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Here’s a friendly reminder that Jumin Han thinks he doesn’t deserve to be loved by you, or by anyone. Even before you get into his route.

Is he truly afraid that people won’t understand him, or that someone will eventually see how ugly he thinks he is inside?

What is his worth? Is he really a good person? How can he be so sure that people aren’t just bluffing?

Will they think the same once they get to know of his tangled threads? Will you…?

Does he deserve you? What if he hurts you in the process? What if you realize he is not the one you think he is? What if you doesn’t want him? How is he gonna handle your rejection? Maybe… just maybe… it is enough that his pet understands him.

Will you accept him, an arrogant mutant that the world would surely despise? Will he ever be loved for who he actually is?

Doesn’t it interest you that Jumin actually let BE1 happen, that he let you approach him even though you were highkey being thirsty for his wealth? He probably thought it was the only kind of “love” he would ever deserve: love fueled by money and lust - the sole two things that decide his worth.

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hey i was wondering if u could do a drunk confession thing with v and saeran please!! the first two where amazing 🐆it'd be great thank u i love ur writing

omg thank you so much lovely anon! ^^ I actually am quite mad at myself for not including these two because i love them lmao also holy crap its almost the choi bois birthday i need to do something for them 

a Saeran + V version of these  posts

Drunk RFA V + Saeran


  • This sunshine rarely gets drunk and is usually with Jumin when he is but tonight he is indulging himself in wine, surrounded with pictures of MC let’s say he’s not blind for this one
  • It sounds creepy and he knows it probably is but the growing love he has for her really cannot be contained at this moment
  • It has always been Rika who filled his thoughts but after all that’s happened he finally found peace within himself to move on and find his real sun
  • And that was MC
  • He learned to fall in love the healthy way and he felt really blessed that MC helped him throughout his journey
  • But is this man capable of being tainted by feelings of jealousy??
  • Yes
  • MC was on a date and he was feeling extra bitter that night
  • So when he was reaching for his phone, attempting to call her his eyes immediately widened
  • No he will not let her see him wreck himself like this
  • He still did it anyways
  • “V? What’s wrong are you okay?”
  • “Yes.. I’m fine”
  • “Why did you call? Should I come over? Is something the matter?”
  • “There is no matter but can you please come over?”
  • “I’ll be there”
  • When MC came, she was astounded by the amount of pictures surrounding the house and was more astonished by the man before her who reeked of alcohol
  • “MC my love” 
  • V hugged her tight 
  • He was being so uncharacteristical and she was confused until it registered in her brain what he called her
  • My love??
  • “V why are you drinking?”
  • “I am… displeased with myself”
  • “How come”
  • She held his cheek so tenderly V could feel his heart bursting with love
  • “I am such an unworthy man to have been jealous of your date today. I love you but it seems that I am too late”
  • “Oh V you were never too late. I only met up with him for a polite meal of gratitude, I was never romantically linked with him, it’s you I have my eyes on. I love you”
  • V felt so relieved and so happy he felt tears brimming his eyes as he kissed her so passionately
  • They spent the entire night cuddling and when morning came and their bodies were entangled with each other they felt so happy and content
  • Although V could feel a dull ache in his head, he was glad he remembered everything that went down last night
  • He was inhaling the scent of her hair as he pulled her close to him, never intending to let go


