lmao i love this scene okay

Today is Samuel Thomas Wilson’s birthday.

It’s also Bisexuality Day.

Now, I’m not saying those two facts are connected, all I’m saying is the sky was the colors of the bi flag in that scene with Sam running, and that within the first 2 minutes of the movie he had already flirted with both Steve and Natasha.

Happy bisexualityrthday Sam <3


By “my place” she meant, she meant my ballet studio. Whenever Yuri gets anxious, he always wants to practice. I usually go along with him. Yuri was able to grow  because he had a place where he could practice alone whenever he got anxious. He’s no genius, but he was gifted with more free time than anyone else to practice


I’ll ask you this favour, man to man…

it’s okay

this! was! so! fun! to! write! i! love! eddie! kaspbrak!

request → Can I request an Eddie X female reader from the scene where eddies mother found out that the losers club “broke his arm” and started getting pissed and whatever and when the reader went to defend herself Eddie told her to stop trying and and that really offended her so when they were going to the sewers she ignored Eddie but before they reached the sewers he’s like “I had enough of this” and turns the reader and kisses her (I’m so confusing lmao sorry)

pairing → eddie kaspbrak x reader

word count → 688

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“No, you’re not getting anywhere near my son again!”

“Mrs. Kaspbrak, we-”

“No! You know how fragile he is - what were you doing?!”

You had a pretty neutral relationship with Eddie’s mom - she acknowledged that the two of you hung out often (and to be honest, with the way she looked at you sometimes, she probably knew you liked him, too) and you didn’t interfere with… well, anything she did.

So everything was pretty okay, up until now.

“Mrs. Kaspbrak,” you tried to explain, exasperated and tired. God, all of you were tired. Anyone would be tired, seeing what you saw. “It was an accident, he fell, we didn’t do anything-”

“Just go,” a voice says, softly, and you realize that it’s Eddie, from inside his mother’s car. You feel your face fall, and you furrow your brows. Eddie isn’t making eye contact with you (his best friend, what the hell?) and he looks scared. Confused. Maybe a little angry, too, you think. You’re looking at Eddie, but he won’t look at you.

“Leave.” He says again, and this time it hits you with a vengeance. It’s harsh and final. Eddie doesn’t want the rest of the losers there, he doesn’t want you there. Your heart breaks in your chest, just a bit, and you do as he says.

The rest of the losers call after you as you grab your bike and start to pedal off, but you’re too focused on trying not to let the tears in your eyes slip out to notice.

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Things That Need To Happen In The Fantastic Beasts Sequels (The Newtina Edition)

1. Newt proposing to Tina

2. Newtina wedding

3. Protective!Newtina

4. Badass Porpentina Goldstein-Scamander

5. Tina screaming “NOT MY HUSBAND YOU BITCH!” at some Grindelwald follower who shot a Cruciatus Curse at Newt, and then completely DISINTEGRATING the guy right before everyone’s eyes like Molly did with Bellatrix Lestrange (just IMAGINE IF IT WAS LETA WHO ATTACKED NEWT THO JUST IMAGINE HOW ANGRY TINA WOULD BE + THE HP/FBAWTFT PARALLELS WOULD BE ON POINT)

6. Newt coming up behind whoever’s holding Tina captive and hissing “Get away from my wife,” before punching him full in the face like Sirius did with Lucius Malfoy


8. Maybe Katherine doing a small duet with Eddie or something I mean just imagine how cUTE IT WOULD BE SINCE THEY CAN BOTH SING REALLY WELL

9. An “I love you” exchange

10. Newtina caring for Newt’s creatures together

11. Newt completely falling head over heels for Tina when she leads a squad of Aurors fiercely into battle and her dedication to her job

12. Tina absolutely adoring Newt’s passion for Magizoology and the gentle way he cares for his creatures

13. (WHAT IF) Tina takes up the mantle of President of MACUSA after Seraphina steps down

14. Newtina caring for Credence like he’s their son

15. Newt being jealous of Tina x Theseus

16. Tina being jealous of Newt x Leta

17. (WHAT IF) Theseus x Leta lmao

18. A role reversal of the “I’ll catch you” scene from the first movie

19. “I’m sorry I couldn’t deliver my book, the Ministry denied my request to go back…because of the whole, you know…the Obscurus massacre.”
“Hey. It’s okay. I’m just…glad you’re here now.”
“Yes, so am I. It’s very good to see you again, Tina.”
“You too, Newt.”

