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can you believe supergirl is so much less popular than superman even though she’s much more interesting as a character, because she remembers krypton and lost her entire world and now she’s getting sidelined on her own show? incredible


sehun being cute and sweaty for the lovely @sehuntiful​, I hope your exam went well!


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Okay but imagine this with me now. 

You know how Lefou start doubting Gaston’s actions after the whole Maurice thing, but he still follows him because he has trust in him, Lefou trusts Gaston will do the right thing in the end, they went through this in the past, together, and although Gaston’s actions are sometimes well, stupid, he knows he means well. So Lefou questions him; he does it because even if Gaston won’t admit it, Lefou is kind of his moral compass.

The thing is that Gaston has always done everything he wanted, and no one has never really stood up against him, whether for respect or fear or blind awe or all of the above, and while Lefou admires him, and respects him and yes, loves him, he is the only one who confronts Gaston, who questions him and his motives, and Lefou knows that deep down Gaston is grateful for this, for Lefou always beside him reminding him the ‘what’ and the 'why’ and what really matters, and pulling him out from stupid dangerous situations.

So imagine (okay we don’t need to imagine it because we f*cking saw that and it hurt like hell) how hurt Lefou is when Gaston refuses his help and threatens him and snarls “Do you want to be next?” and on top of that orders him to fetch his horse like he’s some kind of servant.

Now. What if Lefou, in the midst of the crowd of blood-thirsted villagers grabbed Gaston’s arm, threw his torch away (and maybe he unwillingly starts a fire but who cares now all eyes are focused on their drama) and “Are you fucking kidding me or what you little piece of shit.” And everyone falls silent. 

And now I want you to forget the Mob song, and the 'wrong monster’ line. Instead Lefou start singing this:

Maybe I’m just crazy
Maybe I’m a fool
Maybe I don’t know how to love but
Maybe I do
Maybe you know more than me but
This much is true
This little heart and brain of mine say
We’re through with you

And he takes the stupid mirror from Gaston’s hands while he gapes at him, and crashes it under his foot. He then grabs Gaston by his collar and continues:

And I wonder does it blow your mind
That I’m leaving you far behind
I wonder does it stop your heart to know
You’re not my sunshine, anymore

And Gaston stands there like 'what wait no’ while he starts realizing he fucking messed up and went too far this time and Lefou just can’t turn his back on him!?
And the villagers  (with maybe a little too excited Stanley) sing along with Lefou for the best part of the song, i.e. the refrain:

Okay you’re pretty
Your face is a work of art
Your smile could light up New York City after dark
Okay you’re Coverboy pretty
Stamped with a beauty mark

And Lefou is so done at this point; he frees Maurice because it’s his turn to be the hero thank you very much and fixes Gaston with his best “I-love-you-but-you-better-go-home-and-think-what-you’ve-done-because-I’m-so-disappointed-in-you-damnit” glare and strikes the final blow:

But it’s such a pity a boy so pretty
With an ugly heart

“And you can bloody well go fetch your horse yourself dear.”

Silence again; Belle arrives and upon seeing his father and the villagers avidly witnessing to a Gaston almost in tears on his knees asking for Lefou’s forgiveness she is a bit out of her depth and she’s like 'I missed something here haven’t I".

So, no mob at the castle, Belle returns there with Maurice, Adam and the castle gang are free of the spell, the villagers go home, Gaston spend the following days crawiling at Lefou’s feet and they all lived happily ever after.

( … I’m so sorry Idk what’s this, it started serious but then I heard that fucking song and the scene played out in my head and akdjdhd basically crack, okay sorry I’ll go in my corner now.)


hasn’t it been 2 years since i got an art tumblr gosh

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Real life Twilight-Zone.


witchsonas! :3c

so the tokyo ghoul anime ended

  • *Watches Free! ES dub episode 1*
  • Me: ahahaha??? ok ok, MAYBE. IT'LL. GET. BETTER. ???? ?
  • *Watches Free! ES dub episode 2*
  • Me:
  • Me: is this a joke