  • Living with MC and Saeyoung was such a chore
  • But the only reason he was so irritated was because they acted so much like a couple
  • He couldn’t stand being in the same room when they were being so touchy and smiley with each other
  • One time it was movie night and they were pressed up against each other like some married couple
  • But it was only because Saeyoung had put the popcorn too far MC had to scoot closer to properly get some
  • It bothered him so much to feel this way so one night, he escaped the eyes of his brother to get wasted in some club
  • He was only there for the drinks though and had no intention of entertaining the girls who were sticking their ass out in front of him
  • When he came home, Saeyoung was ready to fight him about his whereabouts but he shushed him saying that he had no time for it
  • He was walking properly no doubt but he was drunk enough to be bold and confused
  • So instead of going to his room he accidentally stumbled to MC’s
  • Cue his face getting hot at the sight 
  • She was curled up between the sheets and had this cute bedhead
  • He walked towards her despite the mental protest and ended up kneeling beside her bed
  • Stroking her hair he felt yet again another churn in his stomach and a squeeze at his chest
  • “Why do you make me feel like shit and this shit actually feels good? I hate you, I hate you for making me feel this way, I hate you for your stupid face and stupid actions, I hate you for trying to make me feel better I hate you I hate you”
  • MC woke up to this string of I hate you mantras and when she found out Saeran was the one saying them she wrapped her arms around his neck and pullled him
  • He stumbled and toppled towards her 
  • “Let go you idiot I hate you”
  • “No you don’t”
  • “Yes I do”
  • “I know you Saeran and you tell me these things everyday, i know you don’t”
  • He could feel MC nuzzling her face on her neck and his heart started racing 
  • “Lay beside me”
  • Curse his drunken decision making he actually listened
  • He had his back facing her but she wrapped her arms around his waist and Saeran tensed up
  • “So… warm”
  • When he was sure MC was deep in sleep, he carefully faced her and had his hands on the small of her back, trying to pull her closer, wanting to feel more of her
  • “I… love you”
  • Unknown to him, MC was smiling against his chest
  • The next morning, they were met by the screams of Saeyoung
  • “My own brother?? and MC?? in he same BED. I feel so betrayed”
  • “Shut up” 
  • Saeran was having none of his brother’s crying and buried his face in the mess of MC’s hair
  • “You two didn’t even have the decency to close the door, God knows what I might have seen. Stop polluting my innocent eyes”
  • “Fuck off Saeyoung I feel like absolute shit”
  • MC felt really worried because she knows he had a drink last night 
  • “Do you want me to get you some advil?”
  • She was about to get up when Saeran pulled her back down and was fiercely cuddling with her
  • “Stay”
  • She giggled and pressed a soft kiss to his head
  • “I love you too”
  • He groaned knowing she heard him last night but he wasn’t really complaining
The Vampire Chronicles Facebook Interview **Recap**(5/4/17)

The Television Show


  • As many know now, they will be working with Paramount Television and Anonymous Content
  • They want to stay fully engaged with fans in the production process
  • No set broadcaster, all options open (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) (Chris joked about it being on Facebook)
  • Next announcement will be when that network is decided
  • No timeline for production. They have no idea how long it will take. Script-writing is next. Chris is the one who will be script-writing, Anne will review
  • Chris: “She finished writing season 1 when she wrote the books!”
  • Pilot is done. Next are more episodes. They are starting the process and having several meetings with Paramount and Anonymous Content
  • Anne SWEARS the series will be 100% loyal to the books. (They named GoT as an example of doing this though soooooo)
  • Anne said compromises are inevitable but artistic control comes from good will and respect; you make it work by picking people you admire and trust. They worked with Paramount and Anonymous Content since they all agreed on a common vision and the end result of the series
  • No idea about locations of sets and whatnot
  • Don’t know if they will keep with the 80’s period of the books, however Anne wants to do Lestat’s pre-vampire period period-accurate
  • Neil Jordan may end up helping out on the project


  • Still taking suggestions from fans and looking fancasts up on imdb
  • Anne: “Lestat is always shaking his fists to those who would break him down…Scrappish impish…lovable hero”
    Chris: “–and he’s hot!! :D He’s gonna be hot. #LestatIsHot”
  • Chris and Anne might want to cameo in the series (joked about making a game out of it)
  • Some characters may change where “ethnicity is flexible”
  • Anne and Chris agree that POC being casted are important and will be considered in casting. The Millennial vamps (older gang) will most likely be largely POC.
  • Anne says she has taken notice of black fans showing their admiration of Aaliyah playing Akasha.
    • Anne gave a story about meeting an Akasha cosplayer who mentioned that she and her friends feel left out of high fantasy for being black and how Anne was moved by this.
  • Anne: “Akasha isn’t written as black or a person of color…she’s middle eastern”
    Me: ??? (Those aren’t…mutually exclusive???)
    Anne: “–but she could be a person of color.”
  • Marius was played by a black man in the musical and Anne thought he did a great job. Marius can be any ethnicity so long as he’s half Roman. She’d prefer to have Marius as blue eyes and blonde haired like Lestat but it’s “not imperative for him”.
  • Anne: “Louis at least has to be beautiful”
  • Armand has to look as described as well.
  • Anne wanted Cher to play Gabrielle.
  • Anne and Chris to be inclusive, but will always focus more on how fine the actor is. Talent is needed to get the role, not just looks.
  • Armand will be casted as someone who looks 17, but will be technically older. Not sure about age for Lestat and Louis (Anne is thinking early 30s)
  • Physical and emotional aging will be put into consideration (she gave Marius as an example as him looking like he’s in his 40s but being mentally older)

