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rules: put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from each. then, tag 9 other people to participate! 

i got tagged by @taebaebts, my love!! ♥

1. paramore – “hate to see your heart break”

“for all the air that’s in your lungs
for all the joy that is to come
for all the things that you’re alive to feel
just let the pain remind you hearts can heal”

2. bap – “wake me up”

“you can’t put a price on my life
it’s a life that can’t be exchanged with anyone else’s”

3. left boy – “get it right”

“cause I like your skinny-jeans better
when they’re laying on the ground
and your kashmir sweater’s nowhere to be found”

4. no mercy – “0 (young)”

“they want me to make mistakes but this kind of attention is my chance”

5. monsta x – “blind”

“i wanna rip apart the blinds that cover you”

6. the neighbourhood – “single”

“i don’t ever mind sharing oxygen
i just wanna get lost in your lungs”

7. jida – “autumn breeze”

“it’s like walking through the sky
where the stars come and go
it’s the light within my reach
not as distant as it seemed”

8. nct dream – “chewing gum”

“the bigger it grows,
the clearer it gets
making it hard for me
to hide my heart”

9. berry good – “angel”

“on a white night, I’ll tell you in the mirror
you’re gonna be fine
now smile,
you’re pretty when you smile
you look way better like that”

i’m tagging @taeiloves, @nakamuto, @ouchwinwin, @markleetrashh, @minhyungd, @bassbot, @trademarklee, @nctuhohahyes, @vvwin, @yutasings, @freakydeakytaeyonq and really anyone else who wants to do this because it’s kinda fun hasgdkjhas. of course this is totally optional!! ♥

edit: those aren’t even nine people but elemayo ur tagged anyway kajshgd.

20 Questions Tag

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Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: just isabelle or Isa, belle, idk 
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Aquarius
Height: 168 cm
Time right now: 11:17 am, just woke up :)
Last thing I googled: the queen of England haha, i just finished watching The Crown on Netflix and i was wondering when it’s her birthday im so interested in peoples birthdays idk why
Favorite Bands: in kpop: Got7, BTS, Black Pink, Gfriend and Red Velvet
Favorite Solo Artists: Lorde. In kpop: Taeyeon, i love her voice and music so muchhhh
Song stuck in your head: GFriend - Fingertip. I love the song, dance, everything about this comeback. 
Last movie I watched: Avengers: age of Ultron. I literally watch that film once a week lol
Last TV Show I watched: I was catching up with the walking dead yesterday, and after that i watched Avatar: Last Airbender.
When did you create your blog: I created this sideblog in the summer of 2015. My main blog was created in 2012. 

What kind of stuff do you post: mostly related to Got7, especially Mark but I also reblog about other kpop groups that i like or when they have a comeback that im excited for.
When did your blog reach its peak: My blog is still growing everyday which is so amazing. But I think 2016 was the highlight of my blog . The followers count was increasing sooooO fast back then.
Do you have any other blogs: @spring-day is my main blog. I also have a seventeen vernon blog called @vernonseventeen
Do you get asks regularly: ha not really, I do get tagged a lot in posts and follow forever which is so sweet :’)
Why you chose your URL: i couldnt believe the url markgot7 was still available. therefore im pretty happy with my URL.
Following: 238 
Posts: 2445
Hogwarts House: lmao i took the test a year ago and i totally forgot what my result was but or Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.
Pokémon Team: Team Valor
Favorite colours: red and green
Average hours of sleep: It really depends, I slept 9 hours today but i can also sleep 12 hours or 4 hours a day.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 9, 22
Favorite manga Characters: Zuko hehe
How many blankets do you sleep with: 3. im always cold when im sleeping im weak
Dream job: no idea, but i like designing things and matching colors
Dream trip: Would love to go to australia, south korea, japan, us, and norway someday

tag: @ohsvhuns @justwhatevermark @hugmemark @rninyoonqi @youngjai @markificent @marktuansflip @cryjeon @holyfuckmark to lazy to tag 20 people whoops. also if you don’t want to do this, totally cool you don’t have to!!!

tagged by @kakashihotabae

Nicknames: tobi
Star Sign: pisces

Time right now: 7:22am
Last thing I Googled: 12 stories high made of radiation GEHKDGJGH
Last movie I watched: get out
Last TV show I watched: catfish & samurai jack before that
When I created this blog: a month ago lmao
Why did I choose my URL: i love my boy
Gender: boy
Hogwarts house: slytherin
Pokemon GO team: valor
Favorite color: blue
Lucky number: 8
Favorite character: lmao.. guess who
Number of blankets I sleep with: 3
Relationship status: with @jasonptodd
Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick
Last song you listened to: la mer - django reinhardt
top three characters: tob, genji, scott summers
Top three ships: tobimina, mcgenji, tobimada
Books I am currently reading: howl’s moving castle

@partition1947 @illyanarasputin @sasukehateblog @duck-smoothie youre the only people who are awake rn so i’m tagging you all

I was tagged by @muovikassi ((thanks mate!!))

Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… And most importantly, have fun!

a - age: 16
b - biggest fear: Becoming blind
c - current time: 17:05
d - drink you last had: water ((I don’t drink anything else))
e - every day starts with: Bathroom lmao
f - favorite song: All good things - Fight
g - ghosts, are they real: Yes! We talking about the band right ??
h - hometown: Oulu
i - in love with: Toffee ((Svtfoe))
j - jealous of: Dumb to think about this
k - killed someone: Probably
l - last time you cried: Idk maybe like couple of days ago?
m - middle name: Eerika ((the mystery is my first name lmaooo))
n - number of siblings: 3
o - one wish: Someone I like would like me back asjkdlslskj
p - person you last called/texted: Mika :3
q - questions you’re always asked: “How about you” lmao
r - reasons to smile: Cute people, smiles, hugs, memes…
s - song last sang:  Starset - Last to Fall
t - time you woke up: 7:09
u - underwear colour: Pastel blue I think 0:
v - vacation destination: Scotland or Ireland !!
w - worst habit: Ehh idk ??
x - x-rays you’ve had: Teeth
y - your favorite food: Sweet potato ayyy
z - zodiac sign: Sagittarius !!

Im tagging @rebelferrari69 ((pls do this)), @nuunamaria ((ur hair ahhhh)), @vitun-keksi ((who r u boi)), @unirytmihairio ((my sister likes you mate)), @makesureyourestillreal (( h e yy)), @laskujumala ((notice me)), @kuudessilma ((cutie)), @sabofleur ((I ALWAYS FORGET U IN THESE)), @lakanakana ((why dis name)), @shoesnow ((ay u still alive?))

11 questions tag


  1. Always repost the rules
  2. Answer 11 random questions posted for you
  3. Create 11 new ones
  4. Tag 11 people

I was tagged by @puppynamu Thank you!!

Questions for me:

1. What is the last lie you told? 
my mom: didn’t you say you’re gonna clean your closet
me: yeah?

2. Are you willing to eat a bowl of crickets for $40k? They better be fried

3. Movie that you never get sick of? Any Disney movie, I love them, they’re always so sentimental. Maybe Anastasia, but I know I’m choosing that movie simply because I haven’t watched it in a long time

4. Is there anything you want to do before you go to sleep tonight? Exercise lmao i haven’t exercised in 4 days 

5. If you are taking medication, did you remember to take it on time? Please do! I don’t have medication but I should prob take my vitamins, thank you for reminding me <3

6. What makes you feel afraid? a lot of things! going down the stairs, when it’s too quiet, people yelling at each other, not knowing where my mom or siblings are

7. Sunset or sunrise? Sunset, i’ve taken so many photos, i love when the clouds turn pink

8. Most embarrassing childhood memory? 5th grade. Family Life. Looking at a diagram and not realizing what it was until my classmates pointed it out (I was staring at it for a good five minutes, totally zoned out) I was 11 years old rip

9. Favorite mythical god/goddess? ALL OF THEM minus Zeus, Dionysus and Hades lol (my brain says Athena but my heart says Aphrodite… she was literally born from seafoam, like that’s aesthetic #goals)

10. What are your favorite lyrics? uhh i can’t think of a favorite? I have a lot of lyrics I love, but I can’t think of my all time favorite. so here are just a few:

“But I can fly, past the countless stars, fly away”
“I said to leave, I said I’m okay”
“Just me, her, and the moon”
“You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting”
“If you’re lost, just look for me, you’ll find me in the region of the summer stars”
“And I remember you laughing, so let’s just laugh again”
“Hands are silent, voice is numb”
“I hear your voice, it’s like an angel sighing” <– those lyrics were made for sungjong js

11. Can you hula hoop? Yes

My Questions:

1. Are you a chicken nugget?

2. Can you whistle with your fingers (bc I can’t and I think it’s pretty darn cool)?

3. Do you know how to read or write in another language?

4. What color is your room?

5. Favorite quote(s)? Favorite Spongebob quote(s)?

6. Do you wear makeup?

7. Can you burp the ABCs?

8. Are you an alien? Can you beam me up your spaceship? 

9. Highlighters (the makeup kind) are actually stardust. True or False?

10. Did you drink water today? Hydrate yourself and then finish this questionnaire. 

11. Someone comes from another universe and tells you about their world. From what they’re talking about, it sounds pretty awesome (despite a few aspects) and you’re thinking about visiting this cool place. The person asks you to come with them, but there’s two conditions. 1) Only you can go. 2) If you go, there’s a 50% chance you might not be able to come back to this universe. What is your decision? Why?

