lmao i love the look she gives him

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I'm so sorry for bothering you but I am so afraid. I feel like i've set myself up for a major disappointment with Jonsa. With the leaks being accurate and Jon leaving Winterfell so soon meaning no interaction with Sansa after episode 2, an onslaught of attacks and even that recent pic of a cold af Sansa (she should at least be a bit emotional) etc. i feel as if I Probably was delusional or misinterpreting. You're someone i admire and all, so can ya help out a fellow depressed shipper?

Going to say this real quick, before my answer, if anyone has anything to add I highly suggest and support you do! 

*Disclaimer: While I do have proof in what I have voiced here, it is an opinion of sorts, or a suggestion/thought/implication, meaning I could be entirely wrong. Please do not take this as evidence that Jonsa will happen, because we don’t know what will happen. I don’t want y’all to get your hopes up because of meta such as this. However, thank you for reading and getting excited alongside me!*

Hey anon, you’re definitely not bothering me and don’t feel bad (Get ready, because this is long as hell). I think we all set ourselves up for disappointment for hoping a relationship as great as Jon and Sansa might come true. I myself and still coming to terms with it, because it wasn’t an accident, I feel like D&D purposely did this and it’s only getting worse this season- and it’s only the first episode. We have Soap and Drama directors looking at these scene’s in both confusion and understanding because it does come across romantic. 

And honestly, while a great deal of spoilers were correct, the context was completely wrong. We only have scenes, not dialog and what truly happens. We were told Jon would embarrass and yell at Sansa in front of the Lords and that would only drive them apart, but you know what we got instead? A small argument and immediately thereafter Sansa praising Jon for being a great King, telling him he is the furthest from Joffrey (look at @kitten1618x post about heir conversation and what it means, that should help sooth you)  she has ever met (Her first romantic option was an arsehole, all of them are, and they’re supposed to be knights- well guess who is there beside her right now that is ‘brave, gentle, and strong’, the furthest from Joffrey- he’s being compared to her last love interest. You don’t do that to brothers, sorry). 

When he tries to keep his distance from her she grabs is hand, again, and they focus on it like in season six. That’s not a coincidence. While Jon is still having a hard time trusting her, we can see Sansa reaching out and trying to help him despite that. And then there’s the distance he keeps from her, refusing to look at her, not wanting to touch her, the look he gives her when she does touch him and hold onto him? He looks both nervous and concerned- kind of scared or sick. 

I have a simple response to that. Jon’s already in love with her (Refer to this meta for a better introduction to that and how it works, lmao). Last season we saw him trying to dissect her, figure her out, and on the last episode it all seems to crash down on him. 

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Sansa is not only the girl who left her tower, per say, she’s fighting to get it back. She is both aggressive, head strong, but intelligent. She also keeps her skirts/silks (lmao, this is important because he wanted his last lover in a dress just like hers), both Stark colored and Tully, and we have Blackfish compare her to Cat while many compare Jon to Ned- both in looks and attitude- we know Jon likes softer woman who keep their strength alongside them, and that’s exactly what she’s become, ‘lovely, lonely, lethal’ and has the appearance he is most attracted to. So this season he’s suddenly cold towards her despite wanting to protect her last season, claiming he wouldn’t let anyone touch her again, he fucking promised and asked Mel not to bring him back if he failed, because that meant Sansa would be dead and he broke his promise to her. 

That’s the intentions of a knight, a man who wishes to protect his princess and keep her from harm. They went through so much together already, their heated arguments, returning to Winterfell, sharing each other’s emotions while still learning who they are to each other? 

You’re (D&D) telling me after all that he’s cold towards her because she gave her opinion just like everyone else? Not wanting her advice or to touch her, while she is warm and welcoming and finally comfortable around the one man who has treated her with care? 

He’s guilty. 

Not only that but the comparison’s between Jon/Sansa and Cat/Ned have gotten so ridiculously apparent even pure show watchers are questioning what is happening. Not only is her hair much like her mothers, and the color scheme is the exact same between the four, it’s after an argument. Cat and Ned fight over Bran’s age and Sansa and Jon fight over him listening to her (both topics also revolve around a child and his/her maturity)- Ned is literally refusing Cat’s argument in that scene just as Jon is with Sansa. 

Then they show she is also coming across much like Cersei, the juxtaposition between that couple (Jaime/Cersei) and Jon and Sansa happens in the same scene, side by side, and they talk about one another. 

It isn’t a coincidence either that Jon is revealed as her cousin after he kisses her, an intimate moment between the two, it only sets up a great and angsty romance. Because we know but they don’t. (I would also like to mention, in the books, when Stannis asks Jon to take Winterfell and marry Val- he thinks about it, he thinks of having children with this woman, of sharing Winterfell with her, and there is a moment where her hair looks silver- but he denies her for Sansa- because Winterfell belongs to her)

And when he dies in the books, his last thought is of Sansa just like Ned’s was of Cat. Both constantly thought of their sisters (Lyanna/Arya) and how much they missed them and loved them- but when their last moment came their last thought was dedicated to someone else: Cat and Sansa. I truly think we are being led to think of them as a couple, because Sansa went from this:

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to this

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She’s harsher in the first, despite their words finally coming to fruition, and now Sansa is softening towards him.

I think Jon is already entangled in her, but now it’s her turn, and until she figures it all out we’re going to be left stuck in the middle waiting. If and when Jon and D@ny hook up it’s not going to last, that I promise. They are nothing alike, their values are so different now days, and when people call them ice and fire they’re completely and utterly wrong. Because Jon is that, he’s both, which makes him leveled. But D@ny/Dragons, they’re only one, fire, which is never good; take a look at the WW. They’re only one, ice. do you see them doing any good? Nope, nada. 