20. Dumbledore and Queenie being the captains of the Newtina ship

21. Queenie being absolutely infuriated because she knows they both love each other but they just won’t admit it

22. Dumbledore tearing up at the Newtina wedding

23. Awkward!Newtina with loads of fluff and being Soft™ and quiet mutual compliments


25. Rebellious!Newtina, starting with Tina probably going against MACUSA’s orders and Newt, being Newt, goes with her

26. Newtina being scared half to death when one of them is fatally wounded / tending to each other’s wounds

27. Moving to Dorset after the war is over, having kids and sending them off to school


29. More Holding Hands While Running™ or just Holding Hands™ in general

30. Delicate, tentative physical contact (kisses, gentle caresses to the face of hands, THE FOREHEAD TOUCH, brushing hair out of eyes, warm reassuring hugs, falling alseep in each other’s arms)

Bonus: Queenie singing a slow, gentle celebratory song after a victorious battle and Newt and Tina slow dances to it / teaches each other to dance / they start talking about what they’ll do after the war (basically like that scene from Wonder Woman where Steve and Diana are dancing after the battle of No Man’s Land)

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oth meme: [1/5] couples: peyton and lucas

They’re two kids that carry the weight of the world. Can they agree together to let go of that weight? The theme for Lucas and Peyton is, “how do you learn to be happy when you’ve spent so much time carrying grief around? Do you feel guilty for being happy? Is it okay to let it go?

vista cruiser // steve harrington

a/n: okay so because i love that 70’s show and stranger things so much, i decided to use my favorite scene and the most handsome character i know and mash them together. i love steve so much okay onto the imagine.

nancy and jonathan were quite possibly the most touchy couple seen by y/n so far. while y/n and steve sat in the front seat, the couple were going at it. y/n knew it was a bad idea to invite them to the drive in movies. especially knowing it’s “makeout point.” steve awkwardly sat in the passenger seat, looking at y/n whenever a squeak or moan erupted from the backseat. it was supposed to be a mark in their relationship. seeing as they’ve been friends for forever and they both know they like each other, this shouldn’t have been as hard as it was made out to be. tonight was a huge leap for steve since he’s only lightly pecked y/n. he was planning on getting hot and heavy but jonathan had ruined his groove.

“steve,” y/n said, barely audible over the grunts coming from jonathan. “can we talk? in private?” steve could tell she was irritated. nodding his head, he opened the door and slid out. y/n did the same but not before getting hit in the head with nancy’s shoe.

before you know it, steve and y/n were sitting on the hood of his old vista cruiser. the car was shaking violently as nancy and jonathon well… were… you know. y/n was laying on steve’s arm which happened to be around her neck.

“so um… nance and jonathon have certainly made themselves comfortable.” y/n giggled at steve’s quip while he chuckled along. “it’s a roomy car.” she added on. suddenly, steve propped himself up with his elbow.

“yeah, it is,” steve paused to look at y/n. the want in his eyes was beating, like a heartbeat of someone who’s anxious and scared. he liked her so much and didn’t want to mess whatever they had going up.

“you know, the bench seat in the vista cruiser…” steve brought down his lips to hers. the kiss was hard and fast. they grasped into each other like they were the only ones left on planet earth and if they were to let each other go, they’d die. one of y/n’s hands went to his neck and the other to the back of his head. desperate is one word to describe the makeout. they were desperate to get more of each other. young love does that to you.

“-is the same as what’s in the full-size pontiac catalina.” steve gasped after a short pause for air. desperate for more, y/n muttered a quick ‘thats intresting’ and brought his lips back down to hers. the mix of the intense shaking and the hard core makeout tumbling, y/n ended up a little too close to the side and accidentally fell of the car. both of their faces were red; mostly due to lack of air but partially due to embarrassment. the cars surrounding them were honking endlessly and shouting remarks like “good job harrington!” and “nice balance, y/l/n!”

steve looked down and locked eyes with the girl. soon-to-be his girl. he smiled and asked one simple question. one that’d y/n would never forget.

“wanna get outta here?”

Alright its Yoi anniversary so let me at least write something for now…drawing comes later

I love Yoi.My love for it never disappeared and it still makes me cry.This show is pure love, even behind the scenes.