Plot and Episodes

  • They will tell the story chronologically in Lestat’s eyes so wolves-paris-so on. Basically, how knowledge unfolds for Lestat is how it will unfold for audience THIS MAY CHANGE depending on when they talk to producers, however this is not what they want in terms of how the events should happen.
  • Don’t want to cheat on Lestat’s life and skip out any details of it (go figure)
    • Stay faithful to the books and to Lestat’s story
  • Chris warns for us to be mindful of news that doesn’t come from official page
  • Lestat and Gabbi’s journey to be expanded
  • Origin stories of Marius and other older vampires will be shown and expanded on (done through the flashback stories Marius gives)
  • Blood and Gold will be involved but they won’t DO the story (so using that material for possible spin offs)
  • A lot about the Talamasca and especially David. Jesse too, but mostly David
    • (Anne: He’s close friends with Lestat in TOTBT
      Me: Is that what you call it? lmao)
  • TVL could be 2-3 seasons. IWTV may be one. Depends
  • Anne and Chris want to know what goes wrong in the translation from book to media in other series so they can avoid it
  • They’re keeping eroticism the same as in the books.
  • Lestat turning Gabrielle will be a big scene, as they feel this is when the series starts to truly bring the vampire world into view and Lestat really starts becoming a vampire. This scene is significant in asking the audience what they would do in that instance. Lestat turning will also be significant.

Characters and Character Relations

  • There will be a lot about Louis and Lestat’s relationship in the series (and Lestat and Nicki)
  • Anne says she understands how important queer relationships are and how they have driven the series
  • *On expanding on other characters*
    Chris: …human characters like Jesse or Daniel Mollo-
    Me: :/
  • Anne doesn’t feel a need to make new characters.
  • More info on Théâtre des Vampires and the characters in that part will expanded as well
  • Chris and Anne openly acknowledge Lestat as bisexual and this will be depicted clearly within the show
  • On the topic of Armand, what that character means to Anne will shine, so he will gain a more sympathetic role outside of just the IWTV perspective. Both his dark side and his more childish, light-side will be shown
  • Jim Morrison of The Doors was Anne’s inspiration for Lestat’s singing voice and for the band (I forget but I think this was the song Anne named as being a good example. Though, I’m partial to their sexy song “5 to 1″). She describes Lestat’s voice as somewhere between a “barratone and tenor…Melodic”. (Something about Jon Bon Jovi also a little bit)

Mayfair Witches

  • Rights of Mayfair Witches not available to them (?) and thus, the crossover books are not a part of the VC TV series and, thus no show for them right now
  • Maybe Mayfair TV series in future. Anne doesn’t want them to play second fiddle to the vampires

Anne and Chris

  • They talked about the recent April Fool’s Joke. Anne apologized to Justin Beiber?? Why?? I don’t know (they weren’t behind the joke article)
  • Chris likes Riverdale (ew)
  • Chris worked with Anne on Ramses the Damned.
    • Someone in the VC Discord Server brought up the question of if Chris could/would carry out the VC books after Anne. Based off this interview, I think it’s very likely depending on how well the VC TV series goes. He seemed a little apprehensive about it, but he’s worked with his mother on writing and is familiar enough with her characters to care about them. I think it’s possible
  • Chris went to the VC balls in New Orleans as a kid
  • Chris’ A Density of Souls may get a chance to be a film. Chris is in discussion with someone about it (?? that’s what I got from the interview anyways)
  • *After Anne leaves to get Chris a Coke*
    Chris *to the camera*: She won’t let me out of the house. She won’t let me leave!!
    Me: Same

