lmao it was more like 2 days but!!!!

hiii time to get soppy! I would just like to say that skam will always have a special place in my heart. when I started watching, it was around ep 2 of season 3. i was in a bad place with my depression and anxiety, I had bad insomnia and generally wasn’t doing too well, blah blah blah. skam gave me something to look forward to every day. that may not seem like much, but back then, looking forward to things just didn’t happen to me anymore. isak’s little season made me so much more comfortable with my sexuality and helped me come out to some of the people closest to me. and I have never related to a character as much as I have with even. season one was also so beautiful and I remember thinking “God, I wish there was a show like this around when I was a teenager”
honestly, i watch so much tv, but no show comes close to impacting my life in the same way skam did. I’ve made some beautiful friends through this show and some of the storylines have given me a fresh perspective on my sexuality and mental health, and for that I will forever be grateful.
I love you all 💖

when I was slightly younger,  I went to korea by impulse with two of my friends after I graduated high school n it was the first time I’ve ever travelled without my family. we weren’t there for long, but we were all over the place I really wish I could go back in time and plan our schedule. we met a lot of good friends there, ate some good food, but we could’ve gotten so much more out of our stay if we didn’t buy our tickets like 2 days before we had to leave lmao. I still consider it one of my best memories, even though it had its up and downs but I think its one of the many things you should experience as a teenager. It kind of smartens you up for the next time you go so every time I see vloggers literally having an itinerary for their stops I’m like ‘that is going to be me next time’

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Hi there! just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and your memes really make me laugh hahah you seem like a pretty cool guy, and your metas/theories are also really interesting. Keep it up! btw I read that you'd like to learn Spanish in the future, so if you ever need help, here you have a native-Spanish-speaker follower to help you :) have a nice day/night! ~

Of course! Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot that you enjoy my content as silly as it may be. But well, that’s my goal lmao. And yeah I’ll be taking Spanish for 2 years starting late 2018 (hopefully), so if I need any help I’ll be sure to ask people who are obviously more informed than me xD. Thanks!


infodumping about the ocean

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
@fuckyeahpearlmethyst @annadesu

The 'No Excuses' Study System to Get That A

I  School Days  1. Show up to class a little early. It’ll give you time to set up, read over some old notes, put your water bottle/thermos on your desk, fill out your planner if you couldn’t in the previous period(s), check your planner to see if you have something on that day etc. 2. Sit in the front or second row. I’m serious, you will definitely benefit. Write detailed class notes. Pick whatever system works for you. I usually write my titles in red pen, notes in black pen, underline points that are repeated/emphasised, highlight keywords at home 3. If you have time at school, do as much homework as you can. If you know you have commitments that day, please for the love of your education do your homework at lunch. I know you might feel awkward, but your friends will understand.  4. When you get home, first list down all the homework received that day on a q card (cross off as you go). Then write the same tasks in your bullet journal, but as a daily spread. Use stayfocusd or self control for mac + leave phone in a different room. FINISH ALL OF YOUR HOMEWORK. If for some reason you couldn’t complete a homework task, write it on a sticky note and place it on your wall. After homework is done, write your revision notes (flashcard the info as well). Place the notes in your accordion folder/binder. If you have some loose sheets at any point, place them in a ‘To Be Filed’ box. Sort that out when you’re packing your bag for the next day. 5. Go through the flashcards made that day and the flashcards made on the previous days.  List out all assignments/assessments on another q card with their due dates. This will come in handy later. 6. Pack your bag the night before. Remember your accordion folder + make sure your ‘To Be Filed’ box is empty. Put water bottle in the fridge and make meals for the next day. 7. The next day, wake up early, complete any unfinished homework, go through flashcards again, read through revision notes, make lunch for the day, put laptop in bag, put food + water in bag, exercise (esp if you have commitments after school), shower, change, blah blah blah. Only do this if your schedule is packed, and in my case, this is a must. II  Weekends 1. On Friday nights, first off, do homework. You will thank yourself for it. Whip out that list of assessments/assignments and allocate half days to knock off at least two of these little assholes. Work ahead, you will feel much better. 2. Do your readings. For English, knock off some wider reading novels, for HSIE, knock off some textbook unit readings (two units ahead), for science, knock off some more textbook readings. Write summaries of each page. Type these summaries. Print these summaries. Place in accordion folder/binder. Flashcard the info. Spend like half a day doing this lmao. 3. Spend 1-2 hours going through the flashcards you made that week for each subject. This counts as studying my friend.  III Weekends When You Actually Have Assessments  1. Due to your working ahead, homework completion and readings, you shouldn’t be panicking too much. Get those revision notes and slot in the textbook readings notes. Highlight, annotate, read aloud, go through flashcards and get someone to test you on the content. Make sure you know all terms, formulae, key concepts, vocabulary etc etc 2. As for assignments, again due to your working ahead just print them out and heavily edit those little asshats. Then type the edits into the doc. Repeat this process four times. Then get someone to read it. Make sure all your assignments are on your USB + email them to yourself because you never fucking know tbh.  3. You’ll probs have to sacrifice your reading time but that’s chill because the teacher/prof will probably be focusing on prepping you for the actual assessment + you gotta do what you gotta do. SUMMARY Seriously, just do your homework the day you receive it, write revision notes, do your readings, write notes on those readings, make flashcards, knock out assignments as soon as you know they actually exist, read every wider reading novel (analyse these novels), read your required readings (analyse this too), go over flashcards every morning/afternoon, make use of spare time in class, do homework at lunch if needed, stick to your schedule, buy coffee/hot chocolate in the mornings and put it in a thermos, keep a necessities pouch in your bag, keep your P.E shoes in your locker, use a planner, track your spending, wash your hair, brush your hair, go to commitments, attend school events, attend events you’re invited to, go shopping, watch movies, be kind to yourself, take bubble baths, light candles, listen to music, SLEEP, get that A and most importantly be proud of yourself. 

