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Tumblr makes this look really ugly ew. They look better when you click on the images but then it’s too small to see >:T I really just figure out a better way ugh. Anyway this took me like almost a week to finish and I’m already late to the party lmao. I love how this works perfectly for the events in between Alone at Sea and Beta. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wipe the tear stains off my tablet now.

Update: One of my friends colored it! Go check it out!!


Ichinose Guren || 一瀬グレン
[28.08] Happy Birthday to my sexy Lt. Colonel Guren !!

I’m already loving Riverdale.

Those who’ve known me since childhood know that I used to be obsessed with Archie comics and back in the day I used to buy/collect the comics weekly (mostly the ‘Betty & Veronica’ issues though because girls are better lmao💛). I still own all my old comics too.

So when I watched the series premiere of Riverdale the other day I instantly became fucking obsessed. I’m no longer really interested in teen dramas that take place in high school, but I guess because it’s Betty and Veronica and Archie and Jughead etc. it’s sooo exciting to me! 

I thought the pilot was amazing and I’m not ashamed to say it. I cannot believe there’s an angsty, dark Vampire Diaries-vibe drama on The CW now about the fucking Archie comics characters!!! I’m forever tripping out about it. So wicked. I love the idea so much. If only shit like this came out when I was a teenager:(

I’m ALL about Betty Cooper, always have been. And I love the casting choice for her on the show and the character’s story and how she’s being portrayed. I’m really loving how her and Veronica are already close and share a bond and I know I’m gonna love their friendship the most, just like I did in the comics. 

The actor who plays Archie is sexy af (I’m getting Paul Wesley vibes from him a little bit, am I the only one?) but the character is also a fuckboy who doesn’t deserve Betty’s beautiful heart. I love though how they’re best friends since childhood and he loves her, even if it’s not [yet] romantically. I just can’t wait to see more of their dynamic and relationship.

My only two negatives are:

1) WHY do TV shows always have 20+ year olds playing kids in 10TH GRADE?! It’s actually really frustrating to me lol. I mean I probably wouldn’t care to watch the show if actual 15 year olds were playing these characters but still, couldn’t they have made them college students or something if they cast older actors? These actors do not look like 10th graders at all and it’s slightly distracting and funny to me.

2) The creepy “relationship” between Archie and Miss Grundy. Obviously it’s full of drama and shock-factors but still, it’s weird and not right. Even that quick scene of Archie walking home all sweaty, showing his abs, and then that shot of Miss Grundy looking at him like a piece of meat as she drives passed him… that’s soo creepy to me, she’s his TEACHER and he’s underage! Let’s hope that storyline doesn’t last long at all.

But yeah, irregardless, I think Riverdale is gonna be my new favourite show tbh. Just a warning that I will absolutely be posting and reblogging about the show now very frequently and I’m not ashamed at all lol. I legit cannot wait for more.

Me: Y’know, I don’t think I’ll bother with the new Final Mix? I already own all the original games anyway, it’d be kind of pointless.

Me @ any news about its upcoming release:

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Hi! You posted a while back for RoadRat week that you had thoughts on the first time Hog shows Rat his face, saying that they were for "another day." Sorry if this has already been asked, but, what are those thoughts, I'm curious? (I am IN LOVE with your art style and your merman AU for the junkers, btw)

ah HECK I guess I can share some lmao. junkrat prolly bugs him about his mask at first but hog shuts him down and he never asks again. i def think a lot of trust had to build up first like i cant imagine it happened in the first couple weeks, but after a long while of adventures n journeys hog is like ‘ok i will show you now.’ or maybe an injury or some shit happens and he removes the mask to tend to himself and is like ‘hey rat come over here and see if u want’. I can easily see the reveal being both deep and personal, but I can also see it being more casual depending on the story. I have a bunch more written up, like rough story outline shit that will never see the light of day but that’s like, the basics of my thoughts on the matter aha. ALSO THANK YOU <33333 

William Pratt, Captain Peroxide, Blondie Bear, William the Bloody, The Slayer of Slayers, Spike: The character everyone hates to love, and loves to hate.

Spike is my favorite male character (Buffy Summers being my all time favorite, but I’ve already written like 50 posts on that, so). I used to call him trash, I used to love him apologetically and shamefully. But the more time I had with my thoughts, and the less time I spent around other peoples opinions, I realized how much I actually love him. And while I’ve been unapologetic about it for a while now, I would like to make it crystal clear exactly how great I think Spike is.

The “story of Spike” is a very feminist one, and being a raging feminist myself this is a topic of great importance. It’s also a topic that can lead to heated arguments, since so many disagree on what “feminist storytelling” actually is. When in reality it comes in a huge spectrum, with one kind not canceling out another. The “story of Spike” is simply one particular flavor of it, not more right or wrong than any other - just different. It’s also a very thought provoking (and anger inducing) one, which in my eyes is even better. So why is it feminist?

