lmao i thought i already posted these

i was skipping through scenes while looking for a specific moment and a scene in particular just hit me like a bus

this is yuri’s flashback on episode two. just look at it. 

in this flashback, yuri contacts viktor with a request. he aspires to be a great skater, just like viktor himself, and he asks viktor for help. viktor is on the top, above all else, almost hard to reach, alluding his status as famous figure skater, and he offers his hand in the promise of bringing yuri to his level one day. 

this scene immediately made me think of how yuuri’s first contact with viktor is shown - or maybe not the first, but the first contact between them that is shown to us: 

they’re both on the same level. 

viktor is still ahead of yuuri, a safe distance between them, but he’s not out of reach. yuuri also requests something of viktor: being his coach. drunk yuuri reminds viktor of how fun life can be (the guy who scored last place on the grand prix was having more fun than him, a golden medallist). 

it’s interesting to observe how their relationships develop from their first contacts we see in the anime. as we get to see, viktor helps both of them achieve their dreams at the end. he gives yuri agape, helps him work on it, and yuri beats his world record. as for yuuri, they finally get to skate as equals, and with viktor’s decision of returning to the ice yuuri’s finally going to be able to compete with his childhood idol on equal footing.

anyway i was pretty tired when i made this post so i’m sure there’s a lot more to it than i’ve addressed, so feel free to add your thoughts below.

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Since we're in pride month... what iconic gay™ song would you like to see bts cover (one for each member)? I hope I'm not asking too much :P

OH GOD THATS SO oh wow lucky for u i already have half these planned out lmao

taehyung - I WILL SURVIVE BY MS GLORIA GAYNOR YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW OFTEN IVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the today we will survives in not today FUEL ME YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I WANT THIS). bonus: cher - believe. we got him singing along at the bbmas tho so ill take it.

jimin - damn i wish i was your lover by sophie b hawkins AN ICONIC LESBIAN ANTHEM as the greatest lesbian icon of our generation its only apt that i choose this iconic lesbian hit for him. plus hed be cute recreating the video rolling around on the floor in a flannel shirt? his aesthetic.   

jungkook - honestly anything off blue neighborhood by troye sivan BECAUSE I MEAN COME ON. personally id like for him or heaven. 


hobi - dancing queen by abba. UM WOULD THIS NOT BE THE MOST PERFECT THING??????????/

yoongi - fuck you by lily allen. bc good god is that him. the heterophoic chaotic gay anthem he deserves.

namjoon - same love by macklemore feat ryan lewis. cuz i mean. obviously.

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Have you ever dreamed about BTS? And I really like your art and your blog :) keep going with the good stuff Darlin' ~ Danish Anon


Yes I already dreamed about bts!!! Well there’s the time were I dreamed of the comeback lmao. But it’s really weird because I mostly dream of Jimin :^00000. Like i love Jimin so much but I literally can’t shut up when I talk about Namnam or Gigi, BUT ITS ALWAYS JIMIN. And also Jungkook, but mostly Jimin.


I was on twitter and big hit posted a tweet saying that Jungkook was dating someone. I thought “yooooo boi im proud, i guess everyone is talking about that now”. But NOBODY talked about it. So I was really surprised. Then I talked to my best friend and told her about that (shes jungkook biased) and she said “yea i know, idc” and i was so confused?????

THEN, for some reason Jungkook was with me?????? And like he started to hold my hands and I said “boi stop, u have a girlfriend/boyfriend wtf are u doing”. He looked at me, and said “.-. i am ur boyfriend”.

Me: what the fuck, Then i woke up. Like i didn’t even know shot like wtf



Ichinose Guren || 一瀬グレン
[28.08] Happy Birthday to my sexy Lt. Colonel Guren !!

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God, when you want to make a character, YOU DO IT. Can you talk a little about your process? Where you got the idea for Mother of Pearl, your jasper ame fusion, etc? Whenever you make them, you go by theme and intense detail. Ily and your art so much

thank you so much!! im gonna describe my design/headcanon process under cut because its kinda a wall of text with some pics of older versions of maxima as an example. hope this inspires and helps you!

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How I wish for the days of yesterday
To be today once more
When we found our own ways to play,
No self-doubt and anxiety knocking at our door
‘Stranger danger’ parents said with worry in their eye
But where was the harm?
We’d be fine
After all we had our charm
But life was unforgiving
To those that we held dearest
In growing up there was only missing
The days when we were fiercest
But tomorrow you will wake to the yellow shining bright
Clearing away the monsters of the dark ugly night.
—  m.c // Days of Yesterday

okay okay i’m finally charging my phone and i think i’ve calmed down a bit


and I swear to god that man must be one of THE most beautiful humans to ever walk this earth, when he walked out of the restaurant my jaw dropped to the floor, my heart first stopped and then started beating SO FUCKING FAST, it was racing so bad and i was just shaking A LOT

he is so pretty tho, it’s legit like a golden glow was surrounding him; he’s also SO SO SO SWEET, like legit a sunshine and you know how they always say “don’t meet your faves, you’ll be disappointed”?