I’m tagging @hoyainifinite @chickenyeol @soooldout @flowrsoo @woohyun-ssi @bionic-leesungjong @ifnt-saranghae @cloudyjong @namwoonie @wonhonnie and I can’t think of one more person so if you see this and read through it and you’re not tagged…. you’re the chosen one

I got tagged by @space-caffeine THANK YOUUUU

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… And most importantly, have fun!

a - age: almost a dancing queeen young and sweet only seventeen
b - biggest fear: losing my free will
c - current time: 16:47
d - drink you last had: water
e - every day starts with: a shower/sending snaps
f - favorite song: Lamput päällä by Tuuttimörkö
g - ghosts, are they real: Yeah!!! I’ve experienced paranormal shit
h - hometown: Espoo 
i - in love with: @muovikassi
j - jealous of: people who stay warm all the time
k - killed someone: online lmao
l - last time you cried: today, my father makes me anxious and it was the first time i saw him after moving away
m - middle name: annikki
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: i want MONEY
p - person you last called/texted: bae
q - questions you’re always asked: what the fuck
r - reasons to smile: THIS
s - song last sang:  Maybe idk 
t - time you woke up: 9am
u - underwear colour: navy
v - vacation destination: i want to see the bunny & deer islands in japan
w - worst habit: being a smart ass
x - x-rays you’ve had: i’ve had none
y - your favorite food:  milbona greek style yogurt ft. fruit
z - zodiac sign: virgo

i tag @esidisi @joseph-moestar

TAGGED BY.  @kkochmal-redux
@mockingbirdlullabies @toosleepyforyou @portalipsis @pilawforhire @oflilacs @solivita

NICKNAMES.  leelu, leel, hole, lay, lays chips, etc.
LAST THING I GOOGLED. wild wild west movie
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST.  gOT NO IDEA TBH i love all. id say nicki minaj but ever since that shEther diss track I GOTTA SAY REMY MA LMAO
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD.  “You” - Keyshia Cole, ft Remy Ma
LAST TV SHOW I WATCHED.  lmao either Teen Mom or Catfish 
WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW.  ….a pink skirt and my gym shirt. dont ask lmao
THE KIND OF STUFF I POST.  ic stuff, food gifs, replies, occasional ooc post
DO I HAVE OTHER BLOGS.  LMAO YES. mostly oc blogs. uhhh maybe 4 or 5 in total?
DO I GET ASKS REGULARLY.  not exactly idk?? i mean its not consistent. kinda depends on my activity
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL.  bc….. sam is black and asian (blasian), and cuz i kinda like the thought of her kinda like. a caterpillar becomin a butterfly. but blasiancaterpillar sounds so fuckin weird SO BUTTERFLY HERE WE GO
HOGWARTS HOUSE.  ive never….. took any quiz or nothin for this lmao. i’mma go ahead and say i’m either gryfindor or hufflepuff or smth tho cuz i can 
FAVORITE COLORS.  pink, red, black, aquamarine. also this weird purpley-pink-magenta color i forgot the name of
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP.  rlly just ranges from 4hrs-10hrs
LUCKY NUMBERS. 7 prolly 
FAVORITE CHARACTERS. Izaya Orihara from Drrr!! will ALWAYS be my #1 husband
BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH.  just one lmao. i need more tho :/

tagged by @sirivsblaxk thanks a lot my pal !!

“Once you get this, it’d be super rad if you’d share 5 random facts about yourself. Then, pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers!“

1. my favorite sonnet by shakespeare is no. 116
2. the people i watch the most on yt are aquachigger & someordinarygamers
3. if i write anything to anyone ever i’m going “shut the fuck up” to myself internally lmao
4. 95% of my wardrobe is secondhand
5. when i was a kid, my favorite thing to eat was danish ryebread with nothing but salt and pepper lol

tagging @theplaysickkitten @thedestroyeroflife @chryselephantinechaos @geislieb if y’all want to 

so hi, here’s a tag thing

lmao im just getting around to this

tagged by @hothowell  
rules: copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!
a - age: 12 (i think) 
b - biggest fear: rejection in general   
c - current time: 5:20 pm
d - drink you last had: root beer
f - favorite song: circles - gumi english
g - ghosts, are they real: very real
i - in love with: takis  
j - jealous of: tbh anyone who has an actually nice phone
k - killed someone: nah
l - last time you cried: yesterday
m - middle name: elena
n - number of siblings: 6 
o - one wish: to be able to meet all my interwebs friendos @ a con
p - person you last called/texted: one of my interwebs friendos 
q - question(s) you’re always asked: “are you a boy or a girl”
r - reasons to smile: daniel howell, philip lester, n my friendos. also music 
s - song last listened to: roman holiday by halsey
t - time you woke up: 8:26 am 
u - underwear color: black
v - vacation destination: tokyo
w - worst habit: cutting off my foot’s blood circulation  
x - x-rays you’ve had: dentist, and when i sprained my wrist 
y - your favorite food: haluski
z - zodiac sign: scorpio

