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The foxes find out that Neil actually killed people while on the run.

Looks like tonight is jut a writing night for me lmao I’m not complaining. 

Even in hindsight Neil could never have seen this coming. He’ll look back on it later and still have trouble untangling the series of events that, over the last few weeks, had led him here. 

First, Riko’s “suicide.” When the news struck Neil was prepared, and he’d only been able to tell Andrew on the roof, torn between relief at Riko being gone and unease at the cold, cruel nature of the execution. 

Which is exactly what it was. An execution. 

He should have expected how fast news spread but it still knocked the wind out of him when Nicky came through the main hallway screeching like a bat out of hell to get all the Foxes to come out. He read the news article with a frantic speed, but his precise enunciation leaving no doubt about his words. Riko, the King, the Number One, had killed himself. 

Kevin’s knees go out from under him and the Foxes seem to collapse in on themselves, folding like wet paper dolls. It seems wrong to celebrate, especially with Kevin making pathetic gasping noises on the floor. But what else are they supposed to do when confronted with the death of the man who, for a year, had made their lives a living hell? Who’d made other Raven’s lives a living hell for longer? For, collectively, more years than he’d been alive?

Next had been Kevin’s consequent breakdown. They joked about Kevin getting alcohol poisoning constantly but it had actually happened and of course Andrew had been the one to find him. He’d been the one to take Kevin to the hospital, tell Neil who on command told everyone else, and the one to drag Kevin back to Fox Tower by the hair to let Wymack verbally flay him alive. And when Andrew had found Coach to be too sympathetic he’d interrupted and delivered his own stripping words that could be summarized as “Get your head out of your ass,” “you will be taking drinking lessons from Renee,” and the ever pleasant, “you have appointments with Betsy booked until you graduate.” By the end of it Kevin looked even worse, but some small spark of life in his eye said some part of him recognized this as Andrew caring. 

Thing began to get messy from there, moving over Kevin’s slippery slope to sobriety, the consequential decrease of over all alcohol consumed, and the subsequent replacement of drinking with other activities. Many things were suggested, most of them shot down by Andrew or Aaron, but the surviving options were (somehow) movie night, non-alcoholic game night, and bowling. Andrew had tried to shoot those down too but Neil had simply said in ever-improving Russian, “We need to do something, we can’t tell him not to drink to save his life and then bore him to death anyway.” Amazingly that had made Andrew let those options stand. 

Watching the Foxes go from throwing a small ball with a raquet to rolling a large ball with their hands is, needless to say, entertaining. He observes them now, of blacklight night, Matt’s teeth glowing faintly in a grin as he pulls ahead on points. Kevin hasn’t gotten over sulking and rolling the ball between his ankles yet, but with Renee cheerful by his side he can’t sneak anywhere to get alcohol. It just makes him sulkier. 

“Damn Neil, all that time on the road and you’re telling me you never once stopped at a bowling alley?” Nicky says, shaking his head and walking up to the front of their lane in his rented shoes. Neil rolls his eyes and shakes his head, leaning farther into Andrew. Andrew’s arm stays loose and heavy over his shoulders. 

“I don’t know why any of you are surprised by anything I say anymore,” he grumbles loudly enough for Nicky and the Foxes to hear him. 

“You know how it was,” he says to them with a shrug. Nicky hoots as he almost gets a strike and comes over to sit as Dan stands to take her turn. 

“I mean I guess,” Nicky pries, “but even though I know it wasn’t all action movie-esque I still picture it that way.” He snorts. 

“Of course the heroes always kill villains along the way in action movies so I guess that isn’t a very good way to think of it either.”

Andrew goes even stiller than normal when he feels Neil tense, and looks at him when he feels Neil purposefully roll his shoulders to calm himself. Kevin, on Andrew’s other side, feels he cushion shift with Andrew and looks at him, then Neil. Kevin doesn’t say anything but Allison’s attention is caught. 

“Don’t tell me you actually ki-” She starts in a harsh whisper and Dan, walking back over, swats her. 

“Allison,” she hisses and Matt gets up to take his turn but is obviously still listening. Neil shifts uncomfortably.

“We are not talking about this here,” Aaron suddenly snaps with a pointed look around, to the family on their right and the birthday party full of young children on their left. Everyone’s mouths snap shut but their eyes blaze with curiosity for the rest of the night. 

They don’t register who won and Neil hasn’t felt this cornered in a long time as they filter into Fox Tower. He’s stopped by a hand on his arm and jumps away from Allison and right into Andrew’s chest. 

“Back off,” he snarls over Neil’s shoulder and Allison scowls. 

“Fuck off monster,” she snaps at him and Neil glares at her, stepping away from Andrew and scowling. 

“Don’t call him that,” he snaps and hands come between them, Dan pushing him and Allison apart. 

“This is not the way to talk to each other,” she says with authority and both Neil and Allison pull farther from each other. 

“Good,” Dan says and turns her head to address Allison, but Neil beats her to it. 

“What do you want?” He says snappishly, tiredly, and Allison grinds her teeth.

 “You said you killed someone-” she starts but Nicky steps in, “he never said anything-”

“It was insinuated through body language,” Allison snaps and looks at Neil. Neil stares her down. 

“So what?” Neil asks, “is that what it’s going to take for you to take back what you all said after Baltimore? For me to not be a Fox anymore? Because it’s true,” he says icily and the word ‘true’ falls to the floor with a crash like a lead weight. 

“We were on the road for years. More than once we were cornered, or came back to hotel rooms or wherever we were sleeping to find my father’s men, and I didn’t have a choice dammit,” he snarls, reaching up to tug at his hair. 

“She made sure I could protect myself, and sometimes I had to, and sometimes people died but-” he says and he doesn’t realize he’s breathing too fast until there’s a hand on the back of his neck bending him over and squeezing. 

“Breathe,” Andrew snap at him and he gulps in air as Andrew pulls him standing straight again. 

“Neil we’re not going to abandon you for doing what you had to do,” Matt says firmly. Renee and Dan nod. 

“We didn’t mean to push,” Nicky says, even though it was Allison who did the pushing. Because of this Neil looks at her and her eyes are unreadable. 

“I’m not going to apologize,” she says, and of course she isn’t, “but I will say this doesn’t change anything. You are a Fox.” Neil nods slowly and the hand on his neck tugs him back to follow Andrew as he leaves and they retreat to the roof. 

“You’re going to tell me what went on those years,” Andrew comments. He’s not saying now, he’s not demanding, it’s a statement it’s a certainty. Neil knows he’ll tell him- 

“Eventually,” Neil admits and almost as a reward Andrew hands him a lit cigarette. 

Sour Girl

 Warning: Smut, DD/LG Kink, Daddy kink, Age Gap, Spankings, Language, A Little Bit of Clark Kent ;), Slight Angst, (OC is not under-aged, she’s 23)

Summary: “Little girls get spankings..”

Author’s Note: I combined two request together; hope you enjoy :) 

Request(s): 1. “Hii, i was watching married with children and there’s a scene when somebody ask to the girl “is he your daddy?” And she asked “Oh no, he’s my father” it was so funny, can you do something like that with Bruce idk but in the other way, like “is he your father” “oh no, he’s my daddy” and Bruce reacting I bet will be funny, I hope is not too kinky lmao, sorry for my English btw”

2. “Can you please make some smut of Bruce being mad cuz the oc is way too young and she made fun of him acting like a brat or childlike and he’s going all “oh you wanna act like a little girl? Well, little girls get spanking.” also height difference cuz Ben Affleck is fucking 6′4 asdghk”

I watched as the small minx pranced around the kitchen in nothing but a pale pink, silk baby doll top and matching ruffled shorts. I had a business party to go to, and she was busying spilling pink lemonade all over the marble island. I was having second thoughts about bringing her along. I knew how people gave us dirty looks at these type of events, not only because of the scandalous dresses that clung to her tight body but the fact that I was above 35 years old and she was in her early twenties. It was fairly hard to keep up with her, the messes, uncontrollable hormones and high sex drive. But I wasn’t complaining, I couldn’t.

“Y/N, go upstairs and get dress. We don’t have time.” I walked over cleaning the sticky, sugary liquid off of the counter.   

“No..I don’t wanna.” She pouted, poking her bottom lip out more than usual. 

I turned, squinting my eyes at the hardheaded young woman in front of me. I hovered over her as a smug grin pulled at the corners of her plush lips. She stood on the tips of her toes, tugging at the black silk tie I was wearing. Her fingers brushing over the collar of my shirt, her small leg sliding in between my muscular ones. 

“You always looked so nice in a suit, Brucey.”  

I cringed at the nickname, and my jaw clenched feeling her small hand gripping my growing bulge. I rolled my neck in frustration, yanking her harshly by her bicep, bringing her closer to my body, almost lifting her off of her feet.

“Go upstairs and get dressed. I’m not going to tell you again.” I growled, pushing her towards the staircase. 

I realized that my bad temper did nothing but cause the bubbling excitement in her to erupt. The way her thighs clenched together and how her tongue snaked out to lick her lips obviously told it all. She stomped her foot and cross her arms as if she was a child that refused to go to bed when told to. 

“I said I don’t wanna. I don’t like how all those men stare at me like I’m a piece of meat.” She looked down at her bare feet with her arms behind her back, twisting to and fro. 

I walked back over to her, lifting her head up by her chin, my 6′4 frame towering over 5′2 one. 

“I wouldn’t dare let anyone lay a finger on you. Now, stop being a brat and throw on something pretty for daddy.” I gave her perfect ass a slap before she ran up the stairs to our bedroom, giggling. 

She was acting more bratty than usual, which made my palm twitch, maybe it was that time of the month for her. I put the pitcher of pink lemonade back into the fridge after pouring the half empty glass down the drain. She wanted to get the best out of me, I knew how badly she wanted me to take her over my knee and chastise her until her perfectly round ass was a pretty picture painted with black and blue. I wasn’t going to let her get me, not like that last time when she nearly wrecked the batmobile. I remember how she was barely able to get out of bed the following morning.     

About 25 minutes go by, I gave another look at my watch, she was still upstairs, doing god knows what. 

“We have 15 minutes to get there. What’s taking you so damn long?!” I yell upstairs, leaning my arm against the wooden banister. 

“Yeah, yeah.. I’m coming grandpa.”

I rolled my eyes at the childish remark before hearing the clicking of heels against wood, I rose my head being greeted by crimson red silk, sculpted collarbones and tight brown curls. 

“How do I look, grandpa?” She twirled around, her dress following behind her.

Before she could reach the last step, I grabbed her forearm , my mouth inches apart from hers. 

“Keep making those little jokes and you’ll have matching cheeks to go with that dress.” I smirked, pecking the tip of her nose.

She muttered something under her breath about old people on our way to the car, causing my jaw to clench and my palm to twitch for the 10th time this night. I held the door open, as she slid onto the Italian leather seats, the slit of her dress opening up a little more than it should, revealing that she’s bare underneath. I took a deep breath after closing the door, adjusting my collar, walking over to the driver’s side. The car ride consisted of dress lifting, thigh grabbing and sly remarks. God, how the hell was I going to get through this night?  

Once we stepped inside the luxurious mansion, we were already plummeted with glares and scoffs but soon welcomed with a warming smile and aligned liquors. 

