lmao i thought i already posted these

i was skipping through scenes while looking for a specific moment and a scene in particular just hit me like a bus

this is yuri’s flashback on episode two. just look at it. 

in this flashback, yuri contacts viktor with a request. he aspires to be a great skater, just like viktor himself, and he asks viktor for help. viktor is on the top, above all else, almost hard to reach, alluding his status as famous figure skater, and he offers his hand in the promise of bringing yuri to his level one day. 

this scene immediately made me think of how yuuri’s first contact with viktor is shown - or maybe not the first, but the first contact between them that is shown to us: 

they’re both on the same level. 

viktor is still ahead of yuuri, a safe distance between them, but he’s not out of reach. yuuri also requests something of viktor: being his coach. drunk yuuri reminds viktor of how fun life can be (the guy who scored last place on the grand prix was having more fun than him, a golden medallist). 

it’s interesting to observe how their relationships develop from their first contacts we see in the anime. as we get to see, viktor helps both of them achieve their dreams at the end. he gives yuri agape, helps him work on it, and yuri beats his world record. as for yuuri, they finally get to skate as equals, and with viktor’s decision of returning to the ice yuuri’s finally going to be able to compete with his childhood idol on equal footing.

anyway i was pretty tired when i made this post so i’m sure there’s a lot more to it than i’ve addressed, so feel free to add your thoughts below.


Throughout my time as a Content Creator™ on this website I gathered quite the collection of fonts and I wanted to make a neat and organized overview for myself and then I thought: Why not share it?

So here you go: 105 fonts to do whatever your heart desires.

I’m not including a download link bc I couldn’t manage to dig up even half of the files (also bc I’m lazy and it’d be a lot of work lmao) but you should be able to find all of these fonts for free simply by googling them (if they’re not installed on your pc already) :)

Naru: Alright, listen up you little shits.

Naru: Not you, John. you’re an angel and we’re thrilled you’re here.

park woojin|promposal

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member: park woojin
genre: FLUFFY n short
summary: your boyfriend woojin asks you to prom with the help of the wanna one guys 

  • you were so hyped up as you see your boyfriend woojin go up on the stage
  • but suddenly as the music started 
  • you felt two people gently lift you up out of your seats to a seat which was in the middle of the centre aile of the auditorium
  • and you admit you did give a little scream
  • “you okay sweetheart?” you hear the concerned tone in your boyfriends voice
  • you shout back “just fine” with a shaky thumbs up
  • you turn around to see daniel and seongwoo smirking at you 
  • they both say at the same time “enjoy the show" 
  • then they dash to the stage as well 
  • you were confused like were they doing this because woojin’s performing???
  • woojins voice rings out again
  • "y/n get ready to dance”
  • you were even more puzzled and shouted right back
  • “to dance???”
  • “yes dance” he said with a cheeky smile showing off his snaggletooth
  • suddenly the music gets louder and woojin starts dancing
  • you can’t help but clap and cheer as he dances
  • he is the most talented person you know 
  • you love to see him dance not only because he’s amazing but how much you can tell he loves every moment of it
  • suddenly as the chorus comes in
  • the wanna one boys came into the stage with button up shirts 
  • and everyone cheers even louder 
  • daniel does his b-boying and seongwoo and jihoon doing popping
  • and everyone else doing their own thing
  • especially minhyun doing his little butt dance which resulted into a lot of cheering and laughing
  • your favourite bit was when woojin was in the middle and jumped making a heart and winked at you
  • your heart died then 
  • as the instrumental bit came on 
  • the wanna one guys suddenly lined up in a line with woojin in front of them 
  • and woojin grabbed the mic and looking at you directly said sweetly 
  • “will you go to prom with me y/n??" 
  • and just at that moment all the guys took their button up shirts off
  • while you laughed your ass off 
  • as some of them had white shirts on and some of them were showcasing their bare torsos 
  • cause daniel wanted to take his shirt off
  • on either their t shirt or torso they had a letter spray painted on spelling out
  • G O T O P R O M ? ? 
  • you laughed harder as you see their embarrassed faces
  • and you were secretly slightly disappointed woojin didn’t take his shirt off
  • and just as the chorus came woojin flipped off the stage 
  • making you scream in shock and worry 
  • people cheer as he did
  • he just gave you a wink as he landed safety
  • you just rolled your eyes but also glad he didn’t hurt himself
  • then he started to collect a flower from people on the edge of the rows 
  • and you couldn’t help but become all soft as they were your favourite flowers 
  • and before you knew it woojin was only centimetres away from you 
  • with a bouquet of your favourite flowers 
  • and with the biggest grin on his face he whispered to you 
  • "what’d you say will you go to prom with me?”
  • you smiled at him and replied “i’d love to”
  • he whisked you up with you letting out a little squeak and laugh 
  • and the auditorium became loud cheers, claps and wolf whistles
  • and that became louder as woojin kissed you so softly 
  • and you just melted in his arms 
  • as you two parted he whispered softly to you “i love you”
  • and you replied “i love you too" 
  • with both of you sporting huge ass grins on your faces and feeling like on the top of the world
  • you two danced for the rest of the song together 
  • but also danced the night away at prom together 