Amis and co. as things customers at my (fast food) job have done

Bahorel: tipped me 10$ on a 9$ meal because I made “the best fucking fries in history”

Joly: ordered our largest size (which is enough food for two-three people) with extra gravy but then added peas on top because “I’m trying to eat healthy”

Feuilly: ordered, paid, and then just. Fell asleep. Right there at the till.

Enjolras: got legitimately angry when our card machine didn’t have a tip option and got even angrier when I said I was working through New Year’s eve until 5 am. Offered to call head office and complain about it.

Cosette: also on New Year’s eve, gave all of the staff chocolate bars and thanked us for working so hard and so late

Montparnasse: came in to the shop twice a week in the summer while we had a limited time meal called the Mac Daddy and only ever ordered that. Never came in again after we got rid of it.

Combeferre: lives in the flat above the shop, comes in every week with a ceramic bowl and asks me to make his meal in it (instead of our paper boxes) to reduce waste

Jehan: reads, considers, and takes a picture of every single quote I write on the blackboard. Always asks for extra pickles.

Gavroche: had an actual laughing fit when I squeezed the cheese sauce bottle and it made farting noises 

Courfeyrac: came in around 3 am on the weekend before Halloween dressed as David Bowie. Picked up a feather boa a customer had left behind, put it on and kept it

Éponine: started yelling at some idiot who was catcalling another customer. It got so heated they had to take it outside 

Musichetta: nice regular who just comes in to write Instagram handles on the board, chats with us for a few minutes and leaves

Marius: apologized like five times even though I was the one who messed up the order. Tried to pay with Euros (in Canada)??

Bossuet: came in slightly drunk at 2 am on a snowy day so the shop floor was wet, fell down literally more than ten times even after I mopped

Grantaire: stared at the menu of poutines for 10 minutes, gave up and asked me “which one’s the most dank”


Here’s the speedpaint from earlier because I forgot to make it it’s own post hello

I rarely blend my brush strokes cause I love the look of strong prominent stroke lines, it shows confidence in your work which can make it look very lively. This was a fun doodle to say the least.

Hopefully I’ll remember to record myself whenever I do decently detailed pieces every now and then, what do you all think?