So just keep that in mind this season. Even if we were wrong we’re not delusional. I promise. If you want more information book-wise and show-wise I suggest reading meta, especially blindspot’s. 

But I’m going to tell you this, canon is not everything, D&D have the ability to ruin all that we want even if they give it to us. So I suggest you just read some wonderful fic, because right now, we’re reigning in that department! 

(Again, if you have anything to add, do it! Let’s make this a stream!)

Also, don’t forget this:

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and THIS

(He’s just as aggressive I might add, watch the video, they make the same face- Ned put up with LF until he insinuated something gross about Cat, so I can only imagine what LF said about Sansa, because I can’t see him getting angry for any other reason, for Jon to react that way)

Also wanted to add while GRRM isn’t against cliche he has already admitted that Targaryen’s were the reason for their own downfall, and that the incest they fumbled with is exactly why. You can take that as you will. Because as he said, incest was the fall of the Targaryen line- why have the last two get together if that’s the case?

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what is your favorite K18 moment in any of the series?

You seriously expect me to pick just one moment…ONE MOMENT? Because seriously, give me ALLLLLLL the K18 moments!

Although, you say in ANY of the series…

So let’s start with Z, dangit i love all the K18 in there no matter how sparse. But okay I guess I’ll just have to go with that kiss on the highway because it certainly played a part in the start of this lovely couple! 

And Krillin making Eighteen blush when he declines Goku’s offer to go to Other World with him!

In Super...Oh man…we got so much more interaction with them and every moment is as precious as the next. Hmmm…I’ll choose Eighteen proudly ruffling Krillin’s hair and giving him a quick hug after he overcame his mental hurdles in DBS 75/76… 

I mean…this is SO hard for me to stick to one so I’mma add their interaction in dbs 16 as well, when Krillin gets punched by Goku and Eighteen berates him for it gently while taking care of him.!

GT, didn't have much K18 and what was in there was sad T___________T. But I’ll go for Eighteen going berserk after Seventeen kills Krillin. It’s such an emotional scene, especially when afterwards she is crawling towards him and tells him she loves him…*Cries* (I don’t have a gif of it atm)


DB Hero’s where there is some kind of tourney going on and K18 fight together but Krillin gets distracted by Bulma and Eighteen fights off their opponent while making sure Krillin doesn’t fall out of bounds. LMAO, the way she picks him up and gives him a look is hilarious.

Here is a gif of that moment.

i cant believe i successfully streamed the entire 12 hours of knk’s vlive broadcast yesterday, it was really crazy. 

  • in a nutshell the boys were themselves as usual, i love their interactions because it just shows theyre one nice giant cuddly fam.
  • it was cute how they followed a schedule and had a bell ring to signal game time  
  • sometimes you’d think ‘are seungjun n heejun rly close?’ and you see heejun resting his head on seungjun’s stomach and tapping his leg, just so cuddled up against him.. he even fell asleep on seungjun’s knee lmao +their reaction to fifty shades of grey advertisement was super funny!!
  • KOKO IS THE CUTEST PUPPY TO EXIST  like it was so cute to see knk cherishing koko, playing with her, stroking her, playing tricks with her, and you can tell koko loves being with the members too;; 
  • they played were playing a horror game ‘Emily Wants to Play’ i think? and when she appeared on screen everyone flipped out except youjin it was hilarious bc he really looked like he didnt give a shit lmfao
  • youjin was such a parent lmfao he looked kinda done in the first hour already but being the caring dad he is, he lets his kids play cart rider on his laptop and all sort of other games. there were many times he kept reminding tinkerbell (knk’s fandom name!) to make sure our phones werent overheating from streaming and assured us their own broadcast camera wasnt going to ‘explode’ lmao (they even kept ice on the camera). he kept being teased by heejun bout his ‘youjin mochi’ nickname. when he got tired he went into the tent and the maknae line just piled on him and squished him lmao 
  • heejun’s soothing vocals and guitar?? i’d watch him do that any day. this boy is really so multi talented 
  • damn inseong’s vocals too and when he sang ‘hurricane’ again i kinda teared up because lord and anyway he kept eating as usual lmao he’s the true foodie in the group (seungjun too actually,, I YELLED WHEN THEY WERE EATING MACAROONS AT LIKE 4AM IN THE MORNING)
  • seungjun deadass brought his entire harry potter costume over, and the usual, his wand, to do spells (which the members entertain him by reacting to his ‘spells’)
  •  they played cart rider a lot on youjin’s laptop and even played with tinkerbells on the game (youjin revealed his gaming ID and set a password for tinkerbells to enter the gaming room on cart rider) 
  • TWISTER WAS SO WILD LOL one of the funniest moment was when inseong’s leg was in between seungjun’s and seungjun felt it was weird and they all start cracking up and jihun couldnt stand the erotic feeling because of them and threw his jacket over their ‘erotic position’ lmao
  • i dont think tinkerbells were aware that there was a goal that knk had in mind in the first 6 hours? not sure when they announced they wanted 5 million hearts so that they can have a mini concert  B UT WE MADE IT!!! the last hour of the broadcast everyone kept tapping like crazy and the boys were watching the hearts go up too, expressing their joy the moment it reached 5m hearts ;;; they were so happy and it was so worthwhile to stay up and tap hearts for them!!
  • basically there was a lot of gaming, talking, squishing each other in the tent while lying down, eating, playing with koko, resting on each other, laughing, and it was all rly cute honestly knk gives off a warm feeling 
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PAIRING: reader x daenerys targayen 


REQUESTED:  Anon request! =   hi lovely!! unsure if requests are open so if not feel free to ignore this! could you write something about daenerys having a “girlfriend” (or whatever u would call it back then lol) and her gf going with jon and jorah etc. to retrieve a white walker and while they’re away she talks to jon and is like “yeah u might think ur subtle but i see the way you look at her, she’s mine so back off” lmao?? i love u x

PROMPT: it was no secret that jon was staring at dany’s good heart while giving her lingering looks and speaking to her in private. she’s completely oblivious to it but you aren’t and it was time you made it clear to him that she was yours. 

