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Hey i dont wanna start drama or whatever but like I'm curious since most blarke fans seem to like raven more than clarke. if raven say actually liked bellamy as opposed to merely tolerating him lmao and they had more screentime would u ship them over bellarke (assuming nothing changed with bc's buildup)?

i mean raven and bellamy should have similar build-up in the coming seasons to actually prefer it over bellarke but i definitely wouldnt mind it if raven actually gave a shit about bellamy lmao

issues i have with steven universe’s “representation” of nonbinary characters:

(1) aside from mentions by the creators, there is absolutely nothing in the show to indicate that the gems are anything but women: they are read, treated, and coded as women and there is nothing whatsoever within the show itself to counter this

example: there is literally a song where steven sings about how he wants amethyst and pearl to fuse to become, and i quote, “a giant woman”

this is not to say that there cannot be nonbinary people who present femininely or are read as women (hi), or that there cannot be nonbinary women, or that there cannot be nonbinary characters who use she/her pronouns, but rather to say that the only indication that these characters are nonbinary is not even within the show itself and this is not actually representation

(2) the only characters that use they/them pronouns and are actually debatably nonbinary based solely on the show itself are fusions between steven (he/him pronouns, a boy) and connie or amethyst (both of whom use she/her pronouns and are treated as girls in the show) which plays into the idea that nonbinary genders are “in between” male and female or a “mix” of male and female 

also like, when the only characters that get they/them pronouns and the only characters that are portrayed within the show itself to be (possibly) nonbinary are androgynous mashups between a boy + girl (or girl coded character) that again plays into stereotypical ideas of what nonbinary people & nonbinary genders are

(3) every single nonbinary character is at least part alien, which contributes to the dehumanization of nonbinary people and our treatment as “alien” or “other”

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I’m just gonna’ fuckin say it, I completed all major requirements for a sociology degree right, and let me tell you I learned fucking nothing about people and society. Absolutely nothing. 

I learned more about how the world works having my transcripts frozen and being forced to confront the reality of it. 

Why have I suddenly radicalized and rebranded the blog? Because I’m no longer being fed liberal propaganda that was taught at my university lmao. 

I’m still literally shit, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve definitely got a better grasp of things than I did while in school “learning.” I’m still learning, as will always be the case, but I’m learning far better things than what was course material.

Face it, our university system is hardly about learning, and innovation and creativity, and exploration of knowledge, etc. … and more about paying for a better job. tbh..

Studying mathematics was actually more helpful to me in understanding capitalism and ableism as systems of oppression, than sociology tbh.

Like if you’re doing a sociology degree thats cool and all, but be really wary of what they teach you tbh. 

This is where learning mathematics was really influential to me … learning mathematics basically taught me not to take anyone at their word but instead find a way to prove everything to yourself. 

If it can’t be proven to yourself, and you can see no way for it to exist or be true, then … you can disregard it and work on a NEW THEORY in replacement, or figure out what in particular is wrong with the previous theory.

Not to gush about math, but it really is about everything being fake until you make it ~real~ lmao. Like you can just sit at your table and invent math if you really wanted to, you just make definitions, and prove those definitions in your invented universe. It’s pretty cool.

not to say you can just invent how society works, but you can definitely become more critical of other’s opinions of how things work within reason and within your own boundaries.

Maybe I was a bad sociology student? But I got all A’s in every sociology course I ever took so like, Idk yall, I’m just saying be wary. 


Am I goth yet lmao

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I'M SO GLAD TO FIND SOMEONE WHO SHARES MY OPINIONS ON THE HP MOVIES! Whenever I say something negative about them my friends look at me like I just kicked their dog. My question: I feel like I'm the only person who would ever be bothered by this, but why is Hermione constantly calling Ron "RONALD"? It's so obnoxious and patronizing and IMO only adds to the disastrous representation of Ron in these movies. Have you ever noticed this or am I making a big deal out of nothing?

I’ve never actually noticed that before but I get where you are coming from lmao. Wish she called him Roonil

bad and inaccurate summery of killing stalking ch 19 (using bad translations of random users in the comments of fb lmao):