That doesn’t apply to him AT ALL, he is everything i thought he would be and more and, even tho i thought that wouldn’t even be possible, i love him now even more than i did before

as to “how” i met him, obviously i saw his instagram story and there is only one restaurant with THAT view so i immediately knew WHERE he was, but 17 minutes had already passed since he posted the pics so i was so scared i’ll just miss him bc it takes me 20-25 minutes to get there, my dad luckily said he’d drive me tho bc with the subway at rush hour i just would not have made it in time

So i was standing before the building for like not even 5 minutes and i thought he might’ve already left but then i saw two men walking out, one with a really fancy dslr camera lmao and the other one just LOOKED like he might have smth to do with schlieri so they caught my eye right away and not even two seconds after HE WALKS OUT AND I IMMEDIATELY JUST STARTED SHAKING SO BAD

I’m a REALLY shy and anxious person so it took EVERYTHING in me to go up and say hi but i did and i am so fucking happy, the conversation wasn’t that long and honestly it’s such a blurr, i was like on more adrenaline than i ever thought was possible, that’s probably how our babies feel when they fly in vikersund or planica LMAO

The guy with the dslr was taking some pics while we were talking but like idk what they’re for so i’ll probably never see them anyway hahaha

I’ll post the selfie in a bit, i just have to find a filter bc i honestly look like SUCH A MESS, i didn’t expect to meet him today, like i was so sure there was no way, BUT I DID

anyway, yes, i fucking met my idol, my boy, my everything, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER


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according to the gif u posted, u seem to be a bit embaressed about all our ideas about your old design for luca. i personally think i like the design and also made a bunch of headcanons already. but i think u don't need to be embaressed by our ideas, i think it shows how creative your community is ^^ so i guess they only mean it well (because so do i)

i’m not embarrassed it was a joke lmao i thought the gif was hilarious. i wouldn’t have posted the video if i was embarrassed

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Omg you were very sweet (and right) about the last whitewashing accusation, so I almost don't want to bug you with this but, in the last klance tile art Lance is too yellow :0 I love your art, and you can still keep the pastel look while keeping the character's skin dark (like in your icon, even though ik it's a bunny) His beautiful skin color doesn't shine through :0 tianamulan ((.)) tumblr((.))com/post/116483577100/hello-graphic-makers-youre-probably-aware-that

YES omg i actually noticed that too …. when i was coloring it i colored him how i normally do you see …….

but then i went and put like a blinding ass filter on it bc …. I THOUGHT I WANTED MAXIMUM BLINDING PASTEL BRIGHTNESS AF LMAO and then it killed him it killED HIM  .……… but like at that point i already made it a tile and everything OTL so i wanna remake it eventually w/o the filter i used ………………… redeem myself


posting some photos I took back this summer because I felt like doing a little “cosplay show off” thingie for no real reasons, lmao. I simply found these photos while tidying my phone and thought “oh man, I really want to cosplay Envy again so bad”.
yeah… if only it was not October already and temperatures were not this fucking low in here!! damn it. I’ll wait for next spring / summer to bring him again. :C

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Okay first off- I love your art so much gosh, I constantly have a tab of your Climbing Class art open so in the morning when I open my laptop to see those cuties. Secondly- now whenever I see those romantic "bro" posts I think of CC. Like I just saw the one "*holds ur hand* bro… u look so pretty tonight" and like... me hart, me sole

ヽ(;▽;)ノ what!! this….is so sweet and amazing wow… thank you so much!! i thought so much about this ask i thought i answered it already lmao pls…just take this: 

Shit Tumblr History Nerds Say to Each Other

Below are quotes - actual quotes - from a Skype chat me and a bunch of tumblr history nerds are in. Yes, we use Skype. We’re losers. Also here’s a disclaimer: it’s a private conversation where messages are typically sent without passing through our brains first. Do not take anything seriously. Also, reading this might will cause cancer.


Fuji, @fujisan-ni-noboru-hinode
Gideon, @tanks-a-lot
Shiggy, @uss-edsall
Joey, @british-eevee
Zach, @supermarketsecurity

Part 1 of ?: Sections 0 - 99

This post contains sections 0-99: 25 AUGUST 2015 to 12 OCTOBER 2015. Joey and Zach were not a part of the chat group yet.

Section 0

Off to a good start,

“you’d think that the friendship between tumblrs two Pacific War historians would be a little intellectual, but nope” - Fuji

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