lmao my friend actually came up with the pun and it was too good so i made this


Summary: Adrien gets Marirekt.

So have this hot mess. No literally, this is a hot mess. I’m sorry for the lack of betaing and the cringy sexual tension. Under any circumstances, I’m not sorry for seductress!Marinette. Also, this is long.

This is some kind of bad boy Adrien lol not really and good girl Marinette lmao as if.

Also, I could have sworn today’s prompt was tension, but oh well. I was a day behind. *shows later to the Love Square Week with starbucks*

One thing Adrien Agreste learned in his first year of public education was that people couldn’t take no for an answer. No matter how polite he was or how firm he tried to be, they never seemed to understand the meaning of that simple two letters word. Adrien hated it. And after a couple of months of putting up with that, he decided it was the time to do something about it. Of course, he couldn’t just start being rude to people. So he came to the conclusion that if he can’t push people away, then he should just keep them from approaching. That was what his best friend, Nino, called the birth of bad boidrien.

(What a good pun, he was proud of his best friend.)

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hey did u know that i am homestuck trash and my friends and i have fantrolls now bc we have a bootleg portuguese session and we have godtiers and an adventure and everything bc we hella swag yeah ill post the godtiers later but we have them

Cristo: bruh he has the fire voodoo man dude dude dude i like my physical integrity pls i dont wanna be a croquette

Abdiel: are you 2 sweeps old that is not a ‘voodoo’ that is a young boy

these are some of our babies and this is gonna be a readmore ahaha

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