woojin it’s your birthday, i remember paying attention to bnm auditions and being so so impressed by he fact you choreographed the dance i instantly stanned you and seeing your adorable nature in ep 2 just solidified your n2 spot (I’m sorry okay seongwoo was attacking me) but by get ugly wowowoow you stole my heart ONCE AGAIN and you’ve had it ever since. i love but hate writing for you because i’m really not as good at it as writing for other members and so many other authors are better than me. but it doesn’t matter. i love you so so so much and i will always support you. and i hope you have an amazing birthday I LOVE YOU PARK WOOJIN!!

okay everyone i’m back and when i say i’m back i’m back i have a jaehwan enemies to lovers ready to post for tomorrow and already working on my guanlin one i KNOW IM ACTUALLY DOIGN SHIT FOR ONCE LMAO just an update on heirs vs bodyguards heirs is in the lead and you guys only have a week left to vote so KEEP ON VOTING!!! love you all!!!

also not adding to master list only if someone asks idk its just so short and not really properly thought out so ya


Ichinose Guren || 一瀬グレン
[28.08] Happy Birthday to my sexy Lt. Colonel Guren !!


member: kang daniel
genre: fluff, harry potter!au
summary: daniel is rough when it comes to a game of quidditch. but you weren’t a very forgiving person when he sent you off your broom and pummeled to the ground.
a/n: this was supposed to be up yesterday but my dumbass thought i typed it out and queued it already (i didn’t…). FOR DANIEL WEEK, @deepdickdaniel have a happy happy birthday bitch. i didn’t proofread because i was in a rush to finish another one im gonna post today LMAO.

  • hogwarts was the school to be at. if anyone else thought otherwise, your wand would be pointed up their throat, asking them to repeat what they said.
  • no one ever questions why you got sorted into slytherin. you were competitive, ambitious, and continuously determined to be the best.
  • it was no wonder why you were a prefect and on the quidditch team, specifically a chaser.
  • a really good one at that, but it wasn’t because you were talented or anything. you worked your ass off to be as good as normal players and wanted to excel even further.
  • everyone was surprised the slytherin that couldn’t even fly their broom their first year was now one of slytherin’s best chasers.

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Have you ever dreamed about BTS? And I really like your art and your blog :) keep going with the good stuff Darlin' ~ Danish Anon


Yes I already dreamed about bts!!! Well there’s the time were I dreamed of the comeback lmao. But it’s really weird because I mostly dream of Jimin :^00000. Like i love Jimin so much but I literally can’t shut up when I talk about Namnam or Gigi, BUT ITS ALWAYS JIMIN. And also Jungkook, but mostly Jimin.


