lmao i cannot stop laughing


Bones, 1x01 / Сериал “Кости” (Российская версия) (The TV series “Bones” (Russian version) (x)

That’d be your “gut” telling you that, correct? You know, homicides? They’re not solved by scientists. They’re solved by guys like me asking a thousand questions a thousand times, catching people telling lies every time. You’re great at what you do, Bones, but you don’t solve murders Cops do. Cleo Eller was killed on a cement floor sprinkled with diatomaceous earth. Traces of her blood will still be in that cement. One of us is wrong, maybe both of us, but if Bethlehem wasn’t a senator, you’d be right there in his basement looking for that killing floor. You’re afraid of him. Your hypothesis is that squints don’t solve murders and cops do. Prove it. Be a cop.

The chemistry between Russian B&B is undeniable…. *NOOOPE* Not happening 🔥😂

eternalshiva replied to your postso. what’s a good context for a…… self-pleasure…

Uh, many things, mostly him being all Maker damn it all! I have a boner and it must be dealt with before I meet the inquisitor in the war room! Seriously, a sandwich made by the inquisitor could set him off.

a sandwich made by the inquisitor could set him off


Les Twins en México ♥ Laurent bailando “El Sinaloense” (Workshop) Obregón, Sonora, Abril 6, 2014. By: Miraghlove

OMJ I cannot stop laughing lmao!!!  Lau you are too much I can’t help it you look adorable dancing like that lol