Freedom Part 1 (Greaser!Peter Parker x Reader AU)

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Request: hi doll i was wondering if i could request a kinda greaser!peter parker au? like he saves you from your dick boyfriend and idk fluffy shit lmao sorry if this prompt sucks

Read part 2 here

A/N: I was watching Stranger Things when I wrote this… oops

Word Count: 2,109

- Written by Kat -

Ever since you were a kid, you felt like you were supposed to be doing something more. Like there was more that needed to be said, but you never got the chance. As time went on, you pressed the feeling deep within yourself, becoming someone else entirely. In this day and age, women were expected to look and act a certain way. The feeling in your gut was always pulling you away from those ideas, prompting you to be more. But you never gave them a chance, too scared of what people would think. So you swallowed your heart, you wore the dresses and skirts and makeup. You went to the dances, and parties, you smiled and laughed and flirted. And when the captain of the football team asked you out, the only thing to do was say yes. Even though you played the part, the feeling never left, it sat in you gut - an idle threat.

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*Shocked at first

*Probably thinks you’re joking 

*Quickly realizes you’re not and accepts


*Wears it everywhere

*Shows it off to everyone, even people who don’t ask

*Slightly annoying but endearing nonetheless 


*Stares at you and cocks his eyebrow

*”Y/N, what are you doing.”
“Marry me?”
“…Let me think about it”

*Poor boy spends like 2 days thinking about it leaving you hanging

*Eventually accepts your proposal 

*Embarrassed about the ring at first but slowly starts showing it off more

*Doesn’t show that he’s happy to be engaged to you but you both know he’s happy


*hanzo.exe has stopped working

*Stares at you, eyes wide for like 3 minutes

*You have to call his name a couple of times to get him to snap out of it


*You have to talk him into it at a nearby bar or something lmao

*Very nervous about getting married because,,,what if they,,,what if they hate him

*You obviously don’t hate him

*Eventually grows used to the idea and wears his ring with pride

Soldier 76

*Very much a traditional guy, and seeing as he’s the dominant one, believed he would be the one proposing to you

*You happened to do it a week before him

*He leads you back to his room and takes out the ring box he had and presents it to you

*You both stare at each other before laughing

*Also nervous about getting married

*You reassure him that it’ll be fine

*Obviously you mean a lot to him if he’s accepting your hand in marriage

*Treasures his ring, wears it everywhere, kisses it before risky missions 

~Mod Momo~

@seungchuchuweek Day 2: Clothing and Fashion

Outfit swap? Outfit swap!!

I was trying to make Seung-gil look like he’s a little embarrassed, but still having a good time but instead it just looks like he’s giving Phichit bedroom eyes lmao oh well

safer. (part 1)

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» bodyguard!wonho x princess!reader
» ROYALS!AU; slight angst
» 3.908 words
» summary: after an attack to your father’s life, he decides to assign you a personal bodyguard. and while you don’t like it one bit, you can’t deny the fact that the man chosen to protect you is rather handsome .

a/n: i put it under a read more because it got quite long, lmao. i’m actually quite nervous about this so i hope you all will enojy it!

prologue | part 1 | part 2 | part 3

“I swear to God, [Y/N], I don’t know why you are complaining so much” Jennie whispered while leaning over her elbow. You rolled your eyes and ignored her, mechanically typing out the professors words without actually listening to them. It had been a month and half since the attack and Wonho had been spending every single day attached at your hip, following every single move you made like a hawk perched over your shoulder.

“He’s so hot” added Lisa on your other side, she glanced for a second over her shoulder where, in the back of the class, Wonho was standing, clad in his black suit. A dreamy sigh escaped her lips and you rolled your eyes “I swear, I’m going to ditch both of you if you don’t stop-”

“You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about it, he’s like a god on earth” you buried your face in your hands and finally gave up taking notes, it was impossible to concentrate when Jennie and Lisa kept up with their excited whispers about how hot Wonho was and how much of a lucky bitch you were.

You, on the other hand, could only sigh. It was already difficult dealing with the fact that it was impossible to stay mad at Wonho, or even trying to treat him bad, without them reminding you just how dazzlingly handsome he was, a thing that made your stomach churn and your cheeks blush uncontrollably every time he smiled at you.

Wonho was nice, almost too nice, and so charming, with his gentle smile and boisterous laugh. But you really could not stand the fact that he had to follow you around, reminding everyone and you of your position, your title and all the obligations that came with it.