I was on twitter and big hit posted a tweet saying that Jungkook was dating someone. I thought “yooooo boi im proud, i guess everyone is talking about that now”. But NOBODY talked about it. So I was really surprised. Then I talked to my best friend and told her about that (shes jungkook biased) and she said “yea i know, idc” and i was so confused?????

THEN, for some reason Jungkook was with me?????? And like he started to hold my hands and I said “boi stop, u have a girlfriend/boyfriend wtf are u doing”. He looked at me, and said “.-. i am ur boyfriend”.

Me: what the fuck, Then i woke up. Like i didn’t even know shot like wtf


Oh look, more Eddsworld trash :’V I’m obsessed I’m soRRY-

It’s TomTord, of course, cos I’m one of THOSE people. I mean, I ship whatever seems interesting tbh (like TomEdd, TomMatt, TordEdd, TordMatt, Paultryk, Edd/Eduardo, Eduardo/Jon, Jon/Mark, etc). But TomTord is just one of those ships that kinda stuck out to me. I know irl it would be probably toxic and kinda abusive, but that’s why I only ship the IDEA of it. I love the thought of them fighting a lot is just sexual tension and stuff. Like they actually would get along great if they would just kiss already lmaO,,,

Anyways, here ya go. I heavily referenced a couples reference I found on Google, I can provide the photo if need be. If the original reference artist wants me to take this down, I will!

Please do NOT repost without proper credit! Link back to my account and/or this post if you do.

Tom and Tord belong to Eddsworld, which belongs to Edd Gould’s family!

Ps. the song I used in here is called Like Me Better by Lauv. Bless you @smollerei for introducing me to this song and to Eddsworld aaaa

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im worried about the flamethrower because they seem a BIT excessive at 20 feet and a rapist can buy one just as easily as a woman can and pepperspray is already an unreliable self defense weapon because the spray can misfire back into you're own eyes just as easily as into an attacker and I imagine literal fire can be just as unreliable

obvs a flamethrower is extreme its not like i 100% support the ability for someone to intentionally or accidentally burn people alive i just thought it was a funny post lmao. theres loads of daily sexual harassment and we’ve gone from whistles to pocket mace to eye-gouging-keychains and tasers and now they got fuckin flamethrowers. i mean the joke to me is the battalion of tiny weapons women gotta arm themselves with to defend against assault bc of how shitty society is.

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God, when you want to make a character, YOU DO IT. Can you talk a little about your process? Where you got the idea for Mother of Pearl, your jasper ame fusion, etc? Whenever you make them, you go by theme and intense detail. Ily and your art so much

thank you so much!! im gonna describe my design/headcanon process under cut because its kinda a wall of text with some pics of older versions of maxima as an example. hope this inspires and helps you!

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BTS Fuckboys pt 5

Honestly I thought there were more parts… ‘cuz when I was doing them I felt like if I was repeating things that I already did, lmao I had to read the previous ones again 😂

Sorry it took so long to post I was *coughs* busy, watching BTSs performances… several times 😂 I hope u like them… Send requests

Pt 1 // Pt 2 // Pt 3 // Pt 4


  • Yoosung: Hey, Seven? Can I have some Honey Buddha Chips, please? *proceeds to take some chips*
  • Seven: *slaps Yoosung's hand away* No, I asked you in the store if you wanted something and you said no.
  • Yoosung: Yeah...but you always make it look good when you eat it.
  • Seven: I'm sorry, Yoosung. You should have thought of that when we were there already.
  • Yoosung: *moves closer to Seven and looks at him seductively*
  • Seven: Yoosung what are you-
  • Yoosung: *whispers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) in Seven's ear*
  • Seven:
  • Yoosung:
  • Seven: *gives Yoosung half of his chips*
  • Yoosung: *kisses Seven on the cheek* Thanks, babe.