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Bad Luck.

Prompt: So I was requested to write a oneshot where Riley “walks in on Lucas”. It was such a funny prompt that I had to do it asap. For the anon that requested it I hope this is okay! I laughed a lot while writing it. haha
Rating: M (just because there’s sexual references in it, not full on smut tho.)
Pairing: Riley x Lucas [rucas]
Word Count: 1,228


Lucas stared at the wall watching the clocks hands tick one by one, counting down the minutes until the school bell rang. He wasn’t having the best day and it seemed like everything was slowly getting worse and worse. He couldn’t wait to get home.

He was late this morning taking the subway, a bird decided his shoulder was the perfect spot to poop on and he and Riley were still in a fight. Which he attested most of his new found bad luck to. Riley was a beacon of light in his life and without her things just seemed to go wrong. It’s like whenever they didn’t speak, bad things would happen.

The second the bell rings he’s on his feet and heading for his locker to collect the rest of his things. He swiftly pulls on his jacket, shoves the rest of his books into his bag and slams the locker door shut.

The hallway is packed with students trying to hurry and catch their rides while the rest skip to their extracurricular after-school activities. He does his best to maneuver around his classmates and as he rounds the corner to the English wing he feels an arm reach out and pull him into a janitor’s closet.

His girlfriend Riley was on the other end of the yanking which was really out of character for her. Not just because they were in a fight but because she wasn’t really the aggressive type. His eyes grow wide as the beautiful brunette runs her fingers at the hair that laid on the nape of his neck, sending shivers down his spine.

“Riley, what are you doing?” He whispers, trying to keep his voice low so no one would find them in there.

She giggled the kind of laugh that makes his heart flutter, smiling up at the clearly nervous boy. “I missed you.” She sighs, wrapping her arms around his waist.

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me: *fucks up my hair a little bit*

intrusive thoughts: cut it all off. it’s ruined. 

me: what why-

intrusive thoughts: it’s ruined. 

Jack- FAHC
  • she has a reputation of being on the most honest criminals Los Santos has ever seen- she pays on time, delivers on time, and she always keeps her promises.
    • this doesn’t mean she’s easy to take advantage of, though; underestimating her is one of the quickest ways to die. She’s a shrewd businesswoman, and God forbid you ever break a promise to her
  • she swears that she’s never had a hangover, and none of the boys have ever seen her with one. It’s not like she doesn’t drink, either- Geoff remembers vividly the day that she downed five shots of vodka one after the other, and then proceeded to win $10,000 in a poker game. He was terrified and in awe.
  • she tends to be one of the best negotiators (along with Gavin, but more consistently). She gets people to like her, to trust her, and if they are trying to manipulate the deal to their advantage, they don’t even realize that she has them exactly where she wants them
  • If her boys are in danger, watch out. Then, she only negotiates in blood and bullets and hellfire.
  • The crew would be hopeless without any of the members, or course; they’re all crucial, and they’re family. But without Jack they’d crumble. No one else pilots like her, obviously, but she’s their rock, the steady hand, and let’s be real she’s the mom.
    • Once, she was taken. The crew that took her only got her. She was gone for three days, and the FAHC tore the city apart to get her back
  • she’s a good, steady shot, yes. They’re all good. Her place in the crew on heists is transportation, though. She’s the best pilot Los Santos has got. But she also excels in hand-to-hand combat- she’s been taking any and all martial arts classes since she was 8 years old, although she doesn’t use it too often.
    • also bc she’s a huge nerd and loves cool combat, she’s taken swordfighting classes. The crew doesn’t know because she’s waiting for the perfect moment to save the day and surprise him with her skills.
      • ((that day comes a week after her 39th birthday and it is glorious.))
  • none of the boys are sure how many languages she actually speaks. They know of English, French, Italian, and Russian for sure, and once they overheard her talking to herself in what Gavin swears is Polish
  • she hates the country of Sweden. None of them are exactly sure why. They’re all too afraid to ask
  • she goes nuts during Thanksgiving. She makes them all help in baking enough to feed a small army, she breaks out the fine china (and every year, someone always breaks at least one piece), and sits them all down at the dinner table, forcing them to smile and play nice and to get off your DS Ray I swear to-
    • they, being contrary assholes, complain. but not very much, because they absolutely all love it and Jack knows it
  • they all like to film things, of course- heist plannings and pranks and drunk shit. But it’s jack who does it the most, she makes these shitty ‘home videos’ and it’s Ray sleeping on the couch and Gavin blowing out the birthday cake and them all yelling and laughing while playing video games and she has about a thousand of these videos and they all tease her for it and mock them but none of them ever complain when they get dragged out and they watch some every holiday and birthday (and one or two disappears for a while every time someone’s had a bad week). Geoff absolutely bawls like a baby every time he watches one
  • she loves shitty Christmas sweaters, she wears them constantly in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Michael gets her a new one every Christmas. She owns 14.
  • she not only remembers all of the birthdays of the crew, but the days that each one joined. She always gets them presents, too, and it’s always perfect. This means that on her birthday you get six guys doing everything in their (considerable) power to get the greatest gift for her possible. It turns into this unspoken competition for who can get her the greatest gift. So far her favorite has been an entire fucking plane that Geoff bought for six million dollars (also the mug that Ray got her that has the Crew Emblem and says World’s #1 Mom which he got ironically but also not and she accepted ironically but also not)
  • She is such a junk food junkie. Anything sweet or salty or served with cheese, she is there which means that she also has to work out all the time and eat a shit ton of vegetables so that she can stay in shape. Luckily her diet is still better than Ray’s
    • ((a homeless cat’s diet is still better than Ray’s))
  • she gives money to charities anonymously more than the other crew members. Her biggest donations always go to women’s shelters, because (and it takes the crew years to learn this) her mom was abused for years, and the two of them spent months in various women’s shelters because they had nowhere else to go
  • she still plays Flappy Bird. No one knows why.

