lmao how old are they this year

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Reyes was totes a dramatic kid. Like making up scenarios where he a smooth action hero that gets the boy at the end of the day, with gratuitous explosions. He gets to live that dream in Andromeda, granted his mom would probably disapprove of the whole crime thing but ehh he could have done worse.

Oh my god yes that would explain SO MUCH. He’s like “fuckin score” when he lands Scott Ryder. The Dream’s complete. He’s LIVING. “Said I couldn’t do it, mom. But now I’m the leader of a bunch of space pirates and my boyfriend is a trained killer how fucking- oh god sorry mom I know language- awesome is that.”

Has him actually flinching too because a statement like that would have gotten him a six inch heel in the FACE. And he’d be grounded for LIFE. Who knew his action movie daydreams as a seven year old would be realized twenty years later lmao. What a loser. What an attractive loser.

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You do understand that age of consent is by state, and FEDERAL LAW is 18? That is why with any porn site they require you to be 18. Federal law requires this because you are NOT an adult at 16 or 17. You might think it, but in 5-6 years you're going to look back and think about how naive you were. BDSM is about contest between two ADULTS. Dd/lg, cg/lg, etc. is all sub-categories of BDSM. It is legally not okay for a minor to explore this.

Being in the DDLG community can be extremely innocent, and I don’t condone minors being sexual nonetheless. You’re wrong. The age of consent by state and federal law in many places is 16, so I have no idea what you’re talking about lmao. I am not ever going to look back at being naive, because there is nothing wrong with a 16 year old enjoying kids shows, going into a little space, collecting stuffies and going to playgrounds or using a paci for bed time. What’s so illegal about that? Lol. Go worry about kids having underage sex, not teens who are legally allowed to consent. 

EDIT: I’d also like to add that my blog is SFW. It is safe for work and I am mostly here to help others with any questions or concerns they may have. My blog is not NSFW so you can leave now, with your issues. I am here to educate 16+ about SAFE ddlg aspects

Sometimes I just want to go back in time and pat my 16 year old self on the head and tell her she’s going to be alright. You’ll find people who love and care about you. Everything about those four years will be shitty. It gets worse and worse every year. But after you leave, even with low spirits and a heavy heart, you’ll be happy again real soon.

when millennials were first heading into high school and college there was a huge trend in news stories about how stressed out our kids are, how their backs are getting messed up from carrying so many books, how they’re sleeping less and doing more school work, and how we should do more to help our kids have the childhoods we had because our kids are falling apart from stress and being forced to be more productive than kids should be. but then once millennials started hitting the workforce all the news was about how millennials are lazy and narcissistic and entitled lmao you were real concerned about us until you found out a 23 year old is more qualified to do your job than you

back with another redraw featuring amethyst!!! i love her

and yes its supposed to be fuzzy dont worry i fuzzed it up for ~aesthetic~


tell the boy on the left thanks for not killing the boy on the right  ✌


I didn’t expect this to happen even at the gala lmao!!!

But I’m just so glad to witness such a pure friendship. Pooh is definitely his senyuu, his companion in battles. It is moments like this that warm my heart (also take me by surprise and make me go lol by how much of a child this 22-year-old man is inside).


This fella’s gunna be a good dad.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have been in the queer movement for 20+ years, to have studied queer theory, to have contributed to you potentially enjoying the rights you have today because I was part of a groundswell of lobbying and direct action in the 1990s….

…to have a 15 year old who’s spent maybe 8 months being political and has never inquired about queer history anonymously message me, “EXCUSE ME QU**R IS A SLUR LMAO OMG EMBARRASSSING AN aCTUAL ADULT WHO THINKS IT’S OKAY TO USE QU**R!~!!!!”

Dude, we are a slur. Queer folks are a slur to conservative straight people. Everything we are will be used as a slur by everyone who hates us. Gay is a slur. Lesbian is a slur. People will try to use all of our words against us. Don’t fucking let them get into your head to the point at which you’re telling actual queer people not to use the words we’ve used to unite ourselves and empower ourselves for decades. 