I know it had much more Impact on many other people but I guess it’s not that dramatic for me …

Last year I was really scared of winterdepressions because it got worse every year but because of Yoi I had no time to even think about it.I was excited for 12 weeks straight and longer.I didn’t even realize it months after

Oh my god and geez…Victuuri…the holy otp

It is pure love and more…everything I ever wanted from a pair.They’re soulmates.They reminded me on myself and my best friend…and my own ocs.They just made me reeaally emotional what was no surprise anyway because I love shipping since I’m like 4 years old.

What am I talking about, I can’t even write english gdsstscjvkb

Yoi is great and makes me really happy okay? The characters, every scene was a surprise….oh god I just remembered my reaction from episode 7 lol

My heart was racing so much I had to stop it every minute and then freaked out when they kissed because a big part of me never believed that it would become canon.I thought it would be “Too good to be true” lmao

But it’s not just Victuuri.It’s the whole writing, animation etc that made it so fantastic.Like I said before, there is a reason why Yoi became so popular

I didn’t like Yurio at first lmao but now I love everyone…

Uh yeah…I wanted to say all this random shit before I sleep

Good night and have a good day/night whatever

okay i just really love this scene alright

b/c at first you think Kaminari’s talking about himself here. you think that he’s the one who’s getting worked up over this guy’s annoying, baseless taunts and insults

but no, that’s not what Kaminari means.

he’s talking about Bakugou (as he throws Bakugou’s granade lmao i love symbolism)

Bakugou is the one who got all worked up because of this guy’s taunts. he got angry at his insults and slander and all that, and the implication here is that it’s NOT because it was aimed at him, but because it was aimed at Kaminari and Kirishima. (particularly Kirishima, who was already taken down and being mocked relentlessly)

HELL Kaminari looks like he’s getting frustrated in the first panel NOT b/c he’s getting insulted, but because he understands just how much those insults were making Bakugou act rash and angry (which caused him to get caught)

Bakugou my son my child you have come so far and now your friends are starting to recognize your growth even if you try so hard to hide it they can see you being all nice and protective of them and i love you so much my blond angry child

arin being smart (ノ^_^)ノ

arin being stupid (ノ・∀・)ノ



Serpentina (aa imagine)

Can you write an imagine we’re your a south side serpent and your best friends with Archie and them. And you go to there school. Archie has a secret crush on you. And one day you got into a fight and you have a bruise under your eye and a cut under your cheek. And you go to Archie’s house and he helps you out. You guys kiss and it’s cute a fluff thanks so much.

A/N okay so I tried to stick with this as much as possible? The fighting scene lowkey really sucks lmao but I tried! It seems very Jughead heavy in the beginning but it has more Archie trust me!!! Enjoy :)

(also if you know where I got the name Serpentina, I will forever love you)

