lmao i love her full name

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So heres a lil random story for you; so my sister and i were just talking one day and i ask her where she got the name for her daughter and she says from this artist on tumblr. So i pry a bit more and so lo and behold my niece is named after your Trevelyan, Oshalia! Well anyways thanks for indirectly naming my niece lmao

Oh my gooood, seriously?! There’s a little Oshalia running around?!

The inquisitor gives her blessing, she hopes little Oshalia will have a long and happy life full of success!


my submission for the world around us zine!!! i love scarlet a lot and wanted to imagine what her convos with some of the other characters would be like since the game didn’t give us a chance to see it.. and selena is my forever girl so i had to pair them.

i’d reccomend full view to read it!!! 


Twaig loves to pretend that she is Craig a guy haha

but honestly, despite being such a silly family, they couldn’t live without each other (Tweek also loves their dumb arguments since they both act very similar)

Her full name is Twaig Tweak Tucker which is just so many Ts that i am crying she gave herself the name btw

Suspicious Partner Episode 1 thoughts:

  • her name is Bong Hee???? i love her and i’m 500% not biased. 
  • i kind of have an issue with “accidentally calling the wrong guy a pervert on public transport” - because if you’re being assaulted you shouldn’t feel bad about calling them out  - but if situations where ‘an innocent guy is humiliated’ are being portrayed, i feel like it will put women off from calling people out on assault (when in reality, 99% of the time, the guy you think is assaulting you, is the right guy)? does that make sense even?
  • I really like that Ji Wook is inexperienced (i assume that flashback was his only relationship?) in relationships… like i feel like its been a while since i’ve seen a romcom with a male lead that hasn’t had 500 women fawning over him
  • oh i also like that he’s not like the top of his game? (i just love my characters to be normal people lmao)
  • um he’s so nice i really like him haha
  • also i love ji chang wook’s face, existence, voice, everything
  • i’m kinda mad that her boyfriend died without anyone knowing he was trash… i mean i feel bad for him, like, he was a jackass but he didn’t deserve to die lmao 
  • but still, if he was gonna die, they shouldn’t have tainted her name!
  • i felt so bad for her omg - but also, it felt so real? like you see it all the time, where people just blame women without knowing the full story :/ :/
  • i already mentioned missing 9 throwback but still MISSING 9 THROWBACK 
  • i had so many thoughts when i was watching the ep.. but now my minds gone blank…
  • oh i dont trust the lawyer dude (aka tae ho) he’s shady idc 
  • but he’s also so cute omg 
Fantastic Beasts Character Review

Because, as stated before, the characters alone make me prefer the Fantastic Beasts series to the originals.

Spoiler Alert!

Newt Scamander: Starting out strong here. God bless this small awkward bean. I’m such a sucker for cute fictional boys that have a hard time interacting with humans and are full of a lot of sadness but still want to see the best in the world and Newt is no exception. I fell in love with him within ten minutes of the film, and I remember seeing the previews and thinking, “oh no, not another cute fictional boy for me to obsess over.” The way he sort of latches onto people that he has a good feeling about is adorable (ie. Jacob), and I love how trusting he is as soon as he realizes that the Goldsteins and Jacob are on his side. The Hufflepuff Newt is made very clear, as he is extremely loyal and hardworking with his passions. And his awkwardness is conveyed very well and realistically – not like teen comedies where an obviously social and gorgeous teen is all, “lol look at me i’m so awkward and relatable :3″. Newt obviously CAN talk to people, and he knows how to, but he doesn’t have the charm or way with words that Queenie or Jacob have. He’s an introvert who interacts better with creatures than humans, and I think that’s how a lot of “awkward” people feel. Altogether, Eddie Redmayne (god i love him) did a FANTASTIC job portraying Newt’s big heart and reclusive tendencies and I am beyond excited to learn more about Newt (and his brother !!) in coming films.

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when you get this, it would be cool to post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers!

1. i have WILD dreams man like every night i lucid dream and it’s always really weird lmao
2. when i was 7 i saw a ghost
3. i met david attenborough on a plane
4. photos of cats and cows are the way to my heart
6. my bestest friends name is jenna and i love her a lot and i miss her cause she’s in thailand rn
7. i love drawing realistic portraits of people and i wanna go to art school
8. i have read five books (like full novels) in the past 7 days
9. willow smith is one of my fav artists in the music world like man she is so woke she knows what’s goin down in the universe
10. i have been hit by a bus (sounds way more dramatic then it is smh)

i tried to choose interesting facts lmao hmu if u want explanations for anything

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Let me just say I am freaking loving this idea. I'm so surprised at myself tbh for even clicking on your fic because I was afraid (like in your inspiration-kinda post, tentacle porn is usually made by others to be noncon so I've full on avoided it when I can) but this is so positive and just-so good ?? Thank you so much, are you planning on starting another work with Chiquita? I would love to know <3

there will definitely be more chiqui+the boys (that sounds like a band name LMAO CAN U IMAGINE. chiquita can play ALL THE INSTRUMENTS) in the future!! writing chiquita is really therapeutic and stress-relieving for me and I’m starting my first year of college so…i’m sure there will be a need for her in the future :’D glad you like the consentacles positivity~

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Me! Me! lmao

You’re very special to me. You’ve never given up on me when even I’m a little bitch that needs to shut her mouth, haha. You’re a kind and gentle considering the many times you’ve tried not to be, and I love you for it. You’re so full of love and you stay positive even when others aren’t. You’re always going to be my sister and my wife no matter what last name we have at the time. I can’t wait to see what the years to come have in store for us. I love you Liv Rooney (Artie Smalls Voice)

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1 2 and 9 for the apprentice asks!

