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I need help!

Hey all, im posting this on my main account bc i really want to get the word out. Basically my laptop is pretty damaged due to some rogue tea, and repairs are gonna cost me bIG TIME. Luckily I have some money put away for emergencies like this, but it isn’t gonna cover all of it :/ If you wanna help a girl out and also have an original sketch from Rome then hmu I’m here till December 13th!

The Commission: A postcard sent from Rome with a sketch of whatever you would like along with a lil note from me :)

Price: cost of stamp + between $15-$30 whatever you can afford/want to give!

Contact: valiantparadox@gmail.com

Me: I’m just A LITTLE obsessed with Jesse Eisenberg
Me: *Takes over 50 screenshots of a video of him simply brushing his teeth*

You’re Etched In Me Like Stone

Part of the amnesia au which I keep saying is finished but man it is a great au that I just can’t quit. First of all, thanks to @novelty-night for suggesting this story line. Secondly, HUGE thanks to @spooky-son-of-rome for writing this with me over text. Dan, you are a gift. A gift that continuously gives angst and sadness and pain. Cheers to you, friend. xxx

  • Percy walked down the street, hands in his jean pockets, as the crisp fall air sent a shiver through his body 
  • his right hand played with Riptide’s cap as his mind raced with what he was about to do– say a final goodbye to Annabeth
  • it had become clear to Percy that what he really needed was closure. To see her alive and well and know that he without a doubt made the right choice by staying away for all of these years  
  • the closer he got, the stranger the air felt and Percy could tell something was off 
  • as soon as he turned the corner, he saw it– a manticore slowly padding around the perimeter of Annabeth’s front yard

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