“Glad you could make it Bruce.” Clark chimed, giving my shoulder an hearty grip. 

I returned the gesture with a friendly one-armed hug, Clark’s eyes wondered to the side of me causing me to pull away and my eyebrows to furrow. It wasn’t long until I noticed that Y/N was giving him bedroom eyes. 

“Is he your father?” Clark questioned as if I wasn’t standing right in front of them. 

“Oh no, he’s my daddy.”

My mouth parted open and my cock twitched against the zipper of my dress pants at her unexpected, shameless response. She looked up at me, giving me cherubic, doe eyes beneath long lashes, wrapping her tongue around the skinny straw of her dirty martini. I blinked at her twice before turning to Clark. 

“Excuse us.” I smiled keeping my lips in a firm, thin line before tugging Y/N off into the women’s bathroom. 

I gripped her chin harshly, my index and middle finger holding her face still as I cornered her against the wall. She looked up at me with those innocent eyes, again, as if she didn’t just call me her daddy in front of Clark fucking Kent.  

“You think you can just get away with acting like a spoiled brat tonight? Huh?”

My fingers digging more into the skin of her cheeks, hard enough to leave light red marks in the shape of fingertips. I smiled as she winced and shook her head vigorously, her rosy cheeks slightly mushed together causing her lips to pucker a bit. 

“You like acting like a little girl?” I snatched her by the thin straps of her dress, “Little girls get spankings..”

My cock throbbed at the struggled gasp that escaped her lips as I bent her over the sink of the public women’s bathroom. I lifted up the skimpy, red silk being greeted by her bare plump ass. I groaned at the sight, my hands running over the delicate skin of her ass cheeks, prepping her for the stinging sensation that she was about to endure. 

“I want you to count. If you lose count, I will start over.” I warned and she nodded willingly. 

I took a deep breath before my large hand slammed against the soft pad of her left ass cheek. I grinned to myself hearing the soft mewls rolling off her deceitful tongue. 

“1..” She choked out.

I could hear the tears already erupting in her voice which made my pants tighten a little more than they should have. I smirked as a bright red hand print started to form on the surface of the skin. I lifted my hand up, slamming it down once again, watching her tiny body jolt up in pleasurable agony. I did that about several times while she counted before our safe word slipped pass her quivering lips. I took a step back, basking in the sight of her swelling cheeks. She attempted to stand up straight but failed miserably, I wrapped my arms around the small of her back, my lips grazing the prominent vein on her neck, inhaling her succulent scent of milk and honey.

“This is what happens when little girls want to act like little whores.” I gestured towards her cherry tinted ass.

“I’m very sorry daddy.” She poked her bottom lip out , gaze to the bathroom floor.

I kissed her forehead gently , before helping stand up straight. She seethed as her fingertips brushed against her ass while fixing the skirt of her dress. I adjusted my tie whilst she wiped the smeared mascara from under her eyes.

“We’re going home. I need to have you.” I engulfed her hand in mine, bringing her knuckles up to my lips before leaving the bathroom back into the crowd of drunken snobs.

We urged through the crowd just to be stopped by Clark once again. I was nearly on the verge of losing my patience. I needed to have her now. I couldn’t help but get rock, hard at how flustered Y/N gets after a well-deserved punishment.

“Awe, leaving so soon?” Clark pouted, his words slightly slurred. Superman was tipsy, ha.

“Yeah, Y/N isn’t really well.” I put on a mock frown, before giving him a manly shoulder grip then exiting through the front door.

The car ride back composed of Y/N continuously folding and uncrossing her legs, almost similar to the car ride here. I didn’t get the chance to open the car door for her, before it flung open widely, and she jumped into my arms, her hands grabbing at my face and her lips providing me with sloppily, gift-wrapped kisses. I held her up by the backs of her thighs as I fought with the keys and lock of the large house we shared. We stumbled inside after finally managing to open the door, our lips still attached to each other’s. I let out a growl feeling her break the heated kiss before she pushed me on my back to the leather couch. She swung her legs over mine, as she fumbled with the buttons of my dress shirt after pushing my blazer off. I pushed the skimpy straps pass her shoulders exposing her perfectly, taut buds. I bowed my head, taking the left one into my mouth, my tongue creating circular motions around the peak. I watched in awe as she threw her head back, hair tousled over her the high points of her cheeks. Her small hands finding their way to undo my belt and slacks, that crooked smile displayed across her face as my rock, solid cock sprung out of my briefs. She took a hold of my cock in her hands, her thumb sweeping up the bead of precum that managed to form in the slit, earning a low groan from me. Her hand teasingly squeezing around my cock causing my breath to hitch and my body to stiffen. She started to rotate, up and down on my dick, in a torturing slow pace.

“Don’t tease me, doll.” I warned through clenched teeth.

“You’re no fun Batsy.” She gave me a mock pout before scooting back on her haunches, her grip tightened on my cock as she wrapped her soft lips around my tips, her tongue making long stokes up the sides.

Then she took all of me into her mouth reminding of how talented she was at this. I grabbed a fistful of her gathering it up in my hands before tugging roughly, effecting my cock to probe the back of her throat, smalls gags being muffled. She looked at me with doe eyes, smiling brightly with a mouthful.

“You’ve always looked so pretty with my cock down your throat.”

She nodded knowingly, her head bobbing back and forth , edging my release. I tugged her up by the mock ponytail I formed, refusing to cum without being inside of her first. I ran my thumb over the speck of spit and pre cum on her bottom lip, leaning down to tug at it with my teeth. She giggled against my lips sending vibrations throughout my body.

“I wanna ride you daddy.” Her tongue grazed over lip before she climbed onto my lap, wrapping her legs around my hips.

I was in complete fulfillment when she slid herself onto me, my hands went immediately to her waist, out of habit, guiding her up and down on my cock. Her hands tangled up into my unruly hair, tugging and pulling as she rode my cock. I smirked as my first name escaped from her soft lips causing me to bury myself deeper inside of her.

“You like that slut? Huh?” She moaned, nodding her head vigorously. “You’re so fucking tight.” I purred against her pulse.

I thrust into her a few more times before grabbing her by hips, flipping her on her side. She wrapped her left leg around mine as I held the back of her right thigh. I pull out of her almost completely then submerging my cock into her cunt, my balls slapping against her puckered hole.

“Harder.. Please.” She begged as I witnessed her eyes flutter and roll back.

I granted her wish, plowing harder into her, the feeling of worry crept in the back of my mind, at the thought of nearly tearing her apart. I wrapped my arms around her rib cage , my fingers toying with her rose bud nipples.

“Cum for me, little girl. Come on, cum for daddy.” I whispered, my hands snaking down her navel to the sensitive bundle of nerves between her legs.

“Bruc-” Her gravelly voice was soon interrupted by the contracting of her cunt around my cock and the clenching in her stomach from her euphoric release.

I held her tighter to my body, thrusting into her practically lifeless body, riding into my orgasm, strings of my hot seed spewing into her heated mound. I wasted no time before I trailed kisses from the valley of her belly button down to the soft coils. My tongue flicked at her clit , gazing up at the beautiful nymph above me as she thrashed and squirmed underneath my tongue, cleaning up the concoction of our cum. I lifted my head, meeting my lips with hers letting her get a taste of the new flavor we created. I coddled her in my arms, pulling the sheet over her getting a glance at the fading red blotches formed from tonight’s earlier events, the room silencing from the frantic breathing.  Y/N examined me with squinted eyes tugging at the skin of her bottom lip with damp hair pressed to my chest. 

“How come you don’t call me your girlfriend?” She broke the silence. 

I clenched my jaw, sensitive about this particular subject. 

“Y/N, you know how I feel about-” 

“Don’t give me that. We’ve been together for 1 year and 8 months, and you still haven’t labeled me as your girlfriend. Are you embarrassed to be with me because I’m younger, or shall I say a little girl ?“She began to remove herself from my grip but I refused by pulling her back tightly to my chest before lifting up her face by the chin, forcing her to look at me, blinking away the tears that dared to fall.

“I love you. Don’t ever say I’m embarrassed of you. You’re my everything.. Lover, partner, soulmate, girlfriend, hopefully wife.” I gave her nose a soft peck watching her lips curl into the smile that I adore so much. 

“Really? Wife?” She attempted to hide her smile with her hands before I grabbed them. 

“Yes. Really.” I gave her lips one more longing kiss before she snuggled up to my chest. 

“I love you more, Batsy.”

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PJO AU question! (I'm very excited XD) What are the Gods reactions to finding out that Keith and Shiro are together? Also, do you think some of them made bets about when they'd get together?

Oh my god lmao I love this There’s another ask, Camp Version but I’ll answer the Gods Version first because this would be funny and this came first.

Voltron PJO AU: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

The gods were having their luncheon (let’s pretend they actually do that) at Mouth Olympus. They were all gathered around the big golden table and Hephaestus TV was on. It was the gods’ entertainment, they get to see how their children are doing and they get to witness some dramas between the gods and the demigods.

Camp Half Blood was on, it showed that scene wherein the son of Ares had the son of Hades pinned down with his sword

“Oho! That’s my boy, Dan!” Cheered Ares as he drank wine. He looked around the table, “Mother’s from the marines. Pretty—”

“You were not supposed to injure your opponent, demigod.” Shiro on the TV said, catching everyone’s attention back.

Zeus smirked. 

Ares snorted, the same time his son on TV snorted. Like father like son. They witnessed Keith turning the tables and sneering at Dan. “You piece of shit.”

“Ohohohoho!” the other gods cheered. “Hades’ boy really knows how to get shit done.” Hermes barked out his laughter. 

Hades just shrugged proudly as he drank wine. “My boy is resilient.” Zeus could see how Hades was smiling a little when he saw his son immobilize the son of Ares. 

TV Keith spat out blood and walked out.

“Now that was just a very cool exit,” hummed Apollo. “Why can’t my kids be badass like your kids, Hades?” 

TV Shiro grabbed Keith’s arm but failed miserably to stop him. The gods continue to watch until they see Shiro sit beside Keith under the tree and they held hands.

“Oh, what is this?” Aphrodite perked up. She giggled. “Do I sense love in the air?” She wiggled her eyebrows at Zeus. “Your son has got good taste, doesn’t he, Zeus?”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, Hades’ son is quite handsome. Like he’s so rugged yet handsome. Totally manly basing from what he did a while ago, too.” Apollo commented. “I’d totally—”

“Don’t finish that sentence, Apollo,” Hades interrupted to which the sun god just chuckled.

“I agree with Apollo though,” Athena joined. “They would be quite a pair. Two most powerful demigods? Together? Zeus and Hades’ offsprings at that?” She hummed in pleasure. 

“Definitely interesting! They could literally destroy the world!” Aphrodite rejoiced. “Imagine if they broke up.”

“No one is breaking up,” Zeus sighed. “Besides, they’re not even together yet.”

“Obviously, ‘cause your son is a wimp.” Hades muttered.

“Did you just call my son a wimp?” Zeus raised his eyebrow, bending a little forward to look at his brother. “Are you telling me he can’t muster up every ounce of confidence and confess his undying love for your boy?”

“Ah, so you do acknowledge he’s in love with my boy.” Hades smirked.

“Why of course. Everyone can see it. Can you?”