ok so i guess im done so ill tag @flawinamiracle, @the-book-of-lafayeet, and (just for shits n giggles bc i look up to this person so much i scream) @mrthekunzer

k bye losers

hello!! so this says holiday follow forever but really i just wanted an excuse to use this really pretty picture of ornaments! anyway, i just wanted to say thank you to all of the amazing blogs that I follow, especially my lovely mutuals! (ps. the bolded are my absolute favorite blogs and italics mean that i want 2 be friends, or we already are, but honestly i want to be friends with all my mutuals so!! also i know i forgot some people so if that’s you i am so sorry!! i love u

[a - e] @acelourry / @acestyles / @adidassaintlaurenthoe / @adidastan @adidhaz / @aintnosaintlouis / @alienharrys / @antilarriestears / @aprilsquad / @arigrnade / @arouziall / @aspiringladd / @b1ack7 / @backhometolou / @bangpayne / @bearychristmas / @birthdau / @bleachedharry / @bloubird / @bonjourziall / @boobearau / @bottomlinsons / @brianamontana / @buttplugau / @chillniazkilam / @christlouis / @cuddlylarents / @cutielouiepatootie / @daddyzainmalik / @daggertat / @dickchoke / @donnyboylou / @dragmelouis / @edolouis / @elfhatlouis / @elflou

[f - j] @farahmiir / @festivebisexual / @festivehoelouis / @festivelyhomo / @fireworkshazza / @flaccidlouis / @floralsuit / @fondinglovers / @fookinlarryloser / @fookintommo / @frootloup / @fuckituplouis / @gaysexuals / @givenchyloueh / @godgavemelou / @gothlouis / @happilyharry / @happylarrydays / @harrieclaus / @harrybubblegumbitch / @harryisindanger / @harrymulder / @harrysaesthetic / @harrystuhls / @hazandlouis / @haztrash / @helloyourebeaut / @hlalmighty / @hoerton / @hohohorton / @holidayfics / @horanyo / @hungerlarry / @hydratedbitch / @icelunds / @icenation / @inkedhusbands / @inkedupspouses / @investigatelirry / @invinciblelarry / @iwillscreamuntilearsbleed / @jawllines / @jealouslouvers / @jealuois / @jumbledmelody

[k - o] @kickmelouis / @ladstagram / @larriesrepresent / @larriez / @larryferns / @larryisnotdead / @larrymassive / @larrypeach / @leadingcompass / @leedsfics / @lieams / @liltinylouis / @littletummo / @ljpaine / @londeneers / @loueish / @louhy / @louieclaus / @louieetommo / @louils / @louisisafurry / @louisismighty / @louisloveclub / @louispdf / @louisvibes / @louiz / @louizbebo / @louseh / @lousgotnocontrol / @louyouwhore / @lovedloufirst / @lovehabits / @madeintheaf / @memeharry / @merrylarrys / @mickgreensberg / @mismatchingsocks / @mitamofficial / @moonlarrie / @morningfringe / @mutualfond / @narryni / @narrysthrusts / @nauticalleeds / @nexttoyouconcept / @niallbreathe / @niallhcranvevo / @niallthejinglebell / @nippleau / @nsfwysl / @offhalsey / @officialdarbus / @officialseaworld / @okzaddy

[p - t] @poetryhoeharry / @poinsettatomlinson / @queerlarries / @quitefond / @richlouissquad / @ripfringe / @rnbzaddy / @romanau / @saintadidas / @santababyharrie / @shittylarryblog / @sincelouis / @sinlouis / @sleighalmighty / @softloueh / @sonlouis / @spousesau / @stagehug / @staytilltheam / @stoplarry2k15 / @stronglarents / @studlouis / @stylesperfect / @stylinvevo / @subobama / @suckinglouis / @sugarbabykink / @sugarcubelouis / @sugardaddydrake / @tattouing / @teamlarrie / @testicalouis / @thightat / @tiddielouis / @tigertat / @tinsellarry / @tinyfeetlou / @tomlickson / @twouis

[u - #] @uneducatedharry / @universityfic / @veggyharry / @vinylouis / @viptwink / @virginhaz / @wankchapel / @youfookinglosah / @zaynisrich / @ziaell / @ziamblogger / @zixgod / @zuffering / @21hry