WARNINGS: mentions of sexual themes and activites. 

North of the Wall was completely engulfed in snow. The winds were increasing in strength, picking up dry snow off the ground. It mixed in with flurries coming from the sky, surrounding the group of fools. They trekked through the harsh weather until they finished their quest of catching one White Walker.

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A concept: Jon and Sansa think their first child will be a boy and pick out the perfect name for him. On the day Sansa gives birth they are both shocked when a screaming little girl with thick raven hair is placed in Sansa’s arms. They both look at each other in surprise but Jon melts instantly because he secretly wanted a girl, he just didn’t tell Sansa because she was convinced it was a boy. They scramble to find a name because the name Eddard doesn’t really suit a princess. When Sansa suggests Lyanna in honor of Jon’s late mother Jon is touched but he turns the offer down. Instead he suggests Catelyn because even tho she never liked him, outside of old nan she was the only mother figure he was around and she loved her children as fiercely as any woman could.

MHA dub commentary episode 8:

  • i have been putting this episode off for way too long and that’s probably because it’s about Bakugou’s emotional breakdown and i am emotional even before the video starts
  • baby Izuku and Bakugou are so cute i wanna cry 
  • have i mentioned how much i love Bakugou’s dub voice yet because if i have i’m gonna say it again: i love his dub voice
  • last time on MHA: Bakugou and Izuku fucking attack each other and, as usual, only Izuku got hurt
  • he’s still working on that
  • pauses the ep to admire all of Bakugou’s amazing expressions
  • “IN THE NAME OF VILLAINY, STOP THIS!!!” he cries as a bunch of giant rocks come rushing at him. i love you Iida
  • Izuku’s voice acting here is so amazing i just. love it
  • and the animation here is fucking spectacular
  • *pauses again to admire Bakugou’s distraught expressions* don’t look at me
  • i should also mention that Izuku has some fantastic expressions here too
  • i just. Bakugou just has fantastic expressions overall, but these ones are just. beautiful. i love my confused, terrified, distraught son

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Okay but dont even try and tell me Marinette “massive gamer who sews her own clothes” Dupain-Cheng isn’t into cosplay.

Like, as someone who is also trapped in video game hell and is fairly active in the cosplay community, I know homegirl must be cranking out a costume or two. 

I bet she started small. Halloween. Costume parties. Contests at local comic shops/video game retailers. But then the virus took ahold and suddenly she’s up till two am debating whether or not to prostitute herself to afford worbla. 

(We’ve all been there, amiright?) 

Of course best friend Alya eventually gets roped in, then she’s obsessed too. Next it’s Nino, who brings Adrien along for the ride and before anyone knows it they’re fairly popular on the Parisian con scene for their epic group cosplays. 

Weekends turn into twelve hour cosplay production hangouts, with pizza and sobbing and heat gun burns for days. The group starts off working in Marinette’s room but she only has so much space, so Adrien suggests they move to his house because “well… my father has like a dozen sewing machines just sitting around and my room is pretty huge…”

(Gabe almost doesn’t allow it, but after Adrien begs explains that he and his friends are designing, suddenly “asshole dad” is now “patron-of-the-arts dad”, who expresses his love through unlimited access to his fabric and notations stockpile.)

Marinette is obviously at the forefront of actual costume construction, since she does about 90% of the sewing, but Nino proves himself surprisingly capable at hemming/basting/basic seaming. He’s also in charge of all electrical work, like EL lighting and speaker hookup. Alya’s a wig pro, having wrangled with a lace-front or two in her time, and runs the group’s social media accounts. Adrien is the resident makeup artist for obvious reasons, but is also learning various cosplay skills like resin casting, fiberglassing, and latex prosthetic crafting. Basically, he handles all the props.

And now, here are my head canons for some of their group cosplays. 

(Mostly from video games, because im gamer trash.)

Dragon Age 2:

Marinette- Merril (Possibly Fem! Hawke, but I like the idea of them being the romances.)

Alya- Isabela (Im double gay for this.)

Adrien- Anders (pretty blondes who love cats and explosions, anyone?)

Nino- Fenris (p sure I just want to see him find a way to make his tattoos glow.)

Lol they get Chloe to be Knight Commander Meredith. 

Assassins Creed:

Marinette- Shao Jun (honestly, justice for the Chinese brotherhood.)

Alya- Aveline De Grandpre (assassin or lady outfit, it matters not.)

Adrien- either Edward Kenway (sings sea shanties the ENTIRE CON) or Leonardo Di Vinci.

Nino- either Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (Marinette tells him he has to cut his finger off for it to be true cosplay)  or Ezio Auditori (IMAGNE THE HOMOEROTIC BROHOOD BETWEEN HIM AN LEONARDO ADRIEN).

Avatar, The Last Airbender:

Marinette- Toph (she’d make the cutest Toph don’t LOOK AT ME)

Alya- Katara (complete with waterbending scarves)

Adrien- Aang (Marinette almost has a heart attack when he mentions actually shaving his head)

Nino- Sokka (he has a stuffed Momo on his shoulder)


Marinette- Hana Song/ Mechless D. Va (lmao or what if she was WIDOWMAKER, would Adrien aka I die or WHAT?)