Hades just hummed. “I saw it the first time they met actually.”

“Oh my gods! Yes!” Aphrodite exclaimed. “It was the cutest puppy love! I was wondering when they will actually admit it.”

“Alright, alright. Bring it all in.” Hermes said. “Let’s start a betting pool. Let’s all see when one of them finally admits to the other, eh?”

“We are not placing bets on my son,” Zeus interrupted. “If he wants to take it slow, then he will take it slow.”

“You’re just scared you’ll lose, Dad,” Apollo giggled. “C’mon! Have a little faith in my lil brother, will ya? He’s got Zeus genes!” 

“I’m betting it will be Hades’ boy who will snap and just kiss him just to get shit done,” Hermes chuckled, placing his bet. “Give or take in a month.”

Hades gasped, scandalized. “My son has more tact than that!”

“This will be fun,” Aphrodite grinned as she looked at the TV and Shiro and Keith were napping under the tree.

Forever Enough

Summary: [Pre-serum] Steve Rogers is determined to get into the Army, but you and Bucky keep trying to persuade him that it’s not a good idea.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: fluff, cute af!Steve, angst, arguing, character deaths [?]

A/N: @redlipstickandplaid  kinda requested this, I say kinda because she asked for some Fluffy Pre-Serum Steve where Buck and the reader try a deter Rogers from trying to join the army- and this, well, my brain had different ideas. Annie, don’t hate me too much, lmao <3

“You need to stop this, Steve,” you let out a sigh as you ran a hand through you hair, exasperated at your friends actions.

He shook his head, taking a seat on the couch. “I can’t. I have to do this,” he spoke with pure determination, that determination he always had every time he tried to enlist and still got denied on medical grounds. He wasn’t one to give up, that’s for sure.

There was a short silence before the door opened, revealing Bucky in his full army uniform. It was fair to say, he looked pretty angry.

“What were you thinking!” he threw his hat unceremoniously onto the spare chair in his frustration. Bucky took a deep breath, running a hand across his face, “you can’t keep doing this, man. Going as different names each time won’t change your medical records.”

“I just want to do something to help, alright?” Steve retorted, getting to his feet, a look of dismay across his face. “Everyone else is out there fighting and I’m just here- doing nothing to save anyone.”

It pained you to see him beat himself up over things that were beyond his control. “Steve, listen to me,” you walked over to him, your hand gently taking hold of his own, “you can help here, and you do help here. You help me just by being here, by being my friend in this crazy, horrible time.”

Those bright blue eyes looked up at you with slight hesitation before Steve spoke, “but I’m not enough, am I? I never will be,” he spoke in a broken tone before pulling away from your touch and making his way out of the house.

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Parking Lot Boy || Part 1

Originally posted by taesyong

He walked across the parking lot and got into his Audi Q5. I thought, “Damn he’s hot.”

Pairing: Johnny x Reader

Genre: highschool!au // fluff 

Warnings: Suggestive

Type: Series

Word Count: 3.6k  

Drabble || Part 1 || Part 2 (Coming soon)

A/N: Wow, look how long this took. So I’ve decided to make this into two parts. It’ll just be easier that way and the flow will work better. Thank you @syugatae for looking over this, I love you.

There was something about him, you were not sure of. You’d only met him once, briefly saying “hello,” after class. Your calculus teacher had given a quick recommendation, claiming he was one of her brightness students and his availability would be at your disposal. You nodded, not particularly interested in the offer, but you stored the proposal away in the back of your head just in case. You had been struggling for the past semester, grades reaching an all-time low; a C just wasn’t acceptable. Although your parents begged you to inquire a tutor, you declined, attempting to justify that learning the material yourself would lead to a positive outcome.

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My Heart (Epilogue to Blue Collar Kind of Love)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (Or read on AO3)

Summary: Life with Sam is good, but some old feelings come to the surface and decisions are made. Will your happy ending remain happy?
Pairing: Sam/Reader
Word Count: 4.6k+
Warnings: Mostly fluff, a little smut, “boring” married people sex, dry humping, vaginal fingering, dirty talk, use of the word ‘cunt’ because I know that can be kinda cringe-y for some people so I thought I’d warn ya, a taste of dad!Sam because he’s my fav 
A/N: It only took me a little over a month to finally get this up lmao. It’s been sitting finished and I’ve gone back and forth with how it turned out, but I hope you guys enjoy :)

The alarm clock is shrill, seven o'clock sharp, leaving you groaning and slapping the stupid thing quiet before you turn back over in hopes of getting five more good minutes of much needed sleep. Those dreams are dashed when you hear the pitter patter of little feet coming down the hallway, followed by a soft, shy knock on the bedroom door. 

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Pairing: Guzma/Reader
Plot: After interfering in official Team Skull business one too many times, the grunts take you back to their boss to see what he wants to do with you. He quickly figures it out, and sends the grunts on their way.
Warnings: Smut, rough sex, possible dubcon
Notes: More smut since ya’ll are so thirsty for this man lmao. Also Idk if it’s related or not but after I posted my first smut fic with Guzma I saw a ton of others posted on AO3 so God bless ya’ll, keep the porn coming

“Let go of me!” You snarl at the men holding your arms, trying to keep you from thrashing. A pink haired women in front of you only laughs, holding up your bag like a prize. “Whatever, bitch! You keep fuckin’ with us, now we gonna fuck with you,” she says, laughing and turning to walk down the dirt path, the two blue haired men dragging you after her.

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Lol. It's me again😂😂. Can you write a scenario where it's like 10 years in the future and the boys all got married to their lover?

(Sorry this took so long to answer! This was fun lmao. I didn’t really know if you wanted a wedding or not so I just thought I’d make them married with kids or something.)


You looked over at your husband, Shu, smiling slightly over him at the dinner table. He was feeding your youngest daughter-who was only a toddler- while you were wiping your six-year-old son’s mouth. He flinched away in annoyance as you continued wiping the spaghetti sauce thouroughly. You stopped and put your hands on your hips. “Oh come on now.” He crossed his arms and glared at you which made you laugh and roll your eyes. “You’re like me, little one, nothing like your daddy, unlike…” You looked over at the two who were both rubbing their eyes sleepily. Children made Shu stay up a lot more than he was used to. Ten years ago, when you both got married, he didn’t change until your son came along. “I’m gonna go play with Daddy!” your son yelled in excitement, running to his father. You laughed and walked over to Shu, pressing your lips next to his ear. “Good luck, Daddy,” you said teasingly before kissing his cheek. You laughed as he chuckled at you, shaking his head. Your daughter seemed to be falling asleep so you picked her up and walked to the door to the next room. “You putting her to bed? I’m gonna play horsey with our son,” he explained, getting on all-fours. You laughed and waved, entering the hall. No more than five steps and you heard a loud sound. CRASH! You ran back into the dining room to see Shu on the ground, panting and your son next to him, sitting cross-legged, laughing. They were both covered in food. “Sh- SHU!!!”


You stood in front of your nine-year-old daughter, dusting the non-existent dust off her shoulders and turning to your husband, Reiji to tie his tie. “Are we ready for the photos yet? I feel like I’m forgetting something…” you said as you finished his tie. “The twins, dear. You’re forgetting about the twins,” he reminded you as he kissed the top of your head and walking to the kitchen to make tea for your daughter and himself. You sighed and walked into the room the twins shared. When you walked in, your mouth dropped open. They were both covered in dirt and feathers, whacking each other with pillows. “Hey, I thought you two ready for family photos. You’re all dirty and your dress is torn!” you explained, pointing at the little girl’s dress. “REIJI!” you called, turning towards the door as he appeared. You ushered him out the door and crossed your arms in concern. “They’re not ready and (girl’s name)’s dress is ripped and they’re dirty-” Reiji cut you off by looking in the room, hand on your shoulder. “(boy’s name), don’t bite your sister. She does not have fangs yet!” You looked over at them to see your little boy gnawing on your daughter’s arm, tears sliding down her cheeks. “Reiji, I didn’t even know he had them!” you said, pulling your son from your daughter’s arm. She was screaming, making your eldest daughter come to the room. “Mum, is everything- you know now, don’t you?” You hold your son in your arms while Reiji picks up your younger daughter. “Okay, let’s just hug,” you said, cuddling into Reiji’s chest and holding an arm around your daughter’s shoulder. You stayed that way for a long while because you didn’t know what else to do. “What about the photos?” your husband asked. You stepped back. “I forgot…” you said, smiling sheepishly.


You watched as your son and your husband gulped down their food. You giggled as they finished, their eyes gleaming up at yours. They were so alike but your son didn’t have the roughness of his father- well, you hoped. “Mummy, can we play?” your son asked impatiently, uncrossing his legs and scooting his bottom to the edge of the picnic blanket. You laughed and nodded. “I’m kind of jealous though, how you always play with Daddy and not me. Can I play as well?” you asked, earning nervous glances from the pair of redheads. “Ugh, fine. I have to catch up on reading anyways.” They both grinned and ran off, Ayato swinging your son around, laughing along with him. You watched them for awhile before picking up your book and reading. After a good ten minutes, you heard screaming and your head snapped up. You saw the pair running at you, hands out wide. You scrambled on the ground, trying to get up but they both tackled you into a hug, making you giggle. “We love you!”


You had been married to Kanato for ten years and you were both living a peaceful life together with no children, although he was starting to mature and talked about the subject twice now. You believed he really wanted children but that was something that takes preparation so here you guys were, a married couple, happy together alone. “Hey, (Y/n)-chan, I want to take you somewhere special today,” your husband said, grabbing your hand, a gentle smile. You smiled back, walking outside to get into the car. When you stepped out of the car, you smiled in disbelief. “What?! No way, no way!” He had brought you to an orphanage. He wanted kids now. You held his hand tightly as you walked into the building with him. A lady at the reception greeted you and sat you down in a room as you told her what you prefer in a child. You honestly wished you could adopt all of them but you knew it was impossible. She brought in a three-year-old girl. She was adorable ad had cute little pigtails. You knelt down next to the girl and smiled up at her. So did Kanato. “Hello there,” you spoke in a hushed voice. She looked down at you with her big eyes. “Will you be my mummy and daddy?” she asked quietly. You looked over at Kanato and smiled. “I guess we are now,” Kanato said, smiling up at the young girl. He looked down at Teddy then up at her. “I… want you to have this. He was my friend and now he can be yours.”


“Okay, ready? NO, DON’T DO THAT!” Six kids were a lot to handle, especially on shopping day. You sighed, dragging yourself out the door, your husband and six kids following behind you. You got to the shops a few minutes later, already getting a headache. Laito smiled at you sweetly and held your hand as you all walked to the front entrance. You stood in a circle and nodded. “Okay, I take the girls for clothes shopping, you take the boys. Then we meet for food shopping and afterwards, lunch.” You separated, taking the three girls and picking out clothes they would like. Your eldest didn’t seem to like dresses apparently and you had a quick argument before putting a dress in the trolley and a pair of jeans for her. You gathered all the clothing and soon bumped into Laito. “Oh my gosh. Where are the boys, hon?” you asked, hand on your chest. He smiled and pointed at your children, who were arguing. “Let’s leave them for a bit. They won’t notice we’re gone.” You rolled your eyes and turned to him. “Am I bad mother for going through with this.” He shook his head and led you through a less crowded place in the same shop where you had a view on them but they couldn’t see you. You ended up spying on them for half an hour before they got seriously mad. Your family was not allowed to go into that certain shop ever again.