The Facebook Page and Other Information

  • Anne, yet again, made a little speech about how nerds mean a lot to Hollywood nowadays
    • “Readers know things about the novels that are valuable”
  • They have a record of fan comments that Anne reads every so often
  • They mentioned some of the fights going on in the FB thread
    • (Chris: There are some people with…strong casting choices.
      Anne: I got into fights with people lmao)
  • Anne prefers if you message her over the page rather than through emails
  • They cannot do much about given resumes and asking about jobs related to production. There will be a time for that later
  • Anne is in contract for two more VC novels. It sounded like her next novel is also included in the TV series’ contract, but I could have misinterpreted. 
  • Anne asks about any regrets or things she would change from the books as she goes into the series. More fleshing out but that’s about it
  • Disappointing the fans is their biggest concern and worry

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Have you seen the post going around (I've seen it mostly on Facebook) of Kesha and Taylor and it's saying "you can react to something two ways you can be vengeful and continue to be hurt and hateful or you can move on and heal idk about you but I'd rather be kesha"? It makes me so mad because yes, Kesha's music is beautiful and I commend her on making a beautiful album. But both women are entitled to react to their experiences how they see fit.

lmao that idea makes me soooo furious i cannot believe it’s being spread online by ppl who consider themselves progressive 

  • firstly it tells survivors of sexual violence that if they do feel vengeful and hateful and have a hard time letting it go that it isn’t valid to feel that way and literally fuck the absolute shit out of that mentality lmao you are allowed to have whatever emotions u please after something like that happens to u. be aware of what you say on online spaces and the people who could read it and be hurt by it u gross fucks
  • also it’s so narrow minded because they are taking in kesha’s case a few songs and in taylor’s case ONE SONG and then pretending that those songs are a total indication of how both of those women reacted to what happened to them which is…. ridiculous……..and assumes that people don’t have nuance and emotional variance. we know that taylor wrote an entire fucking song about moving on and healing and Shaking It Off and we don’t know that kesha never felt (or feels) hateful and hurt and vengeful. songs reflect how you’re feeling in a specific moment and aren’t necessarily meant to indicate ur entire fucking approach to something godddd
  • look what you made me do doesn’t even seem that vengeful to me and people are wildly misinterpreting it anyway and just generally i’m so sick of seeing shit like ‘taylor swift is a grown woman throwing a tantrum because people don’t like her’ as if they haven’t relentlessly bullied her in public spaces for the last 10 years for the stupidest things lmao u wanna say she plays the victim but u guys make her INTO one and then blame her for it because u refuse to take responsibility for what YOU’VE done (which is something u love 2 accuse her of doing smells like projection to me but what do i know)

tl;dr i would die for both kesha and taylor and the internet hates women (specifically angry women)

