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got an angry comment on an angsty fic i wrote and i told my friend and then i couldn’t help but hear hawkmoth in my head—–

my new secret hc

  • hawkmoth anonymously writes angsty fics to make people angry enough to be akumatized
  • they are ladynoir fics posted on the ladyblog
  • all of them are of lb and cn either getting together and breaking up, or one or both of them dying, or losing their miraculouses to him (he would write that)
  • he has not successfully akumatized anyone yet, but he has gotten close
  • so he does not stop trying
  • he becomes a popular angst ladynoir fic writer as a result

dripple is peaceful at night


The bathroom was empty.

Of course it was empty. Of course it was empty. Of course it was empty. 

AU you probably don’t want to read.    

   It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

           Mikaela was supposed to get off the ship with him once it docks. It had been a decision that the blonde had so aggressively shoved into his face, that Yuuichirou did not even have the time or the right sense of mind to process the plan properly. And to be honest, it wasn’t even a plan. It was just something that Mika had so quickly come up with after they spent a good couple of hours together. Mikaela really should think things through, but Yuuichirou did actually like the idea. No, he loved it. Just the thought of having to spend endless days with Mikaela seemed to be an incredible way to live life. Yuuichirou would ensure that the blonde would be getting whatever the fuck he wants, because heck, a smiling Mika is the best Mika. They would live a happy and content life, away from their families and so-called friends who got in their way and were too eager on separating them. Albeit they would probably have to live by the humblest of means, Yuuichirou was fucking sure they would be happy.

          But not when this is happening.

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happy anniversary, shinee!!! ♥

you guys have come so far. from your guys’s debut stage to your recent comeback, you guys have put so much sweat and tears into being the best you guys can be and keeping your fans happy. you guys have helped me through rough times, and without you guys, i wouldn’t be here right now, and i thank you guys for that. you’re all inspirations to me and many others. take care of yourselves and once again

thank you.



hi!! i was tagged by @oddtape to post my favorite 9 albums of 2017, thank you mija 💞💞💞

in all honesty i forget what even came out this year lmao oops

also i used the kokobop cover instead of power bcus… shes ugly sorry sjkgldjfg

i feel like every1′s done this already so sorry if i tag you and you have !! tagging @jonggles @jungwhee @kaibearies @jongdaesafinado @kji-l @2baekxing @glittertao @sehunstiddies-l @suavesehun !