It was not a secret to those who knew you personally, that being the princess and the only heir to the throne was for you just as constricting as an actual cage. It had never really touched you during your childhood, some years you even had dreamed about being the next queen and ruling in a bright dress and high heels like your mother. But everything had started to change during high school, when your own aspirations had started to emerge and build, making you see a different future for you outside of the palace’s shiny walls. Attending dinners and meetings, dressing properly, behaving, even your own room had slowly started to make your skin hitch. You could not stand the halls full of paintings, the corridors and the armors, the thick curtains and the Arabic carpets.

Your parents had never really forbid you anything and it had probably been partly their fault if, now that you were older, you did not want to attend political events and avoided the subject of getting married to a nice duke. But you could read it on their expressions that they were not happy and were expecting you to get on the right track, sooner or later.

And despite looking like an actual angel, Wonho was just a constant reminder of that part of your life, a sign that linked you indissolubly to the throne and the crown, something that you wanted to ignore as long as you could.

Shuffling of papers and chatting filled the class and you snapped out of your thoughts. Your eyes wandered among the faces of students, stealing glances at you, whispering behind hands and looking at you with widened eyes. There had always been people looking, people trying to be friends with you or just hoping to get a little conversation going with the princess, but those things had became much more rare when people had started to get accustomed to your presence. However, after the attack, the whispering and ogling came back, more marked, if anything. It was almost like that simple even had struck their mind, reminding them that, in fact, you were part of an elite, of the people that ruled their nation.

And you hated it.

You shut your laptop closed and stalked out of the room, Jennie and Lisa right behind you. A few steps back was marching Wonho and the other two guards that were part of your outside escort, Shownu and Jooheon. People parted in the hallways when you passed, a glint of fear in their eyes, of you or your guards, you didn’t know. And while Jennie and Lisa really were not paying attention to that shift in behavior, you could not bear it for long.

You put a hand on Lisa’s shoulder to get her attention “I don’t feel well, I’m going home”

Jennie must’ve sensed your worries, she gave your arm a reassuring squeeze “Things are going to get back to normality in a few months, don’t worry”

“I really hope so” you smiled and waved goodbye. Wonho, that usually stood two steps behind you, was now standing at your side while Jooheon stood behind.

“Are you not feeling well, your highness?” asked the blond man, glancing at you with concern.

You shook your head and looked away, always surprised by Wonho’s sincere worry for you “It’s nothing”

The guard nodded, he did not say anything else but you knew that he had something on his mind by the way he lingered at your side for a few seconds before getting back behind you. You did not ask, he was going to tell you if it was important.

Shownu was already at the front entry with the car ready. Jooheon sat in the front, while you and Wonho got in the back seat. The ride was quite for the most part, you leaned over the obscured window with your head and closed your eyes.

“If I may speak, your highness” Wonho suddenly spoke up, making you jerk your head to his side. The man was looking in front of him, where a black divider separated you from Shownu and Jooheon, his legs comfortably crossed one over the other. You noticed how he was waiting for you to give your consent for him to keep going, so you lightly nodded with your head “I think miss Jennie is quite right. People are shaken about what happened to His Majesty, the King, after all this has always been a pacific kingdom” he turned to give you a gentle smile and you shyly nodded, he was so charming even with a simple gesture as turning his head. You prayed you were not blushing too hard.

“It is going to fade exponentially and die as soon as the culprit is punished” his hands fell on your knee by instinct, his own caring nature taking over him before he could stop himself at what was considered acceptable from his position as a simple guard. He wanted to comfort you and hold you close, it was a futile attempt at easing the pressure he knew you were experiencing, it was what his body told him to do. His thumb drew a circle on your exposed skin and you did not know what to say. You felt your heart thumb loudly in your ears, you wanted to grip his hand and squeeze it. Feeling his warm skin gave you a strange sense of relief but before you could do anything, thank him for his kind words or even just smile, he retreated with a sudden move.

His eyes avoided yours when you tried to look at him and his hands were now tightly latched in front of him “I apologies, your highness, I should’ve asked-” his words came out like a staggering mess, he was obviously uncomfortable because of his own actions, seeing as he was allowed to touch you only when it was needed for your protection. He was probably afraid of what you could do to him for acting so daringly.