“Are you sure you’re okay? Do you need something? Are you-,” Subaru was interrupted by you putting a finger on his lips. “I’m fine, I’m just pregnant. Stay calm.” You held your baby bump in your hands and smiled up at your husband. He smiled back down at you and put a hand to your big belly. His red eyes widened and he looked up at you. “H-he- it kicked!” he yelled, evidently having a mini heart attack. You laughed and held his hand on top of your belly. “Honey, we don’t know its gender yet and babies kick. It’s normal.” He sighed in relief and knelt down, putting his other hand to your stomach. “Hello, baby. It’s daddy and I just wanted to tell you I love you,” Subaru cooed to your stomach, smiling slightly. It kicked again in response. “I guess it loves your voice.” He got up and looked into your eyes sweetly. “I love you,” you said softly to him as he put his forehead against yours. “I love you too. I love both of you.” You laughed and kissed him softly on the lips. “Babies hurt,” you said, pouting. He chuckled and pinched your nose. “It’s worth it though.” You nodded and grinned. “It sure is.”

In Which Mr. Krupp’s Secret Superpowers Aren’t Quite So Secret

( @guiltyhipster and @thatanimationgirl because we’re writing and tagging friends!!) hey y’all remember when I said I wrote CU fanfiction like five months ago. uh. here it is!! I mostly wrote it as a self-indulgent thing because I had no clue there would actually like…be a fandom!! So it’s not my best work lol I just wanted to get my ideas out on paper. 

In this, our favorite terrible principal comes down with a cold, and it turns out that Captain Underpants’ powers begin to leak through while he’s in this miserable state…I am a sad writer’s soul and I would totally love comments if you wanted to give them but totally don’t feel obligated yo!! (ALSO I wrote this when I knew that Miss Anthrope would be Mr. Krupp’s love interest, but I DIDN’T know that she was the lunch lady now so like…she’s the secretary in this lmao)

George and Harold were terribly bright children who just happened to also be terribly, terribly naughty. They never caused any harm, of course, unless one would think that placing ketchup packets beneath toilet seats, replacing the American flag in their classroom with a pair of XXL underwear, and rearranging the letters on the lunchroom bulletin board so it would read “FRIDAY’S LUNCH WILL BE: SWEATY BRAS”, was harmful.

And Principal Krupp definitely considered all those things harmful….

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(Credence Barebone x Reader) A Safe Place [Pt.3]

Title : A Safe Place [Pt.3]

Request : No

Smut : Nope

Word Count :2,935

A/N : Ahhh I finally finished it! I feel like this one doesn’t have much fluff (or smut LMAO). But I promise you, there will be plenty in the next part. I hope you enjoy this one! Sorry for grammar, vocabs, or any mistake in general, and feedbacks are highly appreciated! 

Tagging : @moonlight53 @weasleywickedwarlock 

First : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/154409724774/credence-x-reader-a-safe-place-pt1

Previous : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/154465832918/credence-barebone-x-reader-a-safe-place-pt2

Next : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/154725721484/credence-barebone-x-reader-a-safe-place-pt4


Two weeks later, your relationship with Credence has bloomed like flowers in spring. Even though the only time you have to talk to him about deep topics are only on Friday, sometimes, on the other days, when you see him, you would wave a hello, or poke him on the shoulder. Just a little gesture to tell him you are present.

And every time you do so, his face would be as red as Rudolph’s, the red nosed reindeer.

You would at times chat with him about some things, how is it going, is he okay, when both of you have the time. And if his mother is not around.

About his mother… Let’s say she keeps persuading you to join her cult. You always refused her though, although you agree to help in some occasions, like feeding the poor children. Her intention on feeding the children has never been pure too. She threatens the children of not getting food if they don’t take the pamphlets she gave out. What a woman.

Still, you mind is set on one thing. The scars on his right arm you saw the first time you made him open up to you. Probably he had, or has, them too on his left. You always remember to check his arms and palms after your little meetings. And at that every time, you would give him those magical band aids you made with Queenie.

Queenie never asks what you use it for, since she can read your mind, crystal clear. She would occasionally tease you about Credence, or Tina because she doesn’t know a thing. You also asked Queenie to keep it a secret, and she happily obliges, only if you tell her directly.

At times, you would catch Credence staring at you in a distance, whether it’s after work, or when you’re on break. For some people, it would be creepy. But if it’s Credence, you know it means something else. Slowly, you notice the change in the way he looks at you. Although his posture barely changes, head cast low and shoulder inward, when your eyes meet, it’s when you see the change in him.

You can feel him opening up to you, but not completely.


It’s the third Friday you have spent with him, and the two of you went to the park for your usual talk. It’s not too late in the night, so Credence seems calmer than he usually is.

As usual, you ask him to open his palms and roll up his sleeves. You sigh when you see new scars on his skin. There are more on his palms than his arms, and silently, you feel glad. Not because of him hurting, but because if Mary Lou had hit him more on his arms, it would hurt even more than the one on his palms.

Instead of giving him the usual magical band aids, you decided to do something. What you’re about to do is illegal, and can be considered treachery to the wizarding world, but you can care less.

If you want Credence to trust you, then, you have to trust him first.

“Credence, look at me,” you say out of the blue, grabbing his wrist gently.

He looks at you with eyes full of hope and adoration. He tries his best to maintain eye contact, although occasionally, he would look away. He’s getting better with looking at you though.

“Yes, [Name]…?”

“I want to tell you a secret, but promise me you’ll never tell a soul,”

He looks at you quizzically, trying to guess the secret in his mind.

“I promise you [Name], I… Will not tell anyone,”

“Good,” you say.

Slowly, you pull out your wand out of your sleeve, and he looks at you in surprise. But he remains silent. You draw in your breath, and exhale it slowly. ‘Here goes nothing,’ you think.

Vulnera Sanentur,” you whisper as you swing your wand lightly pointing to his wound. In an instant, his wounds heal by themselves, each one of them disappearing without a trace. As you put your wand inside your sleeves, you see his expression shocked, amazed, baffled, a mix of them. He looks cute regardless.

“I- You-“

“Yes Credence,” you say.

“Y-You’re… A-A witch…?”

“Yes I am, and please, keep it down, and keep it from other people, especially your mother,” you silently laugh as you put a finger on his mouth, shushing him.

You examine his scars once more, running your fingers on the now smooth, yet rough skin. You trail your hand from his upper arm, to his lower arm, until you reach his hands, which are freezing cold, where you gently squeeze them.

“You’ll be okay, Credence,”

You let go of his hand, but before you can, he squeeze it back, and keep your hand in place. He looks and you and you see him slightly happy about your confession.

“I-I’m sorry but your hands feel warm and I, I, uh… I don’t want to let it go…” he says as he glances at your and his hands. You reply by intertwining your hands with his, a gesture he seems to be fond of, looking at the way his hands immediately do the same.

You rest your head on his shoulder, and slowly, hesitantly, he does the same, on top of your head. You feel your heart soar in your chest, as it pumps blood to your face, coloring it red. And slowly… You can feel yourself falling even more for him.

Credence himself also feels a new sensation in his chest and his stomach. Something he has never felt before. Sure, his chest would tighten and his stomach would drop every time his mother is ready to punish him, but this one. It feels nice. It feels nice, it feels warm, and… He feels happy being with you.

His head spun when you show and tell him that you’re a wizard, something so risky to be entrusted to him. Considering his position in the Second Salem.

He feels the way his and your fingers intertwine is right. How your voice and your breathing calms him down, and how he feels the blood rushing through his ears, the sensation so alien to him.

And for the first time… He feels… Safe. Safe, and in love.


Again, for the millionth time, he walks you home again. You had asked him not to do it, but he insisted. And the way he talked after you told him your secret, seems to be a tiny bit more confident and brave, than the way he is before. At least only to you though. And he still has his head cast low when he walks.

You also had been linking your pinky fingers the whole way home, because you thought being hand in hand would have been more risky and dangerous for the both of you.

As you walk the front steps, he looks at you with eyes full of love and adoration, a little smile on his face. Your hands reach out to his face, and he welcomes the touch, leaning his face to your hand. Your warm hands meets the cold skin of his face, and without you realizing it, you walk down the steps until you’re on the same level as his.

Your face inches to his.

He looks at you shyly, and you, with face burning red, slowly and steadily lean to his face, brushing your lips against his. He tenses up, but then he closes his eyes, savoring the taste of your lips on his. It’s a sweet kiss, something you have never felt before. A purely innocent one.

His hands remain on his sides, unsure what to do in the situation. Credence’s previously cold face heats up as his comes in contact with yours. His breathing becomes ragged, and you break the kiss.

When you do so, he still closes his eyes, longing for the contact to continue, with an expression that breaks your heart. You wrap your arms around him, hugging his body tightly against yours.

This time, he hugs you back, his arms around you, tightly. It’s as if he’s thinking all of this is only a dream that will disappear when he wakes up.

“P-Please don’t leave me…” he chokes.

“I’m here Credence, I’m here. And I will always be with you,” you tell him, rubbing circles on his back to calm him down.

The hug lasts for another minute before he slowly backs away. You wipe the tears forming in his face before kissing each one of them. “I love you Credence,” you say.

He looks to his feet and quietly says something inaudible under his breath. You move closer so you can hear him, only to make his voice grow quieter.

“It’s okay Credence,” you say. “You can tell me anything, I won’t judge you for it,” you say.

He looks you in the eye.

“I- I read it in a book somewhere… When a man, and, and a woman kiss… They’re dating… A-Are w-we dating…?” he asks innocently.

A smile breaks across your face and you say, “Well, we could be if you want. Do you want us to be dating?”

He nods as he looks at you.

“Then we’re dating, Credence.”


Credence enters the dark house/church silently, trying not to make any sound to wake his mother or his sisters. He’s still smiling from what happened today, but his smile falls when he sees Mary Lou waiting for him on the steps.

His sisters, Chastity and Modesty are cleaning the dishes, silently looking at him.

“Finally. You’re home,” Mary Lou says coldly.

He doesn’t reply and looks down.

“Why are you late, Credence?” she asks as she stands on her feet.

“I, I was looking for our next meeting. There’s a place near-“

“DO NOT LIE TO ME!!” she yells. He flinches when she does so.

Like a programmed robot, he removes his belt, walking up the stairs in front of her as he does so. She takes the belt from his hand, stroking it like a pet snake before going up the stairs, with Credence following behind her.

Modesty and Chastity says nothing, sighing as they put the last plate on the rack. Then, they hear the sobbing and the hitting begin.


Tina walks down the street, hands in her pocket. Work has been cruel to her today, for her littlest sister missed a few people, which resulted with Tina finishing her work late, covering her sister.

It’s almost midnight, Tina shivers from the cold. She walks past the Second Salem church, the old building giving a dark aura because of the lack of lighting. Then, she walks past an alley where she hears a sobbing. Broken sobs, coming from the dark alley.

Putting her hand inside of her sleeves, she stays aware and approaches the source of the sounds. In the dark, she can see a man cowering in fear, his back against her.

“Mister? Are you okay?”

