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 me.rlin ,  yelling  as  loud  as  he  possibly  can  outside  his  window :   IT  SURE  WOULD  BE  A  SHAME  IF  SOMEONE  KISSED  ME  RIGHT  NOW !



takashi shirogane’s doki doki panic: a guide to romancing the black paladin. happy valentine’s, everyone!

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did u know that victor nikiforov would do whatever yuuri asked of him, unflinchingly and without a second thought, like do you remember how he willingly gave up his successful iceskating career because he thought yuuri wanted him as his coach until he retired… and y’all dare say that victor would pretend like yuuri isn’t standing there asking him to do the laundry or the dishes lmao think again?


That was probably the wrong answer…


distorts are nice


I had the awesome privilege of working on Redbull’s Music Academy NYC street campaign again this year, which is starting to go live around Brooklyn in the form of murals by the ever-amazing painters at Colossal Media (I can’t imagine trying to copy photorealistic art onto a big wall—those guys are so good but they probably also hate me at this point lmao). 

Anyway, I did portraits of Gucci Mane, Alice Coltrane, Jenny Hval, and Solange, so if you see their faces around the city this month, let me know!


 babyhyun’s spii~ning habit  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

happy birthday to the lovely daihun!  ♡


i’m still alive but i’m barely breathing

a post episode ficlet. robert stands outside the mill, and wonders where in the world he’s welcome. 

The click of the front door behind him felt like a finality.

Just go, Robert.

If he tried hard enough, Robert could still feel the familiar press of Aaron’s lips against his cheek, remember the happier times it had happened, Aaron’s mouth sticky with toast crumbs and a cheeky grin in place as he planted one on Robert, halfway out the door and late for work.

Or those times when they’d lie in bed, late at night, Aaron’s nose pressed to his cheek, lips murmuring against Robert’s face, quiet, calm, reassuring, home.

Robert closed his eyes, focusing on the faint memory of how Aaron’s lips had felt against his face, how his beard had grazed against Robert’s skin (something he always grumbled about every single time it caused a rash on his overly sensitive skin), could pretend like his entire life hadn’t just crumbled in around him.

Just go, Robert.

W h e r e.

Where was he supposed to go now?

Robert Sugden burnt bridges. He left a trail of destruction behind wherever he went in life, and so it wasn’t as though he had an old friend to turn to, didn’t even have a parent who could take him in and scold him for being so stupid, didn’t have a brother to drown his sorrows with.

He could get in his car and drive, he supposed. Dan did say they’d have the windscreen fixed by the end of the day, and he could just, get in his car, and go - drive away from Emmerdale, drive away from everything that had gone so wrong. It had worked before, after all - he’d driven away from the only home he’d ever known, and he’d built a life for himself.

But something had brought him back, in the end, just like something always would draw him home to Emmerdale.

More like someone.

Robert was never going to stop feeling that all consuming, absolute love he had for Aaron. The things he’d done just to have Aaron, just to feel his lips against his own, feel the love the poured from every inch of Aaron, love so easily and freely given, even when Robert hadn’t deserved any of it.

Robert couldn’t forget that, couldn’t walk away from the greatest love he’d ever known.

But he was nothing, without Aaron. No one, nothing, had nowhere to go, nowhere else he wanted to be except with Aaron, whether that was in the Mill, in the pub, sitting in silence, anything.

He’d take five more minutes, just five more minutes to drink in his husband, memorise every inch of him before it was too late and -

“Robert, mate?”

Robert opened his eyes, the world feeling overly bright as he blinked, Adam coming into view. “It’s over,” he admitted hoarsely, not really caring if Adam saw him in a state. Adam had seen him look worse, had seen him on the upstairs landing of Victoria’s cottage, dripping sweat and post a nightmare, reliving the moment he’d been shot over and over and over and over and over and over and over -

“I know,” Adam’s voice cut through Robert’s thoughts, a look of genuine sympathy on his face. “I’ll look after him, I promise ya.”

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my fav lil things abt jimin

- when a hateful hashtag for hobi demanding him to be kicked out started, he made a post of himself spelling “j-hope!” and wrote “i’m posting a hope tweet for the hope-hyung tht i love”
- understands armys on a different lvl (a prime example is when he exposes jk’s triceps when he was doing push-ups)
- “#JIMIN”
- invented the Pushing Your Hair Back action
- his need to go to the washroom backstage
- tfw he uses his entire upper half to feel the beat of ‘house of cards’ ya feel
- how he helped yoongi both times for his bday project
- has this habit of jumping up and down when he’s rly excited abt a certain idea (that hide&seek bomb when he tried rly hard to get tae to agree staying in one spot)
- so kind he doesn’t release any covers knowing his stans will not be ready for such torture
- “J-I-M-I-N WOW”
- how he’s the first to pop up when you search up ‘rly soft rice cake ’ in korean
- underrated drawing skills
- tfw he giggles uncontrollably
- his legs suddenly becoming weak when he gets rly rly embarrassed
- his sriracha looking hair in dope era
- covering his mouth when he laughs
- blanking out during radio shows
- sticks out his tongue when he messes up
- seemingly forced to do things but secretly enjoys it and would prob do it again in a heartbeat
- a hobby of his: betraying tae
- “jeon jeonnNnguUukkieeEeeEee~~”
- jokes around w tae saying he ended the live broadcast
- how his favourite music is rapmom’s voice
- shamelessly sticking his ass up and shaking it
- buying hobi rly expensive footwear for his bday
- always stays behind monitoring tae’s individual shots and his proud face when he compliments him
- basically monitoring every member
- holds grudges
- helps film eatjin
- when he suddenly turns around and puts his face in between his legs and……shakes lmao
- rly random english phrases here and there like “ayo whaddup”
- a soft-hearted guardian for the maknae line
- enjoys listening to rapmom’s voice
- private interviews with jeongguk bc why not
- supports #JinOnTheStreet
- holds his own dancing style
-yknow tht thing he does when he tilts his head back and you see his jawline and his fluff hair and everything is good
- he just has so much kindness, fondness, and loveliness within him
- simply put he is the embodiment of an angel walking on earth

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Self care is surrounding yourself with other Shiro fans and getting excited together while ignoring the voltron fandom

  • shoma: yuzuru is my goal
  • me: cool
  • shoma: i'm going to repeat a program from 2 seasons ago for the olympics too!
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: