lmao idek what to call this

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)

heartbeat | part one

part one // part two // part three

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[Yoongi x Reader | Jungkook x Reader]

Genre: Angst, Fluff for now

Words: 5221

—> The exact moment you experienced heartbreak with Min Yoongi would be a moment you’d remember forever.

A/N: AHHHH. I desperately wanted this to just be one entire fic, but ended up breaking it into two parts because I haven’t posted a fic in like… months lmao. I felt like a fraud for calling myself a writer, but not posting shit. So yeah, idek what this is but I hope you all enjoy it! xoxo

The exact moment you fell in love with Min Yoongi would be a moment you’d remember forever.

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Seventeen as Vines/Videos

Hey there, my chickadees! I’m sorry we’ve been absent lately, we’ve been busy and I’ve been having trouble with the requests, but please take this shitpost about Seventeen as an apology! This is all in good fun, and not meant to offend anyone or make fun of any of the members. This was probably done before, but I can’t remember the last one I saw, so here’s my take on it!

- Admin Mimi

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S.Coups - The ‘Try Me Bitch’ vine

Jeonghan - The ‘Too Much Drama at School’ video, but in this instance, he created the drama, and is walking away from it ‘innocently

Joshua - The ‘Little Girl sings Hallelujah’ video

Jun - Idek what to call this vine but for some reason I thought of him when I saw it

Hoshi - The ‘Freestyle Dance Teacher’ video

Wonwoo - ‘What you gonna do’ vine (again idk why I thought this but for some reason it reminded me of Wonwoo)

Woozi -  Father and son who love each other very much’ vine (Woozi’s the dad obvs LOL)

DK - The ‘Kid on Crack’ vines (I’m sorry lmao)


The8 - The ‘I won’t hesitate, bitch/Real housewives of vine’ vine

Seungkwan - The ‘SHUT UP’ video

Vernon - The ‘Mini Golf’ vine (honestly me)

Dino - The ‘What the fuck is up, Kyle?’ vine


Jeonghan with Dino

When S.Coups leaves the SEVENTEEN dorm unsupervised

so like

why isn’t keith x pidge called forestfire

and hunk x pidge called earthbound

and lance x pidge called plant growth



keith x lance called smoke (i thought about calling it steam but that would be too real winks at smut fanfics

keith x hunk called volcanic eruption

keith x shiro called suns and stars

hunk x lance called beach

hunk x shiro (i’ve never seen fanfic for them but whateva) called space debris

allura x shiro called black-hole (cause shiro always disappears and allura feels like a part of her missing without him there haha im so funny)

allura x lance called ice (allura is always cold towards him when he flirts ie. water freezes when it’s cold)

keith x allura called fossil fuels [allura had hated keith, but now she’s grown closer to him; both (presumably?) having lost their fathers or remnants of them from reality and they’re both aliens so]

i haven’t come up with one for shiro x pidge, allura x pidge, and lance x shiro yet

ALSO I DON’T REALLY THINK CORRAN WOULD BE SHIPPED WITH ANYONE NO OFFENSE BUT LIKE HE’S THEIR UNCLE/GRANDPA FIGURE (if someone makes an uncle grandpa joke im deleting my blog oh my god i hate that show im sorry)

but hypothetically, i think corran and hunk would have a platonic/friendly relationship with their shared love of cooking and it would just be called fossils bc ya corran is supposed to be ded n shit

but ok lance is corran’s favorite no one fight me on this also their platonic ship would be called crystal idk that’s all i got



they’re called handmaiden ;))) one giv the succ the other givs teh fucc

idek what that means im like half awake

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I don't even ship J x D but the modern AU with dragons as kids and Jon as the teacher is just so LOL I love it. Like what if they had a hot steamy hook up in a bar and then the next day is the the triplets first day at school and surprise! Jon is their teacher. And J&D are all well we should call it off because this is frowned upon and inappropriate but they keep bantering and eye flirting until the ~~sexual tension ~~ is too much and sex happens. Aaahhhh IDEK what this is bt I ship it now lmao

so i know you didn’t send this as a fic prompt but my hand slipped

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And with this… It’s… finally…. done……. /collapses

Happy Birthday shuukyo!!! Or, well, Happy belated hahahaha… I missed your birthday by like, a few hours? Oops > v >;;; I just hope you don’t mind this whimsical, pointlessly fluff-ridden comic-thingy as a gift pffft —

Explanation time!!

