lmao i was laughing making this

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my family has a running joke,when we go out or for vacation, that other romanians are "peste tot" (it's especially true in canada). it seems no matter WHERE we go we end up overhearing romanians (or better, identifying them before they even speak lmao) and i always have to make a concerted effort not to die laughing. P E S T E T O T. it's turned into my personal where's waldo.

why is this so true

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for you: who in bts has the best, smile, smirk and laugh?

hoseok’s smile is just so radiant and makes my heart do a little jump thingy tbh ;;;;; yes pls flame me for being cheesy lol

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uhm this is the actual gif that pushed me over the edge into being co-biased for junghope back in the day. like wow it was the literal smirk of the century and he should probs trademark it bc it was that iconic of a //moment// in my life lmao. sir pls do not smirk at me like that. it’s rude & uncalled for and wow i just want his suspender clad body all over my body ://

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jin’s laugh is so cute i love it ;;;;;

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Have you seen this picture? I didn’t mean to hurt Spartace shipper. I’m happy for him especially KJK said he’s ready to get married.


Please don’t make me laugh, dear anonnie. What is up with all the anti-spartace popping up so frequently like irritating pest these days? Feeling very insecure? To be honest I don’t even understand why they should be.  

This picture, my dear, is taken back in 2015, for a China program show called ‘Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang’,That female is Lynn Hung, a Hong Kong model/actress and she paired up with him in the show. And she’s already married to someone else in real life. Don’t make a fool out of yourself before checking up on the real facts. This is hilarious. (Did you not notice the mic and earphone they have on them on the picture. Lol.)

Also, Jongkook has been saying he wants to marry for AGES, I don’t know why people are so hyped about this. Until he officially announced his marriage to someone, I’m not believing all the things he says regarding his relationship. Lol. (Celebrities never not lie about their relationship, no matter how truthful they seem. Psh.)

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lmao its so obvious you just sent those compliment anons to yourself. whatever makes you feel better sweetie. you probably wont post this, but i still have to say it as i burst out laughing

*sips coffee*


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

so i was rewatching s 1 ep 5 (lol) idk if this has ever been brought up but i noticed when after the team defeats sendak pidge helps shiro and keith helps lance. (seen in the picture below)

 now, yeah thats a given but i started thinking about it more and this scene is just so out of wack that it honestly just adds another point for klance. now youre probably thinking “well i mean thats just a given and of course it adds points for klance.” but hear me out 

as a given, we know that keith and shiro have a very strong relationship and keith is really attached to shiro. keith always has shiros back and is his right hand man. so in a situation like this it should be a given that keith would be at shiros side in a heartbeat. but…. that isnt the case here which doesnt make one ounce of sense. yeah, even though pidge was at shiros side and wanted to help her fellow paladin, pidge knows how much shiro means to keith, so wouldnt she give them space and help her garrison bud instead? but she doesnt for some odd reason. 

though, the most oddest part of this whole scene though is how keith reacts. he doesnt seem to worry about shiro too much, which isnt a bad or good thing, its just weird that keith wouldnt even go to shiros side or at least check on him. keith couldve easily said to pidge “ill check on shiro, you make sure lance is okay.” but he didnt. he was totally fine going to lance even though he always seems irritated with lance. 

then this happens:

keith literally starts holding his hand. now look at these pictures of shiro and pidge and keith and lance from the same screencap:

with shiro and pidge it seems like a normal teammate helping out another one, but keith and lance on the other side…. its a little different. i know it shouldnt be a big deal but honestly its the little things that make a big difference. especially knowing that keith and lance always bicker with each other.

i think the importance of this scene is the turning point of keith and lances relationship. in the very beginning of vld, their relationship was a more shaky, but after this scene, this moment, everything changed. keith started getting jealous over lance, their weird flirting thing that they have really took off, we got to see them work more with each other, and actually being a really good team with a strong bond.

in conclusion: this scene is really goddamn gay (well it is but) this scene is so damn important and is what started everything. 

Um i mean, i i don’t know really. I Don’t… Know if… I, uh… don’t know. I don’t really think about it too much. I try and… just kinda. you know. Yeah. You just live… You know. Y-uh i don’t know really. I don’t think uh… Yeah. Right?
—  King of answering questions

Dark’s voice in fanfiction: “His voice deep and gravelly, yet sophisticated and enthralling, luring people in like a deadly siren, etc.”

 Anti’s voice in fanfiction: “w͠h̢at t͘e͜ f҉ook d̶o y̢e ҉wa̵nt t̴h̶is̕ ̛ty͞me ͘ya͢ ̵ars̵e͜ piec̵e͟ of shi̸te̵? foo҉kin͡'͞ ͞c͟irc͞l̡e̢ş ̀i͠ tel̸l ya͞,̷ ̡jeasu͝s͝ ͘chri̢st͏🔪🔪🍀”