Hwang Minhyun Harry Potter AU

  • everyone at hogwarts has heard of hwang minhyun but not that many people have ever really seen him
  • you, a simple hufflepuff, are definitely no exception
  • your best friend says she once saw him in the kitchens with kang dongo 
  • you were like
  • “seems fake but ok”
  • yeah lmao it wasnt fake
  • one time at like 3am you couldn’t sleep so you went to the kitchens to get a cup of tea
  • and you didn’t have your contacts in so you couldn’t really see
  • so you’re just standing there in the kitchens blindly sipping your tea
  • when you hear kang dongho go “uh, (y/n)?”
  • you kinda rub your eyes and squint and dongho and minhyun are sitting there eating pizza and staring at you
  • “uhhhhhhhh”
  • you realize that you’re standing there in your huge hufflepuff t-shirt and shorts and you turn bright red
  • like you don’t know dongho that well even though he’s only a year older than you
  • and you’ve seen minhyun like ONCE
  • “sorry, i’ll be going now”
  • you’re speeding away and trying not to die of embarrassment 
  • and you could have SWORN you heard minhyun go “who’s that, they’re kinda cute”
  • whatever its not like hes drop dead gorgeous or anything
  • anyways that was the first time you saw hwang minhyun
  • the second time was at the beginning of your fifth year 
  • you were selected to be a hufflepuff prefect
  • go you
  • anyways
  • the prefects are all expected to meet on the hogwarts express
  • so you get there w/kang daniel, the other hufflepuff prefect
  • minhyun is there just kind of lounging gracefully
  • you’re the only new prefect that year so you kind of just sit there awkwardly while yoon jisung, the head boy, explains everything
  • and when he informs you that your night patrol partner is minhyun you almost pop a blood vessel
  • “let’s have fun, (y/n)~”
  • you thought that having weekly night patrol with minhyun would be awkward or scary but he’s actually a total gentleman
  • you were patrolling the hallways near the slytherin dorm and it got kind of chilly so he went to his dorm and grabbed you a sweatshirt
  • it smelled nice as fuck
  • he’ll ask you about your day and how your classes/owls are going 
  • you guys become pretty good friends from all the time you’ve spent together
  • and it’s not like awkward or uncomfortable at all around him
  • just an all around wholesome guy tbh
  • he knows that you struggle in potions so sometimes he’ll stop by the classroom and send you a wink since you have class when his free period is
  • your friends tease you mercilessly about that
  • you guys have the night patrol on halloween and you end up having to break up aprox. 431895 couples from making out in hallways/closets
  • its kind of embarrassing tbH
  • then the yule ball is approaching
  • all your friends have dates and ur like excuse you what happened to friendship and solidarity how could you betray me like this
  • you complain about this to minhyun during patrol one night and he kind of stops and looks down at you
  • “you should go with me then”
  • and youre like excuse you
  • “we would be a real-” he punches your arm gently “-hit”
  • you glare at him for a bit before accepting
  • the dance is fucking amazing first of all
  • he collects you from the hufflepuff dorm wearing the world’s most amazing dress robes
  • dad jokes to daddy real quick (cannot believe i just typed those words out)
  • he does the thing ™ where he offers u his arm and you tuck your arm under his hand
  • and you feel the butterflies  🌚
  • everyone is like holy fuck is that hwang minhyuN 
  • is that HWANG MINHYUN WITH (Y/N)
  • behind the two of you dongho and ren are like 
  • iS tHaT hWanG MinHyUn wItH Y/n 
  • because minhyun has been talking about his crush on you for like 20 years
  • he’s a gr8 dancer and super courteous the entire night
  • some sidehoe first year named seonho tries to steal ur man lmao not tonight girlie
  • you don’t wear fancy shoes often so they pinch your feet and he whips out this Pain-Relieving Potion from his pocket
  • “the boy scout’s motto is always be prepared, so here i am”
  • you make fun of him because he was never actually a boy scout
  • when the night ends he takes you back to your dorm
  • you’re standing near the painting of the fruit and he kind of half-smiles at you
  • and you quickly hug him and thank him for such a nice night
  • he’s a gentleman obviously so he lets you head off to your dorm bc he doesn’t want to overstep his boundaries
  • somewhere in the back of his mind he can hear dongho and ren chorusing “iS tHaT hWanG MinHyUn wItH Y/n “
  • “Y/N, wait”
  • he jogs up to you and does the classic kdrama wrist grab™
  • the two of you kind of stare at each other and lean in?
  • and youre like five cm away from each other??????
  • and hes like can i kiss you?
  • “are you fucking stupid, would i be this close to you if i didn’t want you to kiss me?”
  • minhyun laughs, super relieved, before leaning in all the way to kiss you
  • dating slytherin minhyun is adorable
  • you guys are the poster children for the hufflepuff/slytherin relationship
  • if minhyun hears someone starting gossip about you, you can bet that you’ll be hearing some nasty rumor about that person in like two hours
  • if you see someone being rude or casting a stupid hex at minhyun just because he’s a slytherin, your wand is out and house points are going to be docked, because no one does that to my boyfriend
  • you two are fiercely loyal to each other and will stick up for each other no matter what
  • and neither one of you are too into pda but you ARE into cuddles
  • cuddles in the slytherin common room
  • cuddles in his dorm
  • cuddles on the way to hogsmeade
  • yall just hecka cute ok

Pairing: Nolan x Reader (i kind of blended two requests in one)

Warnings: angst, Sad!Nolan (I’m going to cry lmao), gets pretty smutty at the end tbh, but all around fluff

Summary: Y/N gets a surprise visit from Nolan when he’s feeling down and she helps him out of it. Things eventually escalate as well.