The sobbing stops when she places her hand on the man’s shoulder. She crouches down and comforts the man.

“Mister? Is everything okay? Why are you crying?” she asks again.

The man turns his back and face her, and she recognize him as the boy who is always by Mary Lou’s side in her rallies. The boy looks upset all the time though, as if he is there by force. Tina also realizes this boy, is the man who is adored by her littlest sister.

“P-Please help me,” Credence sobs. His breathing is becoming pants, face red, and hair disheveled.

“Calm down, calm down. Take a deep breath,” she says. Credence inhales a deep breath, at least trying to, because he keeps choking and sobbing. “That’s it, let’s breathe again.”

After a solid few minutes, Credence has calmed down, and Tina asks him what happened. He is hesitant about telling a stranger first, about how his mother abuses him, but when Tina introduced herself as a Goldstein, he immediately asks her back about you, and finally opens up.

“You know, she’s the happiest when she talks about you,” Tina says.

Credence doesn’t answer, he silently listens.

“And she talks about you, like you’re the best thing ever that has happened in her life,” she adds. “This makes me and Queenie, her sisters, jealous.”

Tina talks more about you, as she plans something big in her mind…


Monday morning has never really your favorite time of the day, or of the week. You despise Tina’s yelling, urging you to wake up and get to work. You’ve always been the heavy sleeper, and because of that, you tend to spend your free time sleeping if you’re not trying to sneak Credence out of the rally to chat with him.

The weather has not been kind to you and your sisters today; the rain makes the air so humid. Not to mention the water seeping into your boots. You hate it so much, even though you can zap it out after when you get into your office.

As the three of you walk towards the building where MACUSA resides, you notice that Mary Lou is having one of her rallies in front of it. Your eyes scan the crowd to look for Credence, and see him standing in the back of the crowd. He doesn’t see you, and his sisters are nowhere to be found.

As you’re about to dismiss yourself from your sisters to say hello to Credence, Tina suddenly marches to Mary Lou, yelling at her.

“Mary Lou! I know what you did to that boy! You speak like a head of this cause, but your actions do not! We all know that you abuse him!” she yells.

The crowd turns to her in shock and awe, while you and Queenie look at each other in horror before running towards the eldest Goldstein. Meanwhile, Credence looks up from where he’s standing and sees Tina, walking up to his mother, wand raised aggressively. The crowd gasps in unison, while some murmurs and yells the word witch.

“Queenie! You go in and tell Madam President about this when I’ll try to keep things under control!” you say to Queenie. She nods in understanding, then run inside the building. You hate telling the President of MACUSA about this, but you have no choice.

“Tina! Stop! Don’t do it!” you yell at her. But before you can draw your wand to take hers away, she already throws a spell at Mary Lou, sending her flying, and lands with a thud. Credence only watches, unsure what to do.

Accio!” you yell, snatching Tina’s wand from her hands. She looks at you in disbelief, feeling betrayed. You send a sorry look to her.

As if on cue, Madam Picquery, the President of MACUSA, and several other wizards step out of the building, Madam Picquery looking angrier than she ever did. Yet she is still calm and composed. She raises her wand and obliviates everyone in the area. In an instant, everyone who watched it happened have their memories lost. Excluding Credence, who is strangely not affected by the spell. Nevertheless, he acts like he does and walks away from the area.

“Porpentina Goldstein. What is the meaning of this?” the President asks, her tone condescending.

“Madam President! I was seeking justice for something she did! She-She abused a boy and-“

“And that is none of your business. You have interfered with a No-Majs affair, attacked one of them, and exposed our community to them. What do you have to say about this?”

Tina looks down and shakes her head in defeat.

“Nothing, Madam. I have no excuse.”

“Good. As the consequence of your action, from now on, you are no longer a part of the Magical Congress of United States America. And that is final.”

“But Madam President!”

“No more. [Name] Goldstein, her wand, please,” Madam Picquery says, looking at your direction.

You walk to Madam Picquery and hand her Tina’s wand. She then returns the wand to Tina’s hand, and walk back inside the building.

Tina slouches down the wet pavement in defeat. You and Queenie runs to Tina, and immediately hug her.

“Oh, Teenie…” Queenie says.

“It’s okay, we’re here…” you add as you rub circles on her back.

“I… I was trying to help him…”

“We know sweetheart, we know…” Queenie takes out her handkerchief and wipes Tina’s forming tears on her eyes.

“But sometimes, you alone can’t save everyone,” you add.

The three of you stays like that for some minutes, before you decide that it would be wise to take a day off you the three of you. Or the two of you, since Tina has been demoted from her job. Almost everyone looks at you judgingly when you walk into the building, to ask for permission, which is granted.

The same goes when you walk home, some people look at you, as if having a déjà vu or trying to remember something they forgot.

Little did you know, a certain someone also looks at the three of you, feeling grateful of Tina’s action. But he himself knows that he is also responsible for Tina’s demotion. He had heard the conversation between the wizards in front of the MACUSA building.

And now, he is unsure whether to go back home, or to go to your shared apartment – to see you, his safe place – to seek comfort. He decides neither, and disappears in the darkness of the alley.

day four/five: matching

pairing: jace/simon
word count: 3.5k~
a/n: hello and welcome to my own personal nanowrimo challenge, where instead of trying to write a novel this month, i will try to write a short drabble every day (some days longer than others, depending on my time) based on prompts i take from everywhere (feel free to request stuff if you want!) in order to get myself out of the weird writersblock i’ve been stuck in lmao.

i barely had time to write on day four, so i decided to push four and five together and write a bit of a longer one :) this time inspired by an irl thing that happened to me where i kept showing up to school assembles in a suit that matched the one my arch nemesis was wearing lmao

It all starts going downhill on a Monday, which Simon honestly doesn’t find really surprising. Monday’s are always hell at the office, and because the universe for some inexplicable reason absolutely hates Simon, it’s only logic it’ll try to make it even worse.

To top of the usual Monday madness (the coffee machine is broken again, the printer is making that weird possessed noise again, Isabelle is late again, honestly, sometimes Simon wonders how they get anything done around here) it is also a deadline week, which just inevitably ads to the chaos. They’re a monthly magazine, for the love of god. They had an entire month to prepare for this week. Yet, for some reason, they always need to do everything last minute.

For being so future oriented, Simon thinks, as he gets into the elevator, the fashion world is absolutely horrible with deadlines. He presses the button for the dreaded twelfth floor and thumps his head back against the elevator wall as he watches the numbers on the small led display climb.

If you’d asked Simon in college where he could see himself in ten years, consulting accountant at a fashion magazine probably wouldve been the last thing he would’ve told you. Yet, here he is, ten years later, working for Nephilim, one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world.

(Which Simon honestly thinks is a bit ridiculous, since it’s practically run by children who have no concept of money whatsoever and who are actually going to be the death of him one of these days.)

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jealous (peter parker x reader)

word count: 1192
pairing: peter parker x reader
warnings: notthing
prompt: REQUESTED, #2: “We were dancing but all of a sudden it’s a slow song and we’re standing here awkwardly staring at each other”
#13: “This wasn’t meant to be a date, but we’ve had such a good time and now it’s 2 a.m. and I should really go home…”
a/n: Sorry this took me so long to finish, to be honest I was stuck on this for the longest time so I hope I did alright!

“Peter?” You asked him, looking over to him from the passenger side of the car where you sat. You couldn’t help but admire how the glow of the street lights highlighted his every angle and curve— the angle of his jaw, the curve of his nose, the angles of his strong hands, the curves of his eyelashes.

“Yeah?” He asked, a light smile over his features, and yours, also.

When he had first asked you if you wanted to go to a wedding with him, you didn’t think of it as a date, because he didn’t say it was. He just asked you, “Do you want to come to this wedding with me?” And you agreed. You assumed the only reason he asked you rather than anyone else was because you were the only one who knew he was Spider-man, and therefore the only one who wouldn’t find it weird to attend a wedding featuring the avengers.

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"Is that a threat?" [Riley and Lucas' one shot]

Requested by @sparkleuniversequeen
Thank you! I hope you like it :)

When Riley Matthews and Maya Hart met Farkle Minkus at the Halloween party and instantly became friends, the girls had no idea that the boy who wore turtlenecks would be such a flirt. Hitting on them for years, using the cheesiest and most ridiculous pick-up lines and so much more.

That being said, it shouldn’t be surprising that throughout the years Riley learned more than a few pick-up lines…

And still used them on her boyfriend even after three years of dating.

Riley was sprawled on the couch of her family’s apartment, silently watching as Lucas moved around the kitchen getting all needed ingredients for the dinner he had offered to make for the pair, joined by Auggie and Ava who were doing their homework in Auggie’s room. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews had decided to get out of the city for the weekend, trusting the two teenagers to look after each other and Auggie.

“Hey Lucas?” the brunette called out grinning to herself.

“Hmmm?” the boy hummed before taking a gulp of water.

“Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” Riley asked sitting up and watching her boyfriend spit out the water he had just taken.

“Really Riley?” Lucas asked still coughing. “You couldn’t wait a second?”

“You know, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put I and U together.”

Riley,” Lucas whined as he put his hands on his hips. “Would you please stop or at least wait after dinner?”

“Okay okay. Geez, you’re no fun!” Riley sighed getting up from the couch and walking towards him. When she reached him, she was soon sitting on the kitchen counter with Lucas standing between her legs while her slender arms were wrapped around his neck.

“I think something’s wrong with my eyes,” Riley confessed biting the inside of her cheek trying to stop herself from smiling.

“Why?” the tall blond asked concerned.

“Because I can’t take my eyes off of you,” she whispered.

“Oh my God Riley!” he exclaimed burying his head in the crook of her neck while her body shook from laughing. “Unbelievable!”

“You fell for that! You totally fell for that!” 

“I can’t believe I fell for that!” Lucas laughed taking Riley down from the counter. “You’re lucky I’m in love with you.”

“Am I?” Riley asked teasingly as she walked out the kitchen ready to tell the children that the dinner is ready.

“Run while you can,” Lucas warned her setting the plates.

“Yes, Sir!”

After dinner, the teenage couple helped Auggie and Ava finish their homework and after an hour of watching television decided to call it a night. Lucas escorted Ava giving her a piggyback ride to her family’s apartment while Riley talked with Auggie about his week (it had become a tradition a while back).

Lucas came back just when Riley was closing the door of her little brother’s bedroom.

“You and me?” he questioned.

“You and me.”

“Hi,” she whispered when he wrapped his arms around her once again.

“Hey,” he smiled letting out a sigh of contentment. Moments like these were Lucas’ favorites; in moments like this he knew she would always be his home. “What would you like to do, princess?”

“Will you stay with me tonight?” Riley asked taking a hold of his hand and walking back to the kitchen. “You know my parents are okay with it, for some reason.”

“I’ll just have to warn my Mom and I’m all yours, sounds good?”

“Perfect,” she smiled at him sheepishly before pecking his soft lips.

“You know, you still haven’t answered my question,” he stated at the same time texting his Mom informing her of the plan.

“Cuddle bunnies and chill?” she laughed washing the dishes when he felt his arm wrap around her form behind.

“And talk?” he asked expectantly spinning her around to face him when she finished washing the plates.

“Always, it’s my favorite thing in the world after you,” the brunette confessed.

