lmao i'm funny guys


Fan girls: Oppa, you’re handsome!
Dean: Thank you (laughing)
Guy: You’re handsome!
Dean: You shouldn’t say that.

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My biggest kink that I have from KamiAso is just imagining being with Thor. He has more screentime than in the anime. You can get his route this time. He’s not turned into a third wheel by Balder and Loki. He’s still in the trio group, but now Yui is part of the family. He wins best actor for his part in the Cinderella play.

We sit down on my bed. I have a simple, turkey sandwich. He has a whole foot long sandwich from Subway, several bread sticks, a whole party platter of BBQ, and a large chunk of cheese.

Lightning is going on outside as it rains. The room’s light is dim, and some documentary Thoth lend me about WWII is running on the TV.

We talk about the Nordic model of economics. He talks about how nice Scandinavia is and how it’s one of the best places to live in modern Earth.

He just keeps talking.

I wanna bang him from just that.