1.  what is their full name? what does it mean? do they go by any nicknames/aliases? my apprentice is called ambika! i named her that bc ambika appalam is nice lmao. i don’t really know what it means but various sources say it means ‘mother’ or ‘goddess of the moon’… everyone calls her ambi

2. do they have a familiar? what is it? YES it’s a toad named harold. every time someone calls harold a frog he gets offended and oozes slime all over them (them being nadia). faust is always trying to eat harold; julian probably loves harold more than he loves ambi :/ he calls him rasputin though

9. which hogwarts house would they be in? ambi is a hufflepuff 100%!!!

send me an apprentice ask

Love Yourself: 承 'Her' : REVIEW

A comprehensive look at how each song stands on its own and their cohesiveness chronologically.

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how long did it take you too type down all that anime rant cause dude i applaud you

* Oh man, I really don’t remember lmao

* I wrote it down about a month ago when I first got that question (I pre-script all the questions I decide to make comics on, I have about 20 or so planned out at the moment)

* It’s not all that long either I think, I’ve written song complaints longer than this.
When I start writing something it always tends to end up way longer than I originally intended because I love writing - hence why all my text posts end up kinda long-winded lmao  

* But if you wonder about the riveting story of Takeshi from Mew Mew Kissy Cutie, here’s a full script;

“you see, in mew mew kissy cutie season four, there’s this antagonist-turned-ally, his name is Takeshi and he’s so so so beautiful, a-and he is actually a singer in a band, which is why i thought basing Mettaton’s new body on him was very fitting, and he’s Mew Mew’s love interest, but is immune to her kisses, which puts her in a very awkward position, especially when it turns out he knows her secret a-and, and… It, it all looks very awful for Mew Mew, and I almost cried, I was so scared when she was embarrassed before everyone, but they all made up, and Takeshi became her friend, and they agreed to not be romantically involved in the end because their hearts really belonged to another, and it all turned out sooo nicely and then I cried of joy, because he was added to the recurring characters roster, and it made me so happy, because he was SUCH a good character…”

* ((Ok real talk tho, but coming up with feasible shoujo anime plots is ridiculously hard for me, especially when I’ve seen very few animes in my life, most of them being in a more actiony spectre lmao. This is why I don’t think I’ll be answering any asks about Undyne, Alphys and anime - I know very little about anime and am not very interested in checking out any at the moment. FMAB 4 lyfe tho.))

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Since the Blordkjf continue to be fucking stupid idiots, HSAU Lexark pt. 1: It's Senior Yr and these two extra hoes planned out their schedule so they'd have most of their classes together, which includes first per AP Eng and poor Elyza was working on her Gov presentation for most of the night bc she completely underestimated how long it would take to finish. Alicia caught a ride w/ her mom but apparently she wasn't having the best morning either so Elyza stopped by a Starbucks to get them both

2. drinks which are currently placed on her desk. And she has her elbow on the desk, face in her hand bc she doesn’t want put her head down and accidentally knock them over. She’s deadass failing to keep her eyes open, lil bby is just hella tired but also of a sudden someone slips in the desk next to her and she thinks it’s Alicia so she mumbles “Morning baby.” “Well good morning to you too Sweetheart.” Her eyes pop open and she lightweight glares at whoever spoke bc that’s def not Alicia. Turns

3. out it’s one of the girls in their class that’s been tryna get at Elyza and Elyza’s been turning her down at every chance. “Can I help you?” And this girl just spews out some bs (all an excuse) and Elyza is tuning her out bc it’s too early for this shit and next thing she knows, this girl is touching her arm and she’s got Seduction Eyes. Meanwhile Alicia’s just gotten thru the door and she zeroes in on this shit, man, and she is Not Happy. She’s ready to march tf over there, but yknow, she’s

4. a little shit and kinna petty, lol, and this smirks forms on her face and she walks up to them, and Elyza looks up and sees her coming and there’s that Fond Ass Look on her face and Alicia lightweight melts but that still doesn’t stop her from cupping one side of her girl’s face and giving her long morning kiss. Elyza’s the arm the girl had her hand on pull at Alicia’s shirt bc she might be tired but she ain’t that tired. When they pull back, Alicia is feeling a whole lot better and she moves

5. her hand down and kinna brushes some of Elyza’s hair over her shoulders, which, ofc, shows off the couple hickies Alicia put on her neck the day before. She finally sits down and grabs her drink off of Elyza’s desk, and Elyza can finally put her head down and Alicia uses her free hand to lightly scratch at her scalp. She turns to her classmate, full smirk, “Good morning Becky. I didn’t see you there” (And yeah I named her after the Becky in “Sorry” bc that’s what I was listening to lmao).

BECKY I LOVE IT I LOVE THIS you’re such a lexark mvp for me <3