“What about Maya?” Lucas asked surprised. 

“I thought it was obvious,” she said and just then noticed something. “Hey Lucas?”

“Don’t you dare start this again,” he said firmly. 

“Wha -” Riley didn’t even get to finish her question when Lucas lifted her up and carried her to the living room.

“Stop it before I kiss you,” Lucas warned her setting her on the couch.

“Is that a threat, Mr. Friar?”

“I think it is, Ms. Matthews,” he said with a smirk.

“Well th-”

Before Riley could finish her sentence, their lips were locked in a passionate kiss. And just like the first time, it was everything she dreamed of: it was like when it’s summer and then the breeze comes up and then it rains for two seconds and then everything glows and there’s a rainbow. Even after all these years, the effect Lucas had on her only got stronger.

“Okay, after a kiss like that you can say whatever you wanted to say,” Lucas whispered breathing heavily brushing some hair that had fallen out of her ponytail from her face.

“I was just going to tell you that you had a little bit of sauce at the corner of your mouth, but it’s all gone now,” the brunette stated running her fingers through his hair.

“Oh,” the blond boy blushed.

“Oh indeed,” she smiled. “But since you’ve already mentioned it, I think your shirt has to go, but you can stay.”

Lucas looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Unbelievable,” he mumbled. “I can’t believe I’m planning on giving you my last name,” he said before crashing his lips on hers once again.

40 Prompts List

(Translation) Onee-sama to Boku vol. 1 - Animate tokuten

お姉さまと僕 ~薔薇の下で逢いましょう~ アニメイト限定盤 スペシャルミニ [R18!! Proceed only if you’re above 18!]

CV. Hanae Natsuki

T/N: As requested! This one is pretty kinky tbh, the ojou-sama’s kinkiness is really shown in this CD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Parts that I’m unsure of are marked with question marks as usual. Now let’s enjoy the CD!

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MPHFPC  movie review ***SPOILERS***

-I’m making this review as a way to put in my own personal opinion on the movie. I am also doing this so people who are skeptical about seeing the movie can decide whether they want to spend their money or not.

-This review will have a brief over view of the movie as well as a Pros and Cons lists, a comparison of Book to Movie.

-Like I said, you all are welcomed to put in your own thoughts or add anything you thought i missed! 

-Or just send me a question if you have any I’ll be sure to answer! :))))


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Moving Forward

A/N: takes place in ep6, a continuation of that scene with Mari and Kanan, you know which one. I don’t know what I wrote tbh this is just a crappy pile of angst

Note this blip is somewhat related to Restart and sort of Next Step too. Those were written on the basis that they met and became close in high school, but anime refuted that. Thankfully I’ve been quite vague about it so I tried to incorporate their childhood bond too and keep the background facts as canon as I can. As always, Italics within “dialogue” is Mari’s Engrish
Words: 2,639
Pairing: Kanan x Mari

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hamilton sentence starters!!

ahhh, yet another sentence starter list!! i love doing these and i thought why not do one with my favorite musical at the moment, Hamilton?? it has one of the best soundtracks i’ve ever heard and it’s just a great play okokok. also I KNOW IT’S SO LONG THERE’S 200+ DON’T HATE ME, IM SO SORRY. I HATE MYSELF TOO LMAO!! i just couldn’t decide which ones to take out to make it shorter. 

one more thing: if you’re going to request from list, please specify if you’d like it to be fluff, angst, or smut (or even all three) and if you have a plot in mind, feel free to specify that too!! you can also add prompts into your requests from here and here !!

  1. ❝the world’s gonna know your name.❞
  2. ❝there’s a million things I haven’t done.❞
  3. ❝you gotta fend for yourself❞
  4. ❝he/she would’ve been dead or destitute.❞
  5. ❝in new york you can be a new man.❞
  6. ❝you could never back down.❞
  7. ❝you never learned to take your time.❞
  8. ❝will they know what you over came?❞
  9. ❝we fought with him.❞
  10. ❝i loved him.❞
  11. ❝i’m the damn fool the shot him.❞
  12. ❝pardon me, are you [name]❞ ❝that depends who’s asking?❞
  13. ❝i have been looking for you.❞
  14. ❝i’m getting nervous.❞
  15. ❝i may have punched him. it’s a blur.❞
  16. ❝he looked at me like i was stupid; i’m not stupid.❞
  17. ❝then we can prove that we’re worth more than anyone bargained for!❞
  18. ❝can i buy you a drink?❞
  19. ❝that would be nice❞
  20. ❝while we’re talking let me offer you some free advice. talk less. smile more.❞
  21. ❝don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.❞
  22. ❝you can’t be serious.❞
  23. ❝you want to get ahead?”❞
  24. ❝fools who run their mouth off, wind up dead.❞
  25. ❝two pints of sam adams but i’m working on three.❞
  26. ❝oui oui, mon ami!❞ [yes, my friend]
  27. ❝bon soir!❞ [good evening]
  28. ❝casse toi.❞ [go away]
  29. ❝who is the best? c'est moi!❞ [it’s me]
  30. ❝good luck with that.❞
  31. ❝if you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?❞
  32. ❝who are you?❞
  33. ❝who is this?❞
  34. ❝what’s he gonna do?❞
  35. ❝i’m not throwing away my shot!❞
  36. ❝the problem is i got a lot of brains.❞
  37. ❝i’m only nineteen but my mind is older.❞
  38. ❝i have learned to manage.❞
  39. ❝don’t me shocked when your history books mentions me.❞
  40. ❝i will lay down my life if it sets us free.❞
  41. ❝when i fight, i make the other side panicky❞
  42. ❝i’m a tailor’s apprentice.❞
  43. ❝i know it’s my chance to socially advance instead of sewing some pants.❞ 
  44. ❝but we’ll never be truly free❞ 
  45. ❝you and i. do or die.❞
  46. ❝geniuses, lower your voices.❞
  47. ❝i’m with you but the situation is fraught.❞
  48. ❝oh, am i talking too loud?❞
  49. ❝sometimes i get over excited.❞
  50. ❝i’ve never had a group of friends before.❞
  51. ❝i’ll make y’all proud!❞
  52. ❝i imagine death so much, it feels more like a memory.❞
  53. ❝we have to make this moment last.❞
  54. ❝when our children tell our story, they’ll tell the story of tonight❞
  55. ❝let’s have another round!❞
  56. ❝raise a glass to the four of us!❞
  57. ❝tomorrow they’ll be more of us!❞
  58. ❝daddy doesn’t need to know.❞
  59. ❝like i said, you’re free to go.❞
  60. ❝remind me what we’re look for.❞ ❝she’s/he’s looking for me!❞
  61. ❝your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money.❞
  62. ❝[name] you disgust me.❞ ❝oh, so you’ve discussed me?❞
  63. ❝some men say that i’m intense or i’m insane.❞
  64. ❝i’ll compel him to include women in the sequel.❞
  65. ❝look around at how lucky were to be alive right now!❞
  66. ❝they’re playing a dangerous game.❞
  67. ❝it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face.❞
  68. ❝my dog speaks more eloquently!❞
  69. ❝if you repeat yourself again i’m gonna scream!❞
  70. ❝why so sad?❞
  71. ❝now you’re making me mad!❞
  72. ❝don’t change the subject.❞
  73. ❝and i’ll love you till my dying days.❞
  74. ❝so don’t throw away this thing we had.❞
  75. ❝we got to stop them!❞
  76. ❝i think i could be of some assistance..❞
  77. ❝[name] have you met [name]?❞ ❝yes, we keep meeting!❞
  78. ❝[name], close the door on your way out.❞ 
  79. ❝i called you in her because our odds are beyond scary.❞ 
  80. ❝why’re you upset?❞ ❝i’m not.❞ 
  81. ❝it’s alright, you want to fight. you’ve got a hunger, i was just like you when i was younger.❞
  82. ❝dying is easy, living is harder.❞
  83. ❝why are you telling me this?❞
  84. ❝i’m being honest.❞
  85. ❝i have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight.❞
  86. ❝where are you taking me?❞
  87. ❝i’m about to change your life.❞
  88. ❝well, by all means, lead the way.❞
  89. ❝my life gets better every letter that you write me.❞
  90. ❝there’s nothing your mind can’t do.❞
  91. ❝we’re through.❞
  92. ❝be true.❞
  93. ❝and as long as i’m alive, [name], my love for you is never in doubt.❞
  94. ❝i’ll never forget the first time a saw your face.❞
  95. ❝i have never been the same❞
  96. ❝he’s a bit of a flirt but i’ll give him a chance.❞
  97. ❝if [name] can get married, there’s hope for our ass after all!❞
  98. ❝i came to say congratulations.❞
  99. ❝you are the worst.❞
  100. ❝i heard you got special someone on the side.❞ 
  101. ❝what are you trying to hide?❞ 
  102. ❝i should go.❞ 
  103. ❝leave us alone.❞ 
  104. ❝he’s/she’s married.❞ 
  105. ❝oh shit..❞ 
  106. ❝i will never understand you.❞ 
  107. ❝if you love this woman/man go get her/him!❞ 
  108. ❝what are you waiting for?❞ 
  109. ❝i’m keeping the bed warm while his/her wife/husband is away.❞ 
  110. ❝i’m willing to wait for it.❞ 
  111. ❝stay alive..❞ 
  112. ❝raise a glass!❞ 
  113. ❝he’s/she’s not the choice i would’ve gone with.❞ 
  114. ❝what are you doing, [name]? get back on your feet?❞ 
  115. ❝there’s so many of them!❞ 
  116. ❝i’m sorry is this not your speed?❞ 
  117. ❝[name], you’re the closet friend i’ve got.❞ 
  118. ❝[name], do not throw away your shot.❞ 
  119. ❝this should be fun.❞ 
  120. ❝these people take your name and they rake it through the mud!❞ ❝my name’s been through a lot i can take it.❞
  121. ❝you could die and we need you alive. I need you alive!❞ 
  122. ❝go home, [name].❞
  123. ❝how long have you known?❞ 
  124. ❝you should’ve told me.❞
  125. ❝you deserve a chance to meet your son.❞ 
  126. ❝i relish being your wife.❞ 
  127. ❝look at where you are. look at where you started.❞ 
  128. ❝the fact that you’re alive is a miracle.❞
  129. ❝if this child has a fraction of your smile, or a fragment of your mind, look out world!❞ 
  130. ❝i don’t pretend to know the challenges your facing.❞ 
  131. ❝i’m not afraid, i know who i married.❞ 
  132. ❝i witnessed their deaths first hand.❞ 
  133. ❝i made every mistake.❞ 
  134. ❝even know i lie awake.❞  
  135. ❝i know that we can win.❞ 
  136. ❝i know greatness lie in you.❞ 
  137. ❝see you on the other side❞ 
  138. ❝’til we meet again.❞
  139.  ❝and just like that, it’s over.❞ 
  140. ❝you’re on your own❞ 
  141. ❝awesome. wow.❞ 
  142. ❝domestic life was never quite my style.❞ 
  143. ❝when you smile, you knock me out.❞ 
  144. ❝you outshine the morning sun.❞ 
  145. ❝i’ll do what ever it takes.❞ 
  146. ❝you ready for more yet?❞ 
  147. ❝what’d i miss?❞ 
  148. ❝i can’t believe that we’re free.❞ 
  149. ❝where’ve you been❞ 
  150. ❝we fought for these ideals, we shouldn’t settle for less.❞ 
  151. ❝you wanna pull yourself together?❞
  152. ❝do you have to live an ocean away?❞
  153. ❝take a break.❞
  154. ❝hey, our kid is pretty great❞
  155. ❝runaway with me for the summer.❞
  156. ❝i came all this way..❞
  157. ❝i haven’t slept in a week.❞
  158. ❝i don’t know where to go.❞
  159. ❝i came here all alone.❞
  160. ❝how could you?❞
  161. ❝please don’t go!❞
  162. ❝was this all a setup?❞
  163. ❝stop crying!❞
  164. ❝goddammit, get up!❞
  165. ❝i didn’t know any better!❞
  166. ❝nobody needs to know.❞
  167. ❝i thought you were my friend!❞
  168. ❝let’s take a break tonight.❞
  169. ❝why do you have to say goodbye?❞
  170. ❝i wasn’t aware that was something a person could do.❞
  171. ❝i’m perplexed.❞
  172. ❝that poor man they’re going to eat him alive.❞
  173. ❝they will tear each other into pieces.❞
  174. ❝[name] can’t help you now.❞
  175. ❝[name] is out of control!❞
  176. ❝this is great!❞
  177. ❝you have nothing.❞
  178. ❝i don’t have to tell you anything.❞
  179. ❝is that a yes?❞ ❝um, yes.❞
  180. ❝i couldn’t seem to die.❞
  181. ❝i was twelve when my mother died.❞
  182. ❝that’s one last thing to worry about.❞
  183. ❝i came as soon as i heard.❞
  184. ❝thank god, someone who understands what i’m struggling to do.❞
  185. ❝i’m not here for you.❞
  186. ❝i love [name] more than anything in this life!❞
  187. ❝i will choose her/his happiness over mine every time!❞ 
  188. ❝god, i hope you’re satisfied.❞
  189. ❝i saved every letter you wrote me.❞
  190. ❝i though you were mine.❞
  191. ❝you brought this girl/boy into our bed!❞
  192. ❝i’m erasing myself from the narrative.❞
  193. ❝you have torn it all apart.❞
  194. ❝you forfeit the rights to my heart.❞
  195. ❝now i’m left with only the memories of when you were mine.❞
  196. ❝i gotta be my own man/woman, like me father/mother, but bolder.❞
  197. ❝i can’t do that, i’m making my father/mother proud.❞ 
  198. ❝god, you’re a fox!❞
  199. ❝how about when i get back, we all strip down to our socks?❞
  200. ❝i came to ask you for advice.❞ 
  201. ❝they don’t exactly cover this subject in school.❞
  202. ❝promise me.❞
  203. ❝okay, i promise.❞
  204. ❝they brought him in a half an hour ago. he/she lost a lot of blood on the way over.❞
  205. ❝is he/she alive?❞
  206. ❝can i see him/her please?❞
  207. ❝is he/she breathing? is he/she going to survive this?❞
  208. ❝who did this?❞
  209. ❝[name] did you know?❞
  210. ❝i’m so sorry for forgetting what you taught me.❞ 
  211. ❝you would put your hands on mine.❞
  212. ❝shh. i know, i know.❞
  213. ❝the moments when you’re in too deep, it feels easier to just swim down.❞
  214. ❝you would like it uptown, it’s quiet.❞ 
  215. ❝just let me stay here by your side.❞
  216. ❝i can’t believe we’re here with him.❞ 
  217. ❝you could grab a beer with him.❞
  218. ❝honestly, it’s kind of draining.❞
  219. ❝no, i’m chasing what i want.❞
  220. ❝i learned that from you.❞
  221. ❝i am not the reason no one trusts you.❞
  222. ❝i don’t want to fight but i won’t apologize for what’s right.❞
  223. ❝i stand by what i said, every bit of it.❞
  224. ❝it’s what i do.❞
  225. ❝i can’t apologize because it’s true.❞
  226. ❝you’re on!❞
  227. ❝[name], come back to sleep.❞
  228. ❝i have an early meeting out of town.❞
  229. ❝i’ll be back before you know i’m gone.❞
  230. ❝you’d better hide.❞
  231. ❝he may have been the first to die but i’m the one who paid for it.❞
  232. ❝i was too young and blind to see.❞
  233. ❝i hate to admit it, but he doesn’t get enough credit.❞
  234. ❝i stop wasting time on tears.❞
  235. ❝in their eyes i see you, [name], i see you every time.❞
  236. ❝i can’t to see you wait again.❞