What I read online about Canes Venatici is that it represents two hunting dogs in relentless pursuit of Ursa Major. ‘Venatici’ comes from the word 'Venari’ which means 'to hunt, pursue’, which in turn comes from the word 'wen’ - 'to desire, strive for’. Dogs by themselves are symbols of loyalty, so what Tsukki is thinking is that the constellation itself conveys both loyalty and drive - which are two of Yamaguchi’s most prominent traits.

……………….yeah…. I hope that made sense, orz……… /rolls back into inactivity

Jacob teaching the peculiars about modern day slang
  • Jacob: "fam" is just a name people call their friends for fun
  • Millard: cool fam
  • Jacob: don't
  • Millard: alright fam
  • Jacob: stop
  • Millard: will do fam
  • Jacob: please
  • Millard: k fam
  • friend: *cant find me in a crowd*
  • friend: this calls for desperate measures
  • friend: found her

My favourite TWDG characters as shit I did in high school:

Clementine: Went to school without having slept the night before and had a deep conversation with my English teacher where he gave me memorable life advice

Lee: Spent homeroom period hugging and comforting my best friend after he found out his parents were getting a divorce

Javi: Told my friends to call me “daddy” during History class and then accidentally made eye contact with the teacher right after saying that

Gabe: Fell down a flight of stairs because I was too busy checking out my crush

okay so uh /sweats/ i was tagged by @lesbianblossomjimin @dlmples and i think thats already it look how fast i was this time with this damn tag. anyways, have fun listening to me, the impersonation of a disaster. 

i’m tagged @jeonbegins @mincute @2awake @nevermindbyjin @nochuie @strawberryjamjimin @apricotmin @apricotmin @fluffyliontae @taegay @taesflower @jeonrude @bwis @berry-happy-tokki @pjungkook @cinnamonsuga @bangtanroyalty @jinnies @jinsasleep @zengirling @youngslove @hoseokb @mewchim @jcnghope @bfmoni @slapmon @velvethoseok aaaaaand thats it. not that its not already more than enough lol who tf am i. anyways you dont have to do it ofc i just love to talk.. idek bye

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you've got haters on twitter to the tune of @reddlesus (that's an L)

Wait did I just get my first hate Tweet???? LOL.

Okay, but here’s the thing that’s pissing me off the most. She isn’t just calling me out, but she’s also making fun of the people that follow me and enjoy my writing??? Like okay yeah go ahead and critique the author but to judge people and be hateful towards them for enjoying something? Massive fuck you dude.

Also idek what s***s means lmao. Smuts? 

**clarification this is about my reddie fanfiction where I aged them to their late teens

@dahlialalala replied to your post: “Anonymous asked: I told you. I don’t know if he is like “why can’t I impress my

im not anon but thank u for this 👏 i think lance do think he’s a great person since he’s a jack-of-all-trades, he can do pretty much anything. but being surrounded by people who’s actually really good at what they do? that’s probably what causes his insecurities the most– he feels replaceable, not to say the bad feedback by the people who he deem "better” than him. they praise him and he feels good/better bc he has a place to stand with them. idk just my thoughts lol xD

No no no no, I absolutely agree with this!!! I’ve mentioned in a post a while ago that Lance tends to idolize people - we’ve seen that with Keith, we’ve seen that with Shiro. And while he never outright said it, there is no doubt at all that he knows that Pidge is smart beyond her years, she makes no secret out of it. And Hunk is pretty much his best friend, he’s around him all the time, he has absolutely noticed that Hunk is a genius mechanic. Lance, seems to like order to some degree (at least for his thoughts/battles; I personally really love the headcanon of him having a clean room too but that’s a headcanon, nothing else :P): 

After just a day he figured out how to make the face mask and where the pajamas, bathrobe and lion slippers were in his room. His plans are always well thought out and come to him in order; we could literally observe his thought process in the other scene in the Balmera. He also takes care to position himself and aim before shooting, no matter where he fights:

Even when he gets thrown in the air or has to swivel around on a time-sensitive mission, he still takes the time to aim and get into position. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he has roles in his head for each of the paladins: Shiro is the “awesome leader”, Keith is the “amazing pilot”, Pidge is the “prodigy hacker”, Hunk is the “talented mechanic” and he was the “cool sharpshooter”. 

