lmao same joe

“When we got on stage in Chicago, it was crazy. It was a rush, because we honestly didn’t think people would care, and that’s the truth. But it felt like we didn’t miss a beat.” - Pete Wentz

Okay but can you imagine April Fools being on a Sunday and Joe deciding to prank everyone? Like he would continue as if it was a normal day by tweeting the usual #SUGGSUNDAY before actually posting the video, which he would say something like “I’m sorry to tell you guys this, but I think it’s time I quit Youtube” and he’d get all teary-eyed and sniffly, playing along to try and get us all to believe him, and right before he ends the video he would say something like “so as a final goodbye I’d like to say…. APRIL FOOLS hahah I’m not going anywhere it’s just a joke” and he’d continue to reassure us that he isn’t going anywhere and omg I can just imagine this being so cute yet so heartbreaking at the same time lmao