Alya- Pharah (im talking full armor too, it would be a labor of love)

Adrien- Would try and be Genji but give up after realizing how difficult a costume that would be. Is Junkrat instead. 


Also, please imagine everyone begging Marinette and Adrien to do a Ladybug and Chat Noir cosplay and them just making up every excuse under the sun as to why they cant.


hunbins can you shut up now about this

requested by many

you x hanbin 

 description: shower sex with hanbin 

I hope you enjoy! lmao from a habin angst to a smut.. what am i…. Xx

 "Fuck she looks so good,“ he murmurs, staring you down. You can feel his eyes look at you, but you wouldn’t turn around, knowing that your smile would give away that you heard him.

You were wearing one off his large t-shirts that never match with anything but on you, he thought it was a masterpiece. He loved that you wore his clothes. It made him feel like you were all his. You knew that so every chance you get, you would wear one of his shirts and cute lingerie, hoping for a good time.

“Baby, I’m going to take a shower, then we can watch a movie,” you say, handing him a glass of water. You walk behind him and massage his shoulders. His eyes close and he throws his head back, relaxing under your touch. Your hands slowly trace down his chest, and back up to his shoulders making him shudder. After a few minutes, you wrap your arms around him and rest your head on his shoulders. You bite his earlobe, making him jump as you whisper in his ear.

“Come join me, I’ll be waiting,” 

His eyes light up, as he began to stand up. You push him back down, telling him to stay.

“Ladies first, Kim Hanbin,” you say with a wink. You let your hips sway back and forth, teasing him. 

While you were having your fun, Hanbin felt as if he was being tortured: he wanted you so bad. Your little giggle as you close the bathroom door only caused the tightening is his pants to increase. 

It was hard to stand and walk as he slowly made his way to the bathroom, the thought of you wet in a steaming shower, the thought of your breasts wet and warm, the thought of dominating you in such tight space made it even harder, every bit of movement caused some friction against his hard one, making him wince. The foreplay was the best part about the sex between you two, and he couldn’t cum now.

He stepped into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes- you didn’t notice until the cool air hit your back as the door opened. There he stood with his cock standing straight up. A smirk rested on his face as he looked at your body. Everything was perfect; from your curves to your breast, to your hair sticking to your back. It was too much for him. 

He stepped into the shower, and grabbed your waist, pulling you closer to him. You crashed your lips onto his, and let your tongue explore his mouth. his hands traveled down your waist to your ass and he massaged your ass cheeks in his hands making you moan.

“Baby I’ve been waiting for this all day,” he growled into our mouth. You respond with a moan as you let your hand travel to his dick, pumping it slowly, making him thrust his hips forward. His hands grip your ass harder making you throw your head back. His mouth attacks your nipple, swirling his tongue around it, making it harden. 

He suddenly pushed you up against the cold wall, spreading your legs as he gets on his knees in between your legs.

“Babe look at me,” he mumbles against your core, Your eyes shot open as you made eye contact with him as his tongue licked a long stripe up your pussy., hitting your clit. You bit back a moan as his tongue circled your clit, flicking it back and forth. 

He suddenly shoves a finger in you, curling it inside of you, hitting your g-spot.

“Oh fuck, baby fuck,” you moan as he licked you faster, and insert two fingers into you.

“Baby your walls are so tight,” he says, causing vibrations all along your pussy.

“Fuck Hanbin if you keep going I’m going to cum,”

his fingers and tongue leave you immediately as you shakily get on your knees, ready to take his lengthy cock into your mouth.

“Shit babe take it all fuck,” he groans, thrusting his hips into your face. Your tongue licked his tip before taking as much as you can without choking. With one hand fondling his balls, and the other pumping the rest of his cock. 

The hot water dripped down his body, and from your angle, he looked so hot. The water dripping down his abs made your core ache, and you couldn’t wait to get him inside of you.

You moaned around his cock making him grip your hair harshly, trying to shove more and more of his cock into your mouth.

“Holy shit baby just like that,” he moaned. You moaned back, making him shudder. You release his cock from your mouth, and stood back up.

“Front or back, baby?” you ask him. his jaw dropped, as you rested your body against the shower wall, biting your lip.

“Fuck baby don’t do this to me,” he whines,  grabbing your hips. A giggle slips pass your lips making his cock twitch. 

You had him wrapped around your finger. You made him a mess. 

He spreads your legs, and lined his cock up to your wet core.

“Just hurry up Hanbin,” you hiss as he teases you by rubbing his tip against your clit. He smiles at your impatient attitude before slipping his cock in.

“Fuck you feel so tight baby,” he growls. “Has it really been that long since we’ve had sex?”

“Well, you were on tour and recording for two months. You kept me waiting,” 

He didn’t waste anymore time; he lifted your body and started to quickly thrust upwards, hitting you g-spot with precision, making you moan. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him passionately, letting the kiss smolder the moans that threatened to slip pass your lips.

“Scream for me baby. Scream my name” 


“Let it out baby let it out,” he says with a raspy voice. You clench around him, screaming as you release your juices. He continues to pound into you, trying to get his release. Your sensitive walls clenched around him, making him moan loudly.

“Fuck fuck fuck baby. Y/n fuck,” he mutters as his juices spill inside of you. He let you down slowly, only to have to catch you again due to your weak legs.

“I won’t be able to walk tomorrow,” you admit.

“Good. I have tomorrow off too. We can do this again,”

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"I wanted it to be you" + Nobuyuki (angst please?)

14. If Only

He sees the way she works her way to find a place in this castle–no, in the town, too. Nobuyuki watches her ingrain herself into the lives of their people, and become this constant, bustling presence of optimism. She has been sent here–a formality, at best–to act as that of a bride, and she continues to see to it that she fulfills the duties of one.