So yeah. Part of his insecurities might absolutely stem from feeling as if he can’t measure up to the team, especially if the certified genius of the group doubts his abilities. But as I explained in the ask you replied to, getting that compliment from Shiro didn’t totally rock his world, he knew what he was capable of. He called that shot, pulled it off and wasn’t surprised when he succeeded. And that bad feedback outside of battle??? He has shown that he knows how to avoid it (as I also mentioned in the ask lmao) but he just doesn’t, so either he doesn’t care for that as much or????? ?????????????? Lance wyd idek. 

But then. Then there is that stupid comic panel thingy with the monster calling him pathetic and Lance basically agreeing. And just. I’m??? ???????????? I really need elaboration on his insecurities and thought processes outside of battle. SEASON 3 I’M COUNTING ON YOU THROW ME A BONE HERE,,,

More Sasuke’s-one-year-stay-headcanon

  • Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi wakes up a sleeping Sasuke, they take him to Itachi’s grave. “He’s home now, Sasuke.”
  • During their hospital stay, Sakura usually fell asleep in Sasuke and Naruto’s room. Naruto instructs him to put a blanket over her. “No need to tell me that.” Sasuke says. 
  • Kakashi left Naruto and Sasuke copies of Icha Icha. Sasuke will never tell anyone that he secretly liked it.
  • Sasuke learns that Naruto recites flavors of ramen in his sleep. 
  • Sasuke is bugged to death by Kiba to take one of Akamaru’s newborn puppies. “No, Sasuke you have to. Kakashi-sensei already took 5 of them and my hands are still full!”
  • Sasuke’s inability to cook (without his left arm) has resulted to either breakfast with Naruto at Ichiraku’s or Sakura’s homemade cooking. Both doesn’t taste too good, but he doesn’t mind.
  • “Ah, look who it is. My favorite student.” Kakashi tells Sasuke everytime he sees him. Kakashi wasn’t kidding.
  • Sasuke’s team 7 picture doesn’t live in a dusty corner anymore.
  • Sasuke is constantly asked by Lee to train with him, Sasuke doesn’t know how to reject his offer. They started to do contests and recorded their scores. It stands at 23-24. Kakashi and Gai are so proud.
  • During the fireworks, Sasuke spots Sakura. “Ah, what a coincidence.” He says as his back trickles with sweat from finding her in the crowded place.
  • Naruto and Sasuke play Rock-Paper-Scissor with their amputated arms. “No, usuratonkachi, that was a rock.”
  • Shino leaves a female bug on Sasuke. “Just in case you plan on doing shit again.”
  • Sasuke plays shogi with Shikamaru. Shikamaru admits he’s as good as Asuma. Sasuke finds himself thinking of ways to beat Shikamaru.
  • Sasuke enters the Yamanaka flower shop. “Right, a bouquet for Itachi-san, and another, for Sakura.” Ino says.
  • Sasuke is intimidated by Sai, although they got along when it comes to joking Naruto. “About his dick, I can confirm that.”
  • Sasuke visits the Haruno residence, he accidentally calls Kizashi father.
  • Naruto introduces Hinata to Sasuke, “Nice to meet you, Neji.” Naruto looses it.
  • Sasuke will never admit that Tsunade scares him. 
  • Sasuke had a thousand reasons to stay, and one reason to leave: He didn’t deserve to be treated like this.
b’shert ; werewolf!suga

{n.} lit. “destiny”; the seeking of a person who will complement you and whom you will complement perfectly.

werewolf!yoongi. fluff. 1674 words.

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“Good morning, miss, what will you be having today?” You smile at the young lady around her early 30’s; a note pad and pen in hand.

She return your smile, setting down the menu, “I’ll have ham and cheese and saute sausages. And coffee, please.”

“Your order will be with you shortly.” You state cheerily, scribbling down the order in a writing at times, even you can’t understand.

Before you reach the counter, the bell chimes and the sound of footsteps fill the small diner. You half-yell the order to Krystal, seeing as she’s on kitchen duty and basically is the better cook than you. Pouring the hot coffee into a mug, you then walk back to the lady and set it on the table. 

