lmao i got sick


bangtan pokemon au! 


ive been binge watching a lot of @crankgameplays lately s o,,

the only logical thing to do is spend 5 hours on a piece of art that you dont really like riGHT HAHAhaha,,

ɞ To the boy by the name of Moon Jongup ʚ

 Happy super belated Birthday my angel~! May your smile shine bright forever and that I may see it more often as well. I will always love you. 


Commission - Thaock & Emberlynn

Phew- another commission done! I had a stressful week while doing this one, but I’m glad I got it done! 

So…I’m not closed for commissions, ahaha… Commission Info!


OKAY SO here are some really shoddy low effort doodles of all these barely developed, shittily designed characters that make up the initial party in the comic. Need to tag in unrealstarisananagramfor​ for the other 3 nerds, and the others (Ady/Raleigh/Lori/Dizta) aren’t in the first part of the story so I won’t delve into them right now.

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