You frantically waved your hands in front of your face, trying to mask just how much you were blushing “You don’t have to apologies and please, stop calling me your highness when we are alone. It makes me feel old …”

“I understand” Wonho bowed his head and you just wanted to tell him to cut off the bowing and politeness too but you had reached the place and someone was already opening your car door.

You quickly mouthed a thank you to Wonho and quickly slid out of the car, swinging your bag over your shoulder. You greeted the front guard that bowed to you and then raised your gaze over the high ceiling painted with smiling cherubs and adorned by a sparkling chandelier. You always felt a strong sense of oppression when looking up at the Baroque decorations. All the gold decorations, yellow flowers, little angels with bows, everything felt so heavy, so opulent that it made your stomach drop.

With a frown, you locked your eyes on the screen of your phone and sprinted to the kitchen, stuffing your mouth with food always helped making you forget that you were, more or less, locked into your own house.

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anonymous asked:

A Chloe x Alya fic where they love each other as volpina and the bee thing (I'm tired and brain dead rn so I'm bad at articulating things but I hope you know what I'm talking about) but despise each other as their real selves? And make it a reveal fic? This could be a chapter fic or one shot I don't care but please :D

Bless you, praise you anon.

Okay, so ehre we go! Did someone ask for Dark Cupid but with Queen Bee and Vixen? Too bad, cause this is pretty much what I did/ Bonus points if any of you get where I got Queen Bee’s attack from.

Part 2(coming soon)(cause no way in hell I’m leaving this as it is lmao what are you taking me for, someone who can write angst and leave it as it is?)

Alya had one day from hell because of one and only Chloé Bourgeois. She had never been more grateful for an akuma, it gave her the chance to blow some steam. True, she was using her flute more like Chat was using his staff, rather than make some illusions, but she was in the mood to hit something. And the new akuma gave her the perfect opportunity. She didn’t pay much attention to the name but it was turning people in fairytale characters. Why was Hawkmoth akumatizing little kids again? Right, because he was an asshole.

“What got you so riled up, foxy?”

“Nothing you should worry about, your highness.” Alya replied playfully while kicking another knight over the head.

“That angry scowl on your gorgeous face always gets me worried.” she declared wrapping the string of her spinning top around two knight before slamming them against a tree.

“Well, I’d hate if my small problems would ruin that bright smile off your face.”

Queen Bee kept smiling, ready to flirt back, when Ladybug shouted for her. “B! I could really use your help right now.”

The blonde turned towards the akuma that was momentarily being kept in place by Ladybug’s yoyo. Alya moved to cover her as she called for her signature move.

“Poison Sting!” she called out moving her spinning top towards the akuma

Alya didn’t quite catch what happened next. The akuma managed to escape Ladybug’s grip, dodging the spinning top and at the same time sending an attack towards Queen Bee. The next thing Alya saw was her teammate lying unconscious on the ground. And one of the gems in her comb began to flicker. Alya’s heart sunk.

“Get her out!” Chat screamed at her while dodging another attack. “Secret identity. We got this. Go!”

Without hesitation, Alya picked Queen Bee up and began to run. She did her best to avoid the crowd as she sprung on a lamp post then on a lower roof, then a higher one. By the time they reached what she considered a secluded enough corner two of the gems on her comb already flickered off.

“B,” Alya called out gently shaking her shoulder. “Come on Queenie, don’t do this.”

She was desperate. Queen Bee was close to detransform and knocked out by whatever the akuma did to them. Okay, think Alya, think. The akuma knocked only her out, right? She turned some people into knights and she even saw some frogs. The akuma was fairytale based and… of course! Alya snapped her fingers, finally finding the solution.

Looking down at Queen Bee, slipping peacefully with her head in Alya’s lap. She was never the biggest fan of those tropes from the fairy tales she used to read to her sisters, but they were in a desperate need right now. So desperate to even use a true love’s kiss.

(She tried to ignore the weird sensation in her stomach at the thought of it not working.)

Stroking her cheek gently, Alya leaned over, capturing Queen Bee’s lips in a kiss. Ironically, her lips really tasted like honey. She can’t wait to tease her for this later. And maybe kiss her again.

After what Alya thought was enough to break the spell, she broke the kiss, looking down at her partner. Queen Bee frowned and began opening her eyes.