They were clothed in the bodies of old men, restricting their powers so that they would only assist to the peoples of Middle-earth and not seek domination like Sauron, who was also a Maia. By inhabiting the bodies of Men they were ordered by the Valar to assist the people of Middle-earth through persuasion and encouragement, not force or fear. Being clothed in the bodies of Men they also became susceptible to all the weaknesses of a physical body, they felt hunger, pain, greed, sorrow, joy, and all other emotions and pains of Men.

Tried to remedy the ink disaster, instead you get a half-assed colored Henry oops

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How do you feel about Danny Phantom possibly getting a 10 year-later series?

were there further news on that :? I haven’t seen anything

I think I’d be more interested on a more “serious” take on the old story but either way it might be fun 8′) if it’s not like soome other sequels/reboots lmao

Old Man Humor

What is it with older men and their lame ass attempts at humor?

Had one older guy whose change was $19.25 and he made that stupid “Good year!” joke. I didn’t even really acknowledge it. He was clearly much younger than 92 years old so he wasn’t even alive in ‘25. He then got all butthurt and was like “You’re supposed to tell me I don’t look that old. :(” lmao. Like, do you have any idea how many variations of this “joke” I hear? Like, it’s only funny/interesting if you actually were alive and old enough to remember the year. Like one time I had a customer whose change amount led her to comment on “the war”, referring to WWII. Now THAT is actually cool, to speak to someone about WWII who lived through it. And the older customers who make 60s/70s comments that hint at their giant hippie pothead history, that’s amusing. But you using the joke to fish for compliments on how young you look is so zzz.

Another instance of a lame attempt at humor: at my store we have to put paid for stickers on anything that’s too large to be bagged or that a customer opts to not have bagged. This older guy was buying a bunch of gallons of water and didn’t want them bagged, so I had to sticker all of them. He said something like “Do I have to be stickered, too?” (which is another “joke” I hear all the time, weirdly) so I sort of played along and took the opportunity to make a dig at him and was like “We only have to sticker items if they’re high value.” (which clearly wasn’t true because I’d just finished putting stickers on a bunch of cheap water) and he suddenly got all serious and was like “Oh, I’m only kidding around.” Like yes, thank you Robert. I totally didn’t pick up on that! Your lame joke was so subtle and carefully crafted that I didn’t realize you were just kidding! And my response to it had been 100% serious! Like I guess he hadn’t realized that I’d insinuated he wasn’t high value? lmao. Love it when someone tries to joke around with you and can’t tell when you joke back.

Old men think they’re so fucking funny when in reality they tend to be my least funny customers, lol. The demographic that’s the real hidden comedy gem is older women. Back in December I was chatting with my bagger and customer as I was ringing her up, talking about how I was feeling guilty because I couldn’t afford to get many people Christmas presents when I knew they’d all be getting me stuff. This older lady customer looked at me and, in a very heartfelt tone, was like “Christmas isn’t about giving…” I thought she was going to go on to say “and receiving” and about how Christmas is really about coming together and spending time with friends and family etc. etc. and that the presents don’t matter but then she finished with “… it’s about RECEIVING!”, and she straight up cackled and it was the funniest shit ever. Had me and my bagger belly laughing. Now THAT was a well crafted joke. Spontaneous, perfectly timed. Not those tired old jokes all these old men go around repeating to every cashier they encounter. UP YOUR GAME, OLD MEN.

