lmao he's at the back

wip of zadkiel looking down at his ex bf and ready to stomp him w his stiletto heel

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not to h8 or anything, but do ever feel slightly annoyed whenever people don't really appreciate seventeen as a whole, and just ver*non??? it makes me sad because i was showing my friend a picture of seventeen and i asked her which one she likes the best and she pointed at ver*non and said that he was hot so i was like ok, but are there any others you like??? and she was like nah and that made me slightly upset but idk why ://////

sorry for rambling btw

hdgfpaehp i mean u can’t force attraction or anything but i totally get what u mean. i remember when svt first debuted (and i was still a bts/exo blog) all i saw was gifs and pictures of vernon, and like nobody else. i mean, i don’t wanna get into too many nasty details (such as my sneaking suspicion that vernon was so popular in the beginning bc of his…uh….”non-asian” features & the general fetishization of pretty mixed kids), but if you care abt a group as much as we care abt svt we’re def going to feel hurt if someone doesn’t show the same amount of interest & love that we have for all the members. and if ur friend isn’t really a kpop fan then she’s prob just gonna focus on the one “hot” member no matter what :/

One step back.

So, according to CNN, the trump federation has withdrawn federal protections on transgender student’s bathroom rights.  I’m so sorry guys, this hurts me so badly and I know other trans kids all across the country are probably panicking and terrified right now.  Sending everyone love right now. We will get through this.  If anyone needs to talk, my inbox is always open.

❤we are strong❤


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


I refuse to bow down any longer.

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.


reenacting k-drama with Haechan and Winwin 😂😂

on day 7 of Seven’s route

me: “I’m so happy that you’re here. We can be like newly-weds!”

Seven: “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in that.”


My feeling is that, knock on wood, if it came around again, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for it to be four or five years later. That might actually be kind of interesting. How weird would that be, on a personal level, to find yourself back with those people? ‘So… where did we leave off?’ It’s such a strange idea, but it’s potentially very healthy for a story like that. So we’ll see. I know where we stood at the end of Season 3, in terms of what he was thinking about. And it did reflect some elements of Silence of the Lambs… He loves that source material, as he would tell you. [Bryan] envisioned taking some elements of that novel and reworking it through the Will-Hannibal relationship… I think it would be more through the filter of Bryan
—  Hugh Dancy [x]