lmao i'm sorry i can't ahahaha

perioddramamadness  asked:

Have you read the season 8 leaks? I'm Gendrya trash too and I'm crushed. I'm thinking of abandoning ship because I can't take it if its real.

Ahhh thanks for the ask and sorry it took me so long to respond. Ahahaha “gendrya trash,” I love it, we’re all Gendrya trash here lmao. Ahhhh YES, I read them! And I was crushed too; I honestly felt depressed for like a week after I saw them, well, THAT specific leak. And so I immediately messaged like two or three other Gendrya trash blogs and we talked it out, and basically the leaks are most likely, like 99.9% not real. I’ve actually gone out searching for real leaks to confirm that the ones we read aren’t real, and everyone seemed to agree the ones out there right now are fake. So: PLEASE don’t abandon ship! I’m pretty sure they’re setting up a Gendrya endgame, even in the show. We’ll just have to wait for a year before we even see them in the same room together. :-(