… And yet, despite her station, she still stalls her marriage–lots of pretty words on her part, but she manages it. Nobuyuki wishes she would stop, but he also knows where her intentions lie. Her fiance–his brother–has found himself in a tangled predicament of the heart in his attempt to save someone, and she is trying to help him. So she tries to push back the wedding, tries to  find loopholes so dear, good Yukimura can marry for love.

“… You realize you can only go on with this for so long.”

She doesn’t say anything, turning the page of her book–she doesn’t even spare him a glance. Nobuyuki sighs, and looks back at her.

“My father would make sure this alliance with your clan is secured. You’ll be my brother’s wife, eventually, whether you like it or not.”

She stays silent, again, but she responds this time. “… It’s not that I don’t want to–”

“Then why don’t you?”

“… You know,” she says, a secret in the air between them.

“First loves always hurt, dear,” Nobuyuki says, patient, like he’s scolding a child. “He will get over it, eventually.”

“… I just wanted to give him a chance–”

“And yet you also know that’s not a luxury people like us can afford.”

She goes silent then, looking back down. Nobuyuki feels his heart swell for a girl he’d gladly call sister.

I wanted it to be you.

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omg meg you sweetheart ❤️❤️so as always it’s only tangentially related to the prompt but uuuh. i used it to write a fifth part of this brienne-is-a-maid-in-a-hotel-jaime-is-her-often-naked-guest thing, i hope that’s ok? here are parts one two three and four. i guess i started it two years ago lmao? anyway ty ty lovely it’s jaime and brienne sort of picnicking on a rooftop, i hope you like it  

When Brienne finds Jaime, sitting on the floor outside his room, head in his hands, she sighs. She sighs and he looks up and there’s something broken in his expression, something chewed up raw, and she sighs again. At least he’s wearing actual clothing.

“Come with me,” she says, and she holds out a hand. Jaime stares at it for so long she almost gives up and leaves but then he’s reaching up and taking it and she’s pulling him onto his feet and his hand is dry and warm and it fits against hers perfectly. She lets go quickly, curls her fingers into her palm, and she doesn’t watch the way he stretches out his hand, like he’s testing the way it feels now. After touching her. He has no one else, she remembers, but that’s not her problem. Still, she’s not good at ignoring kicked puppies either.

“You have a strong grip,” he says, faintly. Brienne rolls her eyes and takes off down the hall and he has to trot to keep up with her, but he matches her stride quickly. He doesn’t smell like alcohol. He smells like the artificial caramel of the hotel’s bubble bath. He’s a sober mess today then, but still a mess.

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I haven’t been recording my thoughts each episode, but this one was just insane, even by TURN standards. So here we go.

  • Lafayette. That is all. More of him. 
  • JUST LIKE ARNOLD. Damn Benny boy knows how to touch a nerve.
  • I fucking love Champe. At first I thought he was dodgy af but I loved his line about burning the red coat, how much he hates even just wearing it.
  • SO many mentions of Nathanael Greene this season, one of my favs. Just wish we could see him on screen but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.
  • Knew Sturridge was going to die, but wasn’t expecting it to go like that. 
  • Caleb!!! Back to his old self. 
  • That Simcoe-Abe chase season had me so fucking stressed. Had to avert my eyes towards the end. But hallelujah at least it seems Simcoe will be out of commission for the rest of the war? 
  • Rivington really got to me. You could see the tears in his eyes. Although he was a Royalist, you’ve gotta give him credit for the way he always treated Robert–yes, condescending at times, but it looks like he really valued their partnership. And letting him continue? Gah.
  • Mary continues to be the best spy in the whole damn show. Out of everyone’s character development, she really shines. 
  • That last scene on the ship had me rolling. “I speak English very well!” Lmao I love you Lafayette. 

In conclusion: Turn is fucking amazing and I’m so sad we’re coming down to the finale. 


i never got notified of this ask so i am so sorry for answering it so late omfg,,,

anyway yeah bree is actually kinda scared of max so she probably wouldn’t react like this exactly lmao, but she sure as hell gives him lots of dirty looks that he couldn’t care less about

Blue. Love. Pretty.

This is like so old? So, like…yah. 

I told @kaxpha one day to like: “HEY GIMME A COLOR, FEELING AND ADJECTIVE.” and she gave me those three so…*shrugs* 

Btw, this is Shance. Gonna say that again: S H A N C E. There, my job is done. 

I did this in like five minutes, leave me alone. BTW, IT’S SO effing SHORT LMAO. 

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Shiro stares at the ocean in front of him and frowns a little before he shakes his head and looks up. The sky is clear of clouds and it gives it a much calm color that it makes him feel at ease just by looking at it but it’s still not what he’s looking for.

Close but not quite.

He tries to look down at the flowers besides him, some wildflowers from the shore. They are small, but their bright color is vivid enough to catch his eye. They are pretty but, again, not what he’s looking for.

Shiro sighs with a pout and takes a seat on the sand, listening to the waves crash gently against each other. It doesn’t take long for the sun to set and the once blue sky starts to dim, leaving behind a soft pink on it with small specks of orange.

He stares at the sky for a while as it loses its original color before suddenly his vision turns blue one again and with a skip of a heart, Shiro smiles lovingly as the color he was looking for appears right in front of him.

“Hi, cielo!” Lance greets, grinning wide and big at his boyfriend as he flops himself on Shiro’s lap on the sand, “Watcha doing?” He asks innocently, snuggling closer to Shiro and dropping his head on his shoulder, looking up with a bright smile.