“Huh? What happened?” her eyes squinted around, confused. Then she noticed who was looking down at her, her lips curling in a smile. “Well, hello there beautiful. ” she stood up, allowing them to be on the same eye level. “Care to tell me what happened after the akuma hit me?”

Alya felt relief flood her. It worked! Queenie was safe and sound. And she was apparently her true love, but they’ll discuss that later. Alya was beaming. But before she could answer a golden light appeared, making her shield her eyes. Oh, no. So had forgotten entirely about the detransformation. And while Alya knew she should have looked away and protect the identity of her partner, but she was frozen in place. And as the light vanished in Queen Bee’s place stood one and only Chloé Bourgeois. Alya gasped.

“This… was unexpected.” the blonde remarked as her kwami hid with a snicker. Looking at Alya she gave her a smile, almost shy smile that wasn’t characteristic for either her personas. “Hey, foxy, I know I’m sexy, but close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.”

Alya did that. She wasn’t sure what to feel in that moment. It was too much. A wave of all kinds of feelings hit her and almost knocked her off her feet. She couldn’t do this. Not now. She got on her shakily before beginning to back off.

“Vixen?” Chloé called her superhero name in what felt like forever. “Look, I know we aren’t supposed to know, but the bright part.”

“Just… don’t.” Alya managed to say turning her back. She couldn’t do this. For once in her life, Alya felt like running away.

Chloé stood on the rooftop looking at the orange figure disappearing over the rooftops. And for the first time in years, her heart was shattering again.

ID #46660

Name: Niten
Age: 15
Country: Switzerland

Um.. I´m not sure how stuff like this usually works but whatever, here I am.

I´m Niten, Hi. Basically Niten is not my real name but I´ll tell you my real name as soon as we start a conversation lol. I´m and actually an introverted dork who likes books, videogames and bonfires at summer nights. When we become closer I can tell you more things about myself, like Sexuality etc. lolol (Im a shy and insecure bean don´t kill me) I´m in love with Astrology, Space AND WANT SOMEONE TO DISCUSS CONSPIRACY THEORIES WITH LIKE oMG this SHITS wILD. I love art and I´m super passionate about drawing, which is one of my hobbies. (That’s right, this girl got hobbies.)

I hate mathematics but only because I sometimes don´t get it otherwise I actually enjoy math. I love History.

I fluently speak 2 Languages. I really want to improve my English. Currently I´m learning Spanish and French (WHICH I REALLY SUCK AT OMG HELP MY POOR SOUL)

My MBTI Type is INTP. (like I said; Introverted dork lol)

I make a lot of stupid puns and jokes don´t hate me for that but I can´t help myself. AYYYY-


I love listening to music. So if you want to we could send each other CD´s with music on them. (only if ur ok with that)

(Or CD´s with music and WITH secret messages on them that you can make with the program DeepSound – which I used to do with one of my friends. Call me childish but that shit´s cool, especially when nobody gets it.)

I listen to Ed Sheeran, Oh Wonder, Billie Eilish – Actually I listen to almost every kind of music.

I´m a sarcastic piece of shit. I love to watch TV Shows such as : SKAM, Sherlock, Doctor WHO, Riverdale, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Mr. Robot, Big Bang Theory etc. -> I also watch Anime.

I have ship´s such as : PHAN, LARRY, JOHNLOCK, VICTURI, Reylo etc.

Also I´m searching for a best friend who I can facetime/Skype with at 2 am, who I can send ugly Snapchats to (lmao) and who´s there for me and who I won´t lose contact with after 2 days, and maybe even someone that I could meet one day. We can chat on Tumblr, Whatsapp, Snapchat, it doesn´t matter and if you want to we could send each other letters with stuff like pictures, pressed flowers or just gifts. (Again, only if your ok with sending letters etc. )

I´m shy and awkward at the beginning but just give me time and I will release the beast. Lmao jk

Preferences: Age 14-17

- Idc about gender lol (But I would prefer Girls since I can relate more but if you´re a boy thats completely fine)
- Any sexuality
- Any Religion
- Don’t be a dick
- Don’t be an asshole
- otherwise you´re welcome
- yas
- ok wtf am I doing
- I actually made myself cringe like wow
- ok bye I´m waiting