lmao minho gives the best reactions

moon-kibum  asked:

I thot of a reaction for you!! In latin america it is customary for fans during concerts to throw underwear with their phone number written on it, to their idols during concerts to the stage lmao! I was actually worried for Shinee when they went to mexico, chile and argentina but they behaved lol, so! What would Shinee do if a random thonge or bra falls on them while singing on stage? Lol

BAWAHAHAH this gives me life

SHINee’s reaction if a bra or thong falls on them while singing on stage…

Key: “eww was she wearing those!?”


Jonghyun: “OMO we have the best fans!”

Teamin: “Hyungs what do i do….”

Onew : “look look it was her!”

Thanks for the great submission :) My other SHINee reacts: sees you naked  youve bought something  catches you reading smut  honey im preg  fb vrs Tumblr  he cant kiss you  sees you crying  how he makes you feel    a photo of you  walking down the isle  taemins solo    you steal a kiss  you ruin their fav meal