Shiro’s own grey eyes turn soft at the sight of the beautiful brunet in his arms. Smiling gently, Shiro leans down and drops a quick kiss on his forehead.

“Nothing much, just looking for my favorite color.”

The ‘Believe in Bellarke’ Emergency Kit
  • [in response to Bellamy having feelings for Clarke] “I definitely think they [the writers] are pushing the audience to think that way.” - Bob Morley
  • Two themes for a couple that apparently is never going to happen?? Lmao, I think not, sir.
  • Clarke canonically risked the survival of her people and the whole human race possibly, because she could not hurt Bellamy, despite the fact she was willing to let her own mother die last season under similar circumstances.
  • “Her friends are her weakness. Start with Bellamy Blake.”
  • Both of Clarke’s previous love interests have expressed jealousy towards her relationship with Bellamy on some level.
  • Bellamy has risked his life for Clarke on multiple occasions to the point of him becoming totally irrational about it.
  • “You can’t even walk.” “So what? We give up? Let them kill her?”
  • ”Look at your leg. You could die out here. We have no trail.”

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  • Other characters have called both of them out on, or atleast implied about, their feelings for each other, e.g ALIE Raven, Murphy, Abby, even L*xa.
  • “I think the relationship with Clarke is one of the ones where he can be open with her and be vulnerable […] There is a side of Bellamy that she brings out that doesn’t really come out with anyone else.” - Bob Morley
  • The show actually states that Clarke is more concerned about Bellamy than anyone else.
  • Bellamy, imo, appears to be feeling something not far away from hurt/jealousy when Clarke talks to Abby about L*xa.
  • [Jaha to Bellamy about Clarke] “But you, you keep her centered.
  • Bellamy has implied that he would rather sentence himself to death and end his life together with Clarke than survive while she dies.
  • “If you need forgiveness, I’ll give that to you. You’re forgiven.”
  • Literally tons more quotes that I actually could not cover them all.
  • Constant. Aesthetic. Couple. Shots.

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  • “You and me. Screw everybody else. Let’s just go.”
  • Bellamy and Clarke are canonically better together than they are apart.
  • [Bellamy knows his stature is being challenged but damnit, this girl makes him smile.]
  • Who am I kidding? I believe in my Bellarke endgame no matter what the show decides. 

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Im kinda new to this req and tumblr thing in general so bear w/ me plss. Is this even where im supposed to req? So sorry idek. Can i req a scenario where Lev is dating Yaku's little sister and they keep it a secret until Yaku catches them kissing or in a compromising position or sth??

Don’t worry, ‘Nonie, you’re doing great! And yup, the inbox/submissions is where I get and write requests!

(Warning for slight nsfw, i.e making out lmao, sorry children)

She/her pronouns used! Enjoy!

If Lev had one giant weakness aside form volleyball, it was Yaku Y/N. When she smiled he could feel his face growing hot, and when she smiled at him he swore he felt his heart stop dead in his chest. He would do anything for her, and all with a brilliant smile on his face — he loved her so much he would give her the stars, and he loved him just as much.
He would look down at their linked hands and smile to himself and at the way she brushed hair behind her ear and smiled at him. So lucky, he would think when she tugged his hoodie over her clothes, face flushing at how it came down to her knees, I’m so damned lucky.

Lev wanted stand on the rooftops and declare his love for her to the entire world, and he would, but there was something in his way.

And that something was Y/N’s older brother and his libero, Morisuke Yaku.

Sometimes he didn’t know how you could be related. Where he was angry and yelled a lot, you were kind and only spoke with a soft tone. He was short and you were average. You were complete opposites yet brother and sister and as thick as thieves.

After a week of them dating she had pulled Lev behind the school at lunch. He was grinning from ear to ear, mind filling with all sorts of filthy things, only to be stopped by Y/N taking his hands in hers and saying, “Can we keep us a secret? Just from Yaku, and not for long, I swear.”

Lev, imagining how angry Yaku would be, agreed immediately, and Y/N rewarded him with a smile and the kiss he craved. And thus, the relationship continued with kisses stolen in shadowy rooms, hugs taken in private and hiding every gift Lev got you from your brother with practiced ease.

The day it all fell apart, Lev’s hand was up your shirt and yours was shoved down the back of his jeans.

You had invited Lev over to your house under the guise of doing your chemistry homework and having lunch, and everything had been alright to begin with; Your mother had made Lev and you snacks, you had gotten almost halfway through your project, and you made a decent dent in your practice-exam worksheets. Only when Lev and you grew bored did you position yourself on his lap and capture his lips with your own, your fingers tangling in his hair as he groaned into your mouth and stumbled to his feet, his powerful hands travelling from your thighs to your ass before he dropped both of you on your bed.

When Lev pulled back he realised that the entire room was very feminine. Your bedsheets had frills (much to your disgust), and your headboard had twinkling fairy lights, and from somewhere around him he was vaguely aware of your stuffed animals staring down at him from their shelf. It was all so pure. He almost felt guilty stripping your of your innocent facade in a room that was so… well, childlike.

But the moment you tugged the hair at the nape of his neck and pressed a hot kiss to his Adam’s apple all his guilt evaporated and he dove down to press kisses across your chest.

“Perfect,” He murmured, his breath hot against your collarbone as he moved so tortuously slow. “You’re so perfect. Beautiful.” Your skin tingled wherever his lips met and you were grabbing at the sleeves of his shirt, tugging him closer until you fit together perfectly and his head lifted, his lips ghosting over yours.

“Love you, so much.” He managed before he ducked down to capture your lips, his tongue running over your bottom lip.