  • Spike’s a metaphor for a meninist turned feminist ally. It’s a long and messy road of making a decent, functional person, out of a misogynistic, sociopath.
  • The rape attempt is treated as the worst thing you could possibly do. So vile that it makes even a soulless, murderous, monster, question his ways.
  • He takes on the stereotypical role of “naive, love-sick, secret mistress”, which is almost exclusively reserved for female characters in entertainment.
  • The content is very self aware of his flaws, making it clear that his behavior is unacceptable.

Also, I’ve never seen such a drastic, yet organic, character development.

Spike would take baby steps in the right direction, then huge strides in the wrong one, getting beat down, built up, and torn back down all over again. And it all made it feel so very authentic. He didn’t better himself on a steady curve - he was flying all over the chart, making massive mistakes on his way, which took the viewers on a very intense emotional roller coaster of not knowing whether to hate or love him half the time. Other times hating him with such sheer intensity that you just knew it was beyond repair, then growing to love him again against all odds, crying rivers when he sacrificed himself in Chosen.

There are many more reasons why I find this character so wonderful, but to keep this post relatively short and to the point, I’d like to conclude with this:

The character “Spike” is art. Everyone wont appreciate him, everyone will interpret him and his story their own way. But the vast array of raw emotions he evoke in so many of us, the soul searching and questioning he forces us to do, is what makes him not only art - but a masterpiece, worthy of going down in history as more than just your “problematic fave”.

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"I don't think we've met before, I'm Filbert! It's always nice to see squirrels around here. And uh, I like you're little head stripe, bucko." - (ask-bucko)

…On second thought, uh…that doesn’t suit you very much, slacker.

Holy shit guys u did it congrats

THE GAME WE WILL PLAY- is that every night for the next few days (how long depends on popularity) I’ll pick a theme!! And y'all can send me question or submissions based on that theme!! Just something cute and silly lmao

For tomorrow night since it’ll be day one, let’s go with an oldie!! Truth or dare!! You can send me any dare or ask any question and I have to do it!! I have a bunch of other themes already thought up (I’m just a sucker for truth or dare) but if you like youre welcome to reply to this post with yours

I hope you guys all find it fun!!

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What do you think of Hinata and NH fans insisting that Sakura is at fault for Neji's death? Srsly why can't they just admit to themselves that Neji died for a NH moment and he played Cupid, instead of blaming Sakura, I hate her too, but it wasn't her fault lol.

lmao that’s the funniest thing since gaiden.

since I’m on mobile right now, I can’t link the post I already made a while ago, but if hinata had acted like an actual ninja and had destroyed the spears with her fists instead of turning her back to the enemy (forever a genin I guess), neji didn’t have to come in between them.

imo this was another suicide attempt on her part. In her whole life she has never acted like a shinobi, not once, she never thought logically, never thought like a ninja should think, instead did whatever it took to protect naruto, even if it meant unnecessarily sacrificing her life without having to.

If SHE had acted smart and thought with her brain for once, and had DESTROYED those spears, neji didn’t have to sacrifice himself.

This scene will forever be dumb as hell, bc it makes neji look stupid too tbh

In the end, it’s all Hinata’s fault, always has, always will.


posting some photos I took back this summer because I felt like doing a little “cosplay show off” thingie for no real reasons, lmao. I simply found these photos while tidying my phone and thought “oh man, I really want to cosplay Envy again so bad”.
yeah… if only it was not October already and temperatures were not this fucking low in here!! damn it. I’ll wait for next spring / summer to bring him again. :C

Departure- Bellamy Imagine

Woah, I’ve been writing a lot of Bellamy lately. Anyway, hello! I know I said I’d post this yesterday; moral of the story = never believe a word I say. Did anyone watch EUROVISION yesterday/last night/this morning/today (idk man, it was 5am this morning for me)?? If so, who were you rooting for? (I was a fan of Belgium, she was so sweet) Also, DID ANYONE NOTICE WHEN BELGIUM AND AUSTRALIA BOTH GAVE EACH OTHER THE TOP JURY VOTE (I’m Australian if you can’t already tell lmao) Inbox me your thoughts!! Have a good day/night!! Xxxxx

Request Prompt: “If you don’t come back, I’ll kill you myself.”

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 396

(Y/N) hated the missions the Guard got sent on. Usually, they were reckless, even unnecessary at times. Bellamy was leaving her to go on a mission yet again, the hopeless puddle of worry that he usually left her in beginning to pool around her. She was down near the truck, watching them load weapons into the vehicle.

When Bellamy approached her, her heart filled with dread, knowing that she could no longer push away his departure. She grabbed his arm, squeezing it gently as he waited to be handed a weapon. He faced her with a smile, attempting to reassure her.

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