- jieun tells bum that she did’t mean what she said and prays him to have mercy
- bum just stares at her scared and says nothing, so she loses he patience and starts screaming at him to die (“why aren’t you talking! Die! You dirty parasite, die!”)
- these words trigger bum’s memories about a girl she met during high school
- he and this girl started getting closer when bum was a teen (I think?) because they were both abused by their relatives (bum by his uncle and the girl by his father)
- so there is a scene when this girl takes bum to a basement and gets naked to show him her bruises and promises him to always stay together
- at some time this girl starts avoiding him for some reason and bum discovers she has a date
- he can’t understand why she’s avoiding him and starts doing some weird stuff, like stealing her nail polish and bra (… yeah)
- bum writes her a very long latter, but never gets an answer
- so he goes to her to ask for explanations and she just says she’ll answer next time, smiling
- bum gets angry and starts yelling “next time!! Why! Why are you avoiding me?? Because I know your father abused you??!” in front of everyone
- because of this the class basically isolates him again
- while the girl is talking to some of her friends (included her crush if I’m not wrong? I’m not totally sure) they say her that there is a rumor about her and bum dating
- she gets really angry and goes to bum accusing him of the rumor
- bum just says her that he likes her “even if she was abused by her father, because that’s pretty” (???)
- the girl looks at him shocked and then throws a drink on him telling him to die (she uses the same words used by jieun!!)
- bum superimposes the image of the girl on the one of jieun and start talking to her like he’s talking to that girl
- and stabs her like 12 times telling her she has been a bad person and that she’s the one dying (lmao)
- rip jieun
- sangwoo is very satisfied of his brilliant job apparently and asks him how did he feel
- bum says he has stabbed her 12 times and seems to be horrified but also says that he felt good somehow?
- well actually at the end bum says “I didn’t feel nothing” so the conversation is confusing sorry

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Could you clarify Gonta and Ouma's relationship in game? I've heard that they actually hang out pre-chapter 4 (to the point of Miu saying they're spending all that time together because they're having sex, lmao) and his tears for Gonta after trial 4 were real, but a lot of people are arguing that Ouma saw him as nothing but a potential pawn/bodyguard, even before chapter 4. What are your thoughts on their relationship? Thank you!

This is definitely a complicated question and one that requires a lot of careful explanation, because of a lot of the events of Chapter 4. I’m glad you asked anon, because I’d like to do my best at attempting a little more clarification for this, because both Ouma and Gonta are incredibly important characters to the overall turning point of the game, and it’s important to understand their dynamic and the events that occurred in Chapter 4 as a result.

That being said, I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, but I’ll reemphasize a little bit: when I say “relationship” when talking about these two, I really do not ship them at all. I would not ever recommend shipping them. The ship is somewhat popular among Japanese pixiv artists recently and might have boosted a little of its popularity here on Tumblr as a result, but I can honestly say that I don’t think it would ever, ever be a healthy shipping dynamic in any sense, and when I talk in this post, I’m strictly going to be referring to “relationship” or “dynamic” in the sense of their actual interactions within the plot, and not in a sense of shipping them whatsoever.

Spoilers for Chapter 4 and onward will follow, so please don’t read past this unless you’re comfortable being spoiled that far!

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i hate how jim was in the later seasons like kevin calls pam bitchy to jims face and he just stands there, and says NOTHING! lmao i have a lot of opinions on that show

Ugh yes! It’s so frustrating because they position Jim like the “good guy” compared to Roy bc Roy sidelined Pam’s ambitions but once Jim “gets the girl” he does the same thing. Pam’s character arc is about asserting herself and following her dreams and having agency and that goes by the wayside as she marries Jim and has kids.

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Can I rant about Jackson's health issue? I've seen so many ppl saying ugly things about fans being worried and i don't get it??? This is soooo concerning, and all they can do is complain about us? We know nothing of his condition and were told he went to have a check up and was "fine", yet here we are. How can someone think ppl showing their love by worrying over this precious man is annoying? Anyway, I really hope he's resting well. And I reeeallyy hope he isn't feeling guilty for being sick.

honestly… like not 2 biased but I think jacksonators (lmao I like to say jacksonator k let it pass) always get shit for doing anything?? at all??? like when we hype jackson during his reality shows apparently we only stan got1?? (omg n I remember once, someone tweeted that “jackies are a different species” or smth along those lines… okay..?) n when we worry about Jackson’s health (that we know NOTHING about btw) we’re being dramatic n overreacting. like let us breathe for two seconds. if it happened to ur fave u’d be worried too??? isn’t it good that we’re expressing our love n concern for someone? if u don’t like it.. BITCH THE UNFOLLOW BUTTON IS RIGHT THERE LET ME LOVE MY MAN BYE! n like when jaebum was sick n EVERYONE n their mothers were worried making gws jaebum gifsets I don’t remember people being pressedt or pissed off that people were worried for him??? so why the hell cant we worry about Jackson? tbh some people “in the fandom” hates Jackson so much literally anything he or his stans do makes them burst 25 blood vessels….. get a grip… n ya I hope Jackson doesn’t blame himself like that’s one of my biggest worries currently TBH I really hope he’s not thinking about being absent too much bc then it might affect his recuperation :-((( I miss him so much I hope he’s doing okay 😭😭😭

Reaction.// Draco Malfoy x Reader

Title: Reaction.