Groaning, your lips parted and his teeth clacked against yours, as overzealous in making out as he was in volleyball, as his tongue dipped against yours before he pulled back to trail kisses down your neck. Sucking and biting and kissing his way down as you tugged him close against you, pressing gentle kisses to his temple and tugging gently on his hair whenever you gasped at his lips on your skin.

“Love you,” You whispered to him, breathing in the scent of his shampoo and body spray, pressing a gentle kiss to the crook of his neck. “Kiss me again.”

He obeyed immediately, his hands dancing up your sides and under your shirt, his fingers tracing gently over the expanse of your skin as he kisses you, lips moving perfectly against yours. Your hands travelled to the belt loops of his jeans, pulling them towards you in beautiful friction before they dipped down to his ass — and that was when the door swung open.

“Y/N I need your— The actual fuck.” 

You and Lev froze immediately, still tangled together and eyes wide in shock at the figure of Yaku standing in the doorway, his mouth open in shock before it snapped closed and his eyes fell shut.

“Please tell me I’m dreaming,” He mumbled as you and Lev disentangled yourselves hurriedly. “Tell me this is just a really weird fucking dream.”

You bit your lip, swollen from Lev’s kissing. “Yaku, I—”

Yaku groaned, slamming his head against the doorframe. “Oh God I’m not dreaming, this is real.”

“Morisuke-san,” Lev said nervously. “I’m sorry.”

Yaku sighed and dragged his hand across his face, staring down at his little sister and kouhai, trying to erase the sight of Haiba Lev’s fucking hand up his little sister’s shirt as he kisses her silly from his mind and failing miserably. “You’re dating?” he asked before his face paled. “Or is this a hook-up?”

You went bright red and shook your head furiously. “No!” you squeaked. “He’s my boyfriend, we’ve been dating for months now.” You looked down at your feet. “Sorry for not telling you.”

Yaku paused and sighed, a small smile crossing his lips. “Look, it’s alright. Why did you tell me sooner?” he asked carefully. “That’s what I’m most upset about.”

“I was worried about what you’d think,” You mumbled. “And I thought you hated Lev.”

Yaku shook his head as he grinned, sitting down next to you and patting your knee. “I don’t hate Lev. He’s annoying and can’t serve or receive or spike to save his life, but he’s a really great guy; and I have no doubt he’ll treat you like the lady you are.” You met his eyes and smiled back at him before enveloping him in a massive hug.

“Thank you, Yaku,” You mumbled against his chest. “Thank you.”

Lev grinned and wrapped his arms around both of you. “Thanks Yaku-san!” Lev chirped and you laughed as Yaku rolled his eyes. “You’re such a great big brother despite being a short guy!” The room immediately grew cold and Yaku glared at Lev, who gulped. “Uh, Y/N? Help?” he asked.

You just smiled sweetly and stood up. “Sorry, babe, you’re on your own.”

Lev gulped as Yaku lunged, and finally, finally, he could see the family resemblance. You were both evilly crafty and knew how to get your own back.

I love you Lev but pls. ;-;

This was super fun to write! So thanks for requesting! Reminder that the inbox is open for requests and to chat!

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divorce  ♡ ethan

– not requested

You were laying in bed, about to fall asleep when your phone started to ring. You groan and roll over, checking who it was and you immediately answer when you see it’s your boyfriend, Ethan.

“Hey,” you say sleepily, rubbing your eyes and sitting up, “Everything okay?” you ask.

Ethan never called you this late, which is why you asked if everything was alright.

“No.” you hear him whisper, it almost sounded like he was crying, which worried you. “Can you come over, please?” He asks, sounding desperate.

You nod frantically although you knew he couldn’t see you, “Of course, baby. I’ll be right there.” You jump out of bed and slip on some leggings and one of Ethan’s sweaters that he left.

After that, you went down stairs, grabbed your keys and got in the car.

When you got to his house, it looked like everyone was home. You could tell that the light to the living room was on. When you open the door to his house you were greeted with complete silence.

“Okay then…” you mumble, going upstairs to Ethan’s room.

When you open the door you see Ethan with his head in his hands, he was definitely crying.

You run over to him and kneel in front of him, running your fingers through his hair which makes him look up at you. You give him a concerned look, taking his face into your hands and wiping away his tears.

“What happened, E?” You asked. Seeing Ethan cry was the worst thing to you. Whenever you saw Ethan cry, it made you want to cry too.

He turns and hands you a stack of papers, which you look at feeling really confused.

“What are these?” He looks at you with eyes filled with sorrow.

“Divorce papers.” He says simply and you gasp.

“No…” you whisper more to yourself. You never thought anything like this would happen… everything seemed okay.

“Yeah. The worst part is, they didn’t even tell me or gray.” He laughs humorlessly.

“I’m so sorry.” You say, placing small kisses all over his face attempting to make him feel a little bit better. He had told you he liked it when you did that.

“Can you stay?” He asks you, his voice cracking a little bit as he holds your hands tightly, “I don’t want to be here alone when they come back…” he confesses, looking down at his feet.

“Of course I’ll stay.” You say, standing up and leading him to the bed. He takes off his shirt and lays with his head on your stomach. You put one hand in his hair and the other was drawing small designs on his skin. He sighs in content, shutting his eyes and mumbling a quiet “I love you.” Making you smile.

“I love you more, baby” You reply and he gives you a small smile.

You were glad you could be here to make Ethan feel better, you hated seeing Ethan sad.

“Your heartbeat is loud.” He tells you and you laugh a little bit.

“Really? Maybe that’s a good thing?” You question and this time he laughs.


Suddenly you hear a loud slam and yelling, making Ethan jump out of the bed ruining the moment.

“Here we go…” you think to yourself, not excited for what was coming next.

“How could you not tell us?” You hear Grayson yell, “This is important, what, were you just going  to do it and then tell us? Huh?”