I was going through my older drawings and that one picture of Erza I drew a year ago really bugged me (+ I wanted to doodle someone I don’t usually draw) so I decided to try and doodle her again .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

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did you like the new video? were there any special parts?

oh my god yes, i’m shocked we got the follow-up so soon but i loved it just as much as yesterday’s??? a lot of the same thoughts apply here–dan being so proud, phil being so happy about dan’s praise, both of them bonding over the music from classic games, dan’s interest in phil’s childhood and wanting to know all of these details about how phil made it and how his friends reacted, etc. some standout moments for me: 

  • i mean obviously the angel threesome. what even. i feel like the point i’ve worn out to death on here about phil is that he’s been pushing back on the innocence trope for some months now, and has been increasingly comfortable w sexual comments/innuendo/teasing (and not innuendos that are made in a way where he seems to not be aware of what he’s saying.) and yet i was still hashtag shook to see him discussing threesomes so casually and giggling about it, and honestly weirdly startled to be reminded that phil was just like any other sex-crazed 14 year old boy lmao. i loved that whole bit so much. i love that they kept it in despite the break with phil’s mostly g-rated commentary. i laughed so hard at the way they were trying their best to make it seem innocent with those “tea party” comments,, but there was just no salvaging it. i was obsessed with the way dan was rendered nearly speechless, and how phil just stayed completely calm and was being super cheeky and kind of teasing dan for his reactions. also .. interesting that it was a MMF threesome rather than phil just wanting the main protagonist to have a threesome w two of the angels .. hmmm. then phil saying that alex would be worn out after the second round like …… .. i think i actually blushed wtf
  • the part when they were walking through the space maze and you could see little bits of the sky and phil pointed at one of the stars and said “we’re there, i can see our house” and dan went “awww” and i started to cry lmao. the way phil’s mind works is so beautiful i dont’ even get it ,, like he was just looking at the space background and thought to make this cute af remark that kind of acknowledges the sheer enormity of space but that he and dan exist in that space together, in one home wtf?? ? ? and he said it just to make dan smile??? ? ? and it was so casually done as like a throwaway comment that probs anyone would’ve missed amidst this 40-min behemoth of a video but they kept it in anyway and it was so sweet :( i was rly fucking emotional about it  :( also “our house” in general in any context,,, pls 
  • “this is tumblr we’re talking about, they need that gay shit.” uhhhhh. interesting comment from dan. it hit me in a strange way bc like,, i’ve heard this exact thing said about tumblr way too much by The Straights™ as a way of criticizing this platform and also a way of criticizing the driving force of a lot of fandom (which is obvi a need for more queer representation across all media basically.) but it’s interesting bc it’s also kind of a joke-y thing that people on tumblr and inside of those fandom spaces say a lot (like, ‘gimme more of that gay shit’ lol) and they (we) sort of own up to in a self-aware and humorous way. it’s interesting to me that dan decided to make that comment bc from the most objective evaluation it honestly comes across as derisive/rude/offensive, but he’s sort of implicitly asking us to view him as a Tumblr Resident himself (or even a queer person himself lol) and interpret the comment in a humorous way, rather than a critical one and that seems important to me. like a (hetero) outsider can’t rly make that comment without being completely offensive and horrible but dan felt like he could make it, and in so doing, he sort of puts himself on the same level as us in a way? idk. i need to think about this more 

just generally these two videos have given me so much to think about regarding phil and also dnp’s partnership. both videos felt like such a soft and lovely reminder of exactly why i love them so much. the level to which they are able to celebrate each other and demonstrate how much they have in common, how much their senses of humor align, how much they value each others’ opinions and minds, it’s all just so incredible to watch. and phil… like. this was such an important reminder to me of just how deep his creative talent probably runs. if he was making this at 14 (with all the time and effort and dedication and complex thought that that required), i can’t begin to fathom what he could make now, at 30, with 16 more years of knowledge and experience and exposure to all kinds of films and games and books. i feel like phil could make almost anything he wanted. he probably has innate writing talent and ability, and he clearly has the capacity to imagine and construct original characters and worlds. it brings me back to a central question i’ve always had about phil which is why he doesn’t exercise this creative energy more and why he is happy making things for AP that are, to be frank, somewhat formulaic and frequently just vlogs about his own life. i could ramble on that subject for a while as there are a few ideas in my mind for why he put himself into the AP box (security probably foremost on that list) but i’ll save that for another time. i’m just so happy they chose to make these videos though. it was so incredibly original and refreshing and beautiful to see them have so much fun and share in their love for each other. some of the best dapg content ever, for sure.

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