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Bad Decisions pt 4 [Jaehyun]

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Genre: Angst

Scenario: Your long term friend Jaehyun is in love with your best friend. You want nothing but the best for them but silently dealing with your break up from BTS singer Jeon Jungkook has been weighing on you. One drunken night and one bad decision leads to risks taken and mistakes made.

Characters: Jaehyun; Reader (You); Your Friend (Y/F/N); Mark

Word Count: 1820

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Jaehyun listened to the engine of Y/F/N’s car roar as he watched her tear off into the distance. As if to reflect his mood the dark clouds in the sky quickly merged together and the rain from earlier had returned with a force. He felt the cold raindrops splash against his skin and he took his bottom lip between his teeth. He pressed down so hard he could have sworn he recognized the coppery taste of blood on his tongue.

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husbandmurders  asked:

Hey! Thank you, it was very clear! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain!! I use my tablet for only a year and I change my way of doing so it is really interesting for me to see how others do. (I can say Queen Bella too! Haha I'm unstoppable!) I have one last question if you do not mind? How do you manage a background? I LOVE your Otayuri WTTD, one with just the light and the other the spectators, the ice ... it intrigues me a lot! I hope not to disturb you with all my questions! ;-;

I’m so sorry it took SO long ;;-;; I lost the file and found it recently
so here it is
I’m not sure if this drawing is the one you talked about

I have to say this many times. I’m not good at explaining things and mostly my artists friends are the same as I am.
if you ask them “how did you draw this and that” and you want them to explain, they’ll only said “uhhhh” or “idk i just draw it” because yes we only draw it just like that. and everytime I explain how I draw something they always said “ok nevermind i don’t get it tho”

you needs practices and experiments to be great at something, not just copying from people you admire.

I’m going to explain how to color the background. wml

1. get yourself your already done drawing

2. since I’m not good at drawing backgrounds, I usually use pictures from google or screenshots from videos. Kubo-sensei also use pictures for backgrounds for her WTTM comic.
edit it on photoshop
I always trying to draw my own background though. I use pictures for backgrounds just in a special occasion or I ran out of time to finish the drawing

3. you can’t just place the picture. you need to adjust the position so it’ll looks proportional (this part is actually pretty hard)

4. add dark purple, blue and red around the characters as seen on the picture

5. mY FAVORITE PART lmao. give layer clip effects on the blades and any part you feel like need a little touch like hair and blush on the cheek (I already discuss it on the previous tutorial)

6. give it a glow

7. add more details like faint glows on the blades, thin and thick scratches on the ice,highlight on the clothes, etc

8. give some tiny dots to make the drawing looks fresh and fun. don’t just randomly add the dots but you have to pay attention that some part need ice splatter and other part don’t

it’s done heheh *sweats*
I hope you can understand..

try to do experiments with your own style because some tutorials didn’t fit your style
I colored this one with my own coloring style. I just randomly mix and match the colors and have to redo many times before I get the color I desire