty underwhelming compared to the amazing writers on this site, but i was in a zutara mood and this is what came of it


Zuko didn’t often have time to sit back and appreciate the scenery that surrounded him. Being the Fire Lord was tiresome and strenuous and on most days he would prefer to have a hot cup of herbal tea before trying to catch up on some well-deserved sleep. There was one exception however, on the nights of a full moon, when he would instead sit at his mother’s pond and gaze at the starry sky.

He never knew what drew him to this spot on those nights, but he never dared miss the opportunity. He supposed he liked how the stars twinkled against the black blanket of sky, or maybe it was how the moon’s soft light made the tranquil waters of the pond glisten.

The scene reminded him of his favourite colours. He saw arctic blues, creamy browns and doses of white. It reminded him of his favourite things to watch, like the fluid movement of waterbending and the glimmer in excited, cobalt eyes.

After some time, Zuko realised it reminded him of Katara. He missed her small smiles she reserved only for him and the way her hair twirled with her when she danced and how she stubbornly would not let the palace’s servants do work she could so easily do herself. But, she was at the Southern Water Tribe assisting her father Hakoda rebuild her home and he would never dream of stopping her from helping her people.

So in that instant, Zuko found comfort in the full moon and how it radiated beauty just as Katara did. He knew that when she was able to sneak away from work for a little while, Katara would be watching the moon with him.

phandom: We’re so lucky that we get phan collabs, I’m sorry for the troyler fandom tbh, they don’t even have the new selfie.

troyler fandom: yeah but we have a kiss.


phandom: yeah but we have a phan gaming channel.

troyler fandom: yeah okay.. but we have the kiss.


phandom: yeah okay.. but we have hundreds of phan collabs.

troyler fandom: yeah but we have the.. kiss

phandom: yeah but they live together.

troyler fandom: bu-

phandom: bye

Someone: sHOTS FIRED

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Okay but I ship T'Challa/Tony HARDCORE, and one of my favorite things to think about is when they get together they are on a date, and Tony goes to grab the check, only to have to snatched out of his hand and he is just shocked for a moment because he can't remember the time last time he DIDN'T pay. And T'challa is just like "I am the richest man in the WORLD. You are about to get so spoiled your head will spin" and proceeds to SHOWER Tony is presents and surprise get-a-ways and kisses.


Someone bein Tonys sugar daddy for once(even though its unnecessary… its just to make him feel loved) OMG


I want… I want at least three fanfics involving this…..

((I have to admit… my eyes were first drawn to T’Challa/Tony HARDCORE and I was like… ‘my days about to get very interesting.’ This ended up much CUTER and a lot better than I initially expected. LMAO))