For @dragonbradbury

If Dean had to choose, getting caught making out with Cas in the janitor’s closet by Jody Mills was probably the best he could hope for.

Nobody else would’ve been as chill—Ms. Rosen probably would’ve told the whole damn school, what with her big mouth, Henriksen would have straight up given them detention—and Crowley would’ve probably kicked their asses right then and there. So, considering, Dean guesses he’s pretty lucky.

“Alright,” she says, jerking a thumb over her shoulder. “Out.”

Cas throws Dean a sheepish look, then quickly disentangles himself from Dean’s arms, both of them clambering out of the cramped closet and spilling out into the hall in an altogether ungraceful way. Dean clears his throat, wiping his mouth with one hand, trying to comb his hair back into place with the other. Mrs. Mills crosses her arms.

“You boys’re supposed to be in class, am I correct?”

Cas twists his fingers together, looking down at his scuffed sneakers.

“Yes,” he says meekly. Despite the complete awkwardness of the situation, Dean scoffs and rolls his eyes. Since when is Cas such a blushing rule-follower—

He gets an elbow to the side, and Dean hunches over, letting out a soft oof.

He looks up. Both Castiel and Mills are staring at him, her with an eyebrow raised, Cas with a pointed look. Dean nods hastily.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah.”

He throws Cas a sharp glare.

“We got—”

He swallows.

“Distracted,” he finishes lamely.

Jody looks between the two of them.

“I can see that.”

Dean feels Cas shift his weight, knocking him slightly with his shoulder, and Dean can’t help a little grin. Yes, okay, Jody is a teacher—but she’s a friggin’ substitute—and her power over the two of them is basically next to nothing. They’ll get a slap on the wrist, a scolding probably, a warning not to do it again; and then everything will go back to normal. And inevitably, next week Dean and Cas will be in the janitor’s closet again, yanking at each other’s clothes and trying to shush any groan that gets too loud.

“We’ll just be on our way,” Cas says calmly, grabbing Dean’s arm. He smirks at him as they turn their back to her, heading off back to class.

“Hold it!”

Dean pauses. Beside him, he sees Cas freeze too.

Hm. This is unexpected.

He turns, putting on his most charming smile.

“What’s up, teach?”

Mrs. Mills shakes her head.

“Uh uh. Don’t think you’re getting away with this little stunt. You’re going to the principal’s office.”

Dean’s grin slides off his face.

“Oh, no,” he whispers. “Please no.”

There’s no way. She couldn’t send them to the principal’s office—Dean would take literally any other punishment.

“Mrs. Mills—”

“C’mon,” she says. “Let’s move it.”

She puts a hand on Cas’s shoulder and steers him down the hall, and Dean has no choice but to follow. Seriously, she can’t know how absolutely terrible of an idea this is—but there’s an irritatingly smug look on Mrs. Mills’ face that tells Dean she knows exactly what’s she’s doing. Dean considers running.

Then he remembers Mills is also a retired sheriff, and she’d probably chase him down and tackle him before he even gets around the corner. Dean swallows.

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anonymous asked:

Since you are the official Fandom mom, what is your favorite thing about all your children?

jskag;hkls;gha;gsakhl; i’m still not entirely sure how to respond to this fandom mom thing but

Uraraka: i love how determined she is. i love how she wants to be a hero for money, but not for herself; she wants to make her parent’s life easier because they’v had to work hard their entire lives, and she’s damn determined to help them. even willing to go toe-to-toe with Bakugou, the scariest and one of the strongest of the entire class, to make it happen

Shouji: He’s so???? sweet???? oh my god???

he’s always looking out for the other students and he always does it almost instinctively??? he just. helps them and it’s the sweetest thing oh my gosh what a sweetheart. he’s also such a chill dude and i love him. he’s like the silent older brother of the class

Mina: SHES SO PEPPY AND UPBEAT. she’s just so super super positive and happy??? she’s also a little naive which is adorable

Momo: oh  my gosh i love Momo. she tries so hard to be the best that she can be?? she lost her way at one point, but she came up with a plan and go ther confidence back?? and she’s also really dorky too b/c she grew up in a rich household so she ends up seeming a little out of place (which is really adorable and the other students also find it cute). also she loves to help people???? she was so excited to help tutor the other kids oh gosh what a sweetheart. she’s a total cinnamon roll

Aoyama: i love how dorky he comes off as?? but he clearly does have some insecurities, but he really does want to be closer to the class. unlike the the shoujo stereotype he’s sorta parodying, he doesn’t wanna be better than anyone. he wants to be on the same level as everyone. AND HE WAS WILLING TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF TO LET THE OTHERS PASS THE EXAM AHHHH

Mineta: as much as he frustrates me with the perverted jokes, i really love the moments when he’s able to work through his fears and win

Tsuyu: another??? total????? sweetheart????????? she worries about everyone and makes sure they’re all okay and often compliments the others when they do something they’re proud of. she’s just like an older sister for the class and she’s just so sweet. i also love how observant she is!!

Kirishima: GOSH, ANOTHER TOTAL SWEETHEART…. he’s so emotional??? and he determinedly stays Bakugou’s friend despite Bakugou’s insults and rough attitude?? and he cried when Tsuyu was crying??? and he also got all sad b/c Tetsutetsu’s quirk is similar to his and he was like ‘NOW I’M EVEN LESS ORIGINAL!!!” and gosh he just cares so much but he’s also hot blooded and dorky?? i love him

Tooru: oh gosh she’s just so sweet. like i genuinely can’t think of a single bad thing about her??? she’s like an invisible ray of sunshine and positivity 

Sero: we don’t really know much about him, but he seems like a really chill dude??



Tokoyami: oh gosh… what a dork.. what an edgy dork…… he stands in front of his door to keep the other kids from seeing his room b/c he’s embarrassed and they have to PUSH HIM OUT OF THE WAY….. and honestly, he just??? he’s so free with giving compliments or thanks. plus his fucking “Banquet of Darkness” thing i just hska;gha you try so hard Tokoyami i love you

also, he has this really sweet moment with Uraraka here where he tries to cheer her up. i grabbed the official translation b/c the scanlations missed it

Ojirou: he’s another character we haven’t seen much of, but he seems like he has a strong moral code?? he willingly got out of the Sports Festival because he felt like he didn’t earn his place there. that takes a lot of guts

Kaminari: oh my god what a fucking dork. he’s just. so clumsy. like, he sticks his foot in his mouth a lot. or he’s just scared to fight. or freaking out in the background. or he tries to play himself up more than he actually is. what a kid oh my gosh. PLUS i love his moment where he pushed aside his fear to stand up for Bakugou ahhhhhh what a sweetie he cares about his friends

Jirou: SHE LOVES TO FUCK WITH KAMINARI AND HE DOESN’T EVEN NOTICE HALF THE TIME LMAO and she’s just so chill??? she’s super sweet in her own way and i love how she’s just ‘nope’ with drama lol. and i love how she just.. fucking loses it when Kaminari fries his brain lmao

Todoroki: OH MY GOD HE IS SUCH A DORK HE IS SO OBLIVIOUS AND JUST. THERE ARE ALWAYS DRAMATIC ZOOMS ON DULL SHIT HE SAYS. HE THINKS HE’S GOT A CURSE THAT HURTS PEOPLE’S HANDS. he is so sweet and dorky and he cares so much about his friends and he tries so hard i love him

Iida: HE’S ALSO SUPER DORKY. he makes weird hand gestures when he talks b/c he just gets so INTO what he’s saying, and he takes his role of Class President really seriously, and he tries to set a good example for the other students and???? he cares so much about his friends too??? and he wants to live up to his brother’s legacy???