Request: OMG you should write one where the reader is selectively mute and extremely shy, and then one day she says something? And maybe with Draco?And maybe she could be a Ravenclaw? I just never see anything where the reader is a Ravenclaw lol

Pairing: Ravenclaw! Reader x Reader

Warning: none?

A/N: You guys, we hit 1k! im really happy! And I still have that instagram// GOLDENSNLTCH & if you guys want you can send me questions since you really know nothing about me lmao. you don’t really know she’s Ravenclaw and I kind of didn’t make the reader shy.

You never talked. Snape hated it. Your house hated it. Everyone hated it. You, on the other hand, didn’t mind. Keeping your mouth shut meant nobody would talk to you. Nobody would spread rumors about you.

So you thought.

You had been sitting in the dining hall doing your homework, dinner was about to start and you enjoyed the silence that was there before hand. People started filling in as you put away your parchment away. A group from your house walked in, sitting on the far side of the table. A girl with long blonde hair walked in and sat beside you, you believed her name was Luna. “Hello Y/N,” she said as she picked up a strawberry, you eyes drifted to hers, not saying anything. “Have you heard what everyone’s been saying?” she asked, you shook your head, “Oh, well a lot of people have been saying you’re dating Draco.” Your eyebrows knitted together as you looked at the food. Everyone was in the dining hall so when you were the first to get up, some stared. Especially Draco. You felt his cold stare on your back.

You spent the next few days listening to people talk about you. Things went from ‘Whore.’ to ‘Fuckbuddy.’

Draco walked into your Herbology class, looking around you made eye contact with him. You started planning what you were going to say to him. Your teacher started teaching and pairing you up with people. You were paired up with a Hufflepuff, they let you do half the work and they did half.

After a two hour long class, you finally got to leave. So when it was just you and draco in the classroom you spoke up.

“Why did you say we’re dating?” you asked, putting your books in your bag, “W-What?” he asked, his lips curling a bit, “You heard me, why?” your voice sounded intimidating and he looked at you, “I wanted to get a reaction from you.” Your eyes narrowed at Draco. “Well there’s your reaction.” You muttered, swinging your bag on your back and walking out.


our tour guide was this old ruggedy white dude with a cowboy hat and i feel bad for him bc he would tell us some facts or trivia about the place really earnestly but my parents know nothing about american pop culture or like southwestern history loool. He’s like, “and people say this little mountain looks like lucy, the peanuts characters” and theyre like “ohhhh i love lucy, i see i see” lmao

Then another time he was talking about all the old hollywood stars who have houses here and films that were shot and my parents dont even respond bc who the fuck is john wayne yaar?

Later on my parents probably ruined his tour bc they started to compare every cave, rock, and mountain to something in india with a disclaimer that the indian ones were superior lol

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do you mean your squidbob post? yeah bro, fuck assholes reblogging for the sake of being mean. i liked that post because it's literally me lmao, and i've never been of the mindset to knock any ship anyways. don't stress about it too much, bro. you're not responsible for what idiots do. i took your post as a joke and people who go further legit have nothing better to do with their lives

aw shucks man, thanks for the kind words. They have definitely made me feel a lot better!!

Like, I can understand people being confused or shocked ya kno, but outright saying it shouldn’t exist or bashing the people who ship it is so wrong. Especially when there are so many lovely people in this community, who just want to ship the spange and squid in peace. If people are really offended about seeing it, then I feel sorry for them.

what i say: i’m chill

what i mean: ok but every time i look at arya’s stuff in affc and adwd, i end up knocked flat on my fucking back about the faceless men and how arya is literally facing a physical incarnation of what was so deeply shaking for her as a child.  “don’t be who you are, arya,” “being yourself is nothing but trouble, arya,” “you’re not as good as your sister, arya–you’re no one, arya” and how she is forced every day not to be herself but she embraces it because being herself has caused her so much pain especially after the red wedding when she was this fucking close to seeing robb and her mother again, but every day she’s forced to self efface and self efface and self efface and self efface and self efface and she doesn’t ~~lose herself~~ in it somehow she finds parts of herself in each persona that she adopts and even finds that being ~~no one~~ is an iteration of her that’s still her at her purest: clever, resourceful, constantly adapting, so she can’t really become ~~no one~~ because all of those things that she has to do to become ~~no one~~ are things that are quintessential to her being arya and don’t get me fcuking started on thinking she deserves to be slapped for chewing her lip i’m so fucking done so fucking done