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: This is rlly similar to my first Nolan fic, but I cannot get over sad fluffy Nolan so here’s another one to bless your feed with. 

P.S. Honestly, feel free to comment what you think or message me or hop in my asks (u can even be anon <3) bc I love you all and I’d love to talk to you more :)))



My eyelids feel heavy, sleep threatening to overcome me. I try my best to keep watching the movie playing across my computer screen, but it’s getting more difficult. I yawn, readjusting my position in hopes of waking myself up more.

I hear a knock on the door and I roll my eyes, thinking that my parents, off on a date night, forgot their keys. I make my way to the little foyer, swinging open the door and lazily rubbing my eyes.

“You know you could’ve just opened it with you- Nolan?” Shock undoubtedly displays across my features as I look back up.

Instead of the two of my parents, Nolan, my boyfriend for almost a year now, is standing in front of me. His golden blonde hair is terribly messed up and his usual beautiful blue eyes are distorted by shades of red. The evidence of tears splattered across his face and his thrown on pajamas tell me only one thing; he tried and failed to cry himself to sleep.

“Baby,” I say, my lips turned upside down in a prominent frown from the sight of the boy I loved like this. I usher him in, shutting the door behind him and grasping his face between my hands as if I didn’t, he would slip through the cracks.

“I’m so-sorry, for the short notice,” he feigns a small smile, a halfhearted laugh being forced past his lips.

“No, no, don’t be sorry. It’s okay,” I assure, my thumbs wiping away the remnants of tears.

“Let’s go to my room,” I suggest and he nods, allowing me to lead the way and tugging him along behind me.

“Is, um, an-anyone home?” He asks quietly, his eyes peering into my parents’ bedroom.

“No, we’re alone.” I smile gently at him, gesturing for him to sit on my bed. He does, and I kneel in front of him on the carpeted floor, placing my hands on his legs and looking up at him.

“What’s on your mind?” I query, cutting straight to the chase. The sooner I knew what was going on, the sooner I could help him resolve it.

Nolan flinches at my words, and I cup his face with my hands again. “You’re okay,” I whisper. At this point, I wanted more than anything to make sure he felt safe and loved right now.

“I keep replaying every single time I’ve met with Mo-Monroe in my head, and, ever-every time, it gets worse.” He places his head in his hands, my heart sinking.

“Nolan, baby, there’s nothing you can do about the past,” I state, squeezing his thigh through his grey joggers.

“But, tha-that doesn’t cha-change the fact that what I did was wrong,” he says, his voice breaking more and the volume of it getting louder.

“Baby, it’s not your fault that she wrapped you in her schemes. She took advantage of your fear. If anyone’s in the wrong, it’s her.”

“But, you don’t ge-get it. I caused people, people to die!” He shouts, making me take a step back away from him at the sudden anger rushing through him.

“See even you’re afraid of me!” He waves his arms towards me.

I shake my head, wrapping a steel-tight grip around his wrists. “I am not afraid of you. I love you, Nolan. You hear me?”

“Well, you shouldn’t,” he mutters, flaring his nostrils and ripping his hands from mine.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m a monster, Y/N! I helped Monroe a-and all the hunters k-kill those people!” He screams, pushing his hands through his hair and crouching down, tears brimming his eyes.

“You didn’t kill those people! And you’re nothing even remotely close to a monster, baby!” I shout back, the waterworks building up within me.

“But, I am!” Nolan uses the sleeve of his long sleeve tee to wipe his runny nose. He looks up and bites his lip, holding back any more tears from running down his cheeks.

“Well, so what? Not all monsters do m-monstrous things!” I argue although my throat feels like it’s giving out, kneeling in front of him and pushing back the hair falling into his eyes.

I place my hand on his cheek, bending forward to give him a gentle kiss. His mouth barely moves, his body still tense from the argument.

“You still love me?” He asks weakly, standing up and helping me up with him.

“How could I not?” I scoff, embracing him then looking up to meet his puffy eyes again. He’s the one that bends down this time, capturing my lips in a kiss and placing his hands behind the small of my back and behind my neck.