listen this is potentially the most crack pairing I have ever suggested— and I’d like to make this clear, I don’t actually ship it at all— but basically I have Swinter from phineas and ferb stuck in my head (which. I have not watched that show in years I have no idea why i suddenly remembered that song) and now I want to ship Summer and Winter just so I can call the ship Swinter Swonderland

A crack name for a crack ship idk


jon snow + favourite book moments ≣ 1/?

He thought Ygritte might try to run, but she only stood there, waiting, looking at him. “You never killed a woman before, did you?” When he shook his head, she said, “We die the same as men. But you don’t need to do it. Mance would take you, I know he would. There’s secret ways. Them crows would never catch us.”
“I’m as much a crow as they are,” Jon said.
She nodded, resigned. “Will you burn me, after?”
“I can’t. The smoke might be seen.”
“That’s so.” She shrugged. “Well, there’s worse places to end up than the belly of a shadowcat.”
He pulled Longclaw over a shoulder. “Aren’t you afraid?”
“Last night I was,” she admitted. “But now the sun’s up.

it took me a year to sit down & colour her because wow i really didnt want to deal w ms rainbow skin

speaking of which her skin & hair reflects light & imitates stardust

( the marvel magical girl project )

@yellowness123 requested eto and kaneki being a cute couple and i got a bit…carried away…

Secret love | Pt. 4

Originally posted by sugaglos

Genre: Angst

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 2541 

You were in a relationship with nobody else than BTS’ Park Jimin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not if your relationship has to be kept a secret from the rest of the world becaue your boyfriend was an idol loved by many fangirls. Will your relationship with Jimin last long? Or will it crumble down just like dead leaves in the fall season?

(A/N: I previously said that part 4 would be the last chapter to this series but guess what…. IT’S NOT :D lmao I really hate myself hahaha I’m so sorry for misleading you guys. I think the either the next chapter or the chapter after the next one will be the final chapter. In the mean time, enjoy this chapter :D)

Prologue | Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

Look at all those flowers! They’re beautiful!

Hearing the smooth, angelic voice, you opened your eyes, only to be welcomed by a field of white, beautiful chrysanthemums. You were bewildered by the sight in front of you, not a single word coming out of your mouth as you looked around. Butterflies in all kinds of colors were flying above the field of white chrystanthemums, the grass was beautiful green and the color of the sky was bright blue.

Were you in heaven?

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