“Ethan, get down here.” You hear Mrs. Dolan say from downstairs, she sounded stressed.

You see Ethan begin to pace back and forth in front of you, causing you to stand in front of him, putting his face in your hands once more. You sigh and take his hand, leading him downstairs.

When you arrive in the living room, Lisa looks at you with surprise-filled eyes.

“Y/N, honey, i’m so sorry, we love you but you need to leave.” She says and you nod, walking away only to be held in place by Ethan.

“She stays.” Ethan says and your eyes widen, giving Ethan a “what the hell?” look.

“Ethan, this is a family matter. Don’t drag her into this.” She says in a warning tone.

Ethan looks at her with smoke practically coming out of his ears, “She came when I need her. I asked her to come so she’ll stay.” He says and his mother sighs,

“Why are you making this so difficult, both of you!” She yells, sounding annoyed.

“You’re the one who didn’t tell us about the damn divorce!” Grayson yells, his fists clenching like he’s about to punch someone.

“E…” You whisper and he looks down at you, “Grayson needs to calm down or something bad is going to happen.” You tell him and Ethan realizes how angry Grayson is.

“Gray, don’t do something stupid.” Ethan says and Grayson looks at him, his fists unclenching slowly,

“Fine.” He says, going up to his room and leaving you, Ethan, and Lisa alone.

“I don’t love your father anymore Ethan. That’s that. I love you, and Grayson, and Cameron. It just hasn’t been working out, honey.” She explains, begging for Ethan to understand.

I look at her, feeling bad. Ethan starts to cry and his mom pulls him into a tight hug. “I love you, I’m sorry. I didn’t want any of this to happen.” She whispers and he cries even more.

You stand there awkwardly, and decide to leave them alone. You quietly grab your keys and start to walk out when someone catches your arm. “Stay, please.” Mrs. Dolan says with a sad smile.

“A-Are you sure?” You ask, feeling a little bit out of place in this situation.

She nods and gives you another smile, “I’m going to talk to gray.” She sighs and you nod, turning to Ethan.

“Thank you.” Ethan says, opening his arms for you to hug him which you gladly accept.

“For what?” you ask, looking up at him slightly.

“Just, being here.” He shrugs and gives you a passionate kiss.

“I love you.” You say, tucking your head into his chest.

“I love you more.”

a/n – hey this was long, cute, AND an Ethan imagine! Go me! lmao

Unnamed Rilaya Ficlet

When Riley thinks of Maya she thinks of summer days at the park on the swings trying to swing the highest and late nights watching movies and talking about things they couldn’t say to anyone else, when Riley thinks of Maya she thinks of that warm feeling she gets inside of her when Maya laughs at a joke she made and how good it feels to hold Maya’s hand, when Riley thinks of Maya she thinks of happiness and feeling free.

Riley assumed this was how you felt about all your friends until first grade when she met Farkle Minkus. She loves Farkle but it wasn’t the same as Maya and she could never figure out why -or maybe she knew but just couldn’t admit it.

She could never admit it to herself but she doesn’t even know what it is, but now she’s on her first date with this really nice boy who looks at her like she’s everything he wants and Riley knows she doesn’t look at him in the same way.

And maybe it isn’t the right time to let her mind think these things but for the first time she’s letting herself think about the way Maya looks when she just wakes up and the way she’s smarter than she realises and other things not about Maya, like how the love interest in movies always seems a little more interesting and how girl bands seem more talented than boy ones and how when a girl at school was called dyke and Riley flinched and spent all lunch helping her clean her locker. Riley thinks about these things while Lucas is talking about having their moment and oh god she thinks she could cry because here she is finally letting herself think about these things and this amazing, wonderful boy is talking about the two of them.

She realises that that Maya has gone to talk to Josh and she seems giggly but also Maya and when Josh leaves Lucas notices and tells her to go to Maya which is so nice (isn’t that what she like about him). Maya pushes her to him again and she sees a faint hurt in her face that Riley really doesn’t have the time think about as she’s telling Lucas how glad she is that he’s her first date and she is even though she doesn’t know what she’s feeling. It’s like she’s taking back what she let herself think but Lucas is nice and handsome and her friend and she’s liked him all year so that doesn’t stop being true so she kisses him and it feels so wrong that she might cry.

When Riley gets home her and Maya sit and talk for about five minutes (she tells Maya that her night was magical when really, she doesn’t know how it was) until Riley makes the excuse of needing to sleep and Maya goes home none the wiser to the war going on inside Riley’s head. She lies in bed for maybe half an hour willing her mind to stop and just fall asleep but when she realises that it probably won’t happen anytime soon she goes to the kitchen to get a glass of milk and comes back to make a list. Riley’s always liked lists, they help keep order and god knows does she need order at the moment. Riley starts to make a list but instantly she feels tired and only just makes it to bed before she collapses in a dreamless sleep.

Maya has been really good at not pressuring Riley but soon she starts to along with everyone at school everyone is all over he about Lucas, Riley can mostly ignore it but the worst is Maya who seems so genuinely happy for Riley. So, she goes for it, she blushes because she is embarrassed that they’re asking her about how she feels and she hold Lucas’ hand and wow she’s relieved when he also thinks it’s awkward but Riley can’t tell him that she’s pretty sure she’s the reason why it feels so stilted and wrong. It is nice talking to him, how she wishes that they weren’t a boy and girl so they could be friends without all the pressure because Riley thinks they would make excellent friends.

They agree to be just friends but Riley can feel his eyes on her and he looks at her like he wants more and Riley just can’t give him more. She almost tells Maya this but she doesn’t know what she would say so she keeps quiet.