word count: 1,104

triggers: fights and some cursing

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“Jughead come on, I can’t wait on you all day.” you sigh as you wait for Jughead Jones outside his trailer.
“Hey, getting my hair to look like this takes a few minutes. I gotta run my hand through my hair a few times don’t you know?” He snarked back. You grin. “Soooo, how are things going with Betty?” He smiles.
“Pretty good. She’s let me take her on a few dates. I really think she likes me.” He smiles even wider as we continue the journey to school.
“Awe Jug, I’m so happy for you. You finally found someone that makes you happy.”
“You make me happy.” you shove him.
“Not like that Jug, you know what I mean.”
“Yeah yeah, I know. So, anyone in your life that is making you happy?” You blush at this question.
“Jug you already know the answer to this. No one is ever going to like me. But i’ve got you guys so I’ll be fine.” Jughead shakes his head.
“You have no idea what you are talking about. I’m sure that someone likes you.” “Jughead, I’m a serpent and everyone knows it. No one will ever like a serpent.” “Uh I’m one?”
“Uh, you haven’t told anyone.” You mocked back. He sighs in defeat.
“I have a feeling that someone, somewhere has a crush on you.” He says with a smirk. You give him an eye roll as you guys enter the school.
“(Y/n) look! I aced my history final! She posted the results this morning. And it’s all thanks to you.” Archie grins as he goes in to hug you. You hug him back with the same grin on your face. Jughead walked past you two with the same smug smirk on his face.
“Arch I’m so proud of you! All of that late night studying paid off didn’t it?” You laugh.
“It sure did.” You and Archie make your way to your first class of the day with smiles on your faces.
      Archie took you to Pop’s to celebrate his victory.
“Thanks for paying for dinner Arch but you-”
“No no really it’s fine. I owe you. I don’t think I would have been able to pass the final without you.”
“I’m sure you would have, you’re a pretty smart guy.”
“No really (y/n), you’ve helped me with everything throughout my life and for that I am forever grateful.” You look up at Archie with a huge smile and a bright red blush.
“Archie stopppp, I’m suppose to be this tough figure and I’m about to cry you are being so sweet to me!” Archie laughs.
“I didn’t mean to get all mushy but I really felt like telling you that. Now, here is a cheer to our friendship.” He said as he rose his glass. For some odd reason, when he said ‘friendship’ something inside of you flipped. You didn’t want to be called his friend. You wanted something more. You shook it off and muttered ‘friendship’ back before clicking glasses and taking a sip of your milkshake.               After Pop’s, you headed to the Whyte Wyrm. You aren’t much of a drinker, so Sam the bartender got you a Cola.
“Thanks Sam.” He gave you a nod as you began to drink your drink. All of the sudden, a girl who you didn’t know that well came up and punched you in the face.
“WHAT THE HELL?” you screamed.
“That’s what you get for messing with my boyfriend bitch!” the girl shouted back. She was clearly drunk off her ass and didn’t even know who she was yelling at. That didn’t stop you from throwing a punch back.
“I don’t know who the fuck you are but no one throw a punch at (y/n) and gets away with it!” You go to punch her again but then someone took ahold of your arms. It was Joaquin.
“I don’t think your mom would be very happy about this (y/n), just leave her alone. Let’s go.” You wipe the blood off your cheek and walk away with him. “Do you want-”
“I’m going to Archie’s.” you mutter as you storm off away from Joaquin.
       The walk from the bar to Archie’s was about 20 minutes but you felt like that 20 minutes was necessary. You needed to cool off before you talked to Archie about it, or else you were going to get heated again. You heard Archie playing in his garage. Sometimes, after school and Pop’s Archie liked to go to his room or Garage and play a few tunes. It’s a stress reliever. You opened the Garage door and Archie turned around to see who it was. He immediately put down his guitar and rushed over to you.
“Oh my gosh (Y/n)! What happened here take a seat I’ll get a washcloth.” He ran inside to the kitchen and came back out with a wet washcloth and start to dab around your eye.
“This girl came up to me while I was at the Whyte Wyrm and just punched me. She said that I was messing with her boyfriend but I haven’t been messing with any boys since last year, and she was clearly very drunk so I think she mistook me for someone else.” You explained as he cleaned all the dry - and fresh blood off your face.
“Let me guess, she didn’t leave unscathed did she?” He said with a small smirk. You grinned - and then winced in pain as you had a cut on your cheekbone.
“Archie Archie Archie, do you think she left without a scratch? I nailed her right between her eyes.” Archie chuckled and gave you a kiss on the forehead and started to walk back to the kitchen.
“That’s my girl, now I’m going to get you some-”
“Archie, what if I really was your girl?” You cut him off. He turns and faces you.
“What was that?”
“What if I really was your girl?” Archie starts to walk towards you with a small smile.
“(Y/n), you are my girl you silly.” He goes to nudge you but you grab his hand. Your heart was pounding as you pulled him closer. You got on your tiptoes and said
“No Arch, I mean your girl. Your only girl, your girlfriend.” His breathing becomes more shallow as he leans in to kiss you. You wrap your arms around his shoulders and kiss him back even harder. You both pull away at the time.
“I’m going to take that as a yes.” You laugh. Archie smiles. 
“For you, it’s 1,000 yeses.”

okay but when the Lannister men offered Arya the rabbit, I immediately remembered young book!Arya catching a rabbit and then sharing it with gendry in a time when she was probably so hungry that she could’ve eaten ten of those and it won’t be enough. Tbh, that scene sealed my love for this ship lmao

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okay but like,,,,, the klance bot scene. i can't add an image but like the mini red/blue droids, yeah. they had plenty opportunity to the other's bots too, but it was only keith and lance's. coincidence? (i know this is stupid,,,,, lmao)

ah yes the klance bot scene………… the aggressive kissing metaphor am i right…………………………….