The pay isn’t much but you manage to make ends meet with your earnings. Honestly, you’d rather live in a broken down apartment building than the pack house that you lived in if it meant escaping your cheating ex-boyfriend. 

Sure, he cheated on you with someone he’s meant to be with from the start, but for fuck’s sake, he should’ve broke it off with you first instead of having you find out by bursting onto his room with his birthday cake balanced on your palms. 

Thus, you upped and left and you never regret your decision.

“Good morning, what can I get you lovely gentlemen?” You greet them.

“‘Lovely’ is for girls, _____.” The one with dark hair cringes at your choice of words.

You must have looked alarm when he points out the name tag on attached to your shirt and you breathe out a sigh of relief.

Unappealing gentlemen, then.” You rephrase.

“Mean.” The same boy state sulkily and the one with ginger hair gestures his hand to get your attention but before he can place his order, the bell rings again and another boy with mint hair steps in.

His eyes scans the entire room before they land on the crowd that you’re serving or better yet, they land exactly on you. Your breath hitches when he gives you a once over and you swear you feel like a little kid facing the freaking headmaster for doing something naughty. 

He saunters over with agonizingly slow yet perfect pace, sitting himself at the far end of the table which happens to be the only empty seat and also closest to you.

“Yoongi-hyung, what took you so long?” The ginger haired boy asks.

“I’m not too keen on wasting my energy this early in the morning just to race you guys to a place we’re going to reach anyway.” Yoongi yawns.

They place their order and you leave them to it.

“They’re kind of cute.” Krystal whispers, smiling slyly as she flips the pancakes on the griddle- the boys’ order.

“I’m cuter.” You joke, disregarding their attractiveness.

“Oh come on, we’re not looking for something serious here. Maybe you can get me the number of that cute pink haired guy?” She smiles slyly.

You’re not looking for something serious. I’m not looking for anything at all. And I’ll see what I can do about your future booty call.” You wink to which Krystal just ignores and focuses on the first part.

“_____, you’ve been here for a little over a year and I never see you flirt with a guy or even talk about one. You’ve got to get out there, taste the fishes in the water.”

Before you have a chance you reply, the sound of a chair scrapping catches your attention and you make your way to the counter. Yoongi walks over, crossing his arms over the surface of the bar as he leans in a bit.

“Hey, do you have coffee?” He asks, giving you a cute little smile.

You build up your walls just as soon as the thought of him being cute occupies your head.

“Yeah, sure. You go sit down and I’ll bring it to you.”

But instead of rejoining his friends, he takes a seat on the stool, observing your movements like a hawk. Your palms begin to sweat and your hands start to shake but not enough for the human eyes to detect.

Setting the black mug in front of him, his hand goes to gasp the handle, brushing against yours and that’s when you feel tingles erupting from the spot his kin touches yours. Impetuously, you withdraw your hand and take a step back for assurance of security even though there’s basically a bar separating the two of you.

What the hell was that?

“You’re not from around here, are you?” He eyes you, lifting the mug off with his left hand and bringing it to his lips.

“Not really.” Your reply is short and curt, hinting your disinterest in the small talk he’s trying to initiate as you tune into your wolf senses.

“Not much of a talker, are you?” He asserts.

“No, not when I feel my privacy is being invaded.”

Yoongi nods understandingly, leaving it at that and letting the silence take over. Not trusting the boy, you choose to lean against the door frame that leads to the kitchen, staring him down as he shoots you an indifferent glance.

“Is there someone you’re hiding from?” He casually inquire and you don’t know if it’s just your conscience telling you to be nicer when all he’s doing is asking questions out of genuine curiosity and not meaning any harm to you but either way, you reply as politely as you could.

“Something like that.” You respond, opting to make it as vague as possible.

“Uh, _____, food’s done.” Krystal murmur, somewhat not wanting to interrupt the barely two sided conversation.

You grab the plates, steadying four at a time, a talent you picked up after a year of serving at the diner and march over to the crowd of boys that’s throwing napkins into each others’ face to past time. Carefully, you set the plates down with a clank and stride back to the kitchen to get the rest, never sparing a glace in Yoongi’s way while he drills holes into your head.

“Anything else, I can get you?” You raise an eyebrow, crossing your arms against your chest, ending up behind the bar again.

