lmao he's at the back

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I fucked this guy last night that I had feelings for and he was SO into me but today he is almost ignoring me and seems completely uninterested but he swears he wasn't just trying to hook up but I feel like he definitely was and now I don't know what to do

Boys who have sex with you then ignore you the next day are definitely just trying to “hook up” no question lmao. He seems like a fuckboy and you should ignore him back and show him that you don’t give a fuck either because if that’s how he’s treating you now then he won’t treat u any better in a relationship.

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Asking out request for Tsukki and Bokuto to their crush Please

I don’t do tsukki sorry

This is like a continuation to those crush hcs with tanaka lmao

Tanaka Ryuunosuke

♡ He was insanely hopeful that they liked him back 

♡ I mean you don’t blush or stutter while talking to someone you don’t like right?

♡ He just didn’t know how to ask them out

♡ He didn’t want it to be lame or half assed so he consulted with his best friend, Yuu

♡ Yuu’s advice is simple “Tell it to them frank Ryuu! It’s better than to skirt around the issue!”

♡ He gave Yuu a panicked stare, saying that he was gonna mess it up

♡ “How can you mess up a direct delivery? Tell them “Hey I’ve liked you for a while now would you go out with me?” and done! It’s not that difficult!” “You’re the only one that can say things like that with no sweat Noya-san.”

♡ After that he spent like a week trying to work up the courage to ask his crush out

♡ His crush was getting a bit impatient and decided to take matters into their own hands

♡ What a plot twist am I right?

♡ His crush confronted (kabedon-ed) Ryuu on a corner of the stairwell, asking him out

♡ Ryuu was speechless, looking between their arms caging him in and their face

♡ His crush turned red after several moments and took away their arms, embarrassedly scratching at their cheek

♡ Ryuu nearly screeched a yes before wrapping his arms around them

♡ Oh this was going to be fun explaining to Yuu


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


do you know that (7/8) : jungkook edition

anyway I love Yuuri

Underappreciated* Yuuri caps from episode three post:


what is happening this is so cute.

full glasses push determined Yuuri!!

IT’S ENOUGH TO GET A MAN PREGNANT. Remember when this ridiculous smitten boy said this lmao.

he lacks confidence.

Yuuri plz omg.

back massages from Takeshi

You can do it, Yuuri (Yuuri freaking out here is too cute)

remember when Yuuri doubted his ability to portray sexiness and Eros and at that very moment he looked like this

I don’t want Yuuri Katsuki to ever have to eat broccoli again after looking at this. I don’t even hate broccoli, but that is tragic. 

he skates

when he’s being so sweet and compassionate and perceptive to Yurio at the waterfall!

a good looking man


I love… this shot? It looks almost Ghibli-esque to me.

Yuuri in the ballet studio gives me life. I want to see more of it!

There’s no way I could be the playboy (Victor, somewhere: sobbing into his pillow)

Yuuri(s) on tv

wow amazing

such a good sport look how appreciative he is of Yurio

I wanted to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL AND DEEP his edge is on this spread eagle?? +10 on all of Yuuri’s PCs tbh. 

being Eros is exhausting

that figure

a smile that could probably bring world peace


what the hell?? someone pinch those cheeks (Victor preferably)

he still looks nervous here awww.

but then Victor gives him that gentle squeeze

and he smiles. 

*Note: all shots of Yuuri are underappreciated because it’s not possible to appreciate Yuuri enough 


horrortale paps because of @redtomatofan sparking my inspiration to finally draw the cute teef boy!!

also featuring another horrortale design (this one actually being the one i saw first wayyyyy back when and i fell in love with the sans design aaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

top designs by @sour-apple-studios, bottom designs by @under-tomb


reenacting k-drama with Haechan and Winwin 😂😂

i identify with C-3PO so hard bcuz like….he’s just along for the ride?? has no clue what he’s doing? no special powers…just a bunch of crazy friends and shit just happens and he’s like “O MY SWEET BANTHA” and he somehow, by the sheen of his metal coating, manages to keep himself together while also managing to bitch every single minute he’s on screen..he’s just so real