Izuku: I LOVE IZUKU SO MUCH. He wants to be a hero so badly, beause he wants to help people and make them smile like All Might does. he had so little self confidence, but his relationship with All Might made him so much more confident, and he’s a natural leader??? and he just cares about his friends so much that he’s willing to do almost anything to help them??? and he trains so hard to get better and better at using OFA and he’s also such a dork and HIS ENTIRE ROOM IS AN ALL MIGHT SHRINE. EVEN AFTER MEETING ALL MIGHT AND BEING CLOSE TO HIM, IZUKU NEVER ONCE LOSES HIS ADMIRATION OF HIM AHHHH

Bakugou: MY ANGRY SON I LOVE HIM SO MUCH????? HE STARTS OUT AS SUCH A LITTLE JERK, BUT OVER THE COURSE OF THE MANGA HE SLOWLY BECOMES NICER AND NICER AND DEVELOPS SO MUCH AS A CHARACTER. GOSH and i think the moment i started to truly enjoy his character is after his match with Uraraka when he’s all “There’s nothing fragile about her.” and he is JUST as determined to be a hero as Izuku is, and nothing will sway him from that path. no offer could move him from what he wants to be, which is a hero like All Might. and he does care. he’s shown worry over All Might (more than once), he refused to use any of his more destructive moves in fear of hurting  Kirishima, and he knows there’s something between All Might and Izuku, but doesn’t push the issue. and then he thanks All Might, when at the beginning of the manga, he never would’ve done that. AHH HE’S SUCH A LITTLE SHIT BUT HE’S LEARNING AND GROWING AND I’M SO PROUD OF HIM AND AHHHHHH I LOVE MY ANGRY SON SO MUCH

Thank you

Request: Could you make an imagine about Bellamy Blake where instead of wells shooting the panther, you did, so you saved Bellamys life and when you get back to camp you still have your wristband on which means you can’t get food but Bellamy comes over and gives food to you because you saved his life then you can make up the rest



Literally this request is over a month old I give you full permission to punch me lmao


               “There are no laws here.”

               The words Bellamy Blake shouted over the crowd rolled over your head over and over again throughout the night. The shock of being on the ground was slowly starting to wear off, until Clarke, Octavia, Jasper, Monty and Finn left to find supplies on Mount Weather.

               Clarke had been your best friend since you could remember, and because of that, you also ended up befriending Wells. Lately you had been caught in between the two, and while you did think Clarke had every right to be mad at him, Wells deserved to be forgiven. However, when you voiced this opinion to her, she closed off and said you should stay at the camp to make sure the delinquents don’t kill each other.

               You did. Well’s needed a hand in convincing the others to keep on their wristbands. He was right- you couldn’t survive alone, no matter how much you yourself hated a majority of the Ark. Most people wondered how you even befriended Clarke and Well’s, considering you were born so below their station. An orphan who was coincidentally thrown into the wrong class, the class for all the privileged children. However, that fated day you befriended Clarke and she begged her mother to make a motion to let you stay. You’d been inseparable since.

               Now, back to the present. The various shouts of teenagers cut their way through your tent, and you gave an annoyed growl, scrunching your features together. Finally, after having enough, you threw your blankets off of your body and stomped over to where the band of hooligans were.

               Bellamy, of course, was in the middle of all the commotion. He annoyed you so much- why was he even here?! He was older than all of you, he was an awful leader, he was an ASS-

               “I see you still have on your wristband.” His deep voice was directed towards you, and you stopped a few feet away from where he stood. The crowd around him quieted down a bit to watch you. You briefly looked down to catch the glinting metal.

               “I see you’re still lacking brain cells.” You bit back sharply. A few of the others “ooohed” and whispered insults and compliments alike, but you didn’t care.

               He smirked, but it was cold, fake. The dark haired man walked towards you, and for a second, you felt your anger bubble up- it was even the way he walked that annoyed you- like… like he had any authority here-

               “You need to take it off.”

               “I thought you said there were no rules here. Or, was I mistaken?” You raised your eyebrows, briefly flickering your gaze away from him to notice Murphy sharpening his knife on a log. “Where’s Wells?”

               “He decided to finally realize the importance-“ he stepped forward again, but you didn’t falter, “of compromisation.”

               You narrowed your eyes. “What did you do to hi-“

               “(Y/N)!” You turned, flicking your hair out of your eyes. “(Y/N)!” There, Wells and Clarke and the others were pushing their way towards you, shoving others out of the way. Except for Jasper.

               “What’s wrong? What happened?” You looked to Clarke, then briefly searched behind her and Octavia. “Where’s Jasper?!” You whispered.        

               “They- they took him.” She wheezed out. You put a hand on your shoulder.

               “Who? Who took him?” You looked into her blue eyes, wide with fright, and you hoped one day they wouldn’t be frightened and worried anymore.

               “I don’t know- (Y/N), I think- I think there are people here.” She whispered the last part. Your eyes widened, and you dropped your hand from her shoulder.

               That changed everything.

               “We’ll figure that out later. First, we need to go after Jasper.”

               “No. No, you’re not.” Bellamy said. Your nostrils flared and you rolled your eyes.

               “Did you find the mountain? With the supplies?” You asked Octavia, who stood beside Clarke.

               “No. We- we saw it…” She stuttered. You nodded.

               “We need to go. I’ll get some supplies gathered up.” Wells said, darting to the side and through the crowd.

               But Bellamy wasn’t having that. What would the others think if he couldn’t even control that stupid little group, or even his own sister?



               Your hands were shaky as Bellamy pulled Clarke out of the pit. She had nearly fallen in and would have died instantly, but he saved her, surprisingly.

               Jasper was untied, but he couldn’t walk. Wells supported the skinny boy who wheezed and looked like he was nearly see-through.

               But suddenly, a roar could be heard in the distance. Bellamy turned and patted his side for his gun, but it wasn’t there. Instead, it was in the grass a few feet away from you. You sprinted, barely making it in time to pick it up, turn the safety off and shoot the black panther that nearly sunk it’s claws into the oldest Blake.

               You breathed, dropping the gun that was still warm in your hands. Your heart was beating fast- you’d never used a gun before. And you never wanted to. But you did.

               Bellamy’s big brown eyes looked towards you, then the gun, then back to you again. Before anyone else could say anything, you muttered something along the lines of having to get Jasper back to camp, and you left the gun on the grass for Bellamy.


               You sat by the fire, taking in everyone conversing and feasting. Bellamy’s minions had carried the panther back, and people were greatful for the meat. However, you and the others didn’t get any.

               Clarke was talking with Finn while Wells and Monty were probably with Jasper. Meanwhile, you sat alone, drawing random designs in the dirt. Your stomach growled as you caught another whiff of the food. There might’ve even been drool coming out of your mouth.

               “Hey.” A deep voice shook you from your thoughts. Your eyes looked up to meet Bellamy’s awfully warm brown ones. How could someone who had such beautiful eyes be such a jack ass?

               There were a couple more moments of silence before your eyebrow raised in question. He cleared his throat, and brought his hand out from behind his back to offer a large hunk of the panther meat to you.

               “You’ve suddenly decided not to let me starve to death?” You slowly took the meat in your hands, trying not to give him the satisfaction of devouring it like a wild animal. “Did you do something to it?” You grinned.

               He snorted. “No.” Then, he went as far as to sit down beside you. SIT DOWN beside YOU. Wow, he was being nice today. He awkwardly fiddled with his sleeve a bit more. “Thank you.” He said. You turned towards him, your mouth already full of food as you ungraciously tore at it.

               “For what?”

               “You know what.” He muttered. You nearly laughed, but decided not to.

               “Some people do have basic human values.” You took another bite of the meat, and swallowed. “Besides, I didn’t thank you for saving Clarke.”

               “That doesn’t matter. You saved my life. You had no reason to.” With this, his eyes trained down towards your wrist band, and you naturally moved your hand away a bit. “I’m not going to take it off. I’m going to leave your precious wristband alone.”

               You looked towards him, nodding. You shared a few seconds of intense staring before you breathed out, “Thank you.”

               With that, you both sat in silence for a while. It was a comfortable silence, except for your unceremonious chewing and his fingers tapping against his leg.

               “You know,” You interrupted, “I guess you’re not that bad after all.”

               “Not that bad?” He raised an eyebrow, grinning a bit.

               “Yea. I mean, you fed me. Tomorrow you might even let me have shelter!” With this, he laughed.

               “I remember seeing you around, on the ark, you know.” He started. “You probably didn’t notice me. I was a janitor. Before I came down here.” He paused for a second, composing himself. You guessed there was more to that than he let on, but you let it be.

               “I’m surprised you noticed me. I was that one weird kid with all the special kids.” You said.

               “I was actually going to ask you about that.” Bellamy muttered. “How do you not want to take off your wristband? How do you not hate all of the council and the chancellor? Everyone knows your story. Your mother…”

               You tensed, and he stopped talking. “One, because I love Clarke and Wells. They’re my best friends. And two, while yes, sometimes or most of the time I might hate the council, but I think Well’s is right. We can’t survive down here on our own.” You thought about what Clarke said before, about people being here, but bit your tongue, not telling Bellamy about it.

               Why was it so easy to talk to him?

               “We can survive on our own. I can protect us. I can protect you.”

               “I don’t need protecting, thank you. And you keep telling yourself that pretty boy.” You snickered.

               “You think im pretty?” He feigned shock, and you playfully pushed him over. This time, he smiled, not grinned, but genuinely smiled, and you cursed that dreaded quickening in your heart. “If it matters, you’re much prettier than I am.”

               You tried keeping your face serious, tried not to break into a smile, but it didn’t work to well. “If flattery’s your motive for trying to get my wristband off, it’s not going to work.”

               “Bellamy!” Someone called from the crowd by the fire. “Someone got stuck climbing a tree and they can’t get down!” You assumed it was one of his minions, and you had to hold in a laugh, but you couldn’t help but let out a little snicker.

               “Good luck, Blake.”

               He looked down at you with those warm brown eyes- how you hated them just 24 hours ago- and said, “Thank you again, (Y/N.)”

               You watched him go, wanting to tell Clarke to punch you in the face for allowing your heart to quicken at his smile, but you couldn’t. Instead you just bit your lip, shaking your head and counted backwards from 100. It always helped to forget things you wanted to forget.

               But you had an aching feeling that you wouldn’t be forgetting this fleeting feeling anytime soon.