“I’m sorry again for coming over announced so late,” he apologizes, twirling a strand of my hair in his fingers.

“It’s not a big deal. I was just watching a movie,” I recall and a rather large smile spreads across my lips. “Actually, you want to stay over to finish it with me?”

“Are you sure that your parents would be okay with that?” He says, uncertainty in his tone.

“Nolan, my parents love you. They honestly do not care whatsoever if you sleep in the same bed as me.”

“Well, if that’s so, then why don’t you invite me over more often?” He asks, quirking a brow at me and moving closer suggestively.

“I didn’t know you wanted to so badly,” I laugh, placing the palm of my hand on his chest.

“I certainly would prefer sleeping with you every night if I could.” We both knew why too; he would sleep better if I were by his side, reminding him that he was safe.

“Then, you know what? Sleep over whenever you’d like Mr. Holloway.”

“You know that I’ll be over here every night right, love?” The deep chuckle vibrates in his chest, me being able to feel it easily by our close proximity.

“Well, I definitely wouldn’t mind,” I giggle, tugging on the drawstrings of his sweats.

“Oh, really? Well we should get started right now, then,” he jokes, putting his hands on my waist and pulling up the loose tank top a bit.

I place my hands at the nape of his neck, twisting and untwisting the short locks. My tongue flicks over my lips as he bites his own. I chew on the side of my cheek, my eyes darting from his eyes to his lips then back to his eyes again and again.

Without any warning, Nolan connects his lips with mine, pushing me backwards until my back hits the wall.

He pushes his body into mine, pressing me into the wall harder. He starts working his mouth along my neck and jawline, taking his time to surely mark some spots.

“N-no, hickeys,” I manage to say through quickened, harsh breaths.

“Uh-huh,” Nolan responds, his composure a lot stronger than mine, which I didn’t like.

I grab his chin with my hand, pushing his head up to stop his mouth form moving anywhere else. My hands grasp his jaw, kissing him roughly and forcing him to take steps backwards.

I then shove him onto the bed, a devilish smirk playing on his lips. I press another kiss against them, then suddenly pull back.

“Wait, what about the movie?” I query.

“God, we’ll save that for later. Just come here already.”

I laugh, climbing on top of him, my legs on either side of his body. “Impatient are we?”

“Just a little bit.” But, I didn’t mind. He could be as impatient as he wanted with me.

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A/N: lmao this is short and cute and I’m posting it because i love it

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You opened your front door and gasped at the sight in front of you. Bucky and your daughter were spraying silly string across your living room, giggling as your daughter got Bucky straight in the eye. At seven years of age, she had a pretty damn good aim. Maybe she shouldn’t hang around Clint as often… he’s taught her too much.

“I cannot believe you two!” You scolded the two bodies in front of you, steaming but also slightly amused. It took everything in you not to laugh, you had to be stern and let them know that this wasn’t okay. 

Bucky was the first to stop, his eyes going wide while your daughter took in the opportunity to cover him in the sticky blue string. 

He wiped the string off of himself, pointing at your daughter, “She started it…”


“What? You came out with the cans!”

“You sprayed me first!” She yelled, defending herself. 

“Yeah but you-” 

“Enough, you two! Give me the cans!” You held your hands out for the silly string, waiting impatiently while they avoided your eyes and handed you their own cans respectively. 

You took a deep breath, “I just went to the store to buy bananas and I come home to a huge mess.” 

Neither of them looked at you. 

“Looks like you’ll have to be punished.” In one swift movement you popped the lids off of both the cans and began spraying Bucky and your daughter, laughing as you did. 

Bucky put his hands over his face, “Not fair! We’re not armed!” 

“Deal with it!” You shouted, feeling Bucky rush towards you and lift you from the ground. A squeal left your lips and you tossed your daughter one of the cans, “Get Dad!” 

The two of you covered Bucky in blue and orange while he played along and fell to the ground. You high fived your daughter, emptying the string on Bucky and giggling as you did so. 

“I’ll get my revenge!” Bucky yelled while you picked up the bananas from by the door and walked towards the kitchen. 

“I’d like to see you try, James!” 

Your daughter laughed from the living room, and you realized you were finally truly happy. Life was great.