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There are no pens in your toolbox—not because you don’t need them, but because you don’t need to actively obtain them. In a world where every commodity is carefully tracked and distributed, pens are the exception, floating freely in unoccupied space. You may have a pen with you right now, but if you don’t, you could certainly find one in a couple of minutes, and no one would mind if you took it.

No other product is like this: You don’t drive your car, drop it off somewhere, and grab the next one you see lying around. Pens are rarely used start to finish by the same person. When was the last time you bought a pen, used it for a long time, and saw it through to the end of its ink supply? Or bought an actual replacement ballpoint cartridge? Never.

Look at the pen nearest you right now. Do you even know where it came from? Is it imprinted with the logo of a company you’ve never heard of?

We spend our lives drifting through an ephemeral sea of pens, using them and letting them go, like spent I overs—finding, lending, misplacing, replacing, discovering, dismantling, piling the components on our desks and playing with that little spring. If there is any evidence for creationism, it can be found in pens: They exist all around us, but no one knows from whence they came. We know only that they are good, they are here to serve us, and some people can spin them around their thumb.

-Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go To Grad School, Adam Ruben


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can you possibly do nct reacting to their s/o being in an underrated group (ex. topp dogg, berry good) i don't know why i came up with this idea but i think it's pretty cool

i hope this is alright anon i havent done one of these in a while so im a little rusty but here she is smooch smooch <3

here we see a wild taeil preparing to fight any bitch that smack talks ur group or dares call you untalented 

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is your BIGGEST FAN BIH he has every album every single and every voice message youve ever sent him 

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tries his best to be backstage supporting you whenever he can, watches the entire show staring at you in awe thinking about how you deserve the whole damn universe  

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loves and supports you, also roasts you about it occasionally but knows when to stop (also makes sure you know hes joking and that he thinks you and your group deserve the world)

will not hesitate to fight those who call you untalented or undeserving

to fans: “yall know (insert group name here)? ya me neither lmao,, but really go get their new album its the best and also not optional”  

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such a supportive boyfriend can you imagine him boppin along to ur songs and telling fans how great your group is bless his heart 

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*jaehyun showing the members a video of your group* “yall look at them GO look at my beautiful girlfriend who deserves the world and everything in it GO”

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*watching your comeback performance and thinking about how much love you deserve*

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always speaks about you in interviews and urges people to support you because he sees how hard you work and knows you deserve the WORLD bih

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*watching you on stage at your first award show and thinking about how hard youve worked for this and being emo as shit*

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do you remember the time where grades weren’t one of the most important things in your life and you weren’t constantly feeling like life is passing you by and like you are running out of time? do you remember the time where you didn’t constantly pressure yourself and you didn’t worry about getting a good job and money? yeah me neither lmao

So I’m finally getting around to playing KOTOR because Star Wars is ruining my life I’ve been late to the party for long enough at this point lmao

And it’s hilarious because I think this is the first time I’ve ever played a Bioware game where I’m sitting there like ‘hey guys, maybe there’s a middle ground here? Like maybe we don’t need to go to extremes with everything? Anybody? No? No middle ground?’

And of course my morality in the game is doing the same thing it did in the first two Mass Effect’s where it just bumps up and down slightly from the middle after every decision because I don’t consistently side either way with choices. So I’m very much hoping it’s not like ME where how far you are to a given side actually affects the gameplay lmao. Though if it does I haven’t noticed it yet, so here’s hoping that continues

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sorry but i will never get over yousef throwing leaves to sana's face WTF lmao