Yoongi gets up, raising both hands as a treaty sign, backing away and snatching his mug of coffee before whirling around and taking his previous seat at the table. Right where he sat, a piece of paper lies bare on the counter and you skeptically eye him, finding him digging in like the rest of his friends before picking up the thin paper.

Scribbled on it is a phone number and a name; Namjoon, the pink haired guy aka future booty call.

♔ ♔ ♔ ♔

The next day; he’s back again. You’re just getting ready to open up; switching on the coffee maker and lights when the door opens. The bell’s supposed to ring but if you push it slowly enough, it won’t.

 At first, you assume that Krystal’s trying to give you the occasional failed scare but the sound of awfully light shuffling that’s barely there tells you that it’s not her.

And sure enough, you’re not greeted by Krystal’s radiant smile and exuberant 'Good morning’ but instead you’re met with a familiar gaze and an bored countenance, leaning against the table directly in front of you. 

Caution of what he is, your body tenses up at the possible threat in front of you; it’s not going to be good if he is what you though he is. Because no human ear can possibly catch you and Krystal’s -well, only Krystal’s- swooning over their good looks and booty call discussion.

“We’re not open yet.” You emphasize.

“Who is it?” He quizzes.

“Who’s what?” Yep, play stupid, _____, maybe he’ll leave you alone if you do.

“Is it someone from your pack?” He answers instantly.

“Who told you?”

Well, way to go and let the cat out of the bag.

He growls lowly, somewhat sounding more like a beast than a man as his eyes turn pitch black. Your body freezes, feeling cold blood rush through you. You know that growl anywhere; it’s a werewolf’s. Your suspicions were right; guess you wolf-dar is still working though a bit rusty because you should’ve identified them the moment they walked in. 

But then again, the thing about werewolves are that they’re no different from any normal humans, it’s the little details that differentiate them like how they growl in an animal-like way or how their eyes changed pitch black when they’re angry.

“You just did.”

You eye your surrounding for a possible escape; the front door is out of the question because you’d have to pass him first to get there and the back door is too far away. 

The only other option left is to defend yourself which you’re good at but you’ve only ever beaten up she-wolves in cat fights- or should you say; dog fights? No, no, no, _____, this isn’t the time to be cracking up a joke. You shake your head.

“What I do with my former pack is entirely my business. I’m not posing any threat to yours, I’m just trying to live my life peacefully.” You reason.

“How’s that working out for you?” He asks condescendingly, as if he’s relating a lesson to a kid who’s paid for being naughty.

You scowl, feeling your pride being stepped on and he irks you eve further with his following words of so-called philosophy, “Living in hiding is different from living peacefully, _____.” He pushes himself off the table and takes brief ambles towards you.

“Yeah, well, I don’t see how you come into the picture and have the right to lecture me on my decisions in life.” You snap.

He stops right in front of you and you resist the urge to press your lips to his soft-looking ones- fuck. What the hell is wrong with you?

“How does 'by being your mate’ sound like to you?" 

♔ ♔ ♔ ♔

Note; ayy, werewolf!yoongi lmao idek man.

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Speaking of angst and the voltron family au- which I love by the way- imagine when the kiddos are teenagers and pidge is going through her phase with black clothes and stuff, Lance starts having a really hard time and doesn't tell anyone? And then he starts hanging out with the wrong crowd and it escalates to the point where he disappears for a week (everyone in the family is so scared and worried) and he comes back for some cloths or something and is just really cold toward everyone. (Part I)

And so Keith and Shiro refuse to let him leave and they talk it out about how Lance is acting and what is bothering him… how do you think everyone would react and deal with Lance’s new attitude and trying to get him back?

#MakeTheVoltronFamilyHappy2k16 D8< lmao

Lance was 18 when he started acting strange. Pidge was having her emo phase while Hunk was doing really great in college with all his football scholarship thing going on. Shiro was paying more attention to Pidge thinking she might do morbid stuff–Keith assures him that’s not going to happen–while Keith with Hunk. That leaves no one for Lance–the middle child. 

He doesn’t have much to brag about aside from his dashing good looks that all the ladies and gentlemen love, but he’s rather average in things that would probably matter to his Daddy Keith and Daddy Shiro. He’s been flunking a lot of subjects because he’s been cutting classes to join his friends. He thought no one would notice him anyway if he didn’t go back home. He felt like that extra child no one likes and he even thought he was only adopted because he was Hunk’s best friend at the orphanage. 

So he got involved with his friends who were into smoking and stealing–the reason why he cut classes. He hardly goes home until one night he was trying to sneak in to get some new clothes when he opened his room to find Shiro waiting on his bed–looking mad.

Shiro: *arms crossed* Do you know what time it is, Lance?
Lance: *shrugs* Dunno.
Shiro: It’s 3 in the morning. 
Lance: Okay, thanks for the time check. *heads to his wardrobe*
Shiro: Where have you been? 
Lance: *continue rummaging* Around. Here and there.
Shiro: Your curfew is 9pm. I repeat, where have you been?
Lance: *sighs* *turns around* I was at my friend’s party, okay?
Shiro: For a week? *raises an eyebrow*
Lance: What? Parties can last for a week.
Shiro: Lance, are you doing drugs?
Lance: What?! No, I’m not! You’ve drilled our heads already about it! Look, Daddy Shiro, I’m tired and I’m just gonna sleep. I have school tomorrow.

Lance stayed home for a week so Keith and Shiro were feeling relieved, however when Shiro was asked to do overtime at work, Keith was staying in the living room waiting with the lights off. That was when he saw Lance sneaking out of the house. He followed his son and saw him stop by an alley to meet his friends.

Friend #1: You got the money? *hands Lance a cigarette* 
Lance: Yeah, I got it. *accepts the cig and tries to get the money out*
Friend #2: *cackles* Sweet! Who knew your parents are that rich, Lance? You could’ve told us from the start!
Lance: Well, I– *starts to hand the money*
Keith: Lance, what are you doing here?
Lance: *turns around* *horrified* *hides the money* D-Daddy Keith?
Friend #3: Heard that? He just called that guy D-Daddy! *laughs*
Friend #2: Didn’t know you have such a kink, bro!
Lance: *looks at them* *gulps* *pales* It’s n-not like that, he’s…
Keith: I’m Lance’s father.
Friend #1: *scoffs* Course you are! We’ll give back your sugar baby when we get what we want from him. *turns to Lance* Give. Me. The. Money.
Lance: *sweats nervously* *glances at Keith*
Friend #1: Hand over the money, fag!

Suddenly there was a fist that hit the guy’s face who then was face to face with the concrete in a second with a single mean swing.

Friend #1: *wipes bloody nose* What the f–
Keith: You do not call my son a fag. *looks bloody murderous*
Lance: *is absolutely shocked* 
Keith: *grabs Lance* We’re leaving. 

Lance has never seen his Dad resort to violence before. In fact, this was his very first time seeing Keith do that. He must admit, as scary as it was, it was pretty damn cool. And as soon as the car was in sight…

Keith: Get in the car.
Lance: Daddy Keith… *croaks*

The ride back home was silent and Lance didn’t want to make a sound. When they got home, Shiro was in the living room looking worried.

Shiro: *stands up* What happened?
Keith: *commanding voice at Lance* *points at the space between him and Shiro* Stand in here.
Lance: Yessir! *positions himself quickly* *ready to meet his death*
Keith: *hugs Lance tightly* Oh god Don’t scare me like that, Lance!
Lance: *blinks in surprise* *hugs back* Uh, you’re not mad?
Keith: I’m not mad, I’m furious. *lets Lance go* What the hell were you doing?!
Lance: C-Can we go back to hugging? I kinda liked that one better.

So Keith told Shiro what happened and Lance began explaining his side. He felt bad and he knew he shouldn’t have done it. And it was the middle child syndrome kicking in. He just wanted his dads to love him just as much as the two–to which Keith and Shiro said that they do! So Lance said he’ll try to work things for himself and be better.

Lance: Okay, as much as I love this whole touching family thing… *turns to Shiro* You should’ve seen how Daddy Keith just punched that guy hard with just one swing! It was like BAM! Bye bye pal!
Shiro: *smiles amusingly at Keith* Oh, I know. Your Daddy Keith was quite a fighter back then. You should’ve seen what he was like back in Japan. He had such a reputation for being a delinquent!
Keith: *rolls his eyes* It’s called self defense. And I think it’s time I teach our kids that. And you’re helping me. *points at Shiro*

That’s when the kids got all good with self defense. B)