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And so the line in the song is like, ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart.’ But I think– And for me, that makes sense but I have friends that, I think, they’re wired a little bit differently and it makes them happier to be logical […]. So I don’t know that it necessarily makes sense for everyone to ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart’ but for all of us, I think that was the way that it worked.” 


JACKSON WANG // GQline art edition

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i mean obviously there are those really bad edits, but do you not like the way the edited ones look at all? at least for me i support it because it combats against the socio-cultural issue of asian beauty standards. sorry i'm not trying to start anything i just want to get where you're coming from.

i’m against the principle of editing the skin tone purposely to what you’d call “their real skin tone” and then posting it and claiming it as truth.  pretending you know these people you’ve probably never met and imposing your own standards on them isn’t any better than other people doing it.

there are better ways to fight the negative impact of asian beauty standards. i do it within my community, try to call out anyone claiming light skin would make them look better, or reassuring my friends who complain about their skin being dark. there are better ways.


“I never knew that love had a sound, until I heard you laugh.” Since you got scouted at age 17, you probably haven’t had the time to spend your birthday back in L.A. despite this, I hope wherever you are, you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you. Even if we are unable to meet one day, the fact that you and I exist under the same sky is enough for me. Instead of making a graphic, I decided to gif clips of your laugh/smile, because all I want for your birthday is your happiness. Thank you for working hard for us~ Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, Joshua Hong ♡ #가장_위험한_세븐틴_교회오빠_탄신일

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Matt Bellamy’s Manson guitar Bomber was used for three years from 2003 to 2006, notably during the 2004 Absolution Tour, and made its last debut at Werchter in 2006. Bomber is also featured in music videos of Hysteria (US version) and Starlight.

Bomber is decorated with airplane rivets (from a scrap yard, presumably from the Second World War) to cover some faults in the chrome plate as the guitar needed to be done incredibly quickly, in only a few weeks time, to use it during touring. Hugh Manson commented on the guitar; “I was trying to make it look like a sort of burnt wing of a B52 bomber, I suppose. Luckily it turned out amazingly and it sounds awesome. It’s funny how something that starts out being a good project, goes through this potential disaster stage and comes round to being a massive success.”


花樣年華² // je ne regrette rien

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Don't blame NH for your "perfect relationship"sasusaku has. Sasuke subtly reciprocated her feelings somehow, but he loves being out of the village, she kept waiting, waiting, and wishing for him. After everyone in the village got married, Sakura got jealous and chased after Sasuke, is not our fault. Like seriously someone spends so much time editing out Hinata on family edits must be jealous, NH never takes out Sakura out of any T7 edits, unlike you amateurs, keep your iPhone edits LMAO.

You know, I might be rude sometimes, but I’m no bully. If you’re so keen on getting fisted, why didn’t you just ask? Instead you sent me this clusterfuck of pent-up emotions and insecurity, mixed with some kindergarten-leveled insults, trying to make yourself look like all grown up, smart and pretty much everything you’re /not/.
But, ah well, as I said, I’m no bully. Give me your hand sweetie, and we will go through this mess together. But don’t come back to me crying, I warned ya.

Now, where do we start. 

-Don’t blame NH for your “perfect relationship"sasusaku has-

Now, why would I do that? Why would I blame your off-paneled canonized, forever second in row-ed ship for the relationship SS has, that entails mutual understanding, on panel interaction and canonization, several interviews that confirm it decided both NS and NH, and most importantly, is also Kishi’s most talked about ship? I mean, last time I checked, NH wasn’t responsible for any of those. Besides, I’m pretty content with that. I ain’t blaming anyone, in fact, I’m praising Kishi to all heaven while you’re busy pooping out more of your salty - hold on, I think my bacon is ready, k, moving on - cringeworthy opinion that nobody cares about?

-Sasuke subtly reciprocated her feelings somehow-

Ah, the sheer satisfaction of imagining you sitting there like a crying toddler because ‘UWU SOMEHOW HE DID BAAAH BUT ONLY SUBTLY BAAAH DONT TELL ME OTHERWISE OR ELSE I WILL NEVER STOP CRYING BAHH’
Poor you. Even Sasuke’s VA thinks otherwise
Speaking of feelings, how did it feel like to have Naruto and Hinata hold hands, only for him to call Sakura his girlfriend few seconds later, and, which I find worse, how did it feel like when you realized their only interaction in 699 would be them standing in front of Neji’s grave - who had to die and was called a cupid by Kishi himself - right after your folk claimed it NH would get an on panel kiss while SS would become canon behind the scenes?

- After everyone in the village got married, Sakura got jealous and chased after Sasuke, is not our fault.-

Boruto and Sarada are the same, so you actually managed to falsely believe this is anti SS when it’s in fact very pro. It just showcases once again how far ahead their relationship was. Oops. She was never jealous. It’s not our fault you have to cling to filler material either, yet we’re still here. Crazy, no?

- Like seriously someone spends so much time editing out Hinata on family edits must be jealous -

Jealous of what? Filler material? Knowing NS had more interaction than your ship? Off panel canonization? No relevant on panel interaction as a married couple? The pity comment? Passive aggressive comments by Kishi? So jealous~

- NH never takes out Sakura out of any T7 edits-

Cute how you mention this as if anyone cares. There will always be someone, somewhere, who does this or that. But guess what, nobody cares. Except you.

- unlike you amateurs, keep your iPhone edits LMAO.-

Why would we not keep them? I know you guys have a massive problem within the fandom that forces you to beg SS artists and writers to do shit for you, but please, don’t bother /me/ with that.

Next time, just ask me directly and stop hiding behind asks